Summer Infant 4-Sided Changing Pad

Summer Infant 4-Sided Changing Pad

The 4 sided changing pad is designed to offer baby ultimate comfort and their parent easy cleaning and comfort of mind. This pad measures 32″ x 16″ x 4″ and fits almost any change table or dresser. Its four high walls help prevent baby from rolling too far in any direction. This safety belt attaches over baby’s mid section and a security strap keeps the pad attached to the furniture. The top vinyl is PEVA and phthalate and PVC free, and double layered for maximum durability.

Main features

  • Made from peva vinyl for ultimate comfort
  • Contoured walls and safety strap keep baby comfortably and securely on pad
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Measures 32 inch by 16 inch nby 4 inch
  • Double layered for maximum durability
  • Measures 32″ x 16″ x 4″

Verified reviews



I love this changing table, i have it sitting on top of a little dresser and it is perfect for changing and doesn’t slip at all. Unless your baby moves alot it is no use for you to strap them down. My baby is so comfortable on this. I lay him down on this and he is so calm and comfortable. I also bought aBasic Comfort Ultra Plush Change Pad Cover – Sageto go on top to make it even more better. And it is pretty big to fit eh baby as he grows

Maggie Kiowa, OK


When my daughter brought her newborn, he was so tiny in the crib. So she put him in the pad with receiving blankets in the crib. Then, it was a portable changing pad in the house.

Eloise Gladstone, VA

Great Changing Pad!

When I was expecting (Dec of ’09), I looked all over for a changing pad that had four sides on it. Most stores only carried the kind that had two and I wanted one with four so my baby would be secured from all sides. I found this one here on Amazon, and loved the fact that this is made out of Peva vinyl (not the PVC which is harmful). I’ve had it now for over 16 months and I love it. It’s very cushy and comfortable for my little one, and at 16 months she still likes to lay on it. I always keep a changing pad cover on it, so that if there’s a mess I can just remove the cover and throw it in the wash. There have been a few instances when there wasn’t a cover on it and my daughter made a mess on the vinyl, and I just wiped it clean with a wipe. About those changing pad covers…most of them will fit with no problem. You just pull up on the corners a bit so it’s not stretched across the middle of the pad. I highly recommend this changing pad, you will be happy with it!

Leslie Thornton, PA

Great changing pad

We went with the four sided rather than the two for a couple of reasons. The first was it gives more protection to the head since there is essentially a little pillow at the end. The second is that if there is a liquid issue it will be contained in the pad and not run over the edge. If you use pad cover the will not lay flat since the edges will hold it up but this is not an issue.

Valerie Encino, CA

Life saver!

My daughter, now 5-months, is VERY squirmy. I am so glad I purchased the 4-sided changing pad, it keeps her from squirming right off the table. I never leave her alone on the table, but she tries to crawl and wiggle and twist her way right off of it and has for a couple months.

Kasey Lee, ME

Love it

Great changing table, fits into standard changing pad covers. Been using for three months with my newborn and I have no complaints.

Terry Voss, TX

Very good and feels safer

Feels safer than the other standard shape one we have. I would buy this one again. Baby likes it pretty well.

Aisha Warrensburg, MO

Great for wiggle worms!

My 37lb 17 month old loves to roll and wiggle when having his diaper changed. I use this pad on our table. It saves my back, and the built in strap keeps my wiggle worm contained. Of course I also give him a book to read too.

Cheri Sodus, MI

Works great!

Just what we were looking for! Love the raised sides, now his little legs won’t get stuck in the spindles of our changing table.

Adriana Westlake, LA


Inexpensive and it does the job. Love the amount of cushioning and the safety strap has been secure and sufficient. Felt the quality was excellent for the price. I would buy again.

Matilda Bedford, NY

It’s fine.

Definitely a little cheap feeling. I like the no-skid material that’s on the bottom.Overall, it’s a fine product. But, we have another one made by Sealy that’s much nicer.

Irma Jackson, MO

It does the job

This is fine. I don’t think there’s anything special about it or anything wrong with it. I purchased this because I knew I’d be using it for a long time (a long time in “baby time” to me means anything longer than a few months) so I wanted one that was longer to accommodate my growing baby. I like that it’s 4 sided, although, I don’t know what the benefit is of the top and bottom side. I just like the look of it. My 9 month old is very wiggly so she rolls over from back to tummy while I change her, but the strap (and my hand) holds her in place. She never really moves up and down. I only bought oneDwellStudio Changing Pad Cover, Rosette Blossom(because I’m picky and can never find any that I like) and it fits fine, but I’m a little worried that another brand won’t fit. That being said, I do have to use the pad uncovered when the cover is in the wash. I just useBoppy Changing Pad Liners 3-Pack – Whiteand have never had any issues with leaks soaking into the pad. Though, it looks like it would wipe up easily if we did have an accident while changing…we’ve been lucky not to have experienced that….yet.

Christa Sheffield, VT

very light and good to have it

Very light, soft, secured and comfortable. good to have this one in home or whenever you go just take it with you

Robyn Palmyra, NY

Looks great easy to anchor.

I purchased this item for our baby on the way. I like how high the sides are so less fear of baby rolling off the pad. The pad was easy to anchor to the dresser with no damage. I haven’t used it for baby yet but it is easy to wipe off and is sturdy.

Taylor Formoso, KS

four sides make the pad

i chose this pad because its the only one with 4 sidesbabies dont just roll side to sidethey scoot up toohelps keep the little one on the changing tablebut you can still never turn your back on themgreat pad

Janet Fulton, MO

Love this product..

I love this changing pad. I do not use it on a changng table I use it when changing on the ground. I love it for my son.

Nannie Fishers Landing, NY

it’s large..

i bought a regular Carter’s brand minky cover that is super stretchy and fits it well. The pottery barn kids cover I bought for it is snug…you really have to stretch it to get it to cover the whole thing. It has a slip-resistant bottom but it still slides. overall, it is good and a good size and i would buy it again. plus, it doesn’t have a funky plastic smell to it

Anna Stowe, VT

great with my newborn

I havn’t seen it with a wiggly toddler yet, but with my newborn… she’s comfortable, it wipes clean reletivly easily, and baby doesn’t go anywhere.

Gussie North Falmouth, MA

HOlds up great!

My daughter is 14 months old and we are still using this! We have had no issues, it is holding up wonderfully and will be using it for our next one. The sides are high enough that she can’t really roll over them (though I don’t leave her alone on it) and it is comfortable enough she doesn’t mind laying on it.

Lila Draper, VA

Perfect little pad.

We got this pad for our little nursery corner (in our bedroom in our one room apartment). We pull it out from its little slot whenever we need to change baby. It does just what it’s meant to do. Oh and it works fine with all the changing pad sheets (whether they look like they are meant for the ‘half pipe’ kind of changing pad or not). I never use the straps.

Rosalind Williams, AZ

its a good product but i wanted it to fit in my …

its a good product but i wanted it to fit in my cribs changing station. too big for same.

Vicky Bicknell, UT

Great for changing tables with sharp edges on head and footboard

We have a changing table that has one drawback, we would have to try to keep a towel in place to keep her from cracking her head on the edge of the "head" board during her occasional diaper-change-resistant thrashings. Most changing pads only have angled padding on the sides. This protects the head and feet much better from the boards at the ends (although not 100% against a really upset little one).

June Oglethorpe, GA

Great Product!

Had a hard time deciding which product to buy. I’m so glad I choose the Summer Infant. Love their products and this pad fit perfect! Fast shipping, well packed, great price!

Justine Cobb, CA

Not durable

It’s been just a year we’ve had this and coming back to Amazon today to purchase a new changing pad. This 4 sided Summer Infant pad does what it is intended to do but it does not last. The vinyl has split in many spots and the foam is now exposed.

Lidia Wendel, PA

Perfect Fit

I liked the 4 sided pad because of the side bars on the changing table. Am so glad I purchased this pad, it fits perfectly on the changing table, and with the cover it will be very comfortable for the baby.

Lauri Waverly Hall, GA

good as described.

This product does the job. It’s fairly new for us and we purchased a soft cover. I use disposable "puppy pads" type of things on top of the velour cover even though this says it’s waterproof.

Diane Traskwood, AR