Summer Infant 3 Piece Dr. Mom Oral Care Set

Summer Infant 3 Piece Dr. Mom Oral Care Set

The Dr. Mom 3 Piece Oral Care Kit from Summer Infant provides all the basic necessities for baby and convenience for parents. The kit includes a 3 stage oral care system that includes a gum massager, finger tooth brush and toddler tooth brush.

Main features

  • Toddler toothbrush
  • Gum simulator
  • Finger brush

Verified reviews


Great Tool for Moms!

A friend of mine recently became a mom and she got one of these at her baby shower. She’s was thrilled when she tried that out. She had expected it to be an issue but it went surprisingly well the first try!

Joyce Sonora, TX

Gum stimulator is unsafe!

I loved this set and thought it was a great price. I used the finger brush on my daughter as an infant and we moved later to the toothbrush which worked fine. My daughter is now 18 months and as such is teething toward the back of her mouth, hence the gum stimulator. It worked great until she bit off a major piece of it and could have easily choked. Please do not use the gum stimulator. It is clearly not strong enough to be used for its intended purpose and poses a danger.

Irma Jonancy, KY

Great set for a good price!

This set includes all the extras and costs the same as some baby toothbrushes alone. We like it and so does baby! I’d recommend it – the different pieces are great for all stages of teething/getting teeth.

Joanne Sagola, MI

great deal

We haven’t used the actual toothbrush and gum stick but the little finger brush is really soft and my LO doesn’t mind it at all.

Tabatha Wessington Springs, SD

Durable and comfortable

I love this 3 piece set for a few reasons. First, the pieces are very durable and have withstood my teething toddler’s best attempt to tear them apart (the bristles of two other types of toothbrushes I’ve had were quickly torn out). Second, there are two types of tooth brushes to use. One is more like a regular toothbrush but smaller and is great for getting the back teeth and for teaching little ones how to brush. The other brush goes on the finger and is good for brushing the front of the teeth, the tongue and the gums. My son actually loved it when I used the finger brush while he was teething. The third thing I like about this set is the gum stimulator. It easily reaches the back gums after the front teeth have come in, can be used by little ones themselves to relieve pain and is easy to clean and sterilize. Surprisingly, I had a hard time finding a decent teether that fit this bill.

Camilla Catawba, OH

Great price and product

This was much cheaper than I found it at local baby store or big box store. The quality is fantastic and the teether/gum soother is amazing. My baby prefers it to sophie or any other teether.

Adele Curryville, MO

i love

love love these work very good for my son i finger one really help because when he start to teeth he start to bite and with the finger brush u just don’t feel those little teeth that much

Olivia Wiseman, AR

I just love it!

Very well made. Soft material indicates the manufacturer cares about its clients. Buying more and more of them from now on.

Melba Rio Grande City, TX


I like all three items-they grow with your baby. I love the one that goes on your finger when baby first starts to teeth and the other two as baby gets older.

Bernadine Russellville, TN


This is a great little oral care set and quite a steal at this price! I have been using the finger brush on a daily basis for my 6 month old son’s teeth for the past 3 months. He loves when I rub his teeth and gums with the brush. I haven’t used the toothbrush yet because he is still too young for toothpaste but I do let him chew on the gum simulator. He probably loves that more than half of his toys. I figure he is doing well with it because he understands how to hold it and put it in his mouth… next step is teaching him to use the actual toothbrush. This is a great gift to throw in the baby bag/basket for a friend’s baby shower. Most people don’t realize how soon they will need items like this. Especially if you have a little one that pops a few teeth at 3 months old!

Clare Sonoita, AZ

Nice set

This was exactly as pictured and described. We are using the finger brush with our 4-month-old and are excited to have the other brushes to graduate to as he begins to teethe.

Judith Yorkville, TN

Love this product.

These are nice and sturdy, not flimsy at all.Bristles on both silicone finger brush and regular brush are very soft and last. We’ve sterilized our son’s toothbrush many times and the bristles are just as good as new.Our son loves the gum massager. We have sterilized it many times as well and the silicone head is still in perfect condition.With the ridiculous prices of other infant/toddler toothbrushes I am really surprised at the quality of this set. Not only is it great “for the price”, each product is actually of very high quality.Buy them before “Dr. Mom” realizes what an awesome product they have and raises the price!

Fern Farmington, IA

Great first tooth brush

I was looking for a tooth brush for my 18 month old, and you can’t beat the price on this. Since she’s older, we don’t need the gum massager or the finger brush. Other than that, the brush works well. We are brushing every night ever since.

Patrica Middleville, MI

great for little teeth

I bought this for my 15 month old who just got two teeth. I use the finger brush first on the gums, then the toothbrush. I let her chew on the gum brush. The only things I don’t like are that they don’t have a cap to keep them.clean bc they are too big to fit in a standard toothbrush holder.

Claudine Powhatan, AR

love this

my teething toddler loves it, the gum massager and the brush, she wants to brush her 3 little teeth just like mommy

Henrietta Gunlock, UT

Very useful

My 7 month’s old teeth just started coming in and she loves getting them brushed with the finger brush. She also regularly reaches for the gum stimulator – I like that it is firm enough to comfort her and looks like it will last. Since she was always gumming at the back of her gums I had always eyed theZo-li Gummy Stick Baby Gum Massagersbut thought they were too much. I checked them out in a store and thought that they were perhaps too soft to be of use to my daughter. So, I’m quite happy with the gum stimulator included in this kit. We have not used the toothbrush yet but I think it is of great quality and my daughter will be able to use it well. This set matches theSummer Infant Dr. Mom Brush and Comb Setwell too.

Katheryn Groveland, MA