Summer Infant 3 Stage Newborn to Toddler Baby Bath, Monkey Moons

Summer Infant 3 Stage Newborn to Toddler Baby Bath, Monkey Moons

The Summer Infant Three Stage Newborn to Toddler Baby Bath truly grows with your baby from Newborn to Toddler. The newborn clip-on sling snugly wraps around your newborn for a relaxed bathing experience. Once baby outgrows the newborn sling, the softly padded and contoured infant seat provides a comfortable and supportive place for your baby to lie while you bathe them. The large tub also allows a seated area with high back for your infant who is ready to sit up unassisted and wanting to splash and explore the bath tub.

Main features

  • Newborn clip-on sling with soft foam head rest, machine washable
  • Padded contoured seat for infant
  • Large seating area with high back to support children sitting up unassisted
  • Large 2 year tub with ability to fit in both single and double well sinks
  • Convenient drain plug for easy draining

Verified reviews


Nice…but kind of a pain

This bathtub is well made. However, it did not work for us. The design of the bath is mostly good. The seat is great. It helps prop up the baby well. The sling seems too taught, like baby might flip out of it. It needs to be more hammock like. The tub itself is huge and would easily accomodate a 6 month old. However, that seems odd to us, as most 6 month olds use a regular bath tub or shower. The huge size crated a storage problem for us. Also, there’s no hook or loop to hang it from. The main reason for the low rating is just that it was a pain for us to use. It is hard to carry with water in it and there is all this extra set up. Instead, I just take the baby in the bathtub with me and rest him on my legs. We also have a big spong to set him on for quick bath jobs.

Jacquelyn Newport, KY

Baby slides down into tub – poor design

I had the molded plastic (blue) Fisher Price baby tub for my first daughter, and when baby #2 came along I noticed that there were 2 very small and deep depressions in that tub that I could not get clean. I suspected that there was mold in those recesses, so I threw the tub away.My search for a tub that would be easier to get clean led me to this tub. It is very easy to clean, but unfortunately the “ramp” that is designed to stop the baby’s bottom from sliding down into the tub is very narrow. So narrow that my 4-month old slides down into the tub if I am not supporting her full body weight throughout the entire bathing process.I had thought that all of these plastic tubs were basically the same, but I was totally wrong. This tub is horribly designed. I am going back to Fisher Price and will just throw the tub away. Fortunately I found this one on sale so I am not out too much money, but this tub is HORRIBLE. Definitely do not get this one.

Gilda Anabel, MO

Love the sling option!

I have read another review that they never used the sling option because it was too high above the water. But I use it specifically for this purpose. I took home a preemie who was sponge bathed in the NICU for a month. He was tiny when he was born but still tiny when he came home just over 4lbs.The sling works great because he is not sitting in the dirty water. I can use it right next to the sink and rinse him off well with this sling. I have used this sling for almost 5 months and it is just like new. I have tried out the tub without the sling for just warm soaks but will probably change to a less slippery tub when he can sit up on his own (yes he is delayed a little). Over all I love this tub, its simple, easy to clean, sturdy, and no leaks. Can’t say anything negative about it personally because it has lasted longer than I intended. And for the price I would buy a second one if it hadn’t lasted as long.

Marjorie Madisonburg, PA


My son is 7 mo now and so far it’s ok. What I hate about this tub is that it leaks. The whole idea with the plug on the bottom was to have that extra comfort emptying the tub. Instead it’s really messy and annoying.

Lina Crystal Beach, FL

A good buy!

Got this tub for my parents house when we brought baby to visit. It works great! And great price! Love the mesh hammock for newborns. He now has graduated and is able to bathe without it. Good buy!

Gena Caddo Mills, TX