Summer Infant 2 Pack Cotton Knit Swaddleme, Wave

Summer Infant 2 Pack Cotton Knit Swaddleme, Wave

Wrap baby securely for a safer, better sleep. Extra soft, adjustable wings provide a perfect snug fit even for wiggly babies. Secure design creates a cozy, womb-like feeling for baby and prevents the startle reflex that can wake up your infant. Designed with leading safe-sleep experts, SwaddleMe® is trusted by parents around the globe.

Main features

  • Secure design creates a cozy, womb-like feeling for baby and prevents startle reflex that can wake up your infant
  • Soft fabric wings fasten and readjust securely with hook and loop attachments to create a perfect fit
  • Leg pouch opens for easy diaper changes
  • Harness slit fits most restraints
  • SwaddleMe Small/Medium fits infants 7-14 lb

Verified reviews


Works very well

Before I had my baby I thought these would be a waste of money because I could just swaddle with a blanket. But my baby breaks free of a regular blanket swaddle, so this has helped her relax and sleep and I don’t have to worry about a loose blanket in the crib. Just make sure to fold over the Velcro before washing so it doesn’t stick to everything.

Mara Thoreau, NM

Good for swaddling

This is a great concept. These swaddling blankets are nice and soft. They work very well for swaddling. However, I can’t use them because my son HATES having his arms tucked in a blanket like this. I wish these were a little more versatile so I could still use them. It would be better if they were made with the arm covering removable. They are kind of expensive for only being able to be used for a short period of time…or not used at all in my case. I would’ve been better off buying regular blankets.

Bobbie Artie, WV

Good for newborns, but has limitations

When your baby is a newborn, this product is superb. You’re lacking sleep and eye-hand coordination, so this product makes things so convenient for you.Unfortunately for me, after my baby reached 2-3mos old, she figured out how to wiggle her hands out and they would peek out. This wasn’t a problem until she was suddenly able to get her arms peeking out. She still had the startling reflex, so she would wake up constantly!So, I was forced to use the HALO sleepsacks and not put her arms through the arms holes (she was breaking through the velcro again). I’m mentioning all of this just in case you might be having the same problem as me. I would use the HALO on a daily basis for months 3-5. After 5months old, I decided to teach her to sleep with her arms free.Overall, I like this product because it was very helpful in the beginning months. Also, I carry this product in my diaper bag just in case my baby is having a hard time napping while away from home. (swaddled-arms-only in the car seat)

Stella Fort Bridger, WY

Great while they fit!

These were a God-send for our daughter, who wore them both at night and for naps. However, they do shrink horribly in the wash, then stretch ridiculously after a few uses, then shrink again when you wash them… They say up to 14 pounds, but our daughter was no longer comfortable in these by about 11.5 pounds. The velcro also wore out, but I feel like we got good use out of them first. We had three that we rotated for about 7 weeks before moving up to the larger size at 11 weeks/12 pounds. They’re also a good weight… we used them through winter, but our daughter does not like to be too warm, so this fabric worked well. They’re not perfect, but they’re indespensible.

Alice Runnells, IA

Great for baby when small, but outgrows quickly

I love the swaddleme blankets. However, some of them don’t have the velcro in the right place and are unusable. Over time, the cotton ones have either shrunk, or my baby at just over 11 lbs is too big for the small size that should go up to 14 lbs. She cries because we are trying to get her into them tightly and some we can’t even get around her anymore. Even the ones that are on snugly she can get her arms out. I don’t understand how the leg pouch can come undone for a diaper change since you have to fasten one of the arm wings to the pouch to get it fastened. I got a pack of microfleece ones by mistake and they were very large for the small size. At 11 lbs, she is just beginning to be able to use them. Before, she would somehow end up with the fleece over her mouth and I was worried she would suffocate herself. I like the product, I just wish it lasted longer.

Dessie Edinburg, IL

Must have for new parents

I love these swaddles. My baby squirms so much but cannot get out of this. Swaddling helps her sleep at night (mommy gets sleep too!) I have bought these for all of my mommy friends as well. Great purchase!

Beth Cowdrey, CO

Love it!

Just got this today and I love it. After swaddling my baby for the past 2 months with a blanket I tried this today and it was so easy.Dont have to unwrap her to change the diapper. I highly recomend this product.

Deidre Eccles, WV

Not great for long babies

I wanted to love these swaddlemes. We have the Halo Swaddle Sleep Sacks and they were a little too big for our daughter in the first couple of weeks, so we bought these because swaddling really calmed her down and she kept wriggling out of the blankets we had. Unfortunately, even when she was only a week old she couldn’t really stretch out in these, which really made her upset. If your baby likes to stay scrunched up when swaddled, it might be fine. The other thing I didn’t like was that it’s more difficult to do diaper changes in them than the Halo sacks, though easier than the blankets. We wound up getting larger blankets to hold us over until we could use the Halo sacks, and didn’t use these at all, but we’ll keep them and see if they work for a future baby.

Ana Flat, TX

Love these, good price.

It’s really my husband who loves these, since he’s not as good at swaddling in the regular blankets. These work well and I like the fabric, quite soft. The little munchkin likes them too. They’re very easy to use, though I found that if I let my baby hold him arms bent inside he prefers that, you can still velcro them like that.The colors are cute (got the green/monkeys) and seems to hold up in the wash well, only washed them once though. The price is good as well, these are quite more expensive elsewhere.Also, has a slit around the bum so you can check the diaper without taking the whole thing off, which can be convenient.Would recommend, might get some more of these myself.Oh, on the sizing: got the small and it fits my 7 pound baby pretty well with room to grow, will update when he grows out, but it’s still worth it for now.Update: These worked great, however, my baby grew out of them pretty fast. I don’t think we made it 3 months, and he’s only in the 25th percentile. They were actually long enough, but not wide enough, couldn’t wrap them all the way around. I would still recommend them, they work great, but consider how many to get if you can’t use them for too long.

Ernestine Marietta, MS