Summer Infant 3-Stage Superseat Highchair, Girl

Summer Infant 3-Stage Superseat Highchair, Girl

The 3-Stage SuperSeat offers 360 degrees of floor time activity fun & booster in one. It is a secure and comfortable area for your growing infant to learn to sit up and interact with their environment around them. With the Summer Infant 3-Stage SuperSeat® your baby can experience play while also sitting up. It’s the ideal place to keep baby entertained, safe and happy!

Main features

  • 3-stages:(1) Soft foam support seat, (2) Activity seat, (3) Booster seat (chair straps included)
  • Soft foam insert adds comfort & helps baby sit upright
  • 360° rotating tray with loads of activities to keep baby engaged
  • 4 playful toys & 2 cup holders
  • 3-point safety harness

Verified reviews


So far so good..

If it wasnt for this chair there would be squash and green beans all over the place! she sits still and stays entertained the her toys around her… its pretty snug for her now and shes only 5 months.. so im wondering how she would fit ina few months… hmm… for now .. pretty good.. and easy to carry with her in it also.. ( from baby mat to sofa.. )

Bonita Lawrence, NY

Its Ok not great

I agree that the piece that slides into the front part to close the entire tray is really hard to line up and close. It is also difficult to rotate.My baby started using it when she was 3 months old. She looks comfortable in it but for some reason she hates the bumblebee toy and yells at it. Even now at 4 months she tries to hit it and gets frustrated. The toys seem far away.Not sure why the cups come out of the snack tray. They are easy to lose and one more thing to keep track of. The grippers on the bottom keep falling off every time I have to move it.Over all I don’t regret buy this product I just don’t feel like my baby liked it as much as I would have hoped.

Nancy Wayne, PA

Grand baby loves, loves , loves it.

My little grandaughter loves this chair, we set it on the coffee table so she has a direct view of the tv, she enjoys watching sponge bob square pants, she giggles and giggles and laughs. She also enjoys playing with the toys. We like to keep her entertain and not let her get bored. My daughter also has one at her house. They have boy colors for boys and girl colors for girls .

Marva Ocean Shores, WA

Great seat!

I have a 2 month old and a 2 year old. I get ot use this for my baby and the booster seat is big enough for my toddler… I bought it so as to have a booster seat for when my youngest needs the high chair. It is easy to assemble, and I like the fact that I can rotate the tray around for ease of play. My toddler is in the 90th percentile of growth for a 2 year old and she can fit in the seat with the inner liner. Great buy for the price and it does what it is supposed to. I prefer this over the bumbo seat, and it is around the same price and does way more.

Rochelle Taylor, ND

Like it, different from Bumbo

Overall, really like this seat. Purchased it for my daughter when she was 3 months old and already wanting to sit. She kept slumping over it to get to the toys on the tray, which at that time her arms were too inflexible (too short?), and she didn’t sit as well. But over just a few weeks time, she was really grabbing the toys and sitting much better.Compared to the Bumbo, I would have to say the Bumbo is better built for an infant to sit in… much more support in the front. But there’s no tray, and I’m hopeful to use this seat till she’s a toddler — since the manufacturer claims it can be a good high-seat.

Cecile Ransomville, NY

Just a bad design and cheaply made

I ordered this seat so my daughter would have something fun to sit in while I did my hair in the bathroom – I am not fond of this chair.First of all, it has a distinctly cheap feel to it as you assemble it; it’s not an expensive item so take that for what it’s worth.Secondly, the seat straps are ridiculously located so it is very challenging to get them secured around your wiggling child.Lastly, although the circular tray does move, it takes a fair amount of force and it is not remotely smooth in operation.I ended up ordering the following seat by the same brand but a significantly better design that will work in multiple situations:;=1

Dixie Moville, IA

Great seat

Love this chair. My 6 month old daughter is very comfortable playing in it and sitting in it. She likes the toys on it very much and you can keep baby busy by rotating the tray around baby to change which toys are in reach. Would have given this 5 stars but the removal don’t lock tray is sometimes hard to snap in place and you have to be careful not to get little ones hands caught in tray. once you get used to placing tray into grooves it becomes a non issue. I would recommend this to a friend.

Debra Clearville, PA

some issues with putting it together

I had an issue when putting it together. It is not hard at all to assemble except for the fact there was extra plastic left on some pieces from when the plastic was molded so I had to spend 20 minutes trying to shave it down so it would fit together properly. it wasn’t on an edge either it was where the pieces connect opposite where the tray slides in and you use the screws to keep it in place. well those pieces never lined up from an extra 1/4 inch of plastic from where the plastic wasn’t properly molded.My daughter loves playing in it. the cup holders had to come out also because they just kind of set in the spots and my daughter pulls them up with ease and throw them all over the place. They are completely unnecessary.

Sherri Gibbs, MO

buy this dont buy bumbo

a bumbo is a waste of money I used it on my 1st and this on my second .. this grows with them a bumbo you will use for a week!! however now my 1st uses it for her babies to sit in while her sister plays in this. buy this its a must have for 1. sitting stage (3+mo) – learning to sit up 2. play safe while mommy does stuff. 3. a booster seat (haven’t gotten to that yet)

Ina Kremmling, CO

Very useful

The chair itself is great, but my daughter hated the toys so we never used them. We started using the chair with the insert, then removed it when she got too big. Now she’s a year old and we take the seat to restaurants and sit it in the booth with us. She likes to sit in it and eat like a big girl rather than in a wooden high chair.

Ina Saugerties, NY

Fun chair

Still don’t use it that much, but when I do she sees to like it and as she gets older she will like more.

Mable Beason, IL