Summer Infant 2-Panel PlaySafe Playard Extension Kit

Summer Infant 2-Panel PlaySafe Playard Extension Kit

Create an extra large play area for your child or pet with the Summer Infant PlaySafe Playard 2 Panel Extension Kit. Adding the secure extension panels increases the play area from 18.5 square feet to 34.4 square feet.

Main features

  • Panels attach securely to existing Playsafe Playard
  • Customizable solution for different sized enclosures
  • Each panel measures 32 inches wide by 30 inches tall
  • Expands inside area to 34.4 square feet
  • Neutral colors blend with home’s décor

Verified reviews


Great play pin

We got these because we wanted to make a huge, safe play are for my son. It has worked great. My only complaint is that it is incredibly difficult to attach it to the existing gate and the whole think is a little flimsy, but we found that putting it over a rug really helped to anchor it. I wouldn’t put it on top of a hard flat surface because it would move around I think.

Tracy Estillfork, AL

Difficult to add

I found this very difficult to add on to our summer infant play yard, however once it was figured out it makes a great 8 panel play yard. Perfect for my dog recovering from surgery!

Rosie Oakwood, OK

Kiddy prison – For their safety and your sanity!

I was fully against kiddy prisons until I had twins. You can’t possibly be everywhere at once and they plot against you. After a chipped tooth and a black eye, we invested in one of these and foam matting to get us through the new walker phase. It was a godsend. They had cruise handles to walk around, toys that dangled and were just content. We used it for a few months then put it away just before their first birthday (they walked very early.) Now it is our tree fort to keep out babies from touching presents and pulling/chewing on lights.One thing was that it was shipped broken, so examine it carefully when it comes in but the replacement was here a few days later.

Lynne Thornwood, NY

Necessary if you want your child to have enough room

This was a life saver as the original play yard that we bought was not big enough. We found that when adding these extensions it was the perfect size for our son to move around and still have room for his toys

Edith Lock Haven, PA

Good item

This really made the playard much bigger and more useful, definitely a good buy! Now I can sit in the playard with our little one and play without feeling like I ma in a cage…

Eleanor Hume, MO

Disappointed in the weak play yard panels

We were disappointed in these play yard panels. Compared to others we have, they were floppy and not secure when baby pulls himself up on them. We also noticed that the connectors where you latch one panel to another, are extremely difficult to hook together and not very sturdy. They absolutely stand well and if they were constructed a bit better, we would be very happy with them. We would not recommend these, but rather would recommend ones that are stronger.

Sabrina Brazoria, TX

Extension Kit

The Summer Infant 2 Sided Panel Extension Kit was exactly was I was looking for. We bought two of the extensions and they work great. They are very easy to install.

Katheryn Crystal Lake, IL