Summer Infant By Your Side Sleeper Portable Bedding

Summer Infant By Your Side Sleeper Portable Bedding

The Summer Infant By Your Side Sleeper is designed with baby’s safety and comfort in mind. A sturdy metal frame protects baby from parents rolling over. The mesh sides help keep your baby at a comfortable temperature and allow parents to easily see their sleeping baby. The included cover is removable and machine washable. The Summer Infant By Your Side Sleeper provides a cozy and comfortable environment for bed sharing with baby.

Main features

  • Clear view of baby for parents piece of mind
  • Mesh sides help air circulate better, protecting baby from overheating
  • Sturdy metal frame
  • Soft, comfortable fabrics
  • Includes mattress pad and fitted sheet

Verified reviews


Nice, but hard to reach in/out

This is a good product, and certainly functions very well as a bassinet that you can keep on your bed. My 2 month old daughter has plenty of room to grow in it and I can see her staying in this for another couple of months. The mattress in it is thin, but substantial enough that this is all I need for her for a travel bed for a few days.I already had the fisher price rocker sleeper. I bought this because I found that I was reaching for the baby in middle of the night to nurse and not putting her back into the rocker because we’d both fall asleep. That worried me, so I wanted an in bed solution.My big problem with this sleeper is that it takes just as much effort to put her in and out of this as it does to put her in and out of the rocker beside the bed. So I’m not sure there was any advantage to getting this. Having her on the bed is nice, but the rocker was right beside me too.I’ve already hit my daughters head twice (not hard) putting her in and out of this. When you are tired and half asleep and you are lifting a 10-15 lb baby over the sides … well, you probably shouldn’t. Better to sit up, wake up, and reach into this as if you were reaching into a crib.So basically – if you want a cosleeping product to make it safer to have the baby in your bed, this is a great solution. But if you’re looking for something that can allow you to easily breastfeed and then fall right back asleep, then this isn’t really any better than a bassinet at the side of the bed. In fact, I think a bassinet that is level with your mattress would be easier. Even my rocker which was lower than my mattress was better because there was nothing to bump her on as I reached in and out.

Natasha Exmore, VA

Best cosleeper out there

This is much better than the other sleepers we looked at. My observations:- It is well designed. It has a sturdy, folding metal frame and a waterproof matress with a slip-cover. The matress isn’t any harder than a crib mattress.- It’s longer than other cosleepers, so your baby won’t outgrow it until at least 5-6 months. By then he should be mostly sleeping through the night.- It is a little wide for a queen size bed, but if you slide it down so the top is at waist level so you have more room for your arms, it isn’t so bad.- It can also double for a laundry basket or pet bed when your little one outgrows it. Just saying.

Wendi Tallahassee, FL


This thing is a bed hog! Unless you have a king, there will not be space for two adults if you have this in the center of your bed. Plus, the sides are rigid so if you want to sleep with your hand on the baby your arm is going to lose feeling after 5 minutes. Also, if your kid likes to sleep with their arms up there won’t be enough room in this. We returned this after one night.We used a contoured changing pad placed between us instead of a structured cosleeping apartus and it worked great. Felt silly that we didn’t think of that to start with. It is high enough on the sides that you won’t roll on your baby (not that you would have anyway) and it is soft enough that you can have your hand on the baby and your forearm resting on the edge of this while still being comfortable. If you eventually sidecar your crib to your bed, you can easily transition the pad onto the mattress until the kiddo is big enough to lay in the mattress. But the best part is that when your little one is still sleeping on the pad with you in the bed, you can put them down into the pad at the edge of the bed (have your spouse drag it over to the edge closest to where you are standing holding the sleeping baby), put the kiddo into it, and then drag it into the center of the bed and you won’t wake the baby because you can put them down easily and once they are in it you aren’t really moving them if you move the pad around. If you want the baby closer to one of you in the night, you just pull the pad over to you. We used the summer infant pad and I cut off the seat belt part. Then we just got a cover for the pad so that it was soft and warm for baby.This pad:;=1363819860&sr;=8-1&keywords;=contoured+changing+pad

Mandy Brewster, NE

Replaced mattress and sheet with organic products for every night use

I received this from a friend and I was not a fan of the mattress or the one sheet. So, I purchased theNaturepedic Organic Cotton Bassinet Oval Mattresswhich measures 14×29. It is about 1 inch shorter than the mattress that the Sleeper comes with, and about 1 inch wider. BUT the mattress it comes with, when pushed up against the head or foot, does already leave about a 1 inch gap, so I don’t think that the Naturepedic Mattress is much different. It is thicker and firmer and when pushed up against the head makes a tight fit at the top and much tighter on the sides. Then I rolled up a prefold to wedge at the bottom by the baby’s feet. The fit is much tighter and firmer and I think better for every night/day use. However, when traveling I will use the mattress that it came with because otherwise it would not fold up. As for the sheet, I purchased 2 of theKushies Organic Jersey Bassinet Fitted Sheet, Mochawhich fits both the original mattress and the Naturepedic Mattress, even after washing. Baby is not here yet, but I think that this will work well for me.

Violet Manila, AR

Made my baby smell like CHEMICALS

I’ll start with the bad since safety is what is important here:#1 Smells like Chemicals. I don’t know if its fire retardant or the material it’s made of but when I picked my baby up and cradeled her to get ready for a feeding, MY BABY AND HER CLOTHING SMELLED LIKE CHEMICALS!#2 When you click the bassinet from the folded position into the assembled position, there is a sticker that you are supposed to refer to in order to know if it’s locked or not. The sticker is half red, half green. When you click one side, the sticker shows green as it is supposed to. When you click the other side, it does show green but still shows about 1/4 inch of red which makes you second guess whether it is properly locked into place or not. I believe it is locked because I can hear it click and it seems secure but a safety check item like this should be installed to display correctly. It wouldn’t be the first time I had this type of problem on something made in China… but this could be serious.#3 You have to screw on the plastic parts that attach to the bottom of the legs and 2 out of 4 won’t screw on. The screws just strip. I cannot for the life of my understand why this bassinet doesn’t come from the factory with these plastic pieces already attached as they aren’t gaining anything by making us install them (especially when they don’t install properly).The good:#1 The priceFinal conclusion:I will be keeping this BUT, I will not let my baby sleep in it again until I replace the smelly mattress pad with an organic one from nature pedic. I already own the nature pedic organic changing pad and cannot say enough about it! It’s GREAT. It should be a huge red flag to all when your baby comes out of the bassinet smelling like chemicals!

Blanca Sandgap, KY

Must for registries – babies really don’t seem to sleep in cribs until older

I am not sure if this is bedding or the actual sleeper, but the sleeper itself is great and has all the bedding your baby will need. It is only usable for a few months, but thinking of how many hours of sleep it saved us, it is totally worth it.I expected that baby will sleep in the expensive crib we got, and was against having the baby sleep in our bed originally, but this is the only way we can all get some sleep. Some great features of this:- Either my husband or I can rock the baby while she is in this in our bed without walking over the regular crib or getting out of bed.- I like the mesh sides as I am not scared baby will suffocate if she moves too close to the edge of the sleeper- With this sleeper in it, our queen size bed is a tight fit, but we can manage if it means a few extra hours of sleep. Helps to put it a little lower in the bed (more towards the middle), so you are able to move arms without touching the sleeper.- The sides are sturdy and make this a safe co-sleeping option.- Great deal for the money!Munchkin white noise machine seems to be another great to have item in addition to this to help the baby sleep better.

Louella Chappells, SC

Didn’t care for

Did not work well at all. Baby didn’t sleep well in it. I thought this item was a waste of money. It was impossible to keep it from leaning to one side of the baby and the baby roll to one side. My husband and I are both fairly small people so it wasn’t like there was a lot of weight on oneside making it lean.

Malinda Earth City, MO

Huge and clunky

This could MAYBE work for someone with a king bed. We have a queen and it was WAY to big to use, not to mention it’s heavy and clunky, plus our son hated being laid down in it. Not to mention that the legs are defective and WILL NOT stay on. The snugglenest is a much better option. We are returning this.

Kitty Cullen, VA

Great Product

Very nice to be able to safely place newborn in our king sized bed between us so we can listen to him breathe, wiggle. We also bought a Summer Infant bed that has a 30* incline and we use that one every night now. The incline was necessary for reducing spitup. This flat one we will prob go back to once he doesnt spit up so much. This would also make a great travel bed. I like the mesh sides for insuring airflow. Great neutral color….beige. I get tired of loud prints in our adult rooms.

John Start, LA

Cosleeper is wonderful

I only wish I had this for my first child too! This is great for nursing baby in the middle of the night. It gives both my husband and I piece of mind that our baby will be safer sleeping on our bed when she’s in this cosleeper. I wish it were a little longer. I will be sad when she outgrows it but I guess it will then be time for her to transition to her crib anyway.

Olga Max, NE

very nice and handy to have!

Ok, so when our third child came along we needed something small, and portable for the baby to sleep in until she was sleeping through most of the night. This was a good price so i ordered it.The good stuff…Its compact. It arrived folded in half, fully assembled. All i had to do was unfold it, fold down the legs and snap them into place. Took 30 seconds!It sits super low to the ground…maybe an inch or so up. I like this because i could set it next to the sofa in my living room and read a book or watch a movie when my baby napped and it was super easy to put her in and out between feedings/diaper changes.It works well for dad or big brothers/sisters for diaper changes! It has sides and is so low that you can sit beside it to change a diaper and baby cant roll away. My 11 year old learned to change babies diaper this way and i know that my baby is safe the whole time since she cant roll and fall anywhere.The not so great stuff…The sheet. There is only one, its thin, scratchy, doesnt wash well and is hard to get back on after being washed. I washed it prior to baby using it and then decided to not use it at all. Instead i use a narrow looking king sized pillow sham that opens in the back. Its softer, perfect sized, and washes better.I wish it had a case with handles for travel..but no case.Matress is thin! It makes it very compact for travel, but if you plan to have your baby sleep exclusivly in something you may want to spend a little more and get something with a more supportive matress.All in all, we like this sleeper. It works for us for what i wanted, a place for my baby to nap when not at home and a safe spot for her to sleep when she decided to stay awake or fuss in the middle of the night. My older child who shares a room with baby gets to sleep at night, and so does baby.

Jerry Lansdale, PA

You get what you pay for

This bassinet works but its not the best. It’s very cheaply made. I bought this bc my son is out growing the Uppababy bassinet which we have him sleeping in now. It’s definitely longer but the mattress is so cheap and I’m afraid it’s not going to be comfortable for my baby. I am using it however on a trip we’re taking next month. I love how it folds up. That’s key! So bottom line buy it for raid trips don’t expect your kid to use it as a bed. It’s only $40 so for road trips its worth it.

Joann Roulette, PA

This made me comfortable to co-sleep for the first 8 weeks.

It is good for the baby and good for you to sleep close together in the beginning, and this is the safe way to do it. The crib just felt too big and far away so this was our co-sleeping option of choice for the first 8 weeks of our son’s life. It needs a king bed, but is easier to travel with and takes up less space around the bed than the other options. This one comes without the noise/vibration box, which we found to be pretty useless. Also, the Arm’s Reach bedside bassinet is an equally nice option, as long as you have the room around the bed and aren’t traveling with it. We used this for the first 8 weeks and then transitioned to the crib in our room when our big boy started to outgrow it.

Marisol Wildersville, TN

portable changer, too

We use this bed more as a portable changing table than sleeping quarters. Our baby likes to rock, so he has been sleeping in the swing. This product is super light and we carry it all over the house. Its great for laying the baby on the bed and keeping the toddler separate while I change the laundry, etc… I highly recommend this product, especially if you have an older sibling, it helps to create boundaries!

Veronica Cedar Springs, MI

Doesnt work well on a softer bed

The product is exactly as stated. It is a good build quality and we were happy with the product. The issue we found is that you need to place a baby on a flat surface. If its not flat the baby will slide or roll to one side or another. This worried us to find the baby rolled all the way to the edge with his face in the mesh. The problem is when you lay in a bed and put this next to you the feet that are closer to you will sit lower than those that are further from you…..which creates an uneven surface. We did use it like a bassinet on two night stands but the baby just doesn’t sleep very long on it. Ultimately I recommend getting the Fisher-Price Deluxe Newborn Rock ‘N Play Sleeper. It is what we use religiously. It keeps the baby in the bedroom with us and he is able to sleep for a good 3-4 hours at a time.

Latanya Indian Valley, ID

Great co-sleeper!

I really love this co-sleeper and would give it 5 stars except that I find it very difficult to lift the baby out of it or put him in it and I wish there was a way to put the side down or make it easier to do that. I also wish they would have wrapped the metal legs with something soft…it would be easy for a baby to hurt their head since it’s only mesh between them. My baby sleeps very well in it though and I love having him in the bed next to me while feeling that he’s safe and secure inside it. I highly recommend this if you want your baby to sleep in bed with you.

Socorro Woodstock, IL

Love the idea of this but mattress pad a little shaky and too hard!

I hope to use this when my little one is a little older. He’s two months old now and when we brought him home from the hospital we put him in this in our King sized bed with us. The mattress pad kind of floats since it dangles and it moves too much. Also, the pad itself is very hard. I wanted to put something a little more comfy but not too cushy. I’ll probably use it when he gets on a better sleep schedule.

Lucille Crook, CO

cant say enough good stuff A+++

every single woman should have 1 of these. this is the best thing I have ever owned. the baby was safe in here. it is built safely. it is so easy to use. must must must have for any newborn!!!!

Jenifer Taylorsville, KY

Nice product. Took up too much space.

This was a well made product and a good idea but it took up too much space to be practical in our queen bed. We are both average weight individuals. I only recommend if you have a king size bed or sleep completely still. Folds up nicely and is good for traveling though. Nice product.

Candice Valleyford, WA

Baby hasn’t arrived but this is sturdy and we’ll test it out

I returned a cheaper Snuggle Nest which was really cheap in construction but this is so far looking good. I plan to use it for in-room sleeping

Marguerite Eagletown, OK

Okay for back sleepers

My son won’t sleep flat on his back, so didn’t work for us. Otherwise it’s a great and safe option for co-sleeping. It is large, so fit well in our king size bed, but if two people and this in a smaller bed, might not work.

Shelly Littlefield, AZ

Great light product for travel

My wife and I have been using two of these beds for our twins and highly recommend them. They fold up and can fit in a standard suitcase, they’re light enough to carry around and can fit in just about any room in house.Lately we’ve been sleeping upstairs and carrying the beds down to the living room for the day and it’s worked great.The girls seem to love them too.

Bridget Howard Lake, MN

Good stuff

We bought two of these to co-sleep with our twins. This did a great job of keeping them contained and safe while they slept in between my husband and I. We were quite nervous about being new parents and this product helped us stay close to them in the beginning stages. Honestly, we did quite a bit of traveling within the first 6mo and we took these on road trips and all that.It folds up quite easily and prob to about half its full size. Once I got the hang of doing it, it was easy peasy. Def a good buy.

Alba Johnsonville, IL

Not a bad product.

It does everything as prescribed – opens/closes easily, sits in the bed with mommy, you can see through the sides which are breathable, and it is easily transportable. I do think the mattress is a bit flimsy and it’s plastic which is why I gave it 4 stars. Just a wish – it would be great if this product entailed the ability to adjust the head incline for babies who spit up often…

Katrina Masontown, WV

It serves the purpose, but it’s not cozy.

If you want your baby to sleep in the bed with you, I’m sure this is fine. Our baby hated it as a newborn. I think that’s because the bottom is not very soft. Also, if you are looking for a place for newborns to sleep (WORD TO FIRST TIME PARENTS), they crave something more cozy, something that surrounds them with comfort. Also, a lot of babies like to sleep semi upright for a while. Look for a little rocker, swinger, soother type thing that will cuddle your baby.

Cathy Fort Sill, OK

Not really useful

It didn’t work out for us. It almost fell over in the bed when someone would move. That and the baby really physically wants to be right next to you anyways. It’s a good idea but in reality it’s not the right solution. A next to the bed bassinet would be much safer and useful. We did use it as a travel changing station though, so I gave it two stars.

Marva Loganville, GA

Safe & easy

Easy to set up, fairly easy to collapse for travel. My 6lb son fits in it with lots of room to grow. The mesh makes it more difficult for him to suffocate, and the framing will keep him in a safe spot, especially when we travel.

Cathleen Shippenville, PA

Daughter has loved this for her new baby!

Purchased in December for a new grandbaby. My daughter just raves about this little co-sleeper and uses it everyday. It is not a problem for her to pack it up and bring to my house when she and the baby visit. It’s very portable and isn’t heavy. We have no complaints and she would recommend this product to any new mom. She successfully used it in a queen bed during the first few weeks of nursing. Now she puts it in her Graco Pack N Play in their room and the baby sleeps through the night there; she is now seven weeks. She might have a few more weeks to go in it before she outgrows it and moves into her regular crib.

Queen Savage, MT

Great item!

I put this sleeper inside my newborn’s crib because he was born early and tiny. It’s a perfect size and he’s still able to fit into it at 3 months. I’ve swaddled him in it and also just laid him in it. It’s snug enough where he feels secure and content. He falls right to sleep. I didn’t co-sleep with my son but for any mom that is, this sleeper has a comfy mattress for baby and mesh sides so there is no need to worry about suffocation.

Laurel Medford, OK


I initially bought the Brica travel bassinet but was not impressed with how flimsy it seemed, and the base did not sit flat. This is much sturdier but still folds shut. My only complaint before getting to use it (still pregnant) is that the sheet it comes with is gross polyester but I bought this Carters bassinet sheet that fits perfectly! […]

Sondra Hanamaulu, HI