Summer Infant ComfortMe Wearable Blanket, Happy Floral, Large

Summer Infant ComfortMe Wearable Blanket, Happy Floral, Large

Summer Infant ComfortMe Wearable Blanket The Summer Infant ComfortMe Wearable Blanket combines the comfort and warmth of a traditional blanket with the security of a sleep sack. A bottom zipper makes diaper changing quick and easy without disturbing baby. Summer Infant’s goal is to provide all parents with safe and innovative products that provide peace of mind. Features: Two way bottom zipper for easy diaper changes without disturbing baby Secure design gives baby the comfort of a traditional blanket with the safety of a wearable blanket Large arm opening allows for breathability and air flow to prevent overheating Summer Infant ComfortMe Instruction Manual Small Size: 3-9 Months; 10-18 Lbs Large Size: 9-12 Months; 18-24 Lbs.

Main features

  • Two way bottom zipper for easy diaper changes without disturbing baby
  • Secure design gives baby the comfort of a traditional blanket with the safety of a wearable blanket
  • Large arm opening allows for breathability and air flow to prevent overheating
  • Small size intended for infants 3-9 months, 10-18 pounds; Large size intended for infants 9-12 months, 18-24 pounds
  • SwaddleMe has four stages of wearable blankets to help baby sleep soundly from day 1: SwaddlePod, SwaddleMe, WrapSack, ComfortMe

Verified reviews


Well Made, Very Cute

This is a summertime blanket that can be worn over a diaper and t-shirt. It’s very soft and covers a baby from shoulders to feet. But, it is very much like most sleepers I’ve used, except it’s more cumbersome to remove. If your baby wakes up after going to the bathroom, and his excrement leaks from the diaper, this will have to be removed and it takes longer than other sleepers I’ve used. You have to deal with snaps and zippers, when all you want to do is to get this off as quickly as possible.

Antoinette Sebasco Estates, ME

Great product!

We have long been fans of wearable blankets for our kids and these are the newest and best iteration of the concept. While keeping our almost one year-old covered throughout the night no matter how much he squirms and moves, it is also snug along his sides, which seems to offer him more security and comfort while still leaving his arms free to move. The material has grown softer with each successive wash and has just the right thickness to keep him warm without over-heating him.The double zipper is also a brilliant idea. We often put essential oils on our kids’ feet at night and having a second zipper providing access to our baby’s feet without unzipping him entirely makes this a simple process. One caveat, however, is that by having such a long zipper it can be difficult to zip a squirmy child.We would happily buy these for future kids.

Deanna Havaco, WV

Comfy and Beautiful

Loved it so much I bought a second one!

Milagros Braselton, GA

Stylish, modern and works so well!

Love this butterfly pattern- very stylish, yet still girly, and it is soft! The design is SO wonderful ! 2 way zippers mean that no matter where you are changing your child in the middle of the night, it is EASY to unzip and get to their diaper! No fumbling, trying to remember which side the zipper is on when you’re 3/4 asleep still! And the zipper is covered with fabric, so no pulling on it by baby! I love that it actually covers your child’s upper arms too, to help keep drafts from hitting their bodies! Only washed a couple of times, but seems to be holding up very well. This is a great baby shower present and I would recommend getting the small versus newborn, as newborns still need to be swaddled as much as possible, and I think this would be a great transitional piece from swaddling!

Maureen Friendship, AR

Great addition to any layette

Adorable little blanket / pouch. Very easy to unzip and rezip, with easy infant access.The polka design is subtle.

Rose Belmont, NY

Well made and useful

Product is very well made and quite functional but I guess the mileage would vary based on your little one and perhaps the climate you live in.We received this just as it was warming up and our little daughter just can’t seem to adjust to sleeping in it, and perhaps because it makes her too warm? Also because she sleeps with mommy and sometimes their snuggling makes them both warmer as well. 🙂 But all in all, given the scenario, I’m sure it keeps your little nice and cozy when needed.

Sheryl North Springfield, PA

Clever Infant Blanket They Wear!

Summer Infant’s ComfortMe Wearable Blanket by Summer Infant is just grand. It allows the baby to keep a blanket on but do it in a safe manner as the baby wears it. The one I received is size small and fits infants from 3 to 9 months. It is just perfect for baby due in July coming into the early and chilly fall months. There is a two way zipper on the bottom that allows you to change diapers without having to take the blanket off. The large arm holes also will make baby feel comfortable and able to move freely. I love the soft pink color and our first granddaughter will be precious in it. All these Swaddle Me products are well made and useful at a very reasonable price.

Maxine Medford, WI

Great product

This is a great product for babies. You’re not supposed to put blankets in with babies in cribs because of suffocation risk, and this is a great way to give the babies the comfortable feel of a blanket but it’s safe. It has sleeves and is like an outfit but the way the fabric fans out makes it feel like a blanket It’s soft and not too thin; it feels well-made. The print is very pretty. We have gotten several of these in different colors and sizes. A wonderful, safe alternative to a blanket.

Nannie Sugar Land, TX

Cozy, but watch for shrinkage!

Our 14 month old is still in sleep sacks so we’re always on the lookout for different weights and materials to accommodate her through the various seasons. Since we’re lacking lightweight ones I thought we’d try this one out in a size large since she’s right around the 20lb mark. I like that it has a zipper along the bottom, so we can actually leave it open for her to vent out her hot feet if need be. The longer sleeves make it feel almost like a snuggie as opposed to a vest like some of the others we have, and ultimately, it fit well…until we washed it.Now we have to leave the bottom unzipped or our munchkin can’t stretch out fully. This should probably be factored into decisions about what size to buy.

Shari North Olmsted, OH

Thoughtfully Designed, Well Constructed, Soft and Comfortable Infant Sleeper …

The “Summer Infant ComfortMe Wearable Blanket” is an excellent idea. It is a soft, comfortable sleeper for your infant and provides you with easy-access at o’dark-thirty when you are on diaper duty.Made of 100% cotton knit, the well-constructed wearable blanket is thoughtfully designed. The seams are finished cleanly. The manufacturer has used what appears to be cotton-covered thread so that there are no jagged, invisible thread ends that might potentially scratch delicate skin. Stitching is smooth and even. A bias-tape made of the same knit fabric used in the wearable blanket’s body is used around the neckline. Inside the wearable blanket, a placket made of the same knit fabric covers the zipper and zipper tape; this helps prevent any irritation of the infant’s skin.A nylon zipper extends from the neck down the body of the “Summer Infant ComfortMe Wearable Blanket” and completely across the bottom. This allows easy access when having to change a diaper in the wee hours of the morning. It also helps prevent waking your little one because of the amount of handling required with redressing them in a footed sleeper.Instead of constricting fitted sleeves, the wearable blanket has dolman-style sleeves that allow greater freedom of movement. An approximate 1 ” seam in the underarm area helps prevent your little one extracting her arms out of the sleeve.The one weak aspect of the “Summer Infant ComfortMe Wearable Blanket’s” construction is the snap tab closure located at the top opening. The snap is very difficult to open and close; the strain on the fabric is significant. During middle-of-the-night diaper changing, the snap can be frustrating when you have to undo the wearable blanket. Even though the manufacturer has reinforced the body of the wearable blanket with extra layers of fabric at the snap, the fabric may tear from the strain of opening the snap. A soft Velcro tab would have been a better choice as the tab fastener.

Winifred Sorrento, LA

The ComfortMe is an adorable, comfy summertime blanket …

I just adore this cuddly, cozy lightweight summertime blanket. It’s 100% cotton, very similar to onesies, and soft and comfortable. The floral pattern looks like an assortment of pretty in pink mandalas with a touch of gray and orange her and there. It has a very summerish looking quality to it.The ComfortMe is perfect for summertime when it’s just cool enough to need a bit of covering, but not an extra layer of clothing or a heavier blanket. It’s almost like a poncho in that the arms are open and, if wanted or needed, the bottom can be left open. I do like the fact that there are different stages of blankets that can be used from the newborn to the one-year-old.SwaddlePod: (5 to 10 pounds) “Recreate the comfort of the womb.”SwaddleMe: (7 to 20 pounds) “Easiest way to Swaddle for safe and sound sleep.”WrapSack: (7 to 10 pounds) “Transitioning swaddle, arms in or out.”ComfortMe: (12 to 24 pounds) “Keeps baby warm, and replaces loose blankets in crib.”These all come in an assortment of colors and designs so you can customize your SwaddleMe wardrobe (if you click the links you can see these throughout the page). You can select different sizes as well. The quality is high and most certainly can be used as a hand-me-down.

Lena Larue, TX

Light But Cute …

The print it super adorable and it washes well enough (for the price). My only concern is how thin the material is. From the picture, I thought the product might be slightly more lush, but it is very light. As another reviewer pointed out, even in summer, if one has an air-conditioned home, this may still be too light. I think if you purchase with this in mind, you will be pleased with the product.

Shawna Ralston, PA

High priced blanket with sleeves

This 100% cotton wearable blanket is on par with the wearable SwaddleMe blanket by the same makers ~~ Summer. The print is bright but I found this pattern a bit bland. Two-way zipper along the bottom is a convenient addition to make diaper changes easier. This large size fits infants from 18 to 24 lbs. I particularly like that the baby’s arms are cozy inside the sleeves. Regular baby blankets don’t offer the same feeling of security on the arms and this design makes for comfortable sleeping. Instructions say to use cold water and tumble dry low. As with the other SwaddleMe products, with such a high price, I would have expected a blanket made of thicker cotton. This feels quite flimsy and I’m not sure how many launderings it will withstand before this has had it. I love products made the USA. This one is not….it’s made in China.

Geneva Flora, MS

Great sleepwear item.

We have been using this as sleepwear for our 2 month old daughter, and found it to be very useful. The blanket is of a good weight, but not overly warm. The arm holes are easy to access and get into. And the double zipper design is smart as it allows you to change a diaper without too much hassle (just make sure the outfit underneath also zips or snaps from the bottom!).In terms of size, we use the Small, and our 2 month old is just about to outgrow it (she is roughly 65% percentile for height).

Claire Iberia, MO

Made our transition smooth

When it was time to quit the swaddle I wasn’t sure how it would go. We decided to go cold turkey and try this out. It is lightweight enough for warm weather which was a must right now. It fits snugly around her chest giving her the cue that it is time to go to sleep. She looks so cozy in the blanket. It fits really nicely, she is 11lbs now but I can see it fitting her for a least a few more pounds. There is a lot of room in the foot area for kicking and getting comfortable, not restrictive at all. The arms are covered, but my little one can easily get her hands to her mouth. This would work for a stomach, side or back sleeper without a problem. It is possible to safely roll around in this blanket. The material is the same that is used in the other summer infant sleepwear items, a nice lightweight cotton. Overall I am really happy to have this blanket. It is exactly what we needed to help us through breaking the swaddle habit!

Reyna Minnesota Lake, MN

nice wrap

this is a great wrap, not too heavy but the baby seems very content in it. Launders well too. great deal

Maureen Green Harbor, MA

No Complaints

It is lightweight 100% cotton and is great for the summer months to add an extra layer for when the air conditioning is on. It is not too heavy, not too lightWe love the Pink, gray, and orange floral spiral pattern.It is a great feature that the blanket zips from both the top and the bottom. The bottom zipper makes middle of the night diaper changes a breeze. It has a snap and small flap of fabric at the top to cover the zipper for the baby’s comfort. The neck opening could be a little larger, as our 6 month old has lots of fat rolls and there isn’t much extra room.Our baby immediately rolls to her stomach when put down so there is no way to keep her on her back (our pediatrician states this is fine as long as baby does it on her own). We like that the zipper is off to the side instead of directly in the middle so when she does sleep on her belly, all her weight is not directly on the zipper.Overall, my wife and I are happy with this.

Brandy Convoy, OH

Great for babies ready to move on from swaddlling

Things I like:-So soft-Made of 100% cotton so it’s very breathable.-Perfect for the Spring/Fall when it’s not quite warm enough to break out the fleece, but cool enough that the muslin is no longer adequate.-Gives peace of mind that baby will have freedom of movement, yet not kick off or lose blanket in the night.Things I don’t like:-The snap closure is not the best, however the zipper grants you access to the diaper and legs so you only need to use the snap to put the blanket on or take it off.Of note: I know the sizing says “small” but this is not for a small baby or newborns. If you look at the description, this goes all the way up to 9 months! This is only appropriate for babies that no longer need to be swaddled and want more freedom, (i.e. the sitters and the explorers)

Louise Brownsville, PA

Excellent Thoughtful Product. Great Contender to Halo Sleepsacks.

A lot of people defer to Halo sleep sacks because they’re the most well-known brand, offer lots of styles, prints, materials, sizes, etc. I have plenty of Halo sleep sack and swaddles before I tried the Summer Infant wearable blanket and honestly, this is a serious contender to my Halo staples. In fact, I stopped using my Halo sacks after I got these.PROS:1. These have sleeves. Well, sort of. The sleeves are more like wings but they cover your baby’s arms and stay in place. I can’t imagine it being very comfortable sleeping snuggly in a sack but having cold arms. That’s the problem with Halo in my opinion. Plus the sleeves and the shape of this sack makes your little one look he/she has those winged sky diving/gliding suits on. Adorable!2. These have two way zippers. Someone really put some thought into the design on this. I love the two way zippers. The zipper is always hooked. You just zip in one of the directions. If you zip from the shoulder down, the sack opens so you can easily put this on or take this off. If you zip from the bottom up, then just the bottom opens for diaper changes, minimizing baby’s exposure to cold drafts. Halo has a similar feature with their one way zippers going from chin to feet so that you can open it from the bottom for diaper changes. But with a squirmy and sometimes angry baby who doesn’t want to go down for a nap, or if you only have one hand to operate the zipper, trying to hook the zipper pin into the zipper slider/pull can be a struggle. The two way zippers eliminate that.3. Fold-over fabric tab with a snap button on the shoulder covers the exposed zipper so it doesn’t scratch or irritate baby’s face.4. Sturdy construction and materials. I put my girl in this sack for all naps and every night for the last month and wash once or twice a week and they are going strong and getting softer.5. Comes in many sizes and fun/adorable colors and prints.CONS:1. 100% cotton jersey is not as smooth and soft as Halo’s cotton jersey material. Halo’s material just feel more luxurious. But the material of the Summer Infant blanket does get softer with washing and use.2. Sizes run a little smaller that Halo. I got the large in these for my girl who is 9 months and 18 pounds. She is 27 inches tall. And I feel like there is not much room to grow lengthwise, even though Summer Infant says the large size is for babies 9-12 months weighing 18-24 pounds. Compared to the Halo sacks, she is just starting to grow out of the Medium size. I’d say a large in the Summer Infant wearable blanket is shorter in length (by about 2 inches) than a medium Halo sleep sack.3. Arm holes can be bit tight. I have 4 of these sacks in different prints and only the Safari print has this problem. Not a big deal because the jersey stretches. Also, if you sew, you can undo the factory stitches and put in a couple of your own further down to make the arm holes bigger if this happens to you.I actually prefer these over my Halo sacks which I have stopped using since I got these. But because the size runs smaller than Halo (I think large is the biggest size) my girl will outgrow these soon before she is 12 months old, and we will likely have to go back to Halo. I hope they will expand their sizing and use nicer cotton. If they did, then these would be way better than Halo. For now, they both have their pros and cons. But I think these are just a bit better than the Halo sleep sacks.I gave it 5 stars but it’s really 4.5. But I wouldn’t hesitate to give this a 5 if they just make more sizes and use nicer cotton. Compared to Halo which I would give 3.5 or 4. So I would recommend this product if you are considering it. Very nice product with a lot of thought behind it.

Ethel Wolsey, SD

Love it but wish it was a tad longer…

If you have a long baby, this won’t last you very long but you will love it while it does. My 8 month old has outgrown the length on the large size at around 28-29" in length. I love this style more than any other sleep sack so I’m going to be sad to see them go. I love that this has some sleeve because I worry less about my daughter getting cold arms. These zip so much easier and cover much better than most sleep sacks on the market.

Guadalupe Centreville, MS

Nice sized and soft cotton

This "wearable blanket" is pretty nice. The cotton has a smooth, combed feel (like pima) and it washed well without any pilling, fuzzing or major shrinkage. This is a great weight for warmer months!The biggest beefs (small beefs, not deal breakers) I have with it are the neckline and the zipper.- neckline has a seam that comes in from the shoulder and is pretty thick/pokey. Truthfully I imagine this is going to vary with how each unit is sewn but if this was snug on a heavier baby’s neck it would irritate.- zipper is "two way" but it should say that it’s two way, all the way. I was hoping the two zippers could be slid around together to the bottom for easy access opening just at the feet for venting or changes but in reality you have to completely unzip from one direction or the other (the zippers don’t slide together). One of the zippers only comes up to the top of the thighs (on baby’s right side) so that’s the one that gets used mostly otherwise we’d be unzipping the whole thing off from the shoulder on the left!

Neva Carriere, MS

A New Baby Must Have!

Ever since my daughter started sleeping in her own crib, I’ve been trying to find a product that takes the place of blanket, with the peace of mind of knowing that she’s safe. This product does that and so much more. Constant with Summer Infant’s other products, the ComfortMe is smart, useful, and essential for any parent of an infant.I love that the ComfortMe has sleeves, whereas other products I’ve tried do not. It keeps my baby’s arms covered and warm – eliminating the need for an additional blanket. There are two zippers on this product – one on the top and one on the bottom near the feet. This enables you to unzip the bottom portion to change a diaper without having to take off my baby’s clothing in the middle of the night. Yes, I can change a diaper in 30 seconds without waking my baby in the middle of the night – it’s a miracle! :)One of the best parts of this product is that it’s got plenty of room for my daughter to grow and still use it. I don’t have to waste money buying new pajamas every two months. I received this product free as a sample and then I ordered two more because I loved it so much. Perfect product, no complaints (which says a lot for a baby product)!

Jackie Concan, TX

Excellent product

I absolutely love this sleep blanket. It feels great and I can’t believe no one has thought of this before. I prefer it to a sleep sac because it’s more of a swaddle feel with a heavier weight. The heavier weight, however, doesn’t make the baby hotter because more is exposed and it’s breathable fabric. I put the baby to bed in just this and a onesie. I wish it fit me.

Chrystal Esmond, IL

Nice design, size, and very convenient!

A little hot for California summer, but since this doesn’t have to fit exactly (unlike rompers with tight sleeves), she can wear it during the winter for quick trips to the doc or to be cuddled at home. It’s really nice that this doesn’t have loose blanket material at the baby’s face – that can be dangerous. Very soft and nice!

Heather Laurelton, PA

Comfy Transitional Product from a Swaddler

Now that our little one is starting to roll, we have started to move away from the swaddling products for her to sleep in. The wearable blanket is a great transition for this. It is made of 100% cotton to keep her warm but not overheated while sleeping. She loves being put in this (when she isn’t completely resisting a nap of course). She sleeps soundly and comfortably. We usually have the A/C on most of the Spring, Summer, and early Fall so I wish that it had longer “sleeves” to the product to keep her arms warm as they can get cold sometimes as she sleeps, but she tends to like the movability. It is VERY easy to take on and off and washes up very nicely in the washing machine. Not to mention the pink flower and butterfly print is super cute. Great product!

Lara Sunray, TX

Soft but thin

This is probably great in the fall if you put them in pjs. I like to make sure my daughters feet are covered. The material is soft but nothing amazing. The print is pretty. Wish it was a bit thicker for colder weather and a cold room.

Deborah Marshville, NC

Great idea — little warm for a Texas summer!

I really like the design of this wearable blanket. It has a lot of nice features. It provides nice coverage (including room for kicking legs!), is easy to open for diaper changes, has big arm holes, and opens and adjusts around the neck depending on the size you need for your baby. Basically it’s just as advertised.My only complaint (which will not apply to everyone) is that I don’t consider this really a "summer" blanket, at least not in Texas where I live. My baby sweats like a stuck pig in this thing, even in the (relatively) cool spring months. Ideally I would like to see a super-light version advertised for summer (perhaps some kind of durable sheer cotton), and this one should be more of a three-season type thing. Otherwise, I really like the design and would highly recommend it.

Desiree Livermore Falls, ME

Really well thought out. A well made wearable blanket that is easy to use.

This wearable blanket is great. It is really well thought out and well made. It is comfortable for the baby and easy for the parents. I have no complaints.

Johnnie Dexter, NM

Pretty Clever Product

This Summer Infant ComfortMe Wearable Blanket is a pretty clever product, it’s a wonder no one thought of this before. Any parent would be concerned about keeping a baby warm but safely while sleeping, now that blankets are considered taboo until children reach a certain age. There are swaddle sacks and sleep sacks for winter and for smaller babies, but this product fills a very definite need – keeping a lightweight blanket on an older baby, one passed the age of swaddling.This wearable blanket has many nice features – it is made of very soft fabric, the armholes are large and non-restricting, the two way zipper is perfect for those middle of the night diaper changes. The shape allows freedom of movement while safely keeping the baby covered – what’s not to like? I would recommend this.I recently received this product for my honest review from the Amazon Vine Program.

Faye French Lick, IN

Soft, Lightweight for Summer

I love the soft lightweight 100% cotton (unfortunately made in China). This is the perfect wearable blanket for summer months. It looks a it like a kimono- large arm area and full, comfortable fit.The zipper at the bottom allows your baby to stay blanketed while changing a diaper.The Large is a big wrap, big enough for a 18- 24 pound baby. I love that it is a soft blanket that never falls off.

Corine Reddick, FL