Summer Infant All-in-One Potty Seat and Step Stool, Blue

Summer Infant All-in-One Potty Seat and Step Stool, Blue

All-In-One Potty is a complete, 3-stage potty training system. The stand-alone potty is perfect for your little one beginning to potty train. As your child grows, the training seat is removable for use on a standard sized toilet. The lid closes to create a stepstool that can be used to reach either the toilet or bathroom sink, promoting good hand washing habits. Non-slip rubber feet keep the potty securely in place while in use.

Main features

  • Stage 1: Stand alone potty
  • Stage 2: Removable training seat
  • Stage 3: Stepstool for adult potty
  • Non-slip rubber feet for added safety
  • Removable bowl for easy cleaning

Verified reviews


Great price, simple design!

This potty seat works great! I got it for my 18 month old daughter because she recently expressed an interest in using a potty, but she is afraid of our big toilet. I wanted a gender-neutral potty that didn’t do anything freaky like sing or talk, and this fit the bill. I also didn’t want a huge splash guard sticking up between her legs because I new that would deter her. I just wanted something basic, and I couldn’t pass up the great price!She is of average height for her age (31 inches tall) and finds it a little difficult to get up into the seat without help, but one more inch and she should be fine.I only gave four stars because it is a little light weight and can be tipped over easily. My daughter can pick it up and carry it around with no trouble. She’s fascinated with it and likes to open all the lids, and it easily falls over, but it is worth noting that this is probably not typical use! I don’t think this affects the safety of the product, but I’m just not too thrilled to see my daughter carrying around her potty throughout the house. Maybe this will be a good thing in the future because she could use it totally independently and take it to wherever she needs a step stool, but only time will tell. All I know right now is that there is a potty in my living room and I didn’t put it there.I would still buy another one of these because I think the price is fair for what you get and what it is used for.

Cherry West Hyannisport, MA

Great Potty

My daughter likes this potty. I choose the boy one for her just incase our second is a boy. It works well for her. She can touch her feet to the ground when she sits on it. Cleaning is easy. The bottom is a little flimsy but its light weight and compact.

Teri Tingley, IA

Simple potty

I wanted a potty that looked and worked like a toilet, not a talking toy to pee and poop in. This is nice and wide, a good size, easy to clean, and doesn’t get too messy on accident. The stool feature is a nice perk too.

Verna Summerfield, LA

Great size

Like the options of on how to use it, as a stand-alone potty or over the toilet. We are in the early stages of training, so we shall see how he prefers to use it most. At least he seems interested and isn’t intimidated by it.

Lauren Shelbyville, TX

okay for girls but worthless for boys..

my daughter used this seat itwas great for her,but i cant imagine my son using it without peeing all over

Lupe Woronoco, MA

Easy to clean, but not very sturdy

This is a nice little potty, however I wish it was a little heavier; it’s way too easy to push around.

Eileen Plains, KS