Summer Infant Bibbity, Blue

Summer Infant Bibbity, Blue

A soft, wipe-clean vinyl bib with special bottom lip to catch spills. Adjustable neck closure. 9 W. x 7-1/2″ H. Set of 6″

Main features

  • Contoured collar is soft around baby’s neck and adjusts easily
  • The Bibbity rolls into its own scoop and easilty tucks into a diaper bag for meals on the go
  • After meals, simply rinse clean, no more piles of bibs to launder every day
  • FDA compliant materials, the Bibbity contains no lead, vinyl, phthalates or latex

Verified reviews


great travel bib

I bought this coz its flexible and can be folded to be stuffed into my diaper bag. i could not possibly bring my babybjorn bib. Its great to use in restaurants and has good coverage. Though i thought that it is a little big and sometimes gets in the way of my baby when he is trying to feed himself cheerios. Overall, great product, am pleased

Juanita Apalachin, NY

Too rigid.

Kid hates wearing it.I mean, he LOVES chewing on it and flinging it across the floor, but he refuses to let me put it on him.

Elma Prospect, TN

Easy to clean but awkward fit

I bought this bib for travel but don’t think my 7 month old liked it. The fir is pretty awkward and the plastic is hard to manipulate. I don’t recommend it.

Nanette White Heath, IL

We love these bibs!

These bibs are wonderful because the big pocket sticks out and is better able to catch the falling food than the soft bibs. At first our granddaughter, who was used to soft plastic bibs, did not like this one because it was more bulky and cumbersome. But we persisted, and after a couple weeks she was perfectly fine with it and never complained again. It does SUCH a better job of catching food than the soft bibs do. Had we started her on this one to begin with, I don’t think she would have ever resisted it, but she never complains at all now. We started her on it when she was 12 months, and it was a bit big for such a little person. But she "grew into it" and now, at 18 months, we wouldn’t use any other.

Holly Gorham, KS

not what i was ordering…

I recieved a ‘summers infant’ bib not the kiddopatuamus bib i was expecting (they seem to be same brand but not quite the same) i have a green kiddo one that i love, this one was much stiffer. However it still works great for the almost 2 yo’s i use it for, one of the few they can’t take off and actually catches food. It is already stained from sweet potatoe baby food, but still works. Love that i can wash in dishwasher!

Lina Woodson, IL


not happy with this bib. it is heavy. and baby can easily remove it. it is very awkward. not happy with it. tossed it after only a couple of wears.

Aurora Manorville, NY