Summer Infant Best View Handheld Color Video Monitor, Sliver/White

Summer Infant Best View Handheld Color Video Monitor, Sliver/White

For parents looking for the best in handheld color video monitors, Summer Infant’s ‘Best View’ Handheld Color Video Monitor is it. It’s not only 100% digital, providing a clear and secure transmission, but it looks and works great and has a 2.5″ color display screen with pan, scan and zoom camera options to get the best view of baby.

Main features

  • Color video (day) and black & white (night) and 350′ range
  • Rechargeable batteries included in parents unit (should last up to 10 hours of continuous use) and one touch video on/off button for nighttime convenience
  • Remotely pan, tilt and zoom camera from parents unit for best view of baby with easy to use scroll design to move camera up, down, left, right and zoom
  • Sound lights & low battery indicator
  • Wall achor and security clips for camera installation and camera can be placed on tabletop or wall mountable

Verified reviews


Positive Experience & Greater Peace of Mind

I purchased the Summer Infant Best View Color Video Monitor when our baby was about 3 months old — in June, 2011 –Summer Infant Best View Handheld Color Video Monitor with 2.5″ Screen(the older version) and knew that I would probably want to add a second camera when the baby was older. Sure enough, when I pulled up “best view supplemental camera” on AmazonSummer Infant Extra Camera for Best View Monitor, White, I thought it looked a little different from the camera we have, and thankfully, I read the reviews to discover that the product line had been overhauled, and that camera will NOT be compatible with the camera & monitor that we own, even though it was less than 1 year old and was sold under the exact same name. I was discouraged by the negative reviews on Amazon about Summer Infant’s poor customer service and general lack of response to other customers’ concerns with this issue, but I thought I’d spin the wheel and call anyway.I’m so glad that I did. Customer service was very understanding, and offered to upgrade the camera & monitor set I currently own to the newer version — for FREE — so that I could then add the supplemental camera that’s available here! All I did was fax over a copy of our receipt showing the date of purchase as less than one year. They didn’t even charge me shipping, and sent me a free return label for the old unit. Then I bought this supplemental camera from Amazon, and now I have a brand new monitor and TWO coordinating cameras, and I am so relieved that I can view two rooms instead of one! I have to mention that I had to have Amazon send me a replacement supplemental camera, because the first one they shipped me was a dud and didn’t turn on when plugged into the power cord, but the second one they shipped me works just fine.The upgrades to the original unit are nice — the monitor handset is thinner/lighter, and has a better clip/stand than the old one (opens wider so that it doesn’t tip over as easily). The picture and sound quality are just as good — don’t expect it to look like HD TV — you just need to see your baby, and it’s definitely clear enough for that. The new power button is more responsive than the old one, and the volume controls are no longer embedded in a menu — just one touch on the side. Switching between cameras requires going to the menu, to camera then view, then selecting which camera — so definitely not one-touch — but the sequence becomes fairly intuitive after a few times. Battery life and antenna range both seem stronger than the old system. Also the green light that indicates when the unit is on is much smaller and doesn’t cast so much light into a dark room as the older one!All in all, I recommend both the update of the original video monitor set, and the supplemental camera — hands down, and am thrilled with how Summer Infant made it possible for me to upgrade and expand our system.If you are trying to decide whether to go for a video monitor rather than just sound, I can’t recommend it highly enough! My baby never has to cry when she wakes up, because I can see her stirring and get to her before she has time to become upset. I can also see whether she’s getting into something she shouldn’t BEFORE anything can happen to her, and I can also see whether one of our pets is getting too close to her while she’s asleep. The monitor is sitting next to me right now, so I can see that she’s still deep enough asleep to finish writing this review! It’s a real lifesaver for us!

Amber Loogootee, IN

Summer’s products just Don’t last long.

This is the 2nd monitor we have purchased from the Summer Brand. The 1st quit working for no apparent reason in about 9 months because it stopped holding a charge, Even After ordering and replacing the battery (and customer service wasn’t any help). We have had our 2nd Summer baby monitor the one from the picture. But this time we have only had it almost 6 months And all of a sudden i one morning the screen just stopped working. The picture is a big jumbled mess of digital boxes and the trouble shooting tips in the manual are not helping. I really liked it while it was working and i was just about to order a 2nd camera for another child but now i have decided to just try a completely new brand. This brand is too expensive for such a poor quality of life. I would not recommend.

Lorie Verona, WI

Best Baby Gift I Got

My baby is now 5 months old and I am still loving this monitor! We initially lived in a 3 story home where the baby’s room was 2 stories above ours. The monitor worked beautifully. (only stopped working while microwave was going, go figure). But even that far away, we could clearly see and hear the baby. Now we live in a 1 story and the baby is just down the hall, so I thought I might not get as much use out of it, but boy was I wrong. This monitor is wonderful. It has helped me through the whole “crying it out” in that I can keep an eye on the baby while he is crying and make sure he is alright. I can know whether or not he is really crying or just whimpering in his sleep (which you can’t really tell with just an audio monitor), it helps me be able to shower and do other things while still feeling secure that I know what’s happening with the baby. It has allowed me to be able to get more sleep, which is absolutely priceless. I love this monitor and would recommend it for anyone. The only thing I wish it had was a clock, but that’s just a suggestion.

Essie Summit, NJ

Works well…kind of

(Eric’s wife writing this review…)Others’ reviews were really helpful with this item and my main concern was whether this would kill our wireless networks. Because of this, I purchased this at a brick and mortar store and set it up in our house to see if it would work with our wireless network (we have a Verizon FIOS router and an Apple Airport Extreme, so two wireless networks, plus lots of Bluetooth devices scattered throughout the house). The monitor worked fine and I did not notice any reduction in download speeds.Things we like about this product:- picture and sound quality are excellent. It even works in our neighbor’s house across the street.- the remote pan feature is great and it works completely silently.- the audio is really sensitive and we feel 100% confident that we will hear the slightest cry from our son in the nursery down the hall even with the volume set on the lowest setting.Things we don’t like about this product.Just one thing we don’t like: it monitor broke exactly 3 weeks after we started using it. The “volume up” button caused the camera to pan up instead so we could not find a way to use the audio feature. This resulted in my having to sleep on the floor of the nursery which was less-than-awesome. I called Summer Infant first thing this morning and I’m really unimpressed with their customer service. They were nice on the phone and they admitted that this problem had been reported with this product before. However, I had to pay to ship their defective monitor back to them and they will not send me a replacement until they receive the defective equipment (plus, they give themselves 7-10 days to send the replacement). This is three weeks in the life of a newborn that we really can’t tolerate being without a baby monitor. That’s why I’m giving this product one star. When it works, it works. When it doesn’t, it’s pretty terrible.

Lidia Edenville, MI

Works for us

I’ve had this model for about a year and haven’t had any issues. Unfortunately, last night the plug that charges the monitor randomly gave out. But fortunately, customer service responded quickly and is sending a replacement cord. Very pleased with their customer service. I really enjoy the monitor and recently purchased a second camera for our new addition to the family.

Harriet Morton, NY

Great when it lasted…

Worked for the first 10 months and then could only use it when plugged it. After 18 months, it completely died. Such a shame because I loved the features but who wants an unreliable video monitor?

Kristi Sicklerville, NJ


I really wish someone had told me not to buy this brand. Yes, I think everyone should buy a video monitor these days. The technology is amazing and it gives me peace of mind to sleep knowing I can see my children in their rooms at night (and nap time). We first bought the original best view monitor just under 2 years ago for our daughter. It was fine. After about 6 months of use, it stopped holding a charge as well as it used to. But was fine enough. Then a year ago we needed to buy a second camera for our new son’s room. I contacted Summer and asked where I could find a compatible monitor set since they had just released the new best view version. Their response? They told me I could no longer buy the old best view and that I should buy their most expensive model of monitors. I finally found a second set. I thought we would be all set for at least 5 years- I was wrong. The first set had a little prong break off so it can no longer be charged. (it works with batteries but eats them up so quickly) And now our second monitor no longer holds a charge. These products are cheap and the company does not care that I have spent a ton of money on two sets of monitors/cameras and now after a very short time, I can’t even use them. When our budget allows, we will be buying a new set- but a different brand. Terrible product, terrible customer service. DO NOT BUY.

Jo Ashton, SD

Horrible resolution and customer service

We received this monitor as a replacement for our Summer monitor that broke. The resolution on the video was awful (compared to the old summmer monitor and another brand we have recieved). I like all the features of the monitor but couldn’t get over the bad video quality. Also we had an issue with the actual monitor breaking and you have to buy a whole new system at discount(at 109.99). I received a lot of recommendations for Summer monitors but this one was not great. We also had an awful experience with customer service. I recommend either looking at a different model of Summer products or a different brand all together. Unfortunately due to our experience, we went with a different brand.

Regina Shirley Basin, WY

Very nice- love the handheld monitor!

I left the monitor buying up to my husband since he is the gadget-loving-guy. He did tons of research and came back with this one. I love it! The handheld (which is sitting here with me right now) lets you zoom in and out, move the camera around, and it works when his room is totally dark. The sound bar also goes from green to red depending on how loud he is crying. I carry the handheld with me all over the place because I wouldn’t be able to hear him from the other side of our house. It is very small- it looks like a Blackberry. I wish I could talk back to him through it sometimes (although I’m not sure that’d make a difference), but I love it overall!

Jessie Somerset Center, MI

too much interference, went in and out of service

we used this product for 1 week and returned it for a MUCH better option (the motorola video monitor). if we were too close to our cell phones, ipads, computers, there would be too much interference and we couldn’t see the video or hear the sound on the summer infant screen anymore. it was so frustrating, especially when it happens when you are trying to sleep train your baby in his own room! i had to go out at 10:00 PM and buy a new, better monitor because i wouldn’t have been able to sleep without the video and sound working on this summer infant monitor. it’s unrealistic to think parents these days won’t have electronics around the monitor. do not buy this one if you use any other wireless electronics (i.e. cell phones, ipads, wireless internet/tv, etc)

Cassie Kennedy, NY

I couldn’t live without video

I think it works fine, the picture and sound is very good, and the settings for brightness and volume can be set to any level you want. Reception works great for me.

Juanita Akiachak, AK

Battery/Charging Issues? Please read this before you give up.

I have had the Summer Infant “BestView” monitor (an older version of this one; ref ASIN B001NAATW0) for about a year. We have liked it for the most part. The biggest problem is with the battery life.After about 9 or 10 months, it simply wouldn’t take or hold a charge. Very frustrating! I was about to trash it and buy another, until I discovered that there is an easy solution. Inside the parent unit are 3 low-performing rechargeable AA batteries. They’re cheap Chinese PsOS, and can be replaced with something a lot better. Just unscrew the cover and swap them out! I like the Sanyo Eneloop brand personally, but any higher end Ni-MH rechargeable battery will work. Those will charge right in the unit and should do a much better job keeping a charge for you. Good luck!

Ella Bloomsdale, MO