Summer Infant Bibbity, Pink

Summer Infant Bibbity, Pink

The amazing Bibbity Rinse & Roll bib is made with a unique, flexible material that gently confirms to your child’s body and adjusts for a custom fit from 6 months to 2 years. To keep the mess off your baby, the Bibbity is 100% waterproof and spills are caught by the built in scoop before landing on your child’s lap. Made with FDA compliant materials that are safe for your baby.

Main features

  • Contoured collar is soft around baby’s neck and adjusts easily
  • The Bibbity rolls into its own scoop and easilty tucks into a diaper bag for meals on the go
  • After meals, simply rinse clean, no more piles of bibs to launder every day
  • FDA compliant materials, the Bibbity contains no lead, vinyl, phthalates or latex

Verified reviews


Comparing Bibbity, Bjorn, and Bumkins bibs

I am a mother with 3 young children and I wanted to know which bibs worked the best. I have compared the Bumkins Superbib, the Babybjorn bib, the Bibbity bib, and the Bumkins Sleeved bib.With my first child, I quickly realized that using cloth bibs and putting them in the laundry after each meal was a terrible idea. They would get moldy and I had to own a dozen bibs. Then I switched to Bumkins Superbibs. They are very easy to use. I just wash them in the sink after meals and hang them on my bib drying rack. The bibs are dry and ready to use again by the next meal. Bumkins Superbibs are lightweight and my babies never mind wearing them. Since the pockets are soft, they don’t work well if the bib has been kept flat in a drawer. I always kept my Superbibs hanging upside down by the pocket on the bib drying rack. So, the pocket dried in the open position and worked better. Now my third child is 8 months old and is eating mushy baby food. Even with the Bumkins Superbibs, there are still always some oatmeal spills on his clothes. I rarely have to change his entire outfit after a meal, but I wondered if there was a better bib available. So, I bought a BabyBjorn bib and a Bibbity bib. Here are my results.Both the BabyBjorn and the Bibbity bibs are SMALLER than the Bumkins Superbibs. The Babybjorn bib is made of hard plastic (like a cup). It says “soft” in the description but that is just nonsense. The Bibbity bib is softer, like rubber.The Babybjorn bib is difficult to put on the baby because it is so hard. Even the neck strap is made of stiff plastic. I had great difficulty adjusting the neck hole because it kept hurting my son’s neck. I never could get the hole small enough to keep food from escaping onto the clothes below his chin. Plan on baby crying the entire time you are fiddling with his bib. The pocket of the bjorn bib is great and always stays open. However, because the pocket is so rigid, it clashes with the tray. My son sits on a chair that clips onto the countertop. The bjorn bib pocket kept getting caught under the countertop and then it would yank my son’s neck. He really hated wearing this bib. The BabyBjorn bib is super easy to wash in the sink. It is easy to dry with a towel so you don’t need a bib drying rack with this bib.The Bibbity bib is much better than the BabyBjorn bib. It is softer and feels like rubber. It was awkward to put on at first and my son was mad. However, he got used to it. I was able to get the neck hole small enough to keep most of the oatmeal out without hurting my son’s neck. The pocket stays open pretty well. The pocket does work better than the Bumkins Superbib pockets. The Bibbity bib is about 1 inch shorter than the Bjorn bib and is 2.5 inches shorter than the Bumkins Superbib. So, some food still ends up on the child’s lap. The Bibbity bib is very easy to wash in the sink and dry with a towel. I think the Bibbity bib works a little better than the Bumkins Superbib overall because the pocket catches more. However, my 3 year old daughter refused to wear the Bibbity bib, and said it hurt her neck. She loves to wear her Bumkins Superbibs. UPDATE. My son is now 13 months old and refuses to wear the Bibbity bib. It is just too uncomfortable. He still doesn’t mind wearing the Bumkins Bibs.Unfortunately, all 3 of these bibs left way too much food spilled on my 8 month old’s clothes. If you have a baby who eats mushy baby food and grabs the spoon, a regular bib just doesn’t give adequate protection. So, I bought 1 MORE bib. I bought the Bumkins sleeved bib. It was GREAT! It covered everything, even his lap! He could feed himself oatmeal and his clothes were very clean afterward! The sleeved bib is very easy to clean too. I just wash it off in the kitchen sink and hang it on my bib drying rack (which sits next to my kitchen sink). The sleeved bib went from dripping wet to completely dry in 2 hours. Since, the bib dries fast, I use the same sleeved bib at each meal. This way I only had to buy one.In conclusion, I recommend the Bumkins sleeved bib for any baby who eats pureed food. When they start on finger food, the Bumkins Superbibs and the Bibbity bib are good. The Bibbity work a little better than the Bumkins Superbib but your child might think they are uncomfortable. I don’t recommend the Babybjorn bib. Sorry, Babybjorn. I LOVE to wear my baby in your carrier:)UPDATE: My son is now 13 months old. He refuses to wear the Bibbity bib at all. It is too heavy and uncomfortable. He also pull off the Bumkins Superbibs, throws them on the floor, and laughs. We now use the Bumkins sleeved bib at every meal which does the best job of protecting his clothes anyway. I wash it after each meal, hang it on the bib drying rack, and it is dry in 2 hours. I throw it in the wash every few days. Here is a link to the drying rack that I am talking about.Mommy Genius Drying Rack–Dry or Display Just About Anything (Baby Bibs, Plastic or Reusable Food Storage Bags, Kitchen Dish Towels, Bathroom Hand Towels, Washcloths, Mugs, Sports Water Bottles, Herbs, Mittens, Children’s Boots, Lingerie, Holiday Orname…

Staci Glenns Ferry, ID

Bib catches nothing

I had a great bib that caught everything, I think it was called Baby Mabua or something like that. I can’t find the bib and so I ordered this one which is terrible. It is instantly stained and catches nothing.

Catherine Baltimore, MD

Stains easily

We have only used this bib a few times, but each time the baby food stained the bib! I cleaned it quickly after the baby finished eating, but it took no time for the veggies to stain. We got 2 blue bibs, and the discolorations are very obvious. Other than that, it is fine. Just not a bib I will take into public!I think this might be better for older toddlers that eat solid finger food rather than blended baby food.Changed my review to 5 star today. It is great for my toddler. The finger food falls right into the catch of this, and when he’s finished with what’s on his high-chair, he starts his second round of what fell into the bib! It’s great!

Claudia Sarepta, LA

there are better ones out there…

This didn’t work for our 8 month old. The plastic is molded inward towards the middle part of the bib so it doesn’t catch anything. Not sure if it’s from the packaging or what. My son also does not like the way it feels around his neck, he is constantly pulling on it.

Roxie Ballentine, SC

This bib stays on well

I selected this bib because during meals our 11 month old was constantly removing his other bibs. This bib looked like it would be difficult for him to remove and it is! We had a few (2 or 3) meals where he attempted to remove this bib, was unsuccessful, and was unhappy about his inability to pull it off. Since then he wears this bib and his other bibs with limited attempts at removal. That said, it is not my favorite bib as it is short and stiff so food sometimes comes off the edge of his tray, goes under the bib and on to his clothes. Some positives:It is good at catching food dropped on the way to his mouth which he will pick out of the bib pocket and eat and he seems to like to chew on it when teething.

Terry Rockdale, TX

Great bib.

We use this bib for our 9 month old. It does a great job keeping her clothes clean and catching all of the finger foods that she drops! We have two of these bibs and have no complaints.

Maryellen Eden, NC

Nice, high quality and cleans easily

My daughter is 7 months old, and this fits perfectly around her neck on the smallest setting, so that she has plenty of room to grow. She is a very small baby, so when it’s on her, it gets in the way of her moving her arms out in front of her, simply because the bib is so wide, and she is so narrow 🙂 This doesn’t bother her one bit. I typically use cloth bibs or nylon bibs at home, but this is perfect for when you’re traveling or going out to eat, or eating out at someone’s house- as you can just take it to the sink anywhere and wash it off. Or you may also wipe it down with some wet napkins if you’re at a restaurant. I did have to move the tray on her feeding chair out further one notch to accommodate the large pocket at the bottom. It is very useful- it has already caught her teething biscuit several times. She isn’t quite to the stage of eating finger foods yet, but I’m sure it will catch that food as well. Overall, good quality. I only gave it a 4 star because it’s made of plastic, and I’m trying to be as plastic free as possible- if it was silicone, that would be a 5 star for sure.

Ila Winfield, TN

Best bib ever!

This is the best bib and now it’s the only one my 17-month-old son wants to wear. It is easy to clean, dishwasher safe, stays on when properful fastened, and the design ALWAYS catches falling food. My son will even snatch the food out of his bib to eat it when he notices it’s fallen. Only downfall is that it also catches liquid and sometimes he will fold the bib up (he likes to tuck it under his chin for some reason, I think so he can get a better view of his high chair tray), so it spills out. This is a must-have bib if you have a lively baby/toddler who likes to assert his/her independence when eating. Our friends who don’t have one marvel at this bib whenever they first see our son using it. Makes for a lot less mess and faster clean-up.

Catherine West Liberty, IL

great bib

While I prefer plastic smocks for my toddlers/preschoolers, this bib is very good for the younger ones. It’s pretty flexible and seems comfortable, wipes/washes clean easily, dries quickly (with a towel) and catches the food that falls.

Diane Sula, MT

baby hates it

This bib is supposed to fit from baby to toddler. My baby is 10 months and we are on the last setting of 3. If I put it in the setting she is supposed to fit in at her age, she would be choking. The bib itself is very stiff and must be uncomfortable because baby tries to rip it off the whole time she’s eating. This product was on the cheaper side, so I recommend you pay a little extra but get your moneys worth.

Violet Boyne Falls, MI

Pocket doesn’t stay open

The way the pocket hangs, it closes up on itself, so it doesn’t catch spills very well. Stick with the OXO roll up for travel.

Katy Holcomb, KS

preferred over the Baby Bjorn bibs

I enjoy this bib because it’s more pliable than the Bjorn bibs. It rolls easier for stuffing into a diaper bag plus it’s much cheaper. I own both brands and this one is just as easy to clean.

Jaclyn Newry, ME

Great bib once you clean it.

I really like this bib. The package says the minimum age is 8 months, but I’ve used it on my 5 1/2 month old. It’s a softer plastic material, so you don’t have to worry about the hard edges like other bibs of this style. The size is also right for my younger baby. It fits her perfectly when she’s in her high chair. We might have a problem once she gets older. It’s very easy to clean, and I’ve even washed it on the top shelf of my dishwasher.My only complaint is how it was shipped to me. Like other reviewers, I found it was covered in a dark, oily substance. When I took the bib out of the box, I noticed it was on all my other items and my hands and that it had even leaked through the box. Gross!

Jeannie Sugar City, ID

Daughter Didn’t Like It

My daughter was never a fan of bibs and this was one of the ones she hated the most. The plastic is heavy and I think that was what she least appreciated about the bib. It also did not really catch spills, since most of them happened at arms length rather than right under her chin. The bib also seemed uncomfortable since it was so heavy and it never wanted to lay flat. The material also stained badly, and would not come out no matter what cleaning method I tried.It does protect clothing from stains better than a cloth bib, since pureed foods can’t soak through the material and get onto clothing. It also has an adjustable size which is helpful for growing babies, it can be used for a long time. It is also easily cleaned in the sink as opposed to having to wash it with the rest of the laundry like cloth bibs.

Frances Otego, NY

Something to finally catch food!

Everything that didn’t make it my son’s mouth at the dinner table went down his bib and missed the bottom pocket so it ended up on his lap. I saw a friend with a similar bib and decided to try my own – this one. It works great. The three settings for the neck size are good. And the pocket catches most food. The blue color does get stained from tomato sauce type things, but the stain seems to fade almost away after a few days and a few washes.

Lavonne Davant, LA

good product with reasonable price, but too short

The bib is very easy to clean and it dried quickly. My baby loves it and he won’t be able to pull it of (he did it to other cloth bibs). But unlikely this is a bit too short and it covers down to only half of his stomach and my baby is just 8 months old.

Joanna Mountain Pine, AR

Love It!

The bibs are great! They definitely make mealtimes a lot neater. My boys manage to get the food Everywhere, but these bibs make clean up a breeze. Yes they do get food stains, but honestly…what doesn’t get stained by carrot?? Better the bibs than their clothes!

Aimee Glen Fork, WV

Awesome bib.

Awesome bib, but i gave it only four stars because my one-year-old learned how to undo it. Luckily, my stepsister bought me the Tommy Tippee ones, very comparable to this one, that are impossible to get undone with little fingers.It held up well for a year, some staining but nothing awful. I’m keeping this one in the diaper bag for travel and keeping the Tommy Tippee ones for use at home.

Norma Belgrade, MT


I bought this for my daughter as she was starting on solids 2 months ago. she is messy but this bib keeps the food from clothes. She has a small neck so in the beginning it used to bug her, but now she loves it. I put a regular bib under it as she loves to nibble on the Bibbty neck while eating. It does stain a bit from sweet potatoes and carrot, but it is not a big deal at all.

Hillary Nebraska, IN

This bib rocks!

I bought this bib after using some limp plastic bibs that have pockets. This bib is great because of its structure and it’s so easy to clean. It’s easy to rinse off after meals.

Camille Chippewa Bay, NY

Not as good as the Baby Bjorn

We have been using the Baby Bjorn bib, but sometimes my son cried when I put the Bjorn one on because its so stiff (he’s used to it now, though). I wanted to try this out because it looked like the same thing, cheaper, and less rigid. Unfortunately, by being less rigid, the pocket doesn’t really open, but folds in onto itself so that food isn’t caught but just slides off and onto lap. We don’t use it anymore. Maybe when he’s much older and doesn’t need the food catcher (will that ever happen??). But as of now, its pretty much useless.

Gwendolyn Middlebury, CT

just ok

Yes, these bibs are nice because they are easily washable, but the little pouch at the bottom does not stay open all the time so food ends up on my little man’s lap. To me, not really worth it for the price. if I had to do it over again, i would just buy those paper throw away bibs that have a little pocket. they work a lot better in my opinion.

Jordan Okahumpka, FL

Great for the price

This is a pretty good bib, it is very flexible. It does have a seam running horizontally in the middle of bib. Also needed a bit of trimming around the neck but for the price it was worth it. Good size for my 8 month old daughter, it will fit her for quite awhile. It catches most drips and mushy food. Very easy to clean, just rinse after meal and let dry and it will be ready for next use. It is kind of short but if it was longer it may just get caught on the highchair tray. I would definitely recommend it.

Dayna Ward, SC

A good bib.

I got this for my son and while no bib will ever catch every single little thing, this one did really well.I like that it is easy to clean as well since it’s all rubbery, I didn’t have to wait long to reuse it.

Maryann Sealston, VA

First solids bib fail

I bought this for my son’s first solid foods at almost 7 months. He hated it and we took it off immediately. I can see why, it gets in the way. I think this bib will be good for when he’s older, but for now he needs a soft plastic lined bib.

Dorothy Henriette, MN

The only bib you need, really!

I am a bit of a minimalist, not extreme about it, but I like to have one good thing and use it alot. This bib is it. I ordered a couple others and got some hand-me-downs, but this is the one we use 3x a day and I bring with me traveling. I started using it when my baby was 6 mo and at 9 mo it still fits great. The next opening is a little rough but she doesn’t seem to mind. I have the pink one and yes it has gotten discolored from tomatoes and such, but it’s a bib- really, not a fashion statement. The best part is that you can wash it after each use, hand it upside down from a flat spatula in the dish rack and it is dry and ready to go at the next meal. You really only need one! No laundry or wet bib.

Katrina Washington, MI

My son didn’t like this bib

My son didn’t like how this fit around his neck. I guess he prefers the ones that are not so rigid.

Esperanza Buffalo, MO

Nice idea, but my son hates it

I remember these type of bibs from my childhood and I thought it’d be a handy product. My son generally doesn’t like bibs very much, but this one he hates and he throws a fit to the point that I can’t feed him with it on. It’s so large and I guess the texture of it doesn’t feel comfortable for him either. Maybe when he gets older I’ll be able to use it.

Karen Weldon, IL

It’s okay

Some may like the sturdiness of this product but I think it is bulky and just okay. I’m going to return it because I’m not super happy with it. I like the bumkins superbib better which at first I thought was too flimsy and too pricey but turned out to be great because it is easy to wash after use and dries quickly.

Cassandra North Salem, NH

Not what I was expecting

These bibs are a nice idea, but they are bulky, heavy, not easy to put on, and they chafe baby’s neck… especially if/when they are pulling at them.

Casey Gallipolis Ferry, WV