Summer Infant Best View Digital Color Video Monitor

Summer Infant Best View Digital Color Video Monitor

Award winning best view delivers parent convenience and exceptional features. With digital technology, handheld portability and a pan, scan, and zoom camera, parents are assured peace of mind and the best view of baby every time.

Main features

  • 100% digital technology for privacy and security, with a range up to 400-feet
  • 2.5″ color LCD video screen, with automatic black and white night vision
  • Pan, scan and zoom camera with controls from handheld to keep a mobile baby in view
  • Sound activated LED lights
  • Expandable system – add cameras to monitor multiple children or rooms, up to 4 total (extra cameras sold separately, item #28074) with video and audio auto-scan between rooms

Verified reviews


Three Stars

I thought it was wi-fi

Tonya Cross Junction, VA

good monitor

I bought one three years ago at target for my first child and we dropped it which I would say the handle to secure the monitor is flimsy so not really for carrying on one self the screen agent out on the fall and it wasn’t he first time I dropped it so it is sturdy but had to get anew one on the new one the picture is more clear which is good and I have no complains except for the handle to secure to the pants or were ever therice was good to

Terra Buffalo Center, IA

Summer best view monitor

Bought this monitor because I wanted something to zoom in and see my daughters breathing and also to pan around the crib as she now is rolling around in her sleep. I have another Summer Infant monitor that did not zoom or pan, it was a pretty straightforward monitor. So far I love the pan features of this camera. Although the zoom is only a zoom in or out, there is no gradient zoom. But it does the job to watch her chest rise and fall. Also the reception seems to go in and out around my house. It’s especially annoying when I’m right in my bedroom across the hall from her and the monitor is cracking and popping like its losing signal. I also noticed the night vision is more grainy that my simple monitor. I am glad I got this monitor when it was on sale and did not pay full price. I like it, don’t love it. But for the sale price its a decent monitor that you can you to track your baby, which is a must for moving sleeping babies. I do like Summer Infant monitors as you can turn off the screen at night and still hear sound. I am a very sensitive sleeper and in no way could sleep with a monitor glowing all night.

Kaye Shady Grove, PA

Easy to set up, clear picture, great sound

We purchased this monitor to replace an audio-only monitor that was on the fritz after 2 years. This monitor is great and gives us just the picture we need to check on our toddler. The camera pans around the room easily, good for toddlers who are no longer in a crib! When panning, the camera is silent, which is an important feature. The sound on the unit is very clear, especially considering how far away from our child the camera/monitor actually is. I would highly recommend this unit.

Hester Morristown, TN

Parts NOT Interchangable with other Summer Video Monitors

We purchased this one first, but the belt clip isn’t very good so it inevitably slipped off, & the handset fell and the screen was damaged. We purchased a separate set, the Slim & Secure 2, because the cameras looked identical & we were hoping they were compatible. They are not. In fact, not even the power cords are interchangeable. We were satisfied with the other aspects of the systems, but now, we’ve invested more money than we would have to buy a set with an extra camera, so we’re only so happy in the end. Hope this helps someone else make a more informed decision.

Vilma Vail, IA

Excellent camera, great value!

I should first explain the set up of this camera in my babies’ nursery. I have twins, 6 months old, and they like to sleep in the same crib together. I have simply set up the camera on their dresser, plugged it in, and started viewing them immediately! I love that I can adjust the camera from the handset, and I can clearly see both babies in the screen. The volume control is great, and the night vision works perfectly. I also REALLY like that the handset is rechargeable. Great value!

Lula Roundhead, OH

works amazing!!

only been using it a week but i love it!! I wish you could dim the screen at night though, thats just my thoughts. I havent played with it enough to know it in and out, but it was very easy to set up and I hope we have it for a long time!

Kellie Bunnlevel, NC

Summer Video Monitor

This monitor made a low clicking noise about every 20 seconds when we had it in use even at the lowest volume setting. Without any baby noise or background noise the sound lights were flickering constantly. I couldn’t keep the monitor on because it was misleading that something was going on in the baby’s room when in fact it was perfectly quiet. We tried switching locations and directions of the camera and the monitor and nothing helped. I couldn’t find any way to adjust the sound sensitivity. The video quality was good but the otherwise we were very disappointed in this model.

Michael Guymon, OK

Buy this one!!

This is a wonderful monitor! I can finally see what my child is doing! Image is so clear, and so easy to operate. Volume up and down, screen brightness, and video on/off. That’s it. No other complicated menus. So glad I got this!!!

Charity Solgohachia, AR

Amazing for the price

This monitor is really great for the price. I can see the small movements of my baby’s chest while he’s sleeping. I really love looking at this all the time at night to ease my paranoia. However my husband refuses to look at it and gets scared when I turn it on because he says it reminds him of paranormal activity.

Tia Raven, KY