Summer Infant Baby Zoom Wi-Fi Video Monitor and Internet Viewing System, Link Wi-Fi Series

Summer Infant Baby Zoom Wi-Fi Video Monitor and Internet Viewing System, Link Wi-Fi Series

Baby Zoom WiFi Video Monitor and Internet Viewing System The Baby Zoom WiFi multi-platform system enables in-home, continuous monitoring on the 2.5″ color handheld monitor or in-home and remote viewing on digital devices. The camera automatically detects and connects to a home wireless network enabling parents to view in home and away from home on smartphones, tablets and computers via a free viewing APP for Apple and Android devices and includes a digital chip for private and secure in-home monitoring on touchscreen handheld unit. Features: Multi-platform system enables in-home and remote, away from home viewing Away from home access via Summer Link WiFi APP for Apple & Android mobile devices with no auto-timeout in app or website viewing 2.5″ higher resolution handheld monitor Remotely control pan, scan, multi-level zoom camera Two-way communication Expandable system to monitor multiple rooms/children, extra cameras sold seperately (#28660) APP FEATURES – Take a picture & record video, Privacy-mode lets parents control when friends & family can access remote viewing

Main features

  • Multi-platform system enables in-home and remote, away from home viewing
  • Away from home access via Summer Link WiFi APP for Apple & Android mobile devices with no auto-timeout in app or website viewing
  • 2.5″ high resolution handheld monitor with pan, scan, multi-level zoom camera, and two-way communication
  • Expandable system to monitor multiple rooms/children, extra cameras sold separately, model #28660
  • APP Features: Take a picture & record video, Privacy-mode lets parents control when friends & family can access remote viewing

Verified reviews


Horrible. Avoid this system.

The remote (Smartphone/Tablet) viewing on this product is horrid. You should take a look at all of the unbiased reviews in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store before making the same mistake that I did.My major complaints:1. The app resolution is horrible if you have a high-end smartphone or tablet. I’m using a Nexus 5 and an iPad 3 and you can see for yourself under Customer Images.2. Night vision is a joke. Again, see Customer Images. Is that supposed to be a baby in the crib?3. If you unplug the camera or lose power, getting it to reconnect in the App requires deleting it and adding it back. This is actualy what Summer Infant Customer Service recommends as the “fix”. Really?The other real annoyance is the product screenshots used by Summer Infant are 100% simulated. The actual output and resolution is no where near that high. That is extremely misleading.The camera and handheld work average at best with each other. Nothing special and certainly not worth the money.Avoid this. Seriously.

Estela West Rockport, ME

Easy set up and wonderful way to keep track of baby!

This is one of the best monitors I have ever tried and I have tried a few. First of all the set up is very simple by following the instruction book, and for busy moms and dads that is very necessary. The clear picture that you get on the screen of baby in another room is wonderful and the sound too! Plus it tells you what the temperature is in the room. You will love that you can place the monitor up high or mount it to the wall whichever is easier from where your crib is. If the monitor moves you can always use the arrow keys to get it back to where the baby is, zooming in or out as needed. Oh and another great feature is you can take a snapshot of the baby, as I did a few times and sent it to my husband at work. Very great monitor that I will be recommending to all my expectant mom friends and using myself for my baby due in March!Disclosure: I was given a sample of this product to review. However, my opinions are my own.

Kathie Saint Marys, AK

More features than ever.

My how baby monitors have changed! I remember where having on that just allowed you to listen in was considered innovative. Adding video was great. I remember wishing there was an intercom on it so you could tell your child to “get back in bed!” With twins, having the ability to pan and zoom became necessary. This Summer Baby Zoom monitor does everything I can imagine a monitor doing. The addition of WiFi so you can use a phone or tablet is a great new feature.The box contains the camera and the handheld unit and the plugs needed for each. It also includes the hardware to wall mount the camera, as well as 6 clips so the baby can’t access the cord. An additional camera can be added and the handheld unit is capable of split screen viewing.Summer Baby Link Wi-Fi Internet Viewing CameraThere are challenges in getting everything set up. The instructions are pretty clear and there is an 800 number if you need additional help. I like the ability to use the camera with your phone or tablet. You can also remotely access the features like pan and zoom from these devices. You have the ability to block access from any device outside your home, even if you have given permission. You can protect you privacy as much as you desire.

Joanne Auburn, WY

A bigger pain than it’s worth

I always felt like the "bad mom" for only having an audio baby monitor (yes, I’m being a bit dramatic) and I did see a lot of benefit in having a video system. So my husband hooked up a basic security camera to connect to the computers and voila!His redneck system is superior to this. For despite the attractive camera and handheld monitor this is less than decent and drowning in its perk of dual-system viewing. So I can watch Baby on the monitor and/or my phone. I’d trade in one or the other for better quality.I was excited to get this all set up. I tore open the box, plugged in the parts, and went to the Google store to download… an app that was rated with 2 stars. Hmm. I began to panic, then thought "people can be harsh critics." I continued with set-up. Connecting to the internet took forever and the connection, perfectly fine on all other household devices, was shaky at best.Okay, so the viewing app wasn’t all it’s cracked up to be with its bad imaging and whatnot. What about the monitor it came with? Surely that will work. No, I wasn’t impressed. Horrible imaging and there always seemed to be a delay.I was happy sticking with the sound only. Video-wise, no matter the device, I found myself frustrated and fiddling much too hard with the system.It’s an attractive-looking system and the internet plus monitor option seems handy, but do you really need both? Here, the idea fails.

Laurel Fort Mitchell, AL

Great for newborns

This is a really great system for newborns. The camera is really easy to mount, lightweight and low profile. The image is crisp and clear provided you are only a few feet away, once you get closer to 8 feet away the image becomes really hard to make out on the small screen. Night vision also works exceptionally well, provided you are relatively close. Once you are more than about 5 feet away the image gets very grainy and hard to make out in night vision. The reason why I say this is great for newborns, is that you do need the camera relatively close by the infant. Once your child is a toddler and you are more likely to have it across the room from them, it just won’t work so well anymore.I like that the video turns off when you all is quiet in the room, yet the sound keeps on. It is nice to be able to hear them without the bright glow of the video. The volume is easy to adjust and the push to talk function works perfectly. The camera was really easy to pair with the monitor and you can add a total of 4 cameras to one monitor. Switching between more than one camera is just the touch of a couple buttons. You can turn the lights on the camera off and on, which is nice. When the lights are on they are very eye catching and would easily draw the attention of a child.The WiFi and internet viewing I found to be a challenge. My android phone didn’t have the app available to it, although my husband was able to get it on his iPhone. You can watch from a computer but you HAVE to download the app to register. That was annoying as I only wanted to view on the computer and not on a phone. There really should be a way to register online instead of only through the app.Overall I think this is a pretty good camera system. I am using it in my newborns room and feel good knowing she is safe in there. I would recommend it.

Ronda Breda, IA

Ugh. Not pleased at all

What decade is this device from? The video looks as bad as watching ahem, videos, on my 28.8 modem when I was in high school. Grainy, no resolution, and overall terrible. I’m pretty sure that’s my baby over in the corner.Overall, this is a poor device compared to anything else on the market that I’ve tried. This market, however, is full of terrible devices, so expect to be unhappy no matter what you purchase.For this price range, it should work flawlessly. This one – bad app, bad device, poor video quality…just doesn’t. I’m sad for anyone who spent their hard earned cash on this.

Jana Montpelier, IA

Works Great, But Delayed Audio Via iPhone App

This is probably the best baby I’ve used to date and I’ve literally used about 10 (5 of which were video baby monitors).The video quality is good, the camera can swivel left, right and up and down via remote control and I’ve grown to love it when baby monitors allow two-way communication (mostly so I can tell my toddlers to get back in bed when they’re running around).The iPhone app is pretty neat, too. You can remotely swivel the camera, get audio video (in slightly pixelated quality) and there are buttons to take a snapshot and record (which might come in handy if you’re using it as a nanny cam). It even works remotely over cellular if you enable it!The only big drawback I could find was that when I used the iPhone app, trying to talk through the camera had about a 5 second delay (so no two-way conversations, just announcements). That said, the handheld monitor did better, so I’m not sure how much I mind about that.Great monitor overall! One of the best for sure!

Lynnette Dunmore, WV

Temperature not accurate and app doesn’t always work

I bought this monitor system with the bigger screen at Babies R Us (I had a 20% off coupon and gift cards) after our previous much older Summer Infant monitor system stopped working.Temperature -The temperature feature worked for the first few days, but I also run a heater in my sons room that reads the temp and the summer monitor is now a consistent 5 degrees higher. I can tell it’s not accurate just by walking in his room. This is a big fail to me since I am constantly worried about the heater.Wifi/App -There’s a wifi setting on the camera itself that is confusing because the app will work even when the switch is off. The app will occasionally report the monitor is offline when I haven’t changed any of the settings. If you turn the wifi on for the camera, bright green lights illuminate around the lens and stay on until you turn the wifi off. Just to be clear – I leave the wifi switch on the camera off and am still able to use the app (most of the time)Image Quality -The image quality is ok – similar to my previous monitor and I have nothing else to compare it to. I have the camera on a shelf near the ceiling and can make my son out in his crib. I can tell his head from his feet, but can’t make out his face clearly. Since the camera is longer than my previous one, it will not angle down enough for me to see into the crib from the shelf. I’ve had to lay it at a strange angle on it’s side. You’d almost have to put the camera at the same level as the crib in order to see into it if you used the camera stand.Battery -Battery life of the monitor seems good – It will last through 2 – 2 hour naps plus the 3-4 hours after my son goes down before I go to bed and plug it in for the night.Sound -The sound occasionally cuts out for less than a second. We use a sound machine that is across the room from the camera. The monitor still picks this up as full sound so I always see the red lights which signals a lot of noise. This isn’t a huge deal to me since I always have the sound on and can hear him over the sound machine.

Elda Tiverton, RI


This is the THIRD Summer Infant Baby Monitor I’ve gotten and this is just as bad as the other 2 with even a heftier price tag.Instead of coming out with new monitors every few months, why not fix the other problems you already have or make 1 that isn’t a piece of junk. The videos on this monitor has serious lag just like prior ones. The picture quality reminds me flip phone quality.The Wifi feature is great, but if I catch something seconds after the fact and the video quality makes my eyes squint, I think it’s pointless.My current baby monitor is over a year old and it’s works way better than this one, also the video quality is better.I’m very disapointed with this!

Roxanne Cecil, GA

Fairly effective baby monitor but apps can fail

I like the Wi-Fi function where I am able to watch my daughter sleep while I am at work. Thou the resolution image can be quite unstable and terrible at times. Nevertheless, I guess something is better than nothing.In addition, I like the pan and zoom function as well as switching off the lights of the camera so that my little girl can sleep without any blinding light shining into her eyes.The baby monitor is fairly light weight and the photo quality during both night and day are acceptable.Overall, a fairly effective baby monitor and I may even use it as a security monitor when my girl outgrows it as it has a video function and we can supposedly monitor 2 areas (which I did not set up the 2nd camera) at the same time.

Dona Sloughhouse, CA

Disappointing Customer Service

I have the previous version of this baby monitor, and we really liked it. While the picture viewed over the internet was not the greatest, it was still a real treat to be able to see my little one while I was at work and my parents enjoyed being able to look in on her at night.I don’t remember exactly how old she was when the monitor stopped working, but I clearly remember that the entire unit was extremely hot. I had another (non-internet) monitor at the time, so I didn’t really pursue a refund. It wasn’t until later when I heard about the battery recall that I realized that it had to have been the overheating battery that caused the monitor to go out. I was very happy to think I could get this very expensive monitor replaced, as we currently have a second baby on the way. Turns out not to be the case.This review is of my customer service experience with Summer Infant, and not a review of the monitor itself.When I found out about the battery recall, I dialed the number and they happily agreed to send me out a battery. I told them that the overheating battery also damaged my monitor, so they send me to a second number as they only deal with the battery recall. I called this number and explained that even plugged directly into the wall that my monitor no longer worked and I believed it due to the overheating battery. The CSR did some troubleshooting with me and told me it was the cable. I didn’t think this was the case, but I agreed to give it a try. Once the new cable was received and the monitor still didn’t work, I tried to call again. After waiting on hold for over half an hour, the second representative told me that my monitor was out of warranty and they had no way of knowing that my issue was caused by the battery. Basically, if the battery would have exploded instead of just overheating they would be able to help me. My frustration didn’t come from the inability to get a new monitor, but with things the rep told me. She actually said it was my fault, because I should have called Summer Infant when the problem first happened. My argument here is that I didn’t know why my monitor malfunctioned – but once the battery recall was evident it all made sense to me. Since she was clearly not going to send me a new monitor, I asked her if there was anything that could be done. I offered to send the broken monitor in so they could see if the problem was due to over-heating, and she again told me I should have called when the monitor first malfunctioned. She mentioned possibly bringing the battery to a Radio Shack type store to see if it had malfunctioned. I asked her if I could confirm that, would they then replaced the monitor. She said no, so I’m not sure what the point of that line of conversation was. In the end, she offered me a 30% discount on a new baby monitor before reminding me once again that I should have called when the monitor first malfunctioned. I declined her discount offer – I have no desire to give this company more of my money after the frustrating customer service I received.

Dianna Bonsall, CA

Just not worth the price

I have four kids and I’ve been buying baby stuff and receiving Amazon Vine products for review for a while, so I’ve had the chance to try out a wide range of infant video monitors, including an older Summer brand monitor. I’ve never found one that was “perfect” but most of them have been good enough. This is the lowest review I’ve ever given, and the first time I’ve encountered a monitor that people should not buy. It’s not all bad, but the most important thing: seeing your baby, just isn’t very good. Why buy this when there are plenty of better products out there?To start with the documentation is okay (what it covers is clear and well illustrated, but it doesn’t cover everything) and the controls are reasonably intuitive, though I find the icons a little hard to read. This by itself isn’t a big deal. In my experience once you set it up you are done. You put it somewhere, you point it at the crib, and that’s it. Maybe you pan it left or right a tad.It’s worth checking out the documentation on the Summer website. I’ll post a link here but Amazon sometimes removes links:[…]On paper it’s good a lot of cool features like taking videos and split screen support for multiple monitors. But 99% of what a parent wants is:1. To see the baby.2. To hear the baby.3. To know the room temperature.So how does it do?1. The only way to see the baby at night it to mount the camera right at the edge of the effective view range: 3 feet. Any closer and you can’t see the whole crib, and you start getting the cord awfully close to the crib. Kids do strangle themselves on these things. It’s rare, but who want to take that chance? So unless you have a “perfect” spot 3 feet away, this just won’t work. Even then the nighttime video quality is mediocre for the price. Daytime is fine though below what you should get for this price. We found giving putting the device on our “Media Prioritization” list on our wireless router helped quite a bit, but not all routers support that and not everyone is comfortable messing around with router settings. I have background in video compression and there is just no excuse for this low level of image quality. Whoever is writing their code is doing a poor job, or they are using a really sub-standard camera (or both).2. Hearing the baby isn’t bad, but when connected over 3g or 4g we have had it drop out. Not a big deal since you are generally using your home WiFi but it doesn’t inspire confidence.3. The room temperature works fine. None of these cameras have very accurate thermometers and this is no different. Get a small portable room thermometer and compare them till you know how far it is off. Then you are good to go.So while I’m giving this monitor a poor review, it’s not terrible. It’s just not worth spending $250 when you can get something that does the important stuff better, for less money. My favorite is the good oldMotorola MBP36 Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor. No internet nothing, but it does the above “three things” really well. It’s been around a while so you can get things like new batteries easily and cheaply off Amazon.

Frankie Rural Valley, PA

OKay system

What I liked about this monitor is: that you can check on your little one from your cell phone with their app. This is nice if you plan to use it for something other than intended. (watch dog at home, look in on older children at home, etc.) You can also take a picture from it as well. The temperature feature is great as well.Things I didn’t like: there is lag time, especially when using the cell phone app. There have been issues with the app.I haven’t been using it for very long, but it has served the purpose for what I need it for.

Terra Seminole, PA