Summer Infant By Your Side Sleeper

Summer Infant By Your Side Sleeper

The Summer Infant By Your Side Sleeper provides a cozy and comfortable environment for bed sharing with baby. A sturdy metal frame protects baby from parents rolling over. The mesh sides help keep your baby at a comfortable temperature and allow parents to easily see their sleeping baby.

Main features

  • Sturdy metal frame folds compactly for travel
  • Mesh sides provide clear view of baby and helps air circulate to prevent baby from overheating
  • Includes mattress pad and soft, comfortable cotton fitted sheet

Verified reviews


very safe but hard to use

The raised sides made me feel baby was very safe sleeping with me, but they were so high I had to fully sit up and reach in to get him. Returned and will use my bedside co-sleeper instead. I did love how breathable the sides were and it was very well constructed. Just about 2 inches too tall.

Andrea Cat Spring, TX

It’s OK but could be better

This sleeper is OK but it’s way too narrow when my baby is only a month and a half old. He likes to sleep diagonal even though I put him straight when he falls asleep. Therefore his head would rub against the mesh and he couldn’t kick and stretch his legs. He then wakes up because it’s not very comfortable. It would be better if:1) It’s adjustable or come with different sizes to fit beds of different width. We definitely want it to be wider.2) The plastic waterproof mattress is too thin and slippery for the baby even though we put a blanket on it.It would be nice if the cover has a little bit padding.Otherwise the quality of the mesh and the frame is very good.

Alyce Holmes Mill, KY


If you are looking at this co sleeper with the idea that it will make it easier to get the baby in and out of for late night feedings I will warn you that it is not easy to lift the baby in and out of out of. It takes as much effort as reaching into a crib or bedside bassinet. It is actually pretty deep so it is more awkward to be turning around in bed to get the baby out. I like that I can see my baby and get the satisfaction of sleeping next to her, safely. We have a queen size bed and its pretty cramped, but not impossible. The pad is not too hard not too soft. The mesh is very breathable. It folds up nicely, smaller than you would expect given its size, so I think it would travel well.

Aisha Altha, FL


Was amazing gift for myself. My husband travels a lot so this was a perfect solution to taking care of a newborn myslef. We still use this product sometimes we can just stick it in the bed with us. I also have been able to take it to family members houses when there for extended periods of time. Babies r us bassinet sheets work great to cover the "mattress" it comes with. My baby is almost three months old and 14 lb. and we are still using this thing. Wish they made a size bigger so I could keep using it!! Great great great purchase!! Arrived in almost no time as well!

Delores Cardiff By The Sea, CA

Theoretically great

I bought this because I wanted a place for baby to sleep in the living room that wasn’t the swing. I heard that sleeping in the swing was going to make him addicted to sleeping in the swing.So, he sleeps in the swing and that hasn’t happened. "Every baby is different" disclaimer here.I put him in the swing because I was going to put this on the Jolly Jumper stand. Next to the rocking chair. I had a vision. FYI, this does not fit the Jolly Jumper stand. Nothing fits that g-d stand.If you have the finger strength of a professional rock climber and the patience of a Zen master, you will love using this as a travel bassinet. I understand that there are very good reasons for this bassinet not to collapse easily but really, invisible designer people? I almost lost my will to live trying to get that thing to fold into the closet where it will never see the light of day again. Granted, I was operating on about 3 hours of sleep. But still.The design of this thing is not bad. If it could fold more easily, and if there was a reasonable bassinet stand option on Amazon, it would be great. But this is one of a handful of things that we’ve classified as an Amazon baby fail in our house.

Latonya Ravencliff, WV

Great for travel

Purchased this for travel with a 3 mo old infant for trips to visit the grandparents and in various hotels. Folds up to be very compact. So much easier to bring than a pack-n-play! A few notes:- I really like how one end is fully breathable mesh so I don’t have to worry about my baby suffocating. However, I wonder why they didn’t make both ends fully meshed. I always have to make sure I put my baby’s head on the right side, and I can see people forgetting.- I expect my baby to outgrow this within the next few months, but was still worth it for the use we got out of it.- Our baby was 3 months old and unable to completely roll from back to tummy when using this bassinet. Now that she rolls at 4 months, I don’t know if this will work well anymore. It might be too confining. Since she is used to sleeping in a regular crib, it seemed like she felt a bit confined at first and, if frustrated, would use her legs to push against the walls and launch/wedge herself into the opposite end of this bassinet. She only did it a couple of times, but it didn’t look too comfortable.- Finicky to fold-up.- Used an American Baby Mini Crib Sheet (B000O7SR18with it. If the extra material is tucked underneath, it works very well.- We don’t co-sleep, but I would imagine that it would be easier for co-sleeping if the walls of the bassinet were slightly lower.

Phyllis Arlington, SD

Maybe Just My Baby

We tried everything at first to get my baby to sleep. A bassinet next to our bed – nope. Bouncy chair – nope – crib – nope. He would only sleep in a boppy lounger pillow in between us on our bed. Though, due to the large not for sleeping patch on it, we still kept looking. We over nighted this when we came across it but he would not only not sleep in it, but was able to roll onto his side ( at 1 week old) and lay completely smushed against the mesh ( I’d look over to him just staring at me while licking the mesh every time.) The bars were very clunky under the mattress pad as well.In case you’re wondering what did work, the winner was a swing until he transitioned to his crib at 7 weeks.

Kitty Averill Park, NY

It could work

This is a cute, snug little basket for a newborn. The only problem is that in a Queen size bed with a mommy and a daddy, it gets a little cramped. I’m not a big gal and felt squished! But, we love it for snoozing/playing while we are down in the playroom with my bigger kids. It’s a nice little place for new baby to kick and wiggle without getting stepped on by the big ones!

Beverley Tuntutuliak, AK

Can’t crush the kid, but….

once the kid spit up in the co-sleeper. Not good. Despite me picking him up as quickly as I could, it ran over the edge. All over my bed too. No problem, that’s what water proof pads are for. Oh wait, while the cushion in this one is covered in vinyl, the base of it is covered in fake cloth. How do you clean this?!? I wiped it off with a damp wash cloth, along with the side mesh and the fabric "T" that is on the side. We will see if it starts to smell in a few days or not. A pee diaper leak would have been catastrophic. There isn’t a way to take the mesh out, or the bed support to wash it either. Only the cushion and sheet come out.

Sasha Floyd, NM

Its ok at best.

Here is why i gave it 2 stars. Its to deep, very difficult to put/take baby out. not sure why it has to be so deep. we basically just fold it down and have him sleep w/ it down which makes it very flimsy but its to deep to try to get him in/out in middle of night. 2nd issue is that legs are very unsturdy, the lock is very weak. this thing will collapse with very little effort another reason we dont have it up.if those 2 issues were addressed it would be 5/5

Luisa Preston Park, PA

Very useful when baby is very young

Sleeping with a baby in bed is extremely dangerous, this product allows for baby (ours fit for maybe first 2-3 months) to sleep in bed with mom and dad.

Patty Dearborn, MI

I despise this product

It is not stable on our bed, even though that is it’s designed and stated use. The baby rolls to the side and against the mesh even when this is on a hard, flat surface. ( when we found out we couldn’t use it in bed, we tried using it like a bassinet during the day in our living room? The bottom part (mattress) and is not attached to the base and when he moves in it, he tumbles to one side. (Kind of like you would in a hammock). It is unstable and dangerous. I have used other co sleepers and was shocked by how dangerous this is. It is collecting dust, has never been successfully used and was an expensive piece of junk!

Dorothy Justin, TX

Perfect for co-sleeping

This is tall and sturdy enough to make you confident you wont roll over on your baby. The mesh goes almost all the way around, I cant see that being a problem, I just keep the babies head at the end that is all mesh. Seems easy to wipe up any accidents if need be.I would recommend this!

Lily West Point, CA

Works good for cosleeping

Sturdy, well built. Difficult to fold. and one end was kinda flimsy.But difficult to wake up and scoop an infant out. the sides were bit too high for that.

Lina New Blaine, AR