Summer Infant Bath and Shower Center

Summer Infant Bath and Shower Center

With three stages of growth, the Bath and Shower Center is the only tub parents need for newborn babies to toddlers. A clip-on sling supports newborns comfortably and can be removed as baby grows. The motorized shower unit provides a clean, gentle rinse and can be used in an adult tub for extended use.

Main features

  • Newborn to toddler sized tub that grows with larger toddlers
  • 3 stages to grow with baby: clip on sling comfortably supports newborns, toddler tub with shower unit for growing babies, shower unit can be used in adult tub
  • Baby bath shower unit with ergonomic shaped handle provides a gentle spray for a clean rinse with a simple on/off switch

Verified reviews


Hate the shower

Gave 2 stars just due its low price. But it does not cost a penny more. The tub is a regular peace of plastic – nothing specific. Screw on the shower is defective – tried all screw drivers and a knife opening it to insert 6 batteries. Reordered a replacement but finally my husband opened it. Did not even try the replacement. The shower short and clumsy that is uncomfortable to use. Also, the shower is too weak, stream does not wash the foam out completely (it is like a toy). Return both tubs.

Katina Moundridge, KS

Great tub

Infant tubs are great. I wouldn’t go without. Things I liked about this one:- The shower component has a battery-operated sprayer that works really well to wet baby down/rinse baby off. It is so much better than using a cup to pour water on them.- The water container with the pump/sprayer fits inside the tub for easy storage- The mesh infant sling is very sturdy.- The drain in the bottom of the tub is placed well so that if on a counter top near a sink you can leave it open and let it drain as you bathe your child.- Multiple stages of use.

Louella Twin Lakes, MN

Bath System!!

I love this bath tub and I can’t even call this a bath tub because it’s more like a bath tub with a portable shower. My nephew loves this system and it’s very convient to bathe your baby and get them completely clean. I can’t get over how well this works and makes cleaning your baby fun for everyone.The Summer Bath and Shower Center is perfect for everyone because you can get the task of bathing your child done perfectly while having some nice enjoyable playtime as well. This Shower System is more than perfect it’s awesome and we love it.

Marcie Exmore, VA

Convenient and Sturdy

battery operated shower pump sets it apart from standard plastic baby tub. While it’s not a high powers stream, it’s convenient to have ready to go when baby is soapy and slippery.My son is too old for the sling, but it looks helpful for littler ones. Currently, he likes to hold and spray me with the shower handle while I wash him. Anything that makes bath time more fun is a good thing in my book.The shower spray really helps me wash off shampoo without getting soap in my sons eyes. Yes a cup works too! But again I like the convenience of this feature and would have loved it when I had a newborn.I think it makes a great baby gift to expecting parents.

Ilene College Park, MD

Grows with your Baby

This has a battery operated shower spray that is gentle and works well to rinse the baby off without getting any soapy mess in their eyes. Very easy to clean, drains well, and the best part about it is that it will be useful as the baby grows into a toddler.

Aline Plymouth, NY

Good 3 in 1 bath and shower tub for age 0-2.

Traditionally most families used generic round plastic basins as tubs for infants and toddlers with good results. However, it’s good to try out this Summer Bath & Shower Center that’s specifically designed.Likes:
• Three different use modes: 1. Newborn bath sling attached to tub, 2. Large toddler tub, and 3. Shower reservoir/spray for use directly in the bathtub.
• Assembly was straightforward: remove pump lid and unscrew battery compartment cap. Place 6 new AA alkaline batteries, install the pump on to the reservoir lid, replace top cap, make sure all hoses are tightly connected, fill the reservoir with water, then it’s ready to use.
• Elongated oval shape fits nicely in standard U.S. bathtubs/bathrooms without a floor drain.
• Our toddler fits the tub with room to spare.
• Works well to wash or bathe our toddler who was more interested in grabbing the shower sprayer handle than getting clean.
• Easy bottom drain plug so no heavy lifting to drain the tub.
• Good toy to teach toddlers how to use a shower spray handle.What we noticed:
• Average plastics, toylike in appearance, but functions alright.
• The shower spray strength highly dependent on freshness of the batteries.
• Collapsible shower pump basin eases storage but long term durability remains to be seen.Bottom Line:Easier to use than generic round plastic basins in a standard U.S. bathtub. However, in most foreign countries, most bathroom floors have drains, so larger round basin/bathtubs work just as well. It’s simpler to use our regular detachable shower handle and put it in a gentle spray pattern for our toddler, then to use the battery powered shower pump/reservoir. Most importantly, NEVER leave infant/toddler unattended in a bathtub, even for a few seconds!

Alyson Chesapeake Beach, MD

Grows with Baby!

This is a pretty standard bath and shower center made to grow with your baby, from infant to toddler to small child. The design is fun and cute and gender neutral, which makes this a great shower gift or to pick up before you know what you’re having. I like the detachable shower part, makes bathing so much easier, even when they’re older! Highly recommended 🙂

Cleo Mandeville, LA

Designed to grow with your baby, it’s a good value

When I opened the box containing the Summer Bath and Shower Center, my first thought was that I could use it to bathe my Shih Tzu. That thought lasted only a second, but I can’t deny having it. I was quite surprised when shopping for a baby bath tub, to discover so many options for so many prices. This one is very nice, gender neutral and well designed. For the newborn, using the bright sling makes the task much easier. We’ve put it on the countertop and with the drainage hole, emptying it was a breeze. We tried the battery operated shower and found it to be very gentle and a little bit more easy on the baby than using a cup or the hand as my mother did with us many years ago. I like the way this can be conveniently stored and it’s washed up perfectly each time it’s been used. As the baby grows, well stop using the sling and I’m certain this will last as long at least as the baby grows into a toddler. At that time, I’m certain the shower accessory will be more of a thrill and we’ll really appreciate its inclusion in this package.

Brandie Watertown, WI

Love this tub

If you have the space for an infant tub, this one is great. The shower component has a battery-operated sprayer, which is really nice to use instead of a cup to wet baby down/rinse baby off. The water container with the pump fits inside the tub for easy storage (or use), and the mesh infant sling is very sturdy. The drain in the bottom of the tub is placed well so that if you’re near a sink, you can leave it open and let it drain as you bathe your child without the tub tipping over into the sink.

Deann Mallard, IA

My toddler gets a kick out of the shower accessory.

My son is already a toddler using the bathtub, and he enjoys playing with the shower spray. It can get a bit messy, but it’s worth it to see him having so much fun.I am also currently pregnant, and plan on using this with my next one. I like to use tubs with slings for newborns — they make it so much easier to bathe the baby then the typical sink, because the baby is supported from head to toe, without you having to use your hands to lift him/her up.Definitely like this tub, especially since it’s something your child will grow into.

Ophelia Redfox, KY

Nice baby tub set has everything

Great little set. We’re currently using this for a 2 month old. The sling is a great feature for any baby too young to sit up on their own. Nice and long, but the extra capacity can make it rather heavy — so the drain plug is also a nice feature.One of the special things about this baby tub is the battery powered shower. But to be honest, an experienced Mom really doesn’t need it (a cup works just fine for rinsing). But I suspect that later on, as a toddler, he’ll really look forward to his little ‘shower".Anyway, no compaints and we’re finding this generously sized tub and the infant sling to be a pleasure at bath time.

Sylvia Ravenna, OH