Summer Infant – Car Seat RayShade

Summer Infant – Car Seat RayShade


Main features

  • UPF 50+ VISOR

Verified reviews


Not bad

This was short lived as its intended use. It was easy to attach and I had no trouble keeping it in place. But the only way for it to provide shade for my rear facing toddler was if I pulled so far forward basically putting it in his face. Not really the product’s fault. I ended up using its connector to just hang from the handle above the door. In my mini van, it’s just the right length and width to hang on the side blocking the light in his face from there. And I could just slide it out of the way when I opened the door. Every other shade meant for window use had many bad reviews and I wasn’t convinced they wouldn’t hurt him in a sudden stop or crash. This is light and won’t fall out of place since I’ve used the velcro strap. So while it isn’t working the way I thought it would, it’s working.

Gale Kathleen, FL

Not the best but much better then a screaming child with sun in his eyes

So… it gets the job done most times, Its flimsiness is sometimes incredibly annoying yet its the reason it gets the job done most times.What i mean is… if the visor was only installed in place and couldn’t be pushed around ie. (up, down, sideways, lower, higher…ect) it wouldn’t get the sun out of his eyes. Its because of its flimsiness that i can push it into whatever place it needs to be to block our ever moving sun. :-)Also, i’m talking about moving it while driving sometimes without seeing or looking back there. (my son’s car seat is in the middle position of our car).Annoying things about it…1. sometimes it’s moved up and sort of blocks my view. (which is pretty easy to remedy although may need to pull over to do this)2. My son can grab it and easily move it to another position that doesn’t block the sun anymore or pull it all the way down to his face.Overall… it was only $12 and there is considerably less crying while in the car with the sun shining in the rear window.If i could find a shade, like had been on the baby car seat, which is attached to the seat and folds down/up I would try that but since that doesn’t seem to exist anywhere I’ve looked i think this is a pretty good visor for the dollar and time period while rear facing.Happy Driving 🙂

Camilla Noble, MO

Stupid design.

This comes with no directions on how to attach it to the carseats nor does it have fasteners that may lead you to get an idea as to how you might attach it. It does not sit flush. I am really pissed that I spent any money on the crap. It’s so cheaply made you could do a better job shading a carseats with a newspaper.

Allene East Vandergrift, PA

Perfect solution

Great buy, we just lay it over his car seat when we are driving and it more than doubles the shade from the carsear hood.

Michell Edwardsville, IL

Good overall

For convertible car seat without sunshade this is probably one of a kind solution.Not fit perfectly but definitely better than nothing.Better used for forward facing than rear facing. We tried both ways.The meshed sides are good for air circulation but doesn’t block sun raysso to make it fully work in summer sun it has to be pulled down very low.Luckily my two year old likes to be covered and invisible to us sometimes so it works out fine.I expect it to work next summer when we head out to the beach.It blocks street lights at night time so it doesn’t hit the child’s face directly when she’srear facing. Forward facing it blocks street lights from the side.Anyway, it’s worthwhile to have one of this and its price is right.I don’t think more expensive ones would do much better though,because the convertible car seat is usually quite wide and tall.Any sunshade would need to be adjusted manually.Add a heavy duty paper clip on the back stripe helps.

Clarice Marion, KY

Doesn’t stay in place for very long.

Once your baby starts grabbing and swatting at this, it pops right out of position. Plus the mesh sides doesn’t do much for blocking the sun when the sun is low position.

Serena Sweetwater, OK

Bought to use with Burley Bee – Perfect

Bought this to use in our Burley Bee bike trailer. We live in North Carolina and I was having a hard time keeping the sun off of our ten month old. This works perfectly, like it was designed for the Burley. Love it.

Cathryn Newton, NJ

The top is not long enough to block sun shining on a child’s face.

I ordered this product because it was one of Amazon’s daily deals without doing any research on the product.I have the Britax Advocate 70 with Side Impact Protection. This shade fits well to it. Since I installed the car seat in the right side in the backseat (front-facing), my daughter’s right arm and face are always exposed to sunlight. I hoped the Rayshade would provide enough shade to cover up her entire face at least. Although it provides some shade to my daughter seated in the carseat, the top and sides are not long enough to fully cover sunlight coming from the front and side of the car. In my opinion, it provides 30% or a bit more shade than without it. I guess it is better than nothing, but bear in mind that it will not fully cover the sun shining on a child.Another problem is that when the window is open, the wind blows rights in the Rayshade. Since it has the shape of a parachute, it won’t stay still if you keep your windows open and wind blows into the car. So far, the wind has "not" knocked off the shade yet, but you will have to re-adjust it after driving with windows open.Overall, it is an okay product.

Louisa Astor, FL

Bent out of shape

My 18 month old easily pulls the shade off during the car ride and now it’s bent and wont even go on right. It’s pretty useless now but helped when she was younger and couldn’t pull it.

Haley Lemont, PA