Summer Infant Baby Touch Boost Digital Color Video Baby Monitor

Summer Infant Baby Touch Boost Digital Color Video Baby Monitor

Baby Touch Boost Digital Color Video Monitor View larger Baby Touch Boost Digital Color Video Monitor The award-winning Baby Touch Boost is the only baby video monitor with a touchscreen to control the monitor’s pan, scan, and zoom while displaying the temperature of baby’s room. Featuring an innovative, high resolution 3.5” color video screen with automatic night vision and an easy-to-use touchscreen interface, the Baby Touch Boost gives parents controls right at their fingertips to conveniently and securely see baby, day or night. What’s in the Box: 1 Monitor/Parent Unit 1 Day & Night Camera/Baby Unit 1 Recharge Docking Station 2 C Adapters 6 Security Clips 1 Screw and Wall-Anchor 1 Instruction Manual About Summer Infant At Summer Infant, we strive to delight moms and babies, and walk beside you in your parenting journey by providing you with safe and innovative products that provide peace of mind. View larger 3.5” Touchscreen Monitor Easy to use and intuitive, the 3.5” touchscreen monitor allows users to remotely control the camera to pan, scan, and zoom, use two-way communication, view temperature in baby’s room, monitor overnight with automatic night vision, and more, all with the touch of a finger. With a highly sensitive microphone and sound activated LED lights, parents can “see” any sounds coming from baby, which is especially helpful when they are in a noisy or crowded room. View larger Pan, Scan, and Zoom Camera Remotely control the camera to keep the whole room in view. The pan and scan feature moves the camera side to side or up and down, while the multi-level zoom feature lets you get increasingly closer views on screen. Rest assured knowing you can see your baby day and night, with automatic night vision. View larger Two-Way Communication Calm baby with the sound of your voice, or use this feature as a convenient way to remind each other of something needed from the nursery. By speaking into the handheld monitor your voice is projected through the camera, so you can give comfort and reassurance, or gentle reminders from another room. View larger Temperature Monitoring Monitoring the temperature in baby’s room is easy and helps parents know baby is comfortable or if they need to adjust the temperature in the nursery. The onscreen temperature display can be left on continuously or simply checked at the touch of a button. There is an option for both Fahrenheit and Celsius readings. View larger Expandable System Up to 3 additional cameras can be added to the Baby Touch Boost monitor giving parents the ability to monitor more than one child or room in the home. As your family grows, the expandable system can continue to meet the needs of your growing family. Extra cameras are sold separately, model # 28840. View larger Digital Privacy Digital technology ensures a private and secure connection between the monitor and camera, providing parents peace of mind, day and night. The 2.4GHz interference free signal works with an in-home range of up to 600-feet.

Main features

  • 3.5-inch portable high resolution color LCD touch screen handheld video monitor operates on 2.4GHz wireless digital technology
  • On screen temperature monitoring
  • Pan, scan, and zoom camera with automatic black and white night vision
  • Two-way audio communication with sound activated LED lights
  • Low battery and out of range indicators, with range up to 600-feet/182.88-meters

Verified reviews


Monitor Died after 2.5 months, but Summer Infant replaced

This monitor is so unsafe. I do not feel comfortable trusting it for my little one. It freezes or says “out of range” when I check it in the middle of the night. It also moves on its own. Awful! Do not buy!UPDATE:Well my monitor died, after just about 2.5 months of using it. Shut off in the middle of the night – I heard my son screaming from his room. It never turned back on – just read “Out of Range.”I called Summer Infant – waited on hold for about 30 minutes, but when I finally talked to someone, they were very nice and quick in getting me return instructions. I do not have the receipt, but as long as the product was manufactured within a year, they will exchange it for a new one. I sent my broken monitor back, and within about a week and a half – I received a new monitor. This one is already working much better than the original one worked from the beginning. I hope my last monitor was just a dud and this one will be great.I have to also mentioned, I tried another monitor while waiting for this new one, and this summer infant has a much better picture and reception than some others. If you decide to buy this, I strongly recommend saving your receipt – since they will replace it for a year after your date of purchase.I had given them 1 star and bumped them up to 3 stars – for customer service and the replacement monitor.

Gretchen Harbinger, NC


I love this monitor! I love that I can monitor both of my girls at the same time! the pan scan and zoom makes spying on my tiny people so easy! Lol

Dorothea Sagamore, PA

Terrible, a huge downgrade from the original

We had the original touch monitor and were very happy with it but after 2 years it stopped working. We bought the replacement plan at a big box store (rhymes with larget), so we were able to get a free replacement. The store had this new boost version listed as the replacement but I was suspicious when I noticed the original price on the new boost was $30 less than the original price of our old unit. My suspicions were confirm the first day we used this new boost version. It’s so junky and unreliable.1. The temperature reading is 8-10 degrees off which is quite extreme. This flaw can be dangerous, not just simply annoying. If we didn’t have another thermometer in the room already, we would have mistakingly turned the heat way down. 8-10 degrees is huge.2. There is a delay when turning on the video and half the screen blanks out. If there is already a bug/blip, I can’t imagine this unit lasting very long. In fact, there is a delay with every control…the old version was much quicker.3. The touch controls are awful, you have to press them several times to get them to work. The old version was more sensitive.4. The 3x zoom is pointless, if a parent wants to zoom, they want to zoom all the way in. I can’t imagine ever needing to only zoom halfway.5. It doesn’t last nearly as long off the dock. The reason we chose the old version over its competitor (rhymes with gotorola) is bc the gotorola one has to stay plugged in whereas the summer infant can move with you around the house and holds a charge for several hours. This new boost one drains much more quickly.6. The product feels and looks so cheap now. Even the screen images for the controls look super cheap. It feels hollow and is much lighter than the original (but not in a good way).7. Panning is slower, especially since the screen is so finicky now really have to press the controls several times to get them to work.What a shame…they really cheapened up what used to be a great product. I guess we’ll have to throw down another $250 and get the competitors monitor now.

Elise Creighton, SD

Great zoom and rotation

I ordered this monitor because a friend had the same older version and loved it. This one is even better. It has a great zoom and it rotates to be able to pan the entire room! It goes 180 degrees either direction and up and down. It is very light so easy to mount on a wall.

Aisha Hannacroix, NY

Second Summer Infant – Best Image yet!

We had the original Summer Infant baby touch for 6 months until one day we had a “green” baby on the image and when we turned it on/off to reset it, it never came back on! So we sent it back to amazon (great customer service) and they refunded the money. We then bought this one and its by far the best image we have seen! We tried the Motorola and the Samsung ones too, but this one had the best image. When it’s “asleep” and you press the image button it does have 1-2 second delay but its no big deal. I like how the image is super sharp and clear. I recommend this monitor to anyone!

Francine Kilgore, NE


David’s wife here…This monitor/camera combo was a big disappointment to us. I’ll list the pros and cons. Pros first. 1) the monitor shows the volume level on the side so you can have the monitor on mute and still tell if the baby is crying or not. That is a great feature we rely on a lot 2) the monitor says the temp of the room the baby is in (where the camera is set up) which is nice because sometimes our daughter’s room gets colder than the rest of the house. 3) the camera can move just by touching the monitor screen so if the baby scoots down in the crib you can change the angle of the camera to see her better. Now Cons. 1) the touch screen is super sensitive. If the monitor is on, there really isn’t a place to hold it without moving the camera or hitting a button 2) there are a ton of buttons along the top and sides of the monitor so you have to be super careful when grabbing or moving it 3) it doesn’t have a clock on it…why not? You show the temp but not the time? weird and annoying 4) the stand to set up the monitor is slippery so it falls really easily and it’s loud when it falls down, happens all the time, especially when trying to not touch the wrong button or not move the camera angle accidentally. 5) the video doesn’t always turn on. Sometimes I hit the on button and it just doesn’t come on. No idea why. I have to try 2 or 3 times sometimes. And every once in a while, it’s glitchy and distorted so I have to turn it off and on again. 6) sometimes, when the video does come on, it stays on. Other times it turns off after about 20 seconds. Not sure why/how it does that. 7) It runs out of power pretty quickly if not plugged in, although it does come with about 10 feet of cord so you can probably reach an outlet no matter where you are. All in all – we wouldn’t buy this again or recommend it to anyone. Especially for the cost!

Lillian Landis, NC

Battery life sucks

The problem with this monitor is that it doesn’t hold a charge. I go to bed with a full charge at 100% and in the middle of the night I am awakened by the annoying beeping sound alerting me the battery is dying. I have a baby, I am awakened every night by him, why would i want to be woken up by this monitor TOO???? Why not keep the monitor in the charging unit? Because the manual says that if you consistently keep it on the charging unit, it will ware out the battery and limit battery life!!! Then I will have to buy a new battery. I have returned this item 3 times in case it was just defective and they were all like this. I finally had to buy a new monitor from another company who’s monitor last 36 hours while in the “sleep mode” without being charged. Much happier!Other than that, I like the monitor but the charging issue was just a terrible.

Ivy Nassau, DE