Summer Infant Baby’s Health And Grooming Kit

Summer Infant Baby’s Health And Grooming Kit

Summer Infant Baby’s Health and Grooming Kit Summer Infant Baby’s Health and Grooming Kit is a sixteen piece set with accessories to keep baby well-groomed. It can also be used for tending to them when they are sick. A durable hard case keeps everything organized and easy to find. Why You’ll Love It: Everything you need to make sure baby is good and groomed. Features Includes 16 items Comes in a durable hard storage case Contains comb, brush, nail clippers and 2 emery boards Includes nasal aspirator, medicine syringe and medicine spoon, digital thermometer, 5 alcohol swabs and emergency information card

Main features

  • Sixteen piece kit
  • Features a durable hard storage case
  • Set includes comb, brush, nail clippers, 2 emery boards, nasal aspirator, digital thermometer, 5 alcohol swabs and emergency information card

Verified reviews


Must have it

Important to have this product. It is incredible usefull, it is easy to carry anywhere.

Dana Ossian, IN

There are better options than this

I shopped around a lot before I settled on this kit, but as others have mentioned there are serious quality issues.The bulb syringe is very hard, and difficult to use. The medicine syringe leaks, making it useless. The nail clippers sort of dented my son’s nails but did not cut at all. Fortunately, this kit comes with nail files which helped deal with the aftermath but if clipping an infant’s nails is difficult, try filing them. Also, once the insert that holds all of these items in place for display is removed, you have a messy and transparent case.What worked about this kit: The case itself is pretty sturdy. The medicine spoon is functional, and has a nice flat bottom so you can stand it up. The thermometer works, but mine takes forever to get a reading. The brush and comb seem useful, and the nail files worked.For the price, most prospective buyers will be better served by acquiring the items they need individually, and getting good quality. Also, consider that a baby shower will generally yield at least one brush and comb set, and the hospital will send you home with a better bulb syringe and thermometer. The pharmacy will provide you with a medicine spoon or syringe if you need liquid medication.Given the quality of the items provided in this kit, and the general availability of those items, there are better options.

Sandy Alpine, WY

You’ll likely not use everything in it…

I was gifted this from my registry and since baby was born I’ve used the following:~comb: when oiling scalp and working out cradle cap~brush: every night…it’s great~nose sucker: for the obvious~nail clippers: also obvious, though I did ONCE nip a pinky tip the size of a pin prick, otherwise they work well~nail files: when I decided it was too soon to use clippersI doubt I’ll ever use:~thermometer: I bought a digital ear one~syringe: it’s not very ergonomicWill one day use:~medicine dispenser: once he’s bigger…BUT I may buy one of those alligator ones that I remember from my childhood.All in all, it’s a decent value. You’re not likely to put together the usable components for much less than the sum of $15 so if you want it all and a carrying case, I’d recommend this.

Betsy Monroe City, MO

Pretty nice

This grooming kit is easy to travel with, and convenient since everything is kept is kept in the clear hard plastic case. The nail clippers, emery boards, and hair brush work really well. The nasal aspirator is decent, but the one we received free from the hospital works better. The thermometer is really cheap and never worked, but that didn’t bother me much since we already had a different ear thermometerBraun IRT 4020 ThermoScan Ear Thermometer. We haven’t used the medicine spoon, dropper, or swabs but I’m glad we have them on hand and accessible. This kit is less expensive than other kits, and overall I’ve been happy with it.

Lidia Evans, CO


Nasal aspirator (which is amazing), nail clippers and brush… that’s the only items that worked. At the middle of the night, my 3m-old baby had a fever.. thermometer never worked, I had to use the family’s one. After confirming fever and a quick call to the nurse, had to give him some medicine… but using the syringe was a NIGHTMARE and a big mess with medicine leaking all over the baby and all over my hands!! WE ended up using a spoon (not the one in the kit, which shows ml by halves like 1 1/2, 2 1/2, 3 1/2 and so on.. and didn’t want to guess where the 2ml mark was) I had to buy health care items separately. It was a little more expensive than the kit, but now I’m sure everything in the health care box works!

Lilly Whiteoak, MO