Summer Infant 2014 3D Lite Convenience Stroller, Black

Summer Infant 2014 3D Lite Convenience Stroller, Black

The 3D lite Convenience Stroller is a durable stroller that has a lightweight and stylish aluminum frame and is one of the lightest and most feature rich convenience strollers on the market. With an easy to fold frame and carry strap, you can be on-the-go or stow and go with ease.

Main features

  • Durable, stylish frame (12 pounds) with large seat area, multi-position recline, and 5 point safety harness
  • Anti shock front wheels and lockable rear wheels
  • Adjustable and removable canopy with flip out sun visor
  • Extra large storage basket and rear storage pocket
  • Easy compact 3-D fold with carry strap

Verified reviews


Made for daddies (and tall mommies)

Assembly was easy, and we found most features were comparable to our existing Maclaran umbrella stroller, for which we paid three times the asking price of this Summer one. Actually, this one was a bit better because even though the hood is short, a visor could come out, and the baggage rack holds more. The buckle functions similarly, and the fold is similar.It rolls pretty well, and the wheels are nice and big which will probably be useful in sandy or other difficult terrain.The green is a nice, gender neutral color, but it still looks hip.The one note is that it is taller than we are used to . This is actually good for me, at 6’1", but was not an immediate hit with my 5’3" wife. She could get used to it, but she definitely felt it was "different."

Bonnie Kountze, TX

Dad of 5 Review: Compact Like A Combi Stroller, But Better. Our Favorite of Many.

We have five young kids, and have been through our share of strollers. We’ve had both Graco and Chicco travel systems, a quad stroller, a Combi, and a few cheapo umbrella strollers to boot.I’ve developed an opinion of what I like and don’t and I LOVE this stroller.Here’s the good:1. Much like a Combi, this stroller folds to a very compact size, which means it will fit into the trunk of a sedan and still have plenty of room for groceries, gym bags, etc.. This is vital, since it means you don’t necessarily need to buy an SUV or minivan because you’re worried about trunk space (which was somewhat of a concern with our quad stroller and travel system strollers).2. The cup holder is SUCH a good move. It may not sound like much of a selling point, but the Combi didn’t have one and it drove us nuts! The bad news here is that the cup holder is a little small, such that even a medium McDonalds cup fits tightly enough that it doesn’t touch the bottom.3. The storage space under the stroller is ample and smartly designed to stick out far behind the seat of the stroller. We have a gigantic Dad Gear backpack as our diaper bag, and it easily fits in the under-stroller storage. No other stroller we’ve used has been able to do that! On a few strollers, we regularly hung the diaper backpack from the back of the stroller, which caused it to tip sometimes if there wasn’t enough weight in front.4. The grips are nice and high (so taller folks don’t need to hurt their back bending over), and the foam grips are very comfortable!5. The frame is metal! I thought this was awesome because I may or may not have broken the frame of our Combi after driving it up the side of an embankment, pretending it was a skate park ramp. The Summer 3D Lite feels like it will be much more durable and even more maneuverable due to its rigidity.6. The five point harness stays in place pretty well and has a fabric flap to dissuade kids from fiddling with a fastened buckle.The main drawbacks are the cup holder size, and that the folding/unfolding motions take a little getting used to. It’s also not quite as convenient as a travel system if you have a small baby in a removable rear-facing car seat.Overall, it’s probably our favorite stroller we’ve tried! Definitely a top pick for toddlers and bigger!

Ines Demarest, NJ

Love ALMOST everything about this super lightweight, stylish stroller.

What I love about it:1. It’s so LIGHT! So nice to get rid of my 25lb, huge travel system stroller that took up my entire trunk space.2. The carrying strap – Just fold it up (which is fairly easy) and toss it over your shoulder. I think my purse is heavier than this thing.3. Nice thick straps that keep baby comfy.4. It reclines nicely.5. Great height. Both me (5’6") and my SO (6’3") have no problem pushing this around.6. It’s got a cup holder and storage space.7. The additional silver sun shade you can pull out.What I don’t love/think could be improved:1. I really miss having the little "snack" table area in front of baby that the large strollers have.2. The foot rest seems flimsy, but hasn’t been tested by us so take it for what it’s worth.3. I wish you could move the sun shade in front of the baby (as in, our old stroller it detached from the back side and I could move it to different positions depending on the position of the sun).4. I don’t like that the additional pull-out shade is shiny silver. When you pull it back in, I wonder if the sun could reflect from it to baby – But I have nothing to back that up as we haven’t used it too extensively in the direct sun yet, so I could be completely wrong.The pros definitely outweigh the cons, and I did a lot of research and I found this one to have the least amount of cons out of lightweight strollers – even the super expensive ones!

Helena Gainesville, FL

compares well with others in its class but not without some frustration

When we were first in the market for a lightweight umbrella stroller, I did a bit of shopping around and settled on theThe First Years Ignite Stroller. We’ve liked it a lot.So, as we’re now in the market for a second one, I was interested in how this Summer 3D Lite would compare.When I got it out, I was immediately impressed. Lightweight, seemingly sturdy. A good shade that locks into position then folds back almost flat. Easy reclining seat with strong, easily attached and released straps. I’m way too big to sit in it myself, but my daughter is seemingly very comfortable.There’s a cup holder that mounts to the side of the handle, easy reach for the parent, not in the way of seeing or touching the child. There’s a great adjustable shoulder strap mounted on the left hand side, a convenience that is really handy when carrying this around.Another surprisingly nice feature is the automatic latch that locks the stroller in place when it closes. The ignite has a latch, but I have to do it myself, and it’s not always a cinch to do, takes some pulling and adjusting. With this Summer 3D Lite, when the stroller is closed, it latches. Speaking of closing, really easy to do. Pull a small handle in back and push a small one down on the side, and it closes right up (I was really frustrated with trying to close it until I realized there was one on the side). Opening is likewise really easy, with a foot bar in the back to lock it into place. Wonderfully thoughtful nuances that make this a noticeable step up.It’s also tall. I’m 6’1 and this fits me perfectly, a little taller even than the Ignite. My wife who is 5’7″ also finds it quite comfortable.So, with all this praise, why did I take a star off and considered taking another off? Well, stability. With no bar or support near the top of the handles, there’s a tendency for the handles to squeeze together about an inch or so. Not a big deal, but it does undermine the seeming stability. Next, it has a bit more trouble with tracking, staying on track and navigating terrain. It really is harder to control than the Ignite on rough surfaces and slight turns can turn into sudden shifts. More than once as I’m walking and someone is approaching I go to swerve a bit to the side, to make room, then hit a wall, or grass, or whatever else is off the sidewalk, as the slight shift puts the wheels. Now, you can lock the wheels, but there’s still a noticeable tracking issue and it’s more difficult on rough terrain even still. The Ignite tracks a lot better in every respect on a variety of terrain. Now, if you’re only on very smooth surfaces this may not be noticeable, but we like to go to parks, have a gravel driveway, and otherwise find ourselves off cement and asphalt a fair amount.So, which do I like better. Honestly, I still like this Summer 3D better because of the features. My wife won’t use it anymore though and prefers the Ignite. Each has benefits and each has minor frustrations. Both are good basic strollers that are light and fold flat (though the ignite folds a bit flatter).

Gay Kapowsin, WA

My Go To Stroller!

This immediately became my favorite stroller after just one use. The seat is so comfortable for toddlers and infants alike. A typical umbrella type stroller is so small that you need to hunch over to use it .. this one is not like that at all. It has all the comfort of a full luxury stroller except that it’s simple to use and very light. I am so happy with it. The lime green color is vivid too!

Ashley Clarence, MO

Modern looking, lightweight, and easy to maneuver

I love the look of this umbrella stroller. It does have a flimsy basket that isn’t easy to access, but I think that’s true of most lightweight strollers on the market. The shade is decent but won’t cover the entire face of your child at certain times in the day. It doesn’t provide a smooth ride over grass or dirt but again, it is an umbrella stroller. If you want a full review of strollers and what to look for, visit the website It’s got a complete stroller buying guide with the top rated strollers in each category along with the must-haves for your baby registry and what to expect at the hospital during delivery.

Krystal North Fairfield, OH

Seemingly OK. Great for toddlers.

Since I’m reviewing this with my toddler I would say that this is a great toddler stroller. My own toddler just turned 24 months and we have no issues with it. I’m 5’11 and hubby is 6’5 and we both use this pretty well, well I should say I do since hubby has to bend over to use it properly.I wish that it came with adjustable handles making it a lot easier for taller parents. Also wished that the canopy was a little bigger as well. The sun streams in a lot and if your baby is sleeping then it’s an issue. You may most likely have to buy an extender. As for the "large storage basket", not sure what they were talking about because it sure isn’t large. You can barely fit a big diaper bag in there and if it’s reclined its even worse.It is easy to adjust while reclining and it fold pretty easy as well. I didn’t have any issues there at all.I gave it 3 stars because it’s great if you’re going for a quick stroll but if you’re going out for much longer than that then you may want to rethink this.

Florine Allred, TN

Very cute, love the incline levels of this stroller

The stroller is great because the back is adjustable. My 3 month old baby hates being the car seat which was the only option for a while for wheeling him around. He has great head control and the back’s lowest setting is great because it is about the same angle as a bouncy chair. So this is perfect hopefully it will be able he continues to grow.

Denise Barnum, MN

Perfect for our three year old

Our old stroller just wasn’t fitting her well anymore. She would place her feet on the wheels and the seat size was too small. This stroller is lightweight, easy to steer and easy for the grandmother to use. We have another lightweight stroller that was around $200. This one isn’t quite as nice. But for the price you can’t go wrong. I recommend it to everyone.

Celia Eldridge, IA

Easy and nice for me (the Grandparent) to use

With my kids grown, I’ve now I’ve hit the era of Grandkids which requires me to figure out all the latest and greatest products out there and how they’ve improved (or not) over the years. I had many "Umbrella Strollers" that were cheap and didn’t provide much more than a place for my kids to sit while I hunched over slightly, pushing them along. There was little to no storage, usually no cover and comfort was apparently not necessary. When I received the Summer 3D Lite Convenience Stroller all those memories were blown away.This stroller is much more comfortable for the child (several positions), the shade/sun cover is sturdy and does a good job, the storage area is a very nice size, I love the over the shoulder straps instead of the lap belt only and the handles must be a bit longer because I don’t find myself hunching over any more. Add in the fact that it collapses easily for me and has a carry strap to transport it and this "Convenience Stroller" is a winner for me! To date we’ve been using this stroller for 2 months and it has held up well, nothing has broken or come apart and it’s cleaned up easily too with the assorted spills you’re likely to encounter with children.

Kristy Manter, KS

Sturdy lightweight stroller with a few extra perks, but not worth the full retail price.

This lightweight stroller goes a bit beyond the average umbrella stroller, with a decent basket (though not big enough for my diaper bag), nice padded seat, good harness, very nice handles and wheels, and a carry strap.The folding mechanism is a little fussy.It seems to be well made and to have plenty of room for my 23-pound 15-month-old to grow. I would easily expect her to be able to use this for at least a couple years. If you’re used to an umbrella stroller, this will still feel bulky. Compared to a traditional stroller, however, it’s very light and convenient. It fits in the floorboard or hatchback of my prius with no problem, is light thrown over my shoulder with the strap. I can carry this, a bulky diaper bag, and my baby in my arms and still be open the car without setting anything down and juggling.But is it worth 4x the price of the cheapie umbrella strollers, or double the price on amazon of other fancy convenience strollers? I don’t see it. With many other nice convenience strollers in this category on amazon hovering around forty-five dollars, I can’t recommend it at full price. But amazon pricing is volatile, so if you see it at a good discount, I’d sing a different tune. At 35-40% off retail, I’d call it a 4-5 star product.

Patty Daingerfield, TX

SUPER Convenient!

This stroller has made my life a little bit easier! I love that it has full size features but folds like an umbrella stroller! I dont have much space in the back of my SUV for a full size stroller but this fits perfectly! I use it for my 3 year old and she LOVES it! When she gets tired we just recline the seat back and she takes her nap. I would recomend this stroller to everyone! And I do!

Katrina North Springfield, PA

Perfect find at the right price.

We have had this stroller for about 3 months and have taken it on a couple trips (airplanes) and use it frequently around town. It seems to be quite sturdy and well built. The ability to recline at various degrees is extremely helpful for when our son wants to nap. It folds up quite easily but putting it into the open position takes some practice and is definitely hard when hold your child… but overall I think it is a great stroller.

Victoria Holdingford, MN

Wonderful Lightweight Stroller

We have a Maclaren lightweight stroller and we got this stroller as to use for our other child (rather than lugging our large Britax B-ready double stroller while traveling, as it weighs ~50 lbs with both seats). I am totally impressed with the Summer 3D Lite stroller, which is half the price (or less!) than the Maclaren strollers.Unfolding the stroller is easy, as is is the fold function (once you know all the places to unhook before attempting – read the instructions). The carry strap included is a great feature. One thing we LOVE on this stroller is that the seat back is adjustable and can almost lay flat. You usually do not see this on a lightweight stroller, and it’s a great feature for the younger one to be able to nap. My 18 month old son and 4 year old daughter both fit in the stroller.Weight is comparable to a Maclaren – 12 lbs on this, vs. 11.5 lbs for the Maclaren. The seat fabric is more substantial than the mesh on the Maclaren, and the frame seems more sturdy on the Summer Infant. There is an extra lock to keep the stroller from folding.Storage includes a small pouch and underseat basket. One nice feature is the rain/sun hood that covers the seat/head area when the seat is folded flat. The sunshade is adequate but smaller than the Maclaren and other full size strollers. If you are balking at the price of the more expensive lightweight strollers, this is great and pretty much the same feature set. What a great deal, we are very pleased with it.UPDATE: Just wanted to say after a trip through the airport, a weeklong cruise and many outings to the zoo, park, etc. this stroller has held up great and worked wonderfully for either of our children. My 4 year old always wants to sit in it vs. the Maclaren because she thinks leaning back is fun. I think the seat is likely more comfortable (mesh vs. a thicker fabric).

Kate Nehalem, OR

Good Lightweight Stroller, equal to others on the market.

I really like this lightweight stroller, but I think there are a lot of lightweight strollers that are equivalent. My baby loves the stroller though!

Regina Leesville, TX

Reminds me of a Brand that Costs WAY more, but does the same thing AND you get a cupholder

This stroller reminds me a LOT of the Maclaren stroller we had when my daughters were younger. I LOVED that stroller. This stroller is now for my youngest son and has all of the ease and convenience my old stroller did, but at a fraction of the cost. I took a peek at my old stroller (gave it to my sis in law before realizing I still needed a stroller) and the styling is VERY similar. The basket space is nearly identical. I will say I like the swivel wheels of the Maclaren better but for my current needs (older toddler who doesn’t solely rely on stroller but if he zonks out in the car, a stroller is nice to have) I say if you need a quality light weight stroller and don’t want to spend a ton of money, this is definitely a great choice…AND it’s got a cup holder that’s included unlike the pricier brand.

Adriana Gilbert, IA

Great stroller

Just bought this stroller, mostly to use for travel, but have been using it the past few days to see how it is. I researched a lot and felt this was my best option for the price, didn’t want to spend much since it wouldn’t be for everyday. Love the tall handles, I’m 5’8" and always kick the back of the strollers, which I don’t on this one. The basket underneath is pretty good, but not huge, about what you’d expect for an umbrella stroller, and the seat recline is very good as well, should be great for nap time when we’re out on vacation. Folding was easy once I watched a video on it, The only two minor things that I don’t like are that the handles just go straight up and down, would be a little better if they were more ergonamically positioned, like at an angle. Also, in the store, I was able to pull the sun shade so that it covered more of my sons face, but I don’t think I could do that with the one I bought and not break it. Other than those two minor things, it’s a perfect umbrella stroller! I love all the handy features and you can’t beat the price:)

Sandy Roxana, KY

Great find. So far so good.

I decided to go with this as a secondary stroller to take to baseball games and trips. Compared to the chicco and first years comparable models, I liked this one because it is lighter then the chicco umbrella and has a sleeker look to it compared to the first years. It came in grey instead of black which was unexpected but I really like it. The recline is great and it is tall enough for my 6’2" husband. Happy with our choice.

Elizabeth Lamar, CO


I really do love this stroller! Here are reasons why I love this stroller:The seat reclines to be almost flat!The seat reclines to be almost flat! (Ok, I said that already but that’s how much I love this feature!)It was super easy to put together out of the box.The basket is a decent size for an umbrella stroller.The canopy is much bigger/useful/better than most other umbrella strollers. When my baby naps, I still put a light blanket over the canopy to drape over the stroller but the canopy as is is pretty satisfactory.The stroller opens and closes pretty easily – there’s a bit of a trick to opening it but it’s a no brainer once you get the hang of it.The 5 point harness is easy to use.It maneuvers and handles pretty smoothly.It’s light weight.It fits in my Acura TSX trunk easily.I can tell that this will be the stroller we use most often given all the convenient features and compact size and light weight. This will likely be the last stroller we’ll be using for our 10 month old until she no longer needs a stroller since this stroller can accommodate up to 50 lbs. For what you get for the price, I’m really happy with the purchase especially compared to some of those extravagantly priced strollers. I went with the black color and my only complaint is that I wish I had tried one of the other fun colors.

Stacy Nicholls, GA

Light and easy to travel with

This is definitely lighter than your traditional stroller and much easier to travel with due to it’s umbrella style fold. The build is good, but with how light it is, it does seem flimsy. I wish the shoulder strap came with a pad, but I was able to take a shoulder pad off the strap of another bag and put in on the stroller strap. All minor issues since it makes travel much easier.

Enid Bunceton, MO

Good for taller people, good reclining

I have an UppaBaby Vista and was looking for an umbrella stroller to travel with us. This is actually 2 lbs lighter than the UppaBaby umbrella stroller ($225) that reclines and this reclines very well. I was extremely happy. My daughter slept in this for a while. For the price it can not be beat.

Elisha Richgrove, CA

I’ve had it for 8 months and it won’t stay locked

I bought this in July 2013 and have used it about a dozen times. I keep this stroller in the car for those quick trips. It was great for our vacation and going through the airport. It’s light, easy to fold and I like the recline feature. My baby has taken some naps in there. I wish the sunshade was bigger but I can deal with it.The only issue I have with it is that it doesn’t stay locked into place. I have to constantly keep pushing my foot on the level to put it back and it’s a nuisance. I am planning to call the company to see if I can get a replacement so I will update when I know more.

Elvia Plano, IL