Summer Infant 2 Pack Cotton Knit Swaddleme, White/Pink, 7-14 Pounds

Summer Infant 2 Pack Cotton Knit Swaddleme, White/Pink, 7-14 Pounds

Research shows that swaddling may help reduce the risk of SIDS by promoting better sleep when infants are put to sleep on their backs. Swaddling also reduces the incidences of the startle reflex which is responsible for frequently waking babies. By recreating the comforting snugness and security of the womb, the SwaddleMe has revolutionized the way babies and parents sleep. Comes in a 2-pack. Made from 100% cotton. Provides the simplest, most effective way to swaddle newborns. Leg pouch for easy diaper changes. Works with most 5-point harness systems. Adjustable wings grow with baby and securely fasten via hook and loop attachments. Available in multiple fabrics, prints and sizes so you can choose the one that is perfect for your baby. Color: Butterflies/ Pink.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • The foot pocket pops down for easy diaper checks and changes, with no need to unswaddle your baby
  • Soft fabric wings hug baby close and stay securely fastened and readjust as baby grows for a perfect fit
  • Leg pouch pops open for easy diaper changes – no need to unwrap baby’s arms
  • Harness slit allows for use with most 5 point harness restraints

Verified reviews



Our baby invokes the ghost of Houdini when swaddled. She squirms and fights and grunts until her arms are free. I half expect her to spit a hidden handcuff key from between her gums at any second. We got the Swaddleme 2 pack hoping that they would help.They did a good job of adding another safe layer for her while she sleeps to keep her warm. They also are quick and easy to apply. We opted to stop trying to keep her contained as much, so we go with the hands free method and it works fine.The complaints are minor, but exist. The main issue is they are small. Our baby is wee, 15th percentile, and she is already outgrowing at them at 6 weeks. She is still smaller than the bigger newborns out there, so it’s easy to envision this size being useless pretty quickly for regular or jumbo babies (she may JUST be weighing in at 10lbs now).Other than that, just little to be expected things. My wife doesn’t like the way the velcro rubs her when she breastfeeds, and like any other velcro stuff be sure to activate it to itself before putting it in the wash or it will tear up other clothes.Over-all I would buy them again even though we don’t get the full straight jacket mode in play, but would for sure size up even with our tiny girl to get a longer use out of them.

Barbara Toomsboro, GA

Did not even fit my preemie!

Runs SO small. I was using this size in the Microfleece when our baby was in the NICU so we bought more when we finally came home and the Cotton Knit are MUCH smaller than the Microcfeece and did NOT fit my 6lb baby. I could not believe it was so much smaller! I only wish I’d returned them instead of cutting my losses. I still have them and they were never used.

Glenda Spicewood, TX

Finally, some sleep

This is a fantastic product that will help your newborn rest and help you get some sleep. The only downside is that the velcro is not particularly durable, but the product is also quite reasonably priced, so the durability mostly matches the price point. This really will help your baby sleep, and it’s much more useful than a simple swaddling blanket because this will stay on all night–although you probably have to put it on tighter than what you are initially inclined.

Ester Leroy, AL

Good if your baby is a swaddler!

These can be lifesavers but I found they seem to stretch out over time. My LO can find a way to get her arms/hands out which sucks but the zipper pods aren’t supposed to be used past a certain age and even those she can find a way to creep her hands out at the neck. None the less, I find she sleeps better when swaddled. All babies are different though but still a good idea to have a couple on hand at first.

Hilary West Hempstead, NY

Too small for my girl

It does not cover her properly so I ended up not using it. In addition, the material is too hot for our weather (tropical weather).

Cristina Toston, MT

Didn’t work for me

I really didn’t like the Swaddleme and neither did my daughter. I ended up giving them all away. It worked better to swaddle my daughter with a receiving blanket.

Lakesha Des Moines, NM