Summer Infant 77660 Deluxe Piddlepad – Black

Summer Infant 77660 Deluxe Piddlepad – Black

We want your experience with our products to be a great one; one that will create happy, long-lasting memories. That’s why we put our heart and soul into everything we make. Who are we? We are moms dads aunts and uncles who love nothing more than to make safe sensible and quality products for you and your baby.  At Summer Infant we strive to bring you the best features and broadest range of products and are continually working hard to achieve these goals.  Our mission is to make this “the best time of your life.” The Deluxe Piddle Pad is a waterproof seat liner that holds more than 1 cup of fluid. Unique bucket shape contains all the mess. Made of soft velboa fabric this is absorbent and machine-washable. The Deluxe Piddle Pad works with all harness systems.

Main features

  • Made with the Best Quality Material with your child in mind.
  • Top Quality Children’s Item.

Verified reviews


nice size

I use one for my Peg Perego Primo Viaggio car seat, Chicco convertible carseat and on many different strollers including Chicco Liteway, Lily Gold Sit N Stroll, Kinderwagon Hop, Peg Perego Classico Si, Graco Literider, Maclaren BMW. It is large enough for my 2 year old. It has been a lifesaver on long, international flights in the carseat, as diapers always seem to leak or something is spilled. It has been washed a dozen times and still looks decent. I tumble dry for only about 10 minutes, then hang so as not to melt the plastic. I’ve even used it on the Baby Bjorn babysitter balance bouncing chair. Very versatile and saves so many different seats.

Dale Prineville, OR

High Quality, strong smell

This pad is very durable and thick. Although it has not been used yet it seems as though it will do a great job. My only complaint is the very strong chemical smell of the backing/packaging, and it remains even after washing. I will attempt to wash again and hopefully the smell will fade since this will be great for protecting our Britax Roundabout 50.

Sonia Monroe, NY

Shifts a little, but works

We use this product in a Graco Nautilus car seat (Graco Nautilus 3-in-1 Car Seat, Matrix) and so far, it has worked very well. We’ve had it for one year and it has saved the car seat about 4 times.We find that when our son does have an accident, the pee has to go through his underwear, then pants, then the piddle pad, so the pad does not get that wet when it comes down to it. Maybe if our son was wearing shorts and no underwear, it would create more of a problem! It washes well and has kept its absorbency through the washes.The only thing that bothers me about this is that it does tend to shift around when my son gets in his car seat. He likes to climb in by himself, so that involves some twisting and turning. I often have to tug it out from under him to get the buckles out and connected. Overall, though, the product works well and saves me the trouble of washing the whole car seat cover.

Marylou Armstrong Creek, WI

Better than I would have expected!

This is great! It fits perfectly in the car seat and stays in place! I was afraid it would move around, bend, etc but I have had no problems with it. I wish I had found this product sooner!

Isabelle Benedict, ND

Love This Pad!

We haven’t had a “piddle” accident yet, but this pad works great to collect water spills, crumbs, pebbles (hidden in child’s hand), etc. It goes in and out of the car seat quite easily. I just remove it, give it a good shake and put it right back. Voila! We have a clean car seat again.

Genevieve Southington, OH

Works well – looks nice

I have a potty trained 2 and a half year old and we’re going on a road trip soon. I bought this in case something happened on the trip. To take the fabric off the car seat to watch is quite gruelling so this would totally save the car seat if we had an "accident" It’s well made and easy to install.

Vera Montgomery, MI

Highly recommend

It is slim so it doesn’t seem like it will interfere with the safety of the car seat (no need to adjust the carseat straps). My daughter enjoys the feel of the minky side.

Lisa Randle, WA

Hopefully it works.

I have yet to need this item. I bought it because my two boys tend to vomit a lot and I’ve had to wash both of their car seats several times recently. It fits fine in the infant car seat but it slides around on the toddler seat. I don’t know how comfortable I am with that. But the pad seems to be good quality and durable.

Emilie Brownville, NE

Life Saver

I have these in all of my car seats…plus I have an extra one so if my kids have an accident I have another one I can put in the seat while the orignal one air dries!

Francesca Gothenburg, NE

awesome invention

I love this. It’s gone threw 2 kids potty training and still working awesome. If heavy urination will leak to the car seat, to be expected. I always bring a hand towel just in case any accident. Dont want the last change of clothes to get urine on them. I highly recommend this product.

Rose Cayuta, NY

Piddle Pad!

Awesome! We travel from Japan to US several times a year and this is a life saver!

Katheryn Debary, FL

Great value for peace of mind

I’ve tried two brands of these piddle pad and this one is much better as it stays put and doesn’t move too much with a squirmy toddler.

Frankie Marianna, AR

Better than I expected!

I just spent close to $300 on a Britax car seat (with a not so easily removable cover), so I decided to order this piddle pad to make clean-up easier. I did not expect the material to be so great! The bottom is a waterproof lining, but the top is SO soft and smooth! It is perfectly shaped and cut to fit most any car seat or stroller. I feel much better knowing if my son has a blowout in his diaper (or an “accident” while toilet training in the future), that the expensive car seat won’t need heavy-duty cleaning. No complaints.

Dollie Burtrum, MN

A must have!

While my little one hasn’t had a potty accident in the car seat, she has spilled water and gotten carsick (ew). This also catches crumbs from the occasional snack in the car. Luckily, this product often catches a lot of the ick that can come from the little one. It washes up well. Works great for us!

Brandi Forsan, TX


PHEW! Purchased this one week and by the next week was sure glad we did…explosion contained! Fit in my granddaughter’s wheelchair stroller and her car seat perfectly. The only improvement that could possibly be made is for it to go further up the back for “those” moments.Summer Infant Deluxe Piddle Pad, Black

Millicent Cowarts, AL

I can’t believe everyone with young children doesn’t own one!

If you are a parent, you know how challenging it is to wash the car seat cover. Plus, many of them require line drying, which sometimes takes longer than the amount of time you have. This has saved me from all this trouble on numerous occassions. I had an older style piddle pad, which did not have the hole for a belt buckle. When I saw this version, I knew I had to have it even though my child was over a year old. The pad stays in place much better than my first. Yes, it still moves around if my child climbs in the carseat. But, I would rather deal with that any day over the alternative when there is a leak. I’m amazed how many people have not even heard of this product. I would highly recommend this as a baby gift – it’s one of those items nobody thinks to buy, it doesn’t hurt to have more than one if by some rare chance somebody thought to buy one (one for the carseat, another for the stroller), and it is used for several years. It’s a big help for everything from newborn diaper blowouts to potty training!

Ursula Gruver, TX

i own 2

works great for potty training, i got 2 -one to wash and the other to use. it’s good also for snacks that collect on the bottom .

Alana Bovill, ID

Works great in Britax seats, perfect for potty training

I have Britax Blvds and a toddler that is mostly toilet trained. This item is worth its weight in gold to me. It has saved me from having uninstall a carseat, remove the cover and wash it. Who has time to wait for a carseat cover to hang dry as recommended?! This lets me simply take it out and wash it if she has an accident. Great protection from diaper blowouts as well. Just enough protection without being bulky and unsafe. It’s actually very thin. No one wants a smelly car and dealing with diapers is hard enough. Make life easier on yourself and get this product.

Bettie Ethridge, MT

I won’t sit our babies down without them!

After washing infant carries, carseat pads, and bouncy chair covers countless times, we stumbled upon these and were amazed. They make quick work of cleaning up leak-throughs. All I have to do is throw it in the wash, and it saves me the trouble of stripping down the entire seat, washing the cloth, and trying to put it back together again. We own 3, because each baby has one in their carseat, and our infant has one for whatever seat she is sitting in at home. I have never had any breathability issues, and the material itself is very soft and light. It’s supposed to stop moisture from penetrating the pad through to the seat… that’s it’s job. The only thing I would wish for would be having the lap strap came up even higher, just in case! However, if I could give it 6 stars, I would!

Michael Manchester, KY

even more absorbent than expected

Very happy with this product. Fits well into our Graco Myride 65, looks nice, very soft and cushy, absorbs a ton…easy to insert and remove.

Carmen Smithfield, UT

Good But Could Be Better

Good product but would be better if it had slits for the car seat straps to run through for more security. It catches a lot of mess when it’s in place, but otherwise the seat covers still gets dirty. It has help cut down on the number of seat cover washes and for that I’ll give it four stars.

Leanna Purling, NY