Summer Infant Bath Sling with Warming Wings

Summer Infant Bath Sling with Warming Wings

The Bath Sling with Warming Wings keeps baby warm and comfortable during bath time. Detachable warming wings can be used wet or dry. The sturdy base keeps baby secure and the built in headrest keeps them cradled and supported.

Main features

  • Detachable warming wings keep baby warm, wet or dry
  • Warming Wings have extended use as washcloths
  • Folds easily for storage
  • Soft mesh fabric and built in headrest cradles newborns
  • Can be used in a sink, baby tub, or adult tub

Verified reviews


Not as good as I’d hoped but it does the job

I purchased this sling to use for my 3 month old baby. I have a baby tub that has been working well, however, I have a three year old as well and it was more efficient for me to bathe them together. Without the sling, though, I’d hurt my back and arms leaning over to support my baby in the bath the whole time. I thought this sling would make things easier. It definitely has made the job less painful, but I wish it were made better. The sling is extremely lightweight so it floats in the bath when my baby’s not on it. I guess a combination of the tilt and the material it’s made with makes my baby slide down. I keep having to push him back up higher on the sling so his head doesn’t go underwater and when I lift him up to reposition him, the sling starts floating away again. The wings are a nice feature except that they don’t stay on. It seems the Velcro is very flimsy so they didn’t stay attached past the first bath. I still use the wings to keep on my baby’s tummy so he stays warm so I do find them useful anyway. The description makes it seem as though the sing folds and unfolds easily so I thought I would be able to fold it between uses and tuck it away somewhere. However, it is much more difficult to do than I would have thought. You have to stretch the fabric over the frame every time you want to fold or unfold it so it is just not worth the hassle for me.So far I’ve mentioned a lot of CONS, so here are the PROS: It has definitely made the bathing process more comfortable for me as I don’t have to support my baby completely. I definitely keep at least one hand on him at all times but it’s there more as a precaution than an actual support so it doesn’t make my back and arms ache like it used to. This allows me to keep my baby in the bath longer than I used to so he lies there looking at his big sister playing and he enjoys lying in the warm water. The colors are bright and playful.Overall, if I were buying again I’d look for a similar product that is made better but if there were no alternatives or the alternatives were significantly more costly, I’d buy this one again anyway.

Beulah Greenville, FL

Smaller and easier to move

I have a baby bathtub, but I wanted to try this to use in the sink and not have to kill my back leaning over. I like that its smaller, more compact than the baby bath, which has to be used inside the bathtub.The fabric keeps my baby in place, but its not as cushiony as Id ultimately want. The wings, aka, washclothes, are well, washclothes. There is a small piece of velcro to keep them in place to help keep baby warm.Ive put it outside to dry, so the sun has dried it pretty fast. You can fold to store, but I just throw it on top of my baby tub inside my real tub, along with all my other bath gear.again, the main convenience and difference for me is size. I like it.

Lashonda Wahkon, MN

Works well

There are a number of "bath chairs" out there for babies. We’ve gone through a number of them over the years and it’s not hard to spot one that will do the job: something that looks easy to clean, keeps the baby’s head out of the water, and something that doesn’t take up too much space. This product from Summer meets all those requirements. It’s particularly easy to clean which I like. Some of the floaty type bath-mats have too many crevices and they get slippery with just a little soap. This has little holes for the water to drain through that also provide a little traction to keep the baby from sliding. Overall a good design at a very reasonable price.

Alyssa Mountain Iron, MN

Very cute but soon outgrown

First the positives about the Summer Infant Bath Sling- it is adorable! We used an infant bath for our first child and although cute, this product, which tilts the infant up and keeps him in place either by itself for a wipe down or in a bathtub for a bath seems to be tailor made for photos. The product is practical in that the wings, which double as washcloths will help keep the baby a bit warmer, especially if you are giving him/her a sponge bath and although not the sturdiest plastic ever, we had no fears about its ability to handle an infant. It is portable, folding up nicely as well, which came in handy as we do a bit of traveling and don’t want to relay on whatever infant baths the hotels might have or try to wash the child in a sink. Overall, its a good product that we can recommend, however I must point out that this bath sling is made for infants- and if your children are like ours, they will very quickly outgrow this product. I never felt completely comfortable placing the baby in the big bath in the baby sling, although, in fairness, the baby never slipped. Once the baby grows a bit more and starts to move, we will probably switch back to a regular infants bath. Until then- I will enjoy the cuteness.

Malinda Argos, IN

Summer Bath Sling with Warming Wings

Anything to make a mothers day easier is a 10 as far as I’m concerned. This bath sling makes it so much easier to give a baby a bath. Back in the day, you had to support the baby with one hand while trying to wash and do everything else with the other hand. This frees up both hands and makes it much easier. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because I do think that it could be a bit sturdier. I don’t see this holding up for very long.

Marjorie Macon, GA

Not as good as it looks, but does the job.

The sling is cheaply made; the head cushion is not as full and supportive as it looks. Sling does Not have a lot of slack for the baby to sink a little bit if that makes sense.

Dina Magnolia, KY

Light weight, soft wash cloths, double duty as a doll bed.

This is a nice light, quick drying baby bath sling. It is very sturdy, but with a little give to keep baby cradled happily. The ‘wings’ or wash cloths or whatever-they-are are very soft. The design is as shown in the pictures and is very pleasant to look at. Haven’t gotten any baby poo on it yet, so not sure how that will come out, but it seems like it would wash out easily. I never successfully used one of the old wire and mesh slings, they scared me and I felt like I spend more time holding baby onto the thing than washing baby. I’m very comfortable using this one and thankful to have it.

Myrna Altaville, CA

For newborns only, weight limit…

This sling is perfect for babies 9lbs or lighter. Any heavier and it doesn’t work anymore lol. But it does fit in the kitchen sink.

Noemi Fox Island, WA

Good addition to baby tub

I got a baby tub as a gift – it has a sling in it that lays the baby flat and somewhat elevated above the water. I don’t care for that so I go this little upright sling and it is a pretty nice design. Fitting right inside the other tub, it keeps the baby’s head elevated without slumping the baby into a ball. As for the warming wings – you could just use wash cloths really, but the fact that these actually attach/detach keeps them in place and makes them a handy feature.Some ppl say their baby slides down but I don’t have that problem, possibly bc I do the bath on the counter instead of in a slanted tub.

Christie Leonidas, MI

just so so

Does the job but the quality is inferior to what the photo represents. It’s not very well made and offers little head support, but I need to keep reminding myself it is a $13.00 product, so based on that alone, you are getting what you paid for.On the other hand, it does dry very quickly because of its thinness. If you have a baby tub and are looking for a product to save yourself some back strain this will do the job.

Robin Mapleton, KS

works well for tiny newborn

I found this to be a fast drying bath sling that works well to keep baby covered with the warming wings. I think that it could be sturdier with better head support but as far as price comparison goes it matches in quality.

Essie Rowlett, TX

Good for what it is

It’s good for what it is. That is, it’s for newborns or very small infants. Since most kids are only this small size for a very short time, they grow out of it very quickly. But for while they can use it, it’s a good idea.

Vilma Rensselaer, IN

Great for infants

I love that it folds for travel and drying. The little wings are perfect for washcloths! I always hate it when I feel like my babies are cold while in their baths so the wings are such a clever idea. Soft and comfortable, too.

Florine Chalmers, IN

We’ve tried other bath slings…

We have tried other bath slings and bathtubs with our newborn but so far have liked this one the best. What makes this design better in my opinion from the others is the softness of the sling and the ‘wings’ that allow you to wrap your baby up and you can use them to help wash your little one. Another feature I liked about this sling is the fact that it can be folded easily for quick storage. I found it really convenient when we traveled. It didn’t take up a lot of room, dried quickly and made it easier to give our little one a bath while we were away from home.

Gay New Market, TN