Summer Infant Additional Camera for Baby Touch Digital Color Video Baby Monitor

Summer Infant Additional Camera for Baby Touch Digital Color Video Baby Monitor

For parents wanting to monitor additional rooms or children in their house there’s the Summer Infant Extra Video Camera. Keep an eye on your child wherever they are.

Main features

  • Additional camera allows for 2nd room/2nd child monitoring
  • Led lights allow parents to see baby in a darkened nursery
  • Adjustable camera provides best angle viewing
  • Wall mountable or table top
  • Wall mounting security clips included
  • Summer Infant Extra Cameras are model specific and cannot be used interchangeably; this camera is intended for Baby Touch model #’s: 02000 and 02000Z

Verified reviews


Highly Recommend

This is the second video monitor I’ve purchased. The first was summer as well but it broke and they discontinued it so I decided to pay more and boy was it worth it!! the screen is hugh and it works every time! I can move the camera with ease to see which of my twins is crying and why. My absolute favorite part about this monitor is it doesn’t pick up all the tiny little sounds the babes make. The last one was so sensitive that I could hear their stomach growl! Get it! And remember that Amazon has a 1 year guarantee on all baby products so if you have a problem you can return it to them and they will replace it instead of having to go through the individual company. super convenient!!!

Earline Vinton, IA

not for twin beds

this may be good enough for a crib, but won’t give you the full picture of a twin bed unless it’s across the room. But then the picture is so pixalated, you can’t make out what’s on the bed.Bottom line is the picture is horrible. If you need one for a crib, try the Motorolla. If you’d like one that has a crystal-clear picture, get the Sharx. It’s hard to install, but worth the headache in the end.

Maribel Doniphan, NE

Color Camera

The title of this product used to say "Black/white camera". This camera displays a color picture. I think the black/ white description refers to the exterior plastic used on the camera. A little misleading and worrisome, so I hope that clears it up for some people.Easy to sync with the existing system. Wish it was a little cheaper. Comes with all the little extras that the camera in the complete package had – wall anchor and screw, plastic guides for cord, etc.

Nora Nixon, NV

Worth it

If you have the corresponding monitor to this camera, you already know it’s a great product. The extra camera works just like the original camera — easy to set up and perfect for when I want to switch rooms to view my children. I wasn’t sure I really needed another camera for my older child, and admittedly we don’t use it all the time, but I love having it for when I need to check in. Wonderful for peace of mind and worth the money.

Lauri Kerr, OH


We bought this camera monitor when our second child was born. They work well and you can see pretty well in a dark room. It keeps my wife from jumping up to check on the kids every time they make a peep which lets me sleep better. It can move remotely to see where they are in the room and what they are doing, which is nice for our two year old when she is quiet in her room it usually means she is doing something she shouldn’t be. The audio is good, the video is pretty good, and I like the fact that it pairs with our existing monitor and camera. Hope this review is helpful.

Sheena Mount Pleasant, TN

Works great

We have 2 children, toddler & an infant. I had a video monitor when the oldest was a baby but I needed something with the option to add cameras to it and scan between them during the night. I purchased the monitor set and then added this so I would have 2 camera’s. It works great! Only thing I wish was different is the noise the camera makes when you move it via the monitor. It scares our oldest boy :(. Other than that, it’s wonderful.

Dionne Midville, GA


I have had this camera for some time now and have had no issues with it. Came in the mail fast needed a seconded camera and it’s wonderful

Shawn Clatskanie, OR

Glad we bought it

Works just like the original camera that came with the set. We needed another one for our second child. The money is definitely worth the peace of mind to SEE our baby. The cameras will come in nicely when they are older as well.

Jan Pineville, NC

I like the multiple cameras.

I have owned this item for a year and half and have 3 cameras now hooked up. I have no problems with camera quality or angle that the camera can turn. Over all I have been really happy with this purchase. Recently I have been gettting a lost signal message when the monitor is scanning. Sometimes I have to turn it off and back on to get it to work, Or I have to turn the camera off and on and that can be a bigger problem when the baby is a light sleeper. When I buy a product I expect it to work longer than a year and a half seeing that it is for children and would want it to work for longer. I do see myself having to replace the monitor soon.

Misty Millersport, OH

Very easy to set up

I purchased this to use on trips. Because my one that is in the baby room I don’t like to move because I have it set up perfectly. So I use this for trips or if I want to watch the older kids outside if I’m stuck inside for some reason. It’s very easy to set up and then pack back up when I’m not using it. The price was much better on Amazon than at Target.

Hope Amma, WV

Great second camera

We have been very happy with our baby touch monitor so when we had our second child decided to get a second camera. As others have commented this is actually a color camera. Very easy to setup and the scanning feature works great so we can monitor both the kids with only one screen.

Wendy Newbury, OH


I returned this product not because it failed or didn’t work. As for panning zooming monitor cameras it’s very good but when you want to view two separate rooms at the same time it doesn’t really work. We have a new born and a daughter who has seizures so the lag time between the scans can be an eternity. I also looked at the split view system from the same company but have read that the sound is "active" or in lay mans terms only works when there is a noise. With a newborn and a child prone to seizures the noise is what wakes you up to look at the camera so we will keep looking. If you want an extra camera for your system then don’t be put off by my review. It was easy to set up, easy to use and a good product which doesn’t really work for us.

Janie Eddyville, KY

I love it

I bought the monitor almost 3 years ago and just bought this extra one 6 months ago. Works so great. I have never had any problems. I haven’t had to replace anything. I like how it rotates and I like how big the screen is on the monitor. You can set the monitor on scan and it rotates between your cameras every 8 secs.

Susanne Williamston, SC

Friend gift – she loves it!

My friend swears by this monitor – so when it was time for her 2nd baby a bunch of us bought the second camera for her. She loves it.

Elda Mc Connelsville, OH

Works with Baby Touch Plus Digital Color Video Monitor

This camera works with my Baby Touch Plus Digital Color Video Monitor (model 28520) and shows images in color. It was very easy to set up with my existing monitor.

Faith Peridot, AZ