Summer Infant Clear Sight Digital Color Video Baby Monitor

Summer Infant Clear Sight Digital Color Video Baby Monitor

For parents looking for a convenient monitor with great features at an affordable price, the clear sight delivers. It is 100% digital ensuring a private and secure connection, with two-way communication to talk to baby or each other in the nursery, digital zoom and automatic night vision, providing parents peace of mind, day and night.

Main features

  • 2.0-inch portable color LCD handheld video monitor operates on 2.4GHz wireless digital technology
  • Digital zoom camera with automatic black and white night vision
  • Two-way audio communication with sound activated LED lights
  • Low battery and out of range indicators, with range up to 600-feet/182.88-meters
  • Add up to 3 additional cameras, Summer Infant item # 29160/Amazon item # B00I3K1J0O

Verified reviews


Small screen, sound is not clear

I’ve had other summer infant monitors, this one is oddly the clearest, but I also think it has to do with the screen being so small. The night vision is okay, but not great, I don’t even think I’d call it good. I also think the sound quality is not as good as it should be. While I can hear her, the sound is not clear (her room is right next to ours) I’ve tried it in other rooms and while the sound doesn’t get worse, I think for 120, it should be better.I use a Lorex Live monitor, the price was a little more than this at the time it came out, but it has more features, and the screen is bigger, the night vision also way better. The only thing my monitor doesn’t do that this does, is the digital zoom. I really hate that about the Lorex one but it’s not enough to make me switch.

Cheri Rio Medina, TX

Honestly, I’m not sure it’s safe.

Full disclosure: this is a freebie for me, through the Amazon Vine program.I ordered this monitor, thinking it might be a nice upgrade to the audio monitor I’ve been using with my two year old, with the intention of replacing that one once I have my new baby in a few months. But I likely will not, and this is why:This monitor does not use DECT technology, with is technology used to encrypt audio signals, which prevents people from being able to use your monitor to listen in on your household. My current monitor does. I’ve heard stories in the news about people being able to see into the houses of others using their baby monitors, and that’s just not something I want to worry about. Therefore, I will keep my old monitor (the Philips AVENT Basic Baby Monitor with DECT Technology) and just be content with being able to hear the baby.

Wilma Lower Lake, CA

Well priced, good picture quality

I have used a few baby monitors and have to say that this one is really good primary based on the picture quality and overall build quality of the unit.If you are in the market for baby monitors – you can either get the ones which come with the LED screen or the ones that you can see on your iphone/on the web from anywhere in the world.Personally for a baby monitor – I would prefer the one like this one with a dedicated screen to view the baby since you might be using your iphone/android for phone calls or anything else.Overall I would this unit to be well made and functionally very well recommended

Dixie Bicknell, IN

Great picture and the night view is amazing!

This camera had a much better picture than I expected. I could easily see everything going on in the room, although the angle is not very wide. The night view is very good and very clear. The sound was well beyond what I expected, too. Very good product!

Cassie Greenfield, MA

Excellent package for the price

This is a really nice baby monitor that frankly would have been priced at $200 not too terribly long ago. The video is surprisingly clear and the setup is super easy. This is the more pocket-able/handheld version made by this company; they do also make versions with larger screens but of course it does sacrifice portability. I can see other uses for this handy device also such as a basic home surveillance system or just keeping an eye on anywhere you need to. For a well-priced baby monitoring system, however, it’s a home run.

Stephanie Holly Springs, NC

Great product, great price

I was a little reluctant to try another video monitor, after a less than wonderful experience with the iBaby monitor a few months ago. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the line of Summer brand blankets, but I wasn’t sure if that quality would extend to monitors. I was very pleasantly surprised by this monitor. The set up was quite easy, and the video quality was very good, especially for the price point this is offered at. Since I have used sound monitors exclusively (the exception being the iBaby fiasco) I wasn’t sure what to expect from a video monitor. I was very impressed with the quality. Obviously it isn’t HD quality, and the "daytime" color picture is better than the B/W "night vision", but the B/W picture is still a good quality image. In my opinion, the sound quality of this monitor isn’t on par with my Sony monitor, but I didn’t find it to be hard to hear, "tinney", or warbly, as some of the others reviewers stated. I was/am very pleased with this monitor. I feel like this is one of the best choices for a video monitor, especially if you are looking for one at a reasonable price. Very happy with this item, I highly recommend it.

Mina Branchport, NY

Excellent audio and video – tiny screen

This is a simple baby monitor that has a 2" color monitor and night vision.Camera:The camera is very light. It can be positioned in a wide range of angles although you have to do it manually. The photocell is located right in front of the cam and the microphone on the bottom right. It has a power button at the back of the base.Power adapters:Both power adapters are exactly the same specs so there is no worry of overloading if you mixed them up. There is a picture at the back of each adapter though to indicate which is for the cam and which is for the receiver. The cord for the camera is much longer than the receiver’s which is nice so you have more flexibility in placement. 120 volts only at 250mAh.Night Vision:Switches to night vision automatically when it senses there is not enough light in the room.Summary:I have tried many baby monitors, some are from more popular brands and I am impressed with the video quality and the audio on both the baby and parent unit. Most of them sounds terrific when you listen to your baby on your parent unit, but the usual problem is that when you use the mic and talk from the parent unit, it is almost unintelligible when it comes out of the baby unit. This monitor did a good job that the baby hear the parent instead of an electronic garble. Also, although the screen is very small, the resolution and the color is great (at least for a baby monitor). Made in ChinaCons:- 2" screen is small- Packaging. Weird box and too many ties.

Anne Los Fresnos, TX

Works well in some places

I have now tried this monitor out in 3 different house and it worked well in 2. In our house (built in the 1960s), we had no problem with the signal going through 3 floors. I thought that the monitor’s screen was a little small but the picture was so clear, it wasn’t a problem.At my in-law’s house, again we had no issues but they have an open floor plan so I didn’t foresee any issues.At a beach house, the signal didn’t even reach around the corner. Not sure what that house was made of but the monitor only worked down the hall. If I went around a corner, it was gone.So I would recommend this monitor if you live in a small house or apartment. It is easy to set-up and it works very well when it does work.

Emilie Saint Anthony, IN