Summer Infant 3 Stage Newborn to Toddler Baby Bath, Love Ladybug

Summer Infant 3 Stage Newborn to Toddler Baby Bath, Love Ladybug

The Summer Infant Three Stage Newborn to Toddler Baby Bath truly grows with your baby from Newborn to Toddler. The newborn clip-on sling snugly wraps around your newborn for a relaxed bathing experience. Once baby outgrows the newborn sling, the softly padded and contoured infant seat provides a comfortable and supportive place for your baby to lie while you bathe them. The large tub also allows a seated area with high back for your infant who is ready to sit up unassisted and wanting to splash and explore the bath tub.

Main features

  • Newborn clip-on sling with soft foam head rest, machine washable
  • Padded contoured seat for infant
  • Large seating area with high back to support children sitting up unassisted
  • Large 2 year tub with ability to fit in both single and double well sinks
  • Convenient drain plug for easy draining

Verified reviews


not suitable for a toddler

I read the dimensions and that this would be long enough for my 14 mo old but what you can’t see in the picts is that there is a built in infant part that can’t be removed to be able to use the whole dimension of the tub. So really, your toddler can only use about half of the tub once they’re grown. We returned it.

Georgia Saint Amant, LA

Great for the price

I really like this tub. My baby is just starting to outgrow it at 7 months old. If I could improve it at all I would make the seat underneath the netting a little differently since she struggled sitting up in it. I would also add a thermometer to the bottom. Otherwise, fantastic tub!

Fern Hubbardston, MA

Not great

The sling is too tight so the only way baby can be in the water is if the bath is completely full of water, otherwise they just hang above the water and get cold. The head support underneath is very hard and is right where baby’s head goes. It’s really big and doesn’t store very well. Haven’t tried it without the sling yet, baby is only a few weeks old.

Lilia Saint Bernice, IN

Love it!

The netting or first layer works well. My Daughter is 3 months and enjoys it. She has used it since she was a couple weeks old. It allows for easy use because it cradles baby well and keeps her in water yet head is well elevated.

May Martinsville, VA

Great bath tub with great price

I like this bath tub because it can support my newborn baby when we take her to bath (After her umbilical cord fell) . It saved a lot of energy, even though we still need to hold her. She is very relax on the sling. Great price with great quality product, ship to home.

Adrienne Jim Thorpe, PA


This tub is great because it will last us so long! The fact that it is a 3 stage product was the selling point for me! More bang for your buck!

Claudine Lake Como, FL

Totally hate it!

I choose this bath myself and got it from my baby registry. It looked cute and practical, well, now that my baby is 4 months old I would definitely go back to the simple no frills ikea bath I used for my first. the newborn swing was kind of nice, but the next level is just horrible: the baby ‘sits’ in the bath but the seat is narrow and nothing prevents the baby from sliding and shifting (and I don’t even have a giggly baby, can’t imagine what would happen with someone less calm then my little one. Of course, I didn’t expect to let baby sit in there without holding her but really, the whole shifting thing totally freaks me out, because the bath gives you the impression that baby is safer then in classic baths but actually, she isn’t. Save trouble and get an ikea bath.

Carmen Hot Springs Village, AR

this tub is awesome

I love that this tub adjust to the different sizes as the baby grows. Right now our baby is still newborn but with the little holder it makes giving her a bath much easier.

Loretta Shedd, OR

Super comfortable baby bath!

My baby loves taking bath in this. We had this on our registry and started using this tub when she was a four-day old newborn. We gave her sponge baths in it. She was very comfortable in the sling and now, at four months, she has progressed to the baby level. She sits with a little support in the tub while we bathe her.The tub is so comfortable that I gave my little girl a bath without anyone’s help when she was hardly a month old! As a first time mom, this was a pretty scary thing in the beginning but she was very relaxed and at ease.It is very easy to clean the tub and very sturdy to move around. The only grouse I have is about the sling. It tends to get stinky once a week. Nothing a quick wash doesn’t cure but it took us a couple of days to figure why the tub suddenly started stinking.I know there are advanced versions of this tub, with soothing noise and all that jazz. But I really see no point in buying those because bath time is generally the most perfect time to bond with your baby. Why would you need any other distraction??

Clarissa Palmyra, IN