Summer Infant Bibbity, Green

Summer Infant Bibbity, Green

The Bibbity Bib is the last bib mom will ever need to buy. The molded scoop catches food as it falls and keeps it off of baby and the floor. It’s soft and comfortable for baby to wear and made of safe, durable material that lasts for years. The neck opening is adjustable for a perfect fit. The Bibbity can be wiped clean and rolled up for travel.

Main features

  • Scoop to catch messes
  • Wipes clean in an instant
  • Rolls up for travel
  • Soft, comfortable material with adjustable neck
  • Safe, FDA compliant materials phthalate free, latex free, lead free, PVC free, BPA free

Verified reviews


Dirty, Sticky, Yuck!

I wound up returning this item to Amazon. It’s the only thing in my many years of frequent Amazon purchases that I’ve returned. The bib I received was dirty – black stuff all along one edge. At first I thought perhaps it was from shipping somehow and figured I would just wash it – no big deal. When I went to remove the bib from the cardboard it was on, I noticed spots in the plastic that had a sticky, slimy feel to it like plastic sometimes gets when it goes bad. I filed for a return and got my money back without any issues. (Which is why I gave it 2 stars as opposed to 1).

Gussie Holladay, TN

Wonderful bib, less mess!

This bib does the trick, is so much easier to feed a baby with, love the trough to catch all the food! Easy cleanup too! Highly recommmend!

Meagan Techny, IL

Spontaneous dinner out?

Great for packing in the diaper bag in case you want to eat at a restaurant and save the clothes.

Fay Clockville, NY

like a dream

I remember my brother got one of theseyears a go as a gift from Germany. I waswondering if still they make those things…Although he was more happy playing rather thanthe foods on the way. But I thing it was helpfullfor kids to try to eat them self. I bought it as agift and they loved it.

Natalia Rebuck, PA

Love it

Perfect for my 9 month old. Washes clean in a snap and can be dried and immediately reused for the next snack/meal. Soft silicone-like material. Pocket is great; baby loves picking out the bits of food that fall into it. Pocket is also great for catching liquids. Baby can’t remove this bib like she removes velcro-closure bibs. If you have a really messy eater, a bib with sleeves might be better, but, for the average baby, this bib will be the only bib you need.

John Edwards, CA