Summer Infant Bassinet Pad

Summer Infant Bassinet Pad

The Summer Infant Mini Playard/Bassinet Pad will keep your baby comfortable while plastic covering allows for easy cleanup. Measures 19″ x 30″.

Main features

  • Fits to standard playards and bassinets
  • It is comfortable, soft, and durable
  • Measures 19″ x 30″

Verified reviews


Really disappointed, not soft and it makes my baby sweat

So I was looking forward to this because I have always found the pads in pack n plays to be not as thick and cushiony as I would like. Well this thing doesn’t help. It isn’t soft, it has a very plastic-y feel and it is not a breathable fabric at all. Whenever I put my baby to sleep on this her back would end up soaked in sweat and I’d have to change her swaddle and clothes in the middle of the night. When I take it out and just use the regular pack n play pad, she doesn’t sweat. So this is not good for a hot climate…even with the air conditioning on, this thing is too hot. I wish I hadn’t bought it.

Juanita Garciasville, TX

Fits a Graco Travel Lite Crib

I was looking for some extra cushioning for my Graco Travel Lite Crib in our bedroom and bought this after reading reviews on Amazon. The size fits perfectly and it is very soft. Did not have as much padding as I would like but it is good enough. My newborn did not want to sleep in the crib before because it was too hard for her, but now she does take short naps in it, I guess the additional padding from this helps a little. Since the surface is plastic/waterproof you will need a cover, I bought the Graco travel lite crib sheet but some people also say that a pillow case would work.

Trisha Stryker, OH

Fits mini crib perfectly

I bought this item specifically to fit my mini crib (the Graco Travel Lite Crib with Stages), and it does. It fits perfectly and we can use the Carter’s Super Soft Dot Changing Pad Cover as a crib sheet. I love that about this mattress, because I can use the Carter’s Dot covers for both my changing pad, and my portable crib mattress.The firmness feels adequate. If it doesn’t hold up over time, I will update this at a later date. I plan to use this mattress and mini crib situation in the first few months of my baby’s life until I feel comfortable transferring him to a larger crib in a separate room.

Katy Fairfield, IA


I ordered this pad because other reviewers said that it works well for use with the Graco Travel Lite Crib/Pack ‘n Play, and I am very pleased. It fits perfectly in the bassinet section and adds some stability, as well as waterproof padding. I threw a changing pad cover on it and now it’s ready for my baby!

Petra Deer Isle, ME

Fits Like a Glove!

I purchased this pad to go in our Graco Travel Lite Crib with Stages, which is more like a smaller version of a pack n play/larger bassinet. The mattress pad that comes with it is ok, but I had read other reviews saying that it wasn’t quite as thick as it could be, and that this pad added a nice extra layer of comfort for baby. So based on that, I went ahead and ordered this.I was not disappointed at all! It’s not so thick that it takes up too much room in the bassinet, but yet it’s just thick enough that it will give baby a little bit softer layer to sleep on. But also not so soft that it’s dangerous for baby either.I had also read a lot of people complaining about not being able to find sheets for this size mattress pad. One person suggested purchasing the Carter’s Changing Pad Covers for it, and that they fit this mattress perfectly. So I took a chance and went ahead and ordered another one of the Carter’s Super Soft Dot Changing Pad Cover’s, from here on Amazon. I had already ordered 1 for our changing table mattress, and loved it. When it came I was apprehensive about it fitting, but again, was not let down. It fits this pad perfectly! So I actually ordered another one to have 2 to switch out.Great pad, and great price! I saved quite a bit by ordering from here on Amazon, as opposed to another online retailer. Thanks Amazon!

Ada Kopperl, TX

Fits Graco Travel Lite Pack n Play!

We use this in our Grace Travel Lite Pack n Play to give our baby girl a bit more cushion than the hard as a rock pad it comes with and we wanted to protect the original pad from leaks and spit up.This fit the bill perfectly. We use changing pad covers as sheets for the Travel Lite since the sheets you can get for it are terribly scratchy and you can get much better quality changing pad covers that fit even better anyway! This mattress is thick enough to add just a bit more comfort, yet thin enough that we have no problems putting fitting the changing pad covers we use over it.Perfect! I am definitely going to try to find another pad like this to go with our full sized Pack N Play when she outgrows the Travel Lite, hopefully there is one, haven’t checked yet!

Leslie Humansville, MO

Works with the Brica Fold N Go Bassinet

We got theBRICA Fold N’ Go Travel Bassinetfor a big trip. The foldable mattress that came with it was too thin to be comfortable for the kiddo, so we got this bassinet pad. It worked well. To make it fit, we put it at the bottom of the bassinet, then put the Brica mattress on top. Voila! Instant upgrade. Great price too!

Bobbi Royalston, MA

Summer Infant Changing Pad Cover fits this as a sheet

I bought this for my graco travel lite crib. It fits very well and works great for this purpose. I had an extra summer infant changing pad cover on hand and that fits this bassinet pad absolutely perfectly.. That cover is soft and comes out of the wash like new. I laid on the pad myself on the floor and it was actually more comfortable than I expected. I only wish this pad was not so plasticky and scratchy sounding.

Susie Bovina Center, NY

Perfect “mattress pad” for Graco Travel Lite Crib

I had read this was the case, and this is why I ordered it–and everyone was right, it’s a perfect fit.

Jasmin Pittsburg, TX

Fit perfect in our mini pack and play

I bought two of these to put in both our mini pack and plays to add just a tiny bit of cushion without a concern for suffocation. They work perfectly and fit both our Graco mini pack and plays PERFECTLY.

Victoria Forman, ND

Just what I needed!

I’m using this to add just a little bit of padding to my Graco Travel Lite Crib. It fits snugly without a gap and adds padding without my being concerned about it not being firm enough. FYI the Carter’s Keep Me Dry Flannel Bassinet Pad fits as a waterproof, non-fitted layer covering all but about an inch around the sides and Carters Easy Fit Jersey Bassinet Fitted Sheet fits over both the waterproof layer and this bassinet pad snugly. Both items I purchased here on Amazon. I’m glad they have this item because the Travel Lite Crib has the customary pack and play, hard cardboard-like "pad" that is spot clean only and not waterproof. This was the perfect solution!

Gertrude Fairfield, NE

Great for use with Graco Travel Crib

I bought this bassinet pad to use in my Graco Travel Crib, as our new daughter was going to be sleeping in that at first, and the pad in it seemed a little too uncomfortable. It is stiff and fits well into the Graco Travel Crib. Highly recommend!

Victoria Byron, MN

the exact mattress size for the graco travel lite bassinet

I went around looking for a mattress for my travel lite graco bassinet/playpen and had no luck.I ran into this one by accident doing a search on google.the issue was that I was not entering the correct is 19x 30 .It slipped right into the bassinet.this matress isn’t very thick about 2 inches or so but much better than the hard pad it comes with.It is also easier to slip the fitted sheet over this than the harder one because it can be bent.Overall I like it a lot and recommend it to anyone who has the graco travel lite.Make sure to buy the one that amazon is selling its 16 dollars ,Some other sellers have it for well over 30 why pay more? I was shocked I payed so little for something I thought I was going to have to have custom made.Get one or 2 if u want it thicker,U WON’T REGRET It

Gretchen Kingston, IL

good product

it meet my expectation. good product, working fine until today. no issues at all. i bought to put on my dream on me basinet, which did not fit but i just made some cuts on the edges and worked fine!

Abigail Crossville, IL

It’s ok

I purchased this for my daughter’s Graco Travel Lite Crib. It fit perfectly! The pad is a little on the "cheap" side, and it does have a crinkling sound to it. Not cool when the baby starts moving around (or when I’m putting her down) I put a folded blanket on the pad before I put the cover on it and that seem to work as far as the crinkling goes. Other than that, it gets the job done inexpensively!

Maribel Orchard, TX

Way to thin.

This pad is better used for a changing pad. I recommend the Graco Travel Lite foam mattress instead, it’s more like a crib mattress and fits most bassinets.

Joan Franklin, MN

Must have for mini-pack n play!

Our daughter did not sleep well in the mini pack n play bassinet. The pack n play pad was pretty hard. We tried this out & it helped a lot, although we ended up putting her crib comforter folded in half between the pack n play pad & this bassinet pad. That made it soft enough w/no soft blankets since the bassinet pad is cushioned but not mushy soft. She slept so much better immediately then! Now that she has transitioned to the crib, we use this in the bathroom to put her on for bathtime because we don’t have to worry about her bumping her head against the hard vanity and it is thin enough you can store it very easily. We have also used it for tummy time on the floor while she was first starting to lift her head. Handy item but didn’t find it quite soft enough alone to help with the bassinet but so versatile we are getting lots of use out of it!

Beverley Milford, MI