Summer Infant 3-Stage Super Seat

Summer Infant 3-Stage Super Seat

p The Stage SuperSeat from Summer Infant offers degrees of floor time activity fun booster in one p

Main features

  • STAGE 1: Infant Support Seat- Support Seat aids baby when learning to sit up
  • STAGE 2: Floortime Activity Seat- 360 degree rotating tray, removable snack tray, includes 5 playful toys
  • STAGE 3: Booster Seat- includes removable soft foam insert for growing child
  • All stages have a 3-point crotch restraint for baby’s safety
  • During stage 3: Booster Seat Mode there are 2 sets of chair straps for added security

Verified reviews


Watch your baby’s fingers when spinning!

My baby loves this, I would have given it 5 stars except: it pinched his finger very badly the first time we swung the toys around and the no slip grips fell off nearly instantly. We still use the swing around feature but we are highly aware of where his fingers are at all times now.

Tisha Bedminster, PA

Daughter Loves this!

We started using this around 3 months and while she cant sit in it very long…she loves it! the rattle roll ball is awesome! its a little cumbersome to get her all the way in and turn the tray but its totally worth it for her to be high (it’s on the dining room table in the eat-in kitchen) and upright…as she gets stronger she enjoys it more!

Marla Cavalier, ND

Better than the Bumbo Seat

I had purchased the Bumbo Seat and Bumbo Tray before I knew about this product. The Bumbo Seat on its own is ok but is just for sitting, really. The Bumbo Tray addition was useful in that we could put our son’s toys on it, keeping him entertained for just a little longer, but was flawed in that it made the leg holes too small and therefore difficult to put the baby in and out of the seat without his legs catching on the tray and lifting the whole seat. The Summer Infant Super Seat is better in that it has built-in entertainment for our four month old and it is easy to put him in and take him out of the chair. The spacious circular tray also provides plenty of room for his own toys. However, you need to constantly rotate the tray in order for an infant to get the benefit of all the attached toys, which are spaced too far apart to be seen/reached all at once. Moreover, the no-frills nature of the toys keeps my four month old entertained for a maximum of ten minutes. I do like the idea that you can remove the tray and just use the booster seat, which has a seatbelt, another benefit over the Bumbo. Overall, this product is a good value and I have no regrets in my purchase.

Colleen Roulette, PA

Better than the rest

I never tried out the competition, but I don’t feel a need to because this seat does everything the others do with some added bonuses.The actual seat part is very comfy and the toys are interesting. I feel this seat is very safe for my infant son who is learning to sit up and still strengthing his neck muscles. The toys keep him entertained and that is something the competitors definitely don’t do or even have for that matter.This is a must have for 2 1/2+ month old babies. And even though my son is too young to use this as a booster seat yet, I know that it will be sticking around for years to come so that one day he can.

Eugenia New Milford, NY

Great for traveling!

in spite of the price, we purchased this play yard and have not regretted spending the money for one second. we took this with us on vacation recently and do not know what we would have done without it! it is surprisingly sturdy for how lightweight it is and our son loves it because he is learning to walk and can walk along it. we now have it set up to block off his playroom and we also have it set up in our living room (we purchased 2 — highly recommend doing that if you have enough room). this product has been very useful!

Lashonda Hull, TX

Great product

My husband bought this for our daughter. She has been using it since she was 3 months old and absolutely loves it. She plays in it for about 35 minutes at a time. As she is getting older I have been placing a few of her everyday toys in the gaps, so she has a variety to play with. It’s also nice to take the saucer off and use it outside for a seat.

Jennifer Steeleville, IL

Pretty versatile little baby chair.

Our baby is at the age where she is learning to sit up and seems to enjoy it as well. This little chair has been great in helping her to develop a bit more strength to be able and sit up for longer periods of time unassisted. The seat itself seems to be comfortable for her and she likes sitting on it for short periods of time (generally, she is ready to get off of it after about 30 to 45 minutes at a time). The “snack tray”, which to my mind is really a little playscape, is a really nice feature as well. Our daughter gets bored fairly easily, so having a few distractions simply adds to her enjoyment, and prolongs her desire to be in this seat. She likes the mirror and the little roller ball the best. The mirror isnt large, but it is enough to capture a baby’s attention, and she likes spinning it as much as gazing into it. Anyway, this is a fairly inexpensive investment that i think you will be very happy with. Between this and our jumper, our daughter is getting stronger and having a great time as well. They also seem to improve a baby’s cognitive abilities as they figure out how to use the various attached objects. I highly recommend this item.Enjoy!

Brenda Peoria, IL

Not the best quality

Perhaps it is a case of you get what you pay for, but the quality of this product isn’t great. The tray is hard to spin around and the toys are cheaply made/not that engaging. My point of comparison for the toys are those that come installed on a jumperoo or an exesaucer. It isn’t super easy to put together. It does seem fairly safe to me and is a good way to keep a baby entertained for a few minutes and also useful for babies who have started eating purees but can’t sit unassisted.

Annie Gladwyne, PA

Okay seat. Better then bumbo

This I a okay seat. We have both this one and the Bumbo seat. My sons legs got to fat for the Bumbo chair at 4-5 months that I had to switch to this seat. Benefits to this seat are its much more roomy than Bumbo. You can even take the orange foam piece out for toddlers. And it has toys. Blah toys. But toys none the less. The cons, the round toy table is really hard to move. No way a child can spin it which is suppose to be the general concept. So I have to turn it for him. And it often pops out of place. A lot. So I have to line it back up and put it back on. Lastly the idea that this can be used as a booster seat is a neat idea, but there is just no way my son is going to allow me to strap him into this seat past 6-8 months. Much like the bouncer and swing, this is easily outgrown because once your child can move about freely, anything like this will seem like a prison. So we only got a few months use out of it.

Alma Sunnyside, WA

Great for Little Ones!

This is a fantastic idea for a baby shower gift. It adapts as kids grow to allow them more movement and so they can get to more of the activities. They’re securely strapped in so you don’t have to worry about little ones falling over and it will keep them amused so parents can have a few minutes to actually get something done. Great for helping kids with sitting up too.

Angie Monument, OR

Dang it! This thing is wonderful but…

Unfortunately, there seems to be something wrong with the antennae of the weird pretzel winged caterpillar or whatever it is?As we all know, kids love to explore things with their mouths. My daughter somehow hurt her gums after chewing on the antennae. I searched all around it trying to see if there was anything sharp, but found nothing. Thinking that it was a fluke and that she must have hurt her gums with her fingernail, we had her play in it again, but somehow the same thing happened!!! I do not understand what is actually hurting her, but please beware when using that toy. I am just taking the two toys that have antennae off of the tray, myself.That said, this baby chair is awesome. My daughter is delighted to play in it!

Belinda Alma, WI

Good alternative to Bumbo

We purchased this and it is a good addition to baby play stations. The only knock is it’s a bit hard to rotate the tray and when baby is crying, takes a bit to get the baby out of the seat. You also have to watch fingers and toes when rotating. However, baby loves it more than the bumbo chair since there are toys. Most other toys at the infant stage require standing (exersaucer, jumperoo, etc) so this one is nice for sitting since we move baby from toy to toy at times so he doesn’t get bored.

Robert Crawfordville, FL

Fun and cute!

We purchased this used, our baby loved it. She learned to sit up on her own using it, and would play with all the toys. The only drawback was she began figuring out if she hooked her feet up into the sliding part, she could remove it from the seat! We turned it around when she would get frustrated and put toys that weren’t attached there, we had to stop doing that!The seat can get really dirty and difficult to clean sometimes but other than that I recommend this to anyone looking for a “bumbo” style seat and something extra for the baby to play with. The bee and butterfly seemed to be our daughter’s favorite toys until she realized she could see herself in the mirror!

Tamera Strawn, IL

Looking for a bumbo with straps?

The Bumbo wasn’t working out so well for us so I got this and my son loves it! Has straps and a ‘cusion/extra seat’ inside for smaller babies. The ring around is a bit hard to move but he loves to play with all the toys. Great for sitting in with or without straps because the ring around keeps him in (for now that is!).

Minnie Charlo, MT

SO much better than a bumbo!

I came across this seat while investigating Bumbo’s. I was amazed, and wondered why so many people buy Bumbo’s and Bebe Pod’s when this is available! It’s pretty much the same price and is SO much more versatile, I can’t see one advantage to buying the Bumbo instead of this product.I bought this when baby was about 3 1/2 months. At that time, he could barely sit up, but he loved getting the opportunity! At six months, he is still using it, plays with the toys, and has an all-around good time.Here’s why this is better than the Bumbo:1. The Bumbo can be used for a very short time. If you read reviews, you’ll see the #1 complaint is that the leg holes are too small, so baby gets very limited use out of it. But, on this product, it has two layers. Leave the yellow layer in when the baby is small, and if he grows to where the holes are too small, remove the yellow layer and you’ve got a seat for a few more months.2. Once the baby is no longer entertained just by sitting, you can install the play tray. There are four toys and two snack trays. The toys are not all that inventive, but for a young baby they are sufficient to entertain them.3. Once the baby is ready to sit up at the table, you can use the seat as a booster seat. We haven’t gotten to this point yet. The Bumbo cannot be put on elevated surfaces, so this is another use you get out of the Super Seat that you can’t get on the Bumbo.I gave this product four stars because there are a few flaws.1. The tray is really a little too difficult for a little one to move on their own. I’ve got to move the green tray around periodically so he can play with all the toys. I know it’s possible to have a tray that’s easier to move, because my son can move around his exersaucer quite easily.2. There is a toy on the tray that is a mirror. It is really too small to serve it’s designated purpose and it is a fairly cloudy mirror so it’s hard to see a reflection. It’s fairly useless beyond giving the baby something to spin around.All around, this product is worth the money and a much better investment than the competitors. Also, since the colors are gender-neutral, you don’t have to worry about buying a second one if a baby of the opposite gender joins your family next.ETA: We’ve had this seat for 4 years now. We never did use it as a booster. Never had the need but I think it might be too bulky at a table. But, one new purpose is that is makes and excellent time out chair. When your kids are just learning time-out, you can use the straps to keep them in. This works until they get big enough to stand up and walk around with the seat attached to their bottom! My son is now 4.5. We’ve used it through two kids and it still serves as a time out chair for both kids. Granted, my kids are skinny, but we haven’t even had to take out the top layer to the chair yet. I really have loved this product. It is the only product we’ve had since my son was 4 months old and never had put away for storage between kids.

Martina Clover, VA

FYI hope this helps

1. Walmart sells this product for $36 (plus tax). You can order online and likely pick up same day in store.2. There is a deluxe version of this product — Summer Infant Deluxe Super Seat Island Giggles. It’s almost exactly the same except that it has an adjustable, soft fabric arch with two hanging animals, along with a spinning plastic toy and a giraffe teether that attach to the tray. I was able to get it on sale from Babies R Us for $37.50. I figure that I’d pay the additional buck fifty for a couple more bells and whistles.

Desiree Terlingua, TX