Summer Infant 3-Stage Superseat Highchair, Green

Summer Infant 3-Stage Superseat Highchair, Green

The 3-Stage SuperSeat offers 360 degrees of floor time activity fun & booster in one. It is a secure and comfortable area for your growing infant to learn to sit up and interact with their environment around them. With the Summer Infant 3-Stage SuperSeat® your baby can experience play while also sitting up. It’s the ideal place to keep baby entertained, safe and happy!

Main features

  • 3-stages:(1) Soft foam support seat, (2) Activity seat, (3) Booster seat (chair straps included)
  • Soft foam insert adds comfort & helps baby sit upright
  • 360° rotating tray with loads of activities to keep baby engaged
  • 4 playful toys & 2 cup holders
  • 3-point safety harness

Verified reviews


Even if your baby can’t sit up yet…

I bought this for my son just shy of his 3rd month. He could hold up his head up very well, but couldn’t sit up at all. This was perfect for him. The seat is close fitting offering support throughout the leg and hip area. The sides come up high around the baby, which also offered support to prevent leaning over. The base is sturdy and I have had no problems with tipping over or anything.It comes with a formed foam insert for use when the baby is smaller and needs a little extra support. I didn’t need to use this because mine was big enough body-wise to fill out the seat by itself. It also comes with a tray that is a complete circle around the seat, which serves three purposes. It locks the child in (along with the seat belt), it has two cup holders with a space to lay snacks, and it comes with four toys that attach securely to it. My son is VERY strong for his age and has not managed to pull any of them off.I also had room on the tray to add a couple of those spinning suction toys.When not needed, the tray can be removed completely and you can just buckle the baby in.

Bessie Bowlegs, OK

SO much better than the Bumbo

We have twins and they both love this! It was recommended by a child physical therapist. You get the same seat as a Bumbo but added advantages of the toys and using it as a booster seat. Also, no tight leg holes as some people complain of with the Bumbo. We have seem dramatic improvement in our babies sitting and the toys motivate them to stay upright. We’re buying a second one!

Jeanne Eldridge, MO

Better than Bumbo

I have this seat and the bumbo. Here’s my observation of my 3 1/2 month son in each:BUMBO+ Made of sturdy polyeurophane (sp?) lightweight- No attached toys (might be a good thing if you are picky able what goes in the mouth)- Child often drops toys on floor even when there’s a tray attached causing frustration- Leg opening really tight on chubbier legsSUMMER INFANTACTIVITY SEAT+ Attached toys give child something to look at, grab and mouth+ Don’t need to keep picking up toys off the floor+ Can attach other toys to prexisting ones+ All the perks or an exersauer without taking up a lot of room- Made of cheap platic- Paint comes off toys over time (it’s made in the USA so no lead, but still)I think the bumbo is popular because it’s industructable and serves its purpose well (helps non-sitters sit), but if your child is like mine he/she will get really frustrated that he/she is stuck in this chair with nothing to do (except try to escape to retreave his dropped toys). Even though the Summer Infant seat is cheaply made, your child will most likely enjoy sitting in it (at least long enough for you to take a shower).

Winnie Laton, CA

Better than Bumbo

This seat is so multi-functional. We use it instead of a high chair (we put the straps around a chair we have at home) and feed our daughter in it. When we first got it (~5mo), our daughter loved to sit and play in it. She loved to chew on the toys and toss around the cups! Now that she’s older (8 mo), we use it at feedings and to keep her occupied for a little bit when we are doing something around the house.The tray slides in and out easily to get the baby out.We were visiting friends who have a Bumbo…it just looked uncomfortable (her thighs barely seemed to fit and she was just 6mo old!) and it was MUCH harder to get her in and out of it and I HATED the plastic Bumbo tray that supposedly snapped in place…it was so hard to use and caught her hands once, making her cry. \This seat is cheaper and more importantly, WAY more functional!I love that it grows with my baby and plan to use it for a while…

Darcy Martinsville, TX

Great alternative to the Bumbo

I opted for this one over the Bumbo because of the added tray which is yet another ‘activity’ for my 4.5 when he’s being fed and needs distraction. The only reason why I am giving it 4 stars instead of 5 is because I think there should have been a way to slide open the front of the tray to make it easier for the baby to get in and out. It is inconvenient to have to go around the pull him out from the back. Also, if you dont install the screws to the tray it is very much possible for it to fall apart.

Tommie Otto, WY

Great for sitting and playing

When I got pregnant I knew I would want a seat and of course we all know of Bumbo. Well when I had my son, Bumbo seats happened to have been recalled – I think because they had no belts to hold the child down and I read things about kids falling down from counters….I would never in a million years put any of these seats on a counter top, but if I did, I would be standing right in front of him and I say that because my son was able to scoot his around when he got a bit stronger. Anyhow, our son liked to sit up from early on because he had some belly issues, and we all like to be hunched over or curled up, and he also had vomiting so sitting up was good for him. He started using this chair really early and loved it (I think a couple of weeks before he turned 3 months). The toys I thought would be a good idea vs. Bumbo because what fun is it to just sit with nothing?? He didn’t use the toys too much at first but would watch baby TV and enjoy it and stare at the toys. Then he started to swat at them and eventually could hit the mirror toy and ball toy. He enjoyed seeing himself in the mirror. The other two toys seemed useless until he was probably 6 months old or so. Then he found that he could grab and pull them all around. He really liked the butterfly and would pull it to him and chew/suck on the wings and head of it…it was cute. Soon he could turn all around in the cahir to play in it and I could put other toys there. He used this as one of his "stations" for change/play throughout the day, along with his bouncer, exersaucer and floor until he learned to sit up, without toppling over, and crawling and then wanted nothing to do with any of these items because they kept him confined. It lasted until he was 9 months so we got a good 6 months use out of it and I can’t imagine getting that with the bumbo. Now I have just the green seat (I took out the orange insert because he is not a tiny baby anymore and did not require the added support/cushion and used the straps to secure on our kitchen chair so he can sit at the table and I think he will be able to grow more into it and use as a booster for a while. Only thing that seemed useless and I just left out were the "cup holders" – they are just red and purple inserts that come out and are loose, they don’t click in or anything. We loved this toy and are saving it for his toddler years at our dinner table and our next baby.

Vilma Laurens, IA

great value

We had loads of people recommend the bumbo for our little girl to help her learn to sit but this is essentially a bumbo with trimmings. She’s only 4 months old but she’ll happily sit in there for half an hour. Now that she’s learnt to roll it’s a really secure place to put her while I do housework and she can see me walking around and play with a soft book or rattle (she can’t quite reach the toys yet). My sister in law used it as a high chair for her little boy when she was visiting and it was perfect.

Danielle Callery, PA

So far so good

Our 10 week old was already trying to pull up from her rumble chair into the sitting position, so it was off to the store I went in search of something to end her frustration. I skipped the Bumbo, mostly because I had heard from friends with a chunky-legged munchkin that it’s leg openings were too narrow (our little girl also has big legs) but compared three other seats. We looked at the bebepod, the Mama’s and Papa’s seat (can’t remember the name) and this one. Ultimately, to my surprise, this is the one I came home with. (I had planned to purchase the bebepod.) Here’s why:1.) Liked that the seat can grow with the child. The Mama’s and Papa’s seat also had this option. Both the Bumbo and the Bebepod are a one-time only fit…once your child is too big it’s over.2.) Liked the tray and toys attached. Not sure how I feel about the toys yet, I couldn’t find anything that said they were BPA free which means I typically avoid them, although I know other Summer products are. She’s not able to play with them yet anyway since at nearly 12 weeks now she’s only just beginning to be able to control her hands enough to bat something. We’ll see how it goes. What we do like now is that I put the tray part in front of her and her light up musical turtle (Little Einsteins) and she loves it. She can watch the lights go on and off to the music while sitting up independently and is starting to try and push the buttons.3.) This one had the highest back of the 4. Since we were starting using it far earlier than recommended (this one says start at 4 mo, the others at 3) I knew the more support the better. She has good head control, but can’t control her core at all at this point. Obviously we supervise her in this chair at all times, but it was nice that this one allowed her to be propped up.4.) Decent sized leg holes accommodate her chubby thighs.Some cons:1.) Not sure about quality of the materials. I saw a review that said the paint wears off, which makes me a little nervous, but we will take a toy away if that starts to happen.2.) Floor use only really. The base is wide, and it says it can be used for a booster later, but there are no straps to attach it to a chair, which would make me nervous. For us this was a play seat only (she has a table-side seat for eating later) so we didn’t care about that. Your call if you plan to use it at a table. (Bumbo has that lawsuit going because someone placed their child on a table in the seat, this one still looks wider and more stable but I’d proceed with caution.)3.) Super bright colors. This can be a pro or a con. Pro because it keeps baby’s interest. Con because it’s another piece of rainbow plastic to add to your collection. The Mama’s and Papa’s seat was a nice white. (Although it didn’t have toys, bebepod did.)Overall this one was the one that seemed to work best for us and so far it is something my daughter enjoys sitting in. Time will tell if that remains the case, but we’re pleased thus far.

Audra Harrisonville, MO

Just what I needed and a great price too!

I have to say I have been looking for a seat to help my son sit up, and everywhere i looked the prices were $30 and higher and that just included the seat and nothing else. Then I stumbled upon this little thing which is about the same price as the others, but it has toys and a foam inseat, etc. I have to say I really feel like I got a lot for my buck, and my son seems to really like it too! Sitting up here he comes!

Mamie Tafton, PA

Great seat – awesome value

I went back and forth between this and the Bumbo seat. I’m happy I decided to get the Summer seat – the removable infant insert really works to stretch the life of this. When you remove the insert, there is plenty of room for chunky little legs (which is an issue with the Bumbo). I also love that it can be a play seat, although I do wish the toy ring was a little easier to attach and remove (it did get easier with a little practice). It includes a leg strap to keep baby secure and a safety strap to attach it to a kitchen chair to be used as a booster seat. Overall, this has been a great purchase that has had a ton of use since my son was 4 months old!

Shari Leary, GA

Pretty darn awesome

My son is now almost 8 months old, and my daughter is 2 1/2. They BOTH love this seat, as do I!At a young age, my son had a flat spot on his head. To remedy this, our doctor recommended a Bumbo chair. At the store, this (full price) was only 10 dollars more than a Bumbo. I read reviews, and decided it would be worth a try. It is definitely worth it for all that it does. My son started sitting in it at about 3 months, and, because he was off his head, his head is now perfectly round. WOOHOO.My infant son loved to sit in the chair because he could see what was going on. He liked the tray, because he could grab the toys, play with them, and mouth them. He enjoyed having something like what his sister was doing. It was also nice, because it took up less space than the exersaucer (which we also own) and did not put the extra pressure on hip joints like the exersaucer and walkers can.I love that it buckles. My son has been extremely strong since birth, and even with all his stretching, growing, pushing, and contorting, he cannot get out of the chair and be unsafe. It’s wonderful to know that even if he is unhappy, he is safe. (Think: shower time and cooking dinner time, not all day.)My 2 year old also loves this chair. My niece has been visiting, and because I have one in my high chair and one in my booster seat, that left no place for my toddler niece to sit for dinner. We quickly took the toy ring off the summer’s infant chair, and voila–she had a booster. It’s super quick to attach, has a buckle, and is the perfect height to the table. LOVE it. And, it is super easy to detach from the chair and use as a floor sitter again. (Not that my little one needs it, since he is sitting.)My two year old also loves the chair, since her brother likes it. She fits just fine, doesn’t tip it over, and enjoys the toys for a few minutes. It’s really funny to see her in there, but they are definitely accurate in lising this product to go up in age as far as it does.I would definitely buy this again for myself or for a baby shower gift. It’s a fantastic little seat, and lasts through multiple ages and stages.

Helene Roslyn, NY

great option!

I researched the bumbo chairs and read reviews to compare this chair with theirs. This summer infant super seat is the way to go!! My son loves playing with the toys attached to the tray. I was impressed with the quality when you think of the cost you really are getting a great deal. it is a little lacking in quality compared to the bumbo chair but it makes up for it in the three stages it offers and keeps the babies occupied for longer because of the toys. I would highly recommend this seat over the bumbo chair. In fact I bought two, one for my house and one for grandmas house and still saved money.

Roxanne Oaks, OK

5 months old loving his highchair

After I did an extensive research on these type of product and I finally decided to get this one and I am glad I did. My son is an average 5 months old and I like the fact there is plenty of room for his legs.

Alejandra Westwego, LA

Daughter Loves It

I bought this for my almost 4 month old daughter and she immediately loved it. It is a great place to sit her in when I need to get a few things done. It’s a bit big for her (4 1/2 months now), so I just put a towel behind her back. I know she’ll have to room to grow into it. I like that the tray spins and she can reach different toys. I also attach other toys to them with links and she can play with them as well.My only complaint is it is REALLY hard to remove the toys from the tray. We moved and I needed to pack it back in its box and could only get 2 of the 4 toys off. It would also be hard to remove them for washing.

Madeline Sweet Valley, PA

Not that bad

I ordered this product for my 4 month old son. At first I had trouble with the tray like some people. But after flipping it over and unscrewing the sides I realized they were on wrong. Once I fixed this issue it went together nicely. As for the durability of the product it is a bit flimsy and the grippers on the bottom keep falling off every time I have to lift it. Snapping the toys on was hard, two out of four put up a fight. My son seems to like it, there was no odor like other’s reported. All in all it’s a cool little toy for a baby. He seems to enjoy the toys. I think the belt could be fixed, it has so much slack no matter what you do it just seems loose. But I don’t intend on leaving him alone in the seat so I think we will be okay.

Helena Ray Brook, NY

There is no “boost” in this seat and it’s hazardous

First of all it’s not a 3 stage seat because the seat actually provides no "boost" if you are using it as such. The seat part is exactly flush with the bottom of the base so I can’t even understand why this is a "best seller". The blue circular part with the toys is cumbersome doesn’t really glide easily in a circle and there is a small section of the tray you can remove but every time I have tried I swear at it and get frustrated because it does not come off easy. So I just tuck his little arms inside so I can pull the whole circular play tray over his head. Also, the one time I did manage to slide the tray off and put it back on I narrowly missed pinching my little guys fingers. I would just get a bumbo or a different type of high chair all together.

Felecia Frostburg, MD

Great for development (and your sanity)

We started using this when my son was about 2.5 months, with us sitting right next to him . It really helped him strengthen his torso. Now he’s 5 months , can almost sit up by himself, and loves this seat! He likes this more than his jumparoo, and it takes up a LOT less floor space!Pros:-Baby loves the bright colors and toys-Easy to take him him and out of-The tray portion rotates-Keeps him entertained for about 30 minutes so I can make dinner or shower-Reasonably priced-Is versatile; can be used for more than a couple of months (the orange foam seat is removable as baby grows)-Easy to clean-Takes up very little spaceCons:-The toys were a bit challenging to snap into place. This isn’t a deal breaker, but it was more awkward than I thought it’d be.-There are three or four little rubberized “feet” on the bottom that don’t stay on. I just took them off because I kept finding them all over our apartment and they could possibly be a choking hazard.Compared to the Bumbo seat, it’s not as indestructible, but is definitely strong enough for what it’s made for-and the leg area accommodates chunkier thighs.I highly recommend this! We even have an extra one at grandma and grandpa’s house.

Elena Wolcottville, IN

Toys are great

Toyrs are great, colorful and easy to reach, easy for infant to sit up in, very easy to clean seat. Tray is extremely HARD to twist around for a new view and make sure you have a blanket over the child’s legs or be sure to hold them down when you’re turning the tray or it will scratch or pull their legs. Cup holders just fall out of their slots and seem to have no purpose if you aren’t using this item for an eating place.*************The restraint straps and closure on this product are extremely unsafe and can unlatch on their own by the weight of a moving 14 pound infant. While it was on the floor, he face planted because the straps let lose and the tray is easily kicked off once they’ve learned how (he found it funny to make me keep putting it back on). I thought maybe I hadn’t clicked them properly so I used it again and made sure they snapped (this time it was secured to a chair, THOSE straps work great, fortunately). If hadn’t been standing beside him, or close enough to catch him within a step or two, he could have cracked his skull open or even broken his freaking neck, considering how “top heavy” they are.This item has an extremely short life span, from when they’re first able to sit to before they’re able to kick hard and squirm… what, a month? Maybe six weeks.I will NOT be selling this, I will NOT be giving it to a friend to use for their child, it is junk. Unsafe, poorly made, and a waste of my money!

Katie Acworth, GA

Great activity chair and booster!

This is definitely a good buy. I used it to keep my baby busy, and it also came in handy when he started eating solids. After eating, I wanted to keep him upright (so he wouldn’t throw up!) but I didn’t want him on an Exersaucer where he could be jumping, and then again, likely throw up. So this did the job of keeping him upright AND entertained. When I bought this, I also bought it with the intention of just being an activity chair, but we ended up bringing it to restaurants where we didn’t want to use their high chair. My only complaint is it doesn’t always easily align when you open and close the bar, but it still works. Great product! Much more than a plain Bumbo, it has the entertainment of an Exersaucer too (without the bouncing). Therefore, we call it the Bumbo saucer!

Violet Adrian, MI

Poor quality

I saw this and thought, how perfect! So perfect, that I didn’t want to wait for shipping and spent my last $40 to buy it here locally.I was very disappointed upon opening to see how cheap the quality was of the overall seat and attachments. I still opted to put it together for my 4 month old son, only to find that he had no interest in it either. A friend of mine has a 3 month old that loved it though, so you never know.In my case though, I was quick to disassemble the product and return it. First Summer product I have ever had to return.

Elisabeth Star Junction, PA

So glad we bought this! Versatile!

We bought this for our baby boy when he was about 4 mths old and have used it ever since. He has slowly learned to grasp all the toys and sit up properly and now he loves it, he is 6 mths now. He absolutely loves the spinning ball and the lady bug! This chair definately keeps baby busy while I cook or clean. We use it to feed him as well and goes with him to daycare, we all love it! I heard it’s better than bumbo which is why we bought it, it’s cheaper at Babie’s R Us though. We got it on sale for $40 when we bought it but even when not on sale, it’s only about $45-$50 that I’ve seen advertised. Highly recommend!One con- when baby was smaller he would get his little hands stuck under the front tray so we tucked a blanket in front if him so he would not drop his hands down and have trouble bringing them back up. His motor skills have since improved so he no longer has this problem. I recommend this for a 6mth old and up.

Tammi South Roxana, IL

I like this, but it has some flaws…

I was very excited to get this seat for my 3 month old. After putting it together I noticed that the pieces do not fit together properly or securely. The tray is very hard to put on, I have to squeeze the pieces together and somewhat force the tray on. (and you need to be careful not to pinch the baby’s fingers in there.) There are about half in gaps between the tray and the pieces it attaches to. I’m a bit worried that this could cause little baby fingers to get caught. I debated going to a retail store, buying another one to see if it had the same issues because I didn’t see any other reviewers mentioning it. Instead my husband ended up using a special adhesive and drilling some holes and using screws to rig this to work correctly. Our son loves it, so I’m giving it four stars. *Please so photos I’ve uploaded documenting the gaps.)

Georgette Pilger, NE

My son loves his little spaceship chair!

We call this “The Enterprise,” because it looks like the baby is in his own little space ship!I originally bought this for my son when he was around 12 weeks old.He had excellent neck control, and he alway wanted us to sit him up, so I thoughtthis would be perfect for him.He really liked sitting up in the chair from the start- But, I felt his abdominalmuscles were not strong enough for the chair at this age.After a few minutes of sitting in the chair, he would slouch down and kind of bob hishead a bit. I tried putting a rolled up blanket behind his back, but I was worried it was not good for his back.I ended up putting it away for a few weeks.At about 4 months, when he started getting really bored with his activity play mat,I put him back in the chair. This time he was sitting up better and fit the chair a lot better.He is almost 5 months now, and we use it every day, He really loves playing with the toys now.I also have the rainforest jumparoo, and he honestly prefers this little chair.My only complaint is the tray. As some of the other reviews mentioned, the tray is a bit trickyto get in. I find it a bit frustrating, but I don’t mind because my son loves the chair,and it frees me up for 20-30 minutes.I think for the price, this was a really worthwhile purchase!

Jessie Wellington, AL

A little disappointing

I bought this because I read the glowing reviews but am a little disappointed in this overall.It’s easy to assemble with only a few major parts and no tools needed. It took about 2 minutes.The orange seat doesn’t move but the blue tray can be ‘revolved’ around the seat so that different toys can be played with. However, you will have to hold the green base as you move the tray otherwise the entire base and seat also turn.There is also a removable section of the tray that slides out so that you can put-in/take out baby. There is a basic lap/waist strap that can be a little hard to find once baby is sitting in the seat.The orange inner seat can be removed when baby is bigger so that baby is not too snug and has some freedom to move around. The various different toys are fun and there are two removable ‘cups’ on the front removable tray that baby likes to play with (even more than the toys?!).My major gripe is that the rear of the seat is vertical which can be harsh for a baby’s back. My baby would get unformfortable after only about 5 minutes in this (at age 4 1/2 months). It’s okay for a short period to help baby to sit up rather than constantly lying on its back but if you think that you can leave baby in this for even half an hour – forget it.We bought an Evenflo Exersaucer which baby loves so much more than this. My overall impression is that Yes baby can sit up in this for short periods but I don’t think the back shape is ergonomical for a baby’s back.

Elvira Ballinger, TX

good for the price

I’ve had mine for all of one day, but I have to say, my 4 1/2 month old son is getting a kick out of his first time in it as I write this. He isn’t quite sitting up unaided yet—he tends to slowly slouch and fall over—but the high sides and extra-firm padding support him nicely.+ Good support for babies on the verge of sitting up unaided+ The toys are really holding his interest, whereas most that I’ve tried just frustrate him in short order+ The bright colors are pretty gender-neutral if you don’t get the pink version (though not as fruity-dayglow bright as in the product photo on this product’s Amazon page), for future additions to the family+ Other toys can be secured to the ones on the tray by links (I’ve read about adding suction-cup toys in between them on the tray but haven’t tried it yet)+ Nice simple, durable toys without a bunch of spazzy lights and annoying sound effects (no batteries needed!)- Biggest complaint: THE TRAY DOES NOT SPIN! Maybe mine is just bent a little or something, but I have to use some force to rotate it so my kid can access the different widely-spaced toys. It doesn’t move anywhere near freely enough for him to be able to pull on it and bring the toys into reach on his own, not even as he gets stronger with time. I have messed with how it fits on the track and nothing has helped.- The toys aren’t close enough to him for him to get the taller ones to his mouth for nomming. So far this has caused only a moment of frustration in otherwise happy playing, and it may get easier for him to reach as he grows.- As stated by some other reviewers, the edge of the plastic tray is a bit harsh on the skin where it turns downward across the occupant’s thighs. It could cause some uncomfortable rubbing with vigorous motion if he’s not wearing pants, but at least on the seat I have, I don’t think it will actually scrape him up. Wearing pants/PJs will completely negate this potential minor problem.Overall, watching him play as I type, this is the most excited and content I’ve seen him with playtime, ever (and for the longest period). Better than his car seat toys or his simple bouncy seat.~~~~~~~~UPDATE: 6 months old now and he still loves it. And there’s something about how it positions him; if he’s ever constipated, 15-20 minutes sitting in this thing takes care of it with a vengeance 😀

Lakeisha Sells, AZ

great item

Great seat i love how my son fits in the seat he didn’t fit in the bumbo and hes no where near being over weight or big he seems happier in this as he grab toys and actually play i love the idea of it having differ stages as well also its cheaper than bumbo

Diann Lackey, VA

Better than a Bumbo

This seat was easy to put together. The foam seat can be removed as the child grows. Our infant got too big for a Bumbo. The seat was holding him in place instead of him working on his ab muscles to hold himself up. He enjoys this seat much more and is willing to spend more time playing in it because of the toys.

Deana Hyannis, MA

baby loves this seat – and so do I!

My 6 month old loves this activity seat. He likes the different toys and doesn’t seem to grow bored with them. I would recommend this seat to everyone!

Florine Ranchester, WY

Tray useless, seat is ok

The seat is ok and works fine. The tray is kind of useless because it is really cheaply made. I would probably buy this again over the more expensive bumby but don’t expect to use the tray much.

Allene Valier, IL

Cute seat

It’s a cute seat when they can start sitting up. After they can start solid foods, however, you’d want to switch to a booster seat with a bigger tray because this tray doesn’t give you too much space for the toddler to experiment finger foods. You can, but the surface area isn’t big.

Penny Viewtown, VA