Summer Infant ComfortMe Wearable Blanket, Little Cars, Small

Summer Infant ComfortMe Wearable Blanket, Little Cars, Small

Two way bottom zipper for easy diaper changes without disturbing baby,Secure design gives baby the comfort of a traditional blanket with the safety of a wearable blanket,Large arm opening allows for breathability and air flow to prevent overheating,Small size intended for infants 3-9 months, 10-18 pounds; Large size intended for infants 9-12 months, 18-24 pounds,SwaddleMe has four stages of wearable blankets to help baby sleep soundly from day 1: SwaddlePod, SwaddleMe, WrapSack, ComfortMe

Main features

  • Two way bottom zipper for easy diaper changes without disturbing baby
  • Secure design gives baby the comfort of a traditional blanket with the safety of a wearable blanket
  • Large arm opening allows for breathability and air flow to prevent overheating
  • Small size intended for infants 3-9 months, 10-18 pounds; Large size intended for infants 9-12 months, 18-24 pounds
  • SwaddleMe has four stages of wearable blankets to help baby sleep soundly from day 1: SwaddlePod, SwaddleMe, WrapSack, ComfortMe

Verified reviews


Very nice – multiple sizes

The large summer infant ComfortMe Wearable Blanket is a pretty solid product. Not only did I get to try the smallest size at the hospital recently (9lb 5oz baby boy), but I also get to try out this large size. The small size makes for a simple swaddle, especially for a uncoordinated Daddy. The large size is soft, roommy, and comfy with perfect armholes that aren’t too small or huge.The two-way zipper makes it easy so there are no "where is it?" moments. I also like that the zippers can be secured towards the bottom is the baby can’t get to them. Or get scratched. It also makes it easy to keep the baby warm while changing a diaper. Even for the big kids.It’s a hair too small for my tall daughter – fits the weight – but she uses it like a burlap potato sack racer. Win-win.

Leah Drayton, SC

It’s alright

We’ve been using the Halo wearable blankets, so we wanted to give this a try.[Good]There’s blanket coverage for the arms. For some odd reason I never understood why the Halo product line never had this except for their swaddle blankets.It looks better than the Halo blankets, which look like weird dresses.You can unzip the bottom of the blanket to free up the feet if it’s too hot.[Ok]The Summer Infant version of ‘small’ is shorter than Halo’s. Without opening the bottom zipper, it’s already too small for our baby.Just like the Halo line, the arm holes aren’t very stretchable. Unlike the Halo sleep sack, it’s a little more stretchable so it’s less annoying to change the baby into compared to a Halo.If you unzip the bottom zipper, it’s possible for the blanket to ride up if your baby moves a lot in their sleep.The zipper placement to the side isn’t great so it makes changing a just a little harder. This is a minor complaint and I understand that there wouldn’t be a bottom zipper if the main zipper was placed down the middle.[Verdict]It’s different and worth a try.

Sharon Danville, AR

Not Really a Swaddler

Works great as an alternative to a blanket (which we really aren’t supposed to be using with the babies anyway under a certain age). It isn’t really a swaddler though cause babies hands can still move out and up onto their head during those sleeping "startle" moments. The point of a swaddler is to keep them all wrapped up so they don’t disturb themselves. Also, the ability to unzip the bottom for a diaper change is nice but I find that kind of goofy too because if you are changing your baby’s diaper while it is sleeping then…the baby woke up and started crying to tell you she/he needed a diaper change. So, it isn’t like you are disturbing the child for a change. Bottom line: It is a blanket alternative and a good one if your kid kicks blankets off in their swing, etc….It just isn’t a "swaddler".

Abigail Litchfield Park, AZ

thinner than expected

This was thinner than we expected. It is fine cotton. A bit large, more for a fat baby. Decent product though.

Eileen Linden, NC

Decent product but Halo is better

I’ve been using theHALO SleepSacksfor years so I will do a comparison review to the Summer Infant.WARMTHThe Summer Infant is significantly lighter weight. I would recommend it for warmer nights only unless you are going to bundle the baby up underneath. This defeats one of the main benefits of using sleep sacks which is to not have to put on a bunch of extra clothing underneath.MATERIALSummer Infant is cotton. Halo is polyester fleece. The fleece is a superior material for warmth, durability, water resistance, and stain resistance.ZIPPERSummer Infant uses a dual zipper system with a button clasp which works fine but adds unnecessary complexity and possible points of failure. The Halo single midline zipper is easier to use and does everything you need it to do.OVERALLThe Halo is superior in every way. This is not to say that the Summer Infant is a bad product which it isn’t. If you want something very lightweight or prefer cotton, the Summer Infant is a fine choice.SIZING NOTEMy baby is 7 months old at about 50th percentile length and is barely fitting into the Summer Infant small size.

Shelley Carson, ND

Keeps our baby cool and comfortable…

Absolutely love this! I got this because I wanted our baby to stay cool in the summer months, but didn’t want to put him to sleep in just a onesie or a long-sleeve, footed sleeper. This is a great wearable blanket that allows air to move freely around his body, but keep him warm enough as well. I like that it has shorter sleeves and has a great double zipper that you can either zip down from the top (to put it on) or zip up from the bottom (for quick middle-of-the-night diaper changes). It has a cute pattern with a variety of sports balls and the large size fits my 10 mo old (24lbs) with room to grow. I would definitely recommend this item and plan to purchase another!

Marsha Longbranch, WA

Fun little boy pattern…

The wearable blankets are our favorite "pajamas", but we especially love the pattern on this one. As with all the wearable blankets we like the way the zipper makes changing go more smoothly with a sleepy baby. The sleeve opening is nice also as it allows more body temp control if the baby is wearing a long sleeved onesie underneath.

Aida Montello, WI

Excellent wearable blanket, similar to Halo Sleepsack

Summer Infant has a few swaddling blankets, and I’ll compare two of them, the ComfortMe and SwaddleMe, with the Halo Sleepsack. The price is comparable for all of them, but they have slightly different purposes.The Halo Sleepsack is rated 0-9 months, and it runs long enough to fit a large baby. However, it’s like a tank top on top with a sleeping bag on the bottom, and one zipper down the center front.In addition to the tank top top, the Summer Infant SwaddleMe Wrapsack has "arms" that velcro down to keep baby’s arms tucked in nicely. When the baby wants her arms out, you can wrap the blanket arms around her torso under her arms, so it’s wearable both ways.The Summer Infant ComfortMe does not have the tank top style top, but is more of a teeshirt style with batwing or flying squirrel arms, if that makes sense. This is for older babies that don’t care for swaddling as much anymore, but it’s before they can be put down with an actual blanket.Both the SwaddleMe and ComfortMe wearable blankets have a zipper on the bottom, which is much easier than the Halo Sleepsack, although if it’s a very messy diaper, you’re going to throw it in the wash anyway, = )All three wearable blankets are good to use, especially to prevent chills with AC, etc., but the WrapSack seems the most convertible and all-around useful if you want to try one. Otherwise, they’re all useful at different times.

Diane Nevada, MO

Great Baby Gift

I picked these up as my sister just had a baby and she lives in a cold area where it snows. She was very happy with how well these fit and how they allow room for her baby to move around. This is such a great item if you worried about trying to keep your little one snuggled up and warm.A really great gift for a mom-to-be.

Denise Rogers, TX

Love this Sleepsac!

This is pretty much your typical lightweight wearable blanket with one difference. The difference is that it has partial sleeve like coverings. I loved this product because it it allows for a little more coverage to keep the baby’s arms warm. It has the zipper on the bottom of the sack, so it is simple to perform diaper changes. Overall, a good product which appears to be one of a kind so far.

Kristi Gray Summit, MO

Great product

This is a great product. It is vital not to put your child in a blanket (or have anything else for that matter) in the crib. It puts them at risk for suffocation and also increases the risk of SIDS. But of course you want your infant to be as comfortable as possible. This is a great way to give your child the comfortable feeling of a blanket but have it be safe for the child. Its exactly as it says … a wearable blanket. It looks like a blanket on the outside, but on the inside it has partitions to there are sleeves and its like an outfit, not like a blanket.The product seemed very well made. It was very soft. It was made of 100% cotton, which I like. The pattern was cute, and I know they have many different patterns/sizes and also different ones for the cold and warm months.Of course make sure to follow all directions and that it fits as it should for it to be safe for the baby. There is a warning label in it about that that you should read.I would recommend this product. Its a great way to give your child the comfort of a blanket in a safe way.

Lacy South Holland, IL

Snuggie for your baby

The material is nice and soft, but also breathable so that the baby doesn’t feel too hot. It does seem to run a little smaller than I was expecting, so when they say ‘snug’ they mean it. You might want to order a size larger than what you anticipate to account for this. Overall this is a nicely designed product.

Nannie Akutan, AK

I Love a Sleep Sack

I don’t really use a sleep sack as a swaddling mechanism or as a blanket. I use these in lieu of pajamas. These are so incredibly easy to use. With the two way zipper, you can even unzip the bottom to change a diaper or to strap baby into a swing.My only criticism is the sizing. This says for 10-18 lbs. This is really something for a newborn. I can’t imagine 18lbs of baby fitting comfortably into this.

Lucile Glen Hope, PA

Genius and Must Have!

I love this Wearable Blanket. Since you can’t give babies a blanket, this is the next best thing. It makes it easy for moms to change diapers in the middle of the night and gives the assurance that the baby is safe from blankets but still warm. I love the way it snugs the baby and is so cozy. Perfect with a long sleeved onesie for cooler nights. I like giving these as baby shower gifts since new moms don’t realize how amazing they are!

Kim Preston, IA

perfect for little sports fans

This is a cute sports print. Just the right weight for our warmer southern seasons. These have washed well. We all like the double zipper if we need it at night or in the early morning. This is a soft night time sleeper with free hands, but still slightly swaddled, legs that are free to kick, but covered. We really like this for bedtime at my house.When my own children were small we wrapped them in blankets and then I had to keep checking on them to make sure that they were covered, had not wrapped the blankets too tight around an arm or leg, or gotten their head under it. So now that my grandson is here we put him to sleep in swaddling wraps even from the hospital. They even gave him one. He is older and doesn’t startle as much, but I still worry less if I don’t have a blanket when I keep him.

Pauline Gonvick, MN

As good as the Halo Sleepsack

We have four kids and so far the only brand we’ve used were the Halo Sleepsacks, which we’ve been happy with. I got a few of these to try out, and they compare well, better in some ways, less so in others. I really think you can’t go wrong with either, so I would buy one or the other to try it out and see if you like it. If not, return it and get the brand.I think the Halo sleep sacks are softer. This could be because ours have been washed many times, but to try and even the odds I put these in with every laundry load I did for a week, and while they did soften, I still found the Halo softer. It’s soft enough, but if you had a baby with really sensitive skin you might prefer the Halo.I found the overall quality of the Summer to be a tad better than the Halo. The zippers seem studier, they are easier to work one-handed, and I like that it has sleeves. Overall it’s a good option and I think the choice between this and Halo would really come down to individual preferences. I think they are both good products. I like the pattern on this one better than some of the other options from Summer, though since the baby doesn’t care, I’m not too concerned with what it looks like.

Louella Bonesteel, SD

Well made, Very Cute

This is a summertime blanket that can be worn over a diaper and t-shirt. It’s very soft and covers a baby from shoulders to feet. But, it is very much like most sleepers I’ve used, except it’s more cumbersome to remove. If your baby wakes up after going to the bathroom, and his excrement leaks from the diaper, this will have to be removed and it takes longer than other sleepers I’ve used. You have to deal with snaps and zippers, when all you want to do is to get this off as quickly as possible. It’s the same product as the pink item I was sent.

Bertha Kimberly, AL

Runs a little small in size

I like the idea and overall design of this wearable blanket, but it has one significant flaw. The arm holes are very small. We use fleece ‘sleep sacks’ over the winter, and the lighter design of this wearable blanket is nice for the summer season. The arm holes are sewn shut on the lower part of the hole. It seems like they should have just left the opening large, or even added a snap.I chose to try the ‘large’ size, despite my twins being 19 lbs and 22 lbs, and they didn’t like the restriction on their arms, and it was hard for me to feed their arms through the holes too! For smaller infants, this might be a good solution. My kids are 14 months old, and a bit small for their age as twins. For singleton babies, I would guess most of them could use this up to size 6 months or so, despite the advertised size chart.

Brittany Wendel, PA

Great wearable blanket.

One of our challenges as our son grew was keeping him covered at night. He moved around a lot as he slept and we were constantly re-covering him, or having to keep the room temperature unnaturally high. This outfit helps solve that problem. It’s a nice quality, middle weight sleep sack that provides coverage baby can’t kick off. The design even provides coverage for most of baby’s arms under normal circumstances. Zipper bottom means you can change the diaper without overly disturbing baby, although we would always use this with a normal sleeper set, so that would also still need to be removed for changing. The picture shows a baby standing in this, but I don’t think the design is ideal for baby that are in the standing stage, as it would be hard for baby to successfully stand and not fall, however, it’s great until that point. The fabric is very soft and improves with washing and the blue and white stripes are a cute pattern for a little boy.

Kelsey Powhattan, KS

A great wearable blanky

Two-way zipper makes it easy to change diapers and get baby in and out. Zipper cover to prevent scratches to baby. Covers arms and stays in place, yet with enough room for airflow, not too constricting. Swaddling configuration for those who prefer this sleep mode. Wearable design prevents baby from squirming out of it, but still allows for some motion. Good construction.Four different configurations for different stages of development. Easy to use, easy to clean.

Ashleigh Tipton, MI

My little Jedi

Ok, my favorite thing about this wearable blanket is that it makes my son look like a teeny little Jedi. So cute! Otherwise, I’ve been happy with it. I had to stop using it for a bit because of a need to go back to swaddling, but we’re just about ready to try using it again. One star deducted because I’m pretty sure it shrunk the first time I washed it.

Marva Fort Pierce, FL

good contender, comparable to others

Wearable blankets are great for toddlers who have outgrown swaddling but would kick off regular blankets or should still avoid them. I give this four stars because I like this about as well as the other two brands we own – but it’s not clearly the best, so as to earn five stars.I prefer cotton, and this jersey is a good medium weight for some added warmth over pj’s. The loose sleeves on this are nice to have and help to keep arms a bit warmer. The two-way zipper is good, but because it doesn’t open at the top I don’t find it more convenient than a reverse zipper; you have to find the tab and remember which way to zip for diaper change (up) verses blanket removal (down.) Also, Summer Infant’s zips along the side and bottom rather than down the front. I imagine this might be convenient for a younger baby lying down, but I find it’s a little harder to put on our toddler, who’s usually sitting on my lap. Sizing seems accurate; large is supposed to fit infants 18-24 lbs and our 22 lb child fits but does seem near the size limit.For comparison, we also use a muslin aden+anais sleeping bag (single layer, lighter weight) and a Halo sleepsack (in cotton similar to ComfortMe.) It may be helpful to note that for the other brands, size medium fits up to 24 lbs and is comparable to ComfortMe large. All three work well for us. The main difference is since we have the light weight single-layer style from aden+anais, I use that over slightly thicker pajamas. The ComfortMe is great with short sleeve pajamas since it’s got a bit of sleeve so arms don’t get chilled. Between the three I say it largely comes down to preference.

Adelaide High View, WV

Wonderful design!

I absolutely love this blanket! We have some of the sleep sacks but my two biggest complaints are that they’re sleeveless and that although they zip up from the bottom, the vertical zipper merely creates a slit in the bottom of the blanket and you have to basically "undress" baby from the sleep sack in order to do a diaper change. In the middle of the night when you’re trying to accomplish this without waking baby it proves to be rather difficult.This wearable blanket’s zipper runs along the bottom seam which allows you to actually open up the blanket without disturbing your baby. I can finally do diaper changes in the middle of the night without waking my son! I also love the sleeves because although my son tends to be on the warm side, his little arms stay pretty cool and the loose covering of this wearable blanket provides just the right amount of warmth. We’re extremely happy with this product and highly recommend it!

Erika Ironton, OH

Wonderful blanket! Keeps my little one cozy all night!

The Summer Infant ComfortMe sack is a really nice option for those with babies who use sleep sacks at night. My son is 8 months old currently and sleeps in a sleep sack every night. We have been using the Halo brand for several months, and we really like them. However, I must say that I’m definitely a huge fan of this ComfortMe blanket for several reasons.I really like how it is put on the baby. When you have a sleeping baby and you put them in their crib to put on their blanket, it can be tough putting the arms through the arm holes without waking him up. I like that the ComfortMe snaps over the shoulder. For some reason, it’s just easier to put on, and I wake my son up less frequently when I put him in the ComfortMe, versus the Halo sack.I love that the blanket covers his arms. We like to keep it COLD in our house – especially in the summer. I always worry that my son is too cold at night. Which is why I really like this blanket. He seems more snuggly and cozy in this blanket, versus his Halo sacks.One thing that I wish I could see in the future from Summer Infant. I need an XL size for this blanket. My son may be young, but boy, is he large. He is already 25 pounds. Some would call him healthy, we call him a big chub, endearingly of course  But I find that there are not many wearable blankets in a larger size. The Halo sacks come in XL, so I would love to see this blanket come in an extra large size.

Noemi Munster, IN

So nice for the babies

This was really a nice idea and we love the way it fits I also love the fact that it has wings not sleeves so the babie feels comfy. Love it 🙂

Lauri La Harpe, KS

Fantastic – especially for Spring and Fall

The Summer Infant ComfortMe Wearable Blanket is fantastic. It is the perfect weight for Spring/Fall Weather to keep baby warm and cozy. The fabric is soft and I love the blue striped print. It zips around the baby and it is so easy to change diapers in the middle of the night. I used to always buy Halo Sleep Sacks, which are great, but this is actually easier to use and I like the fact that it covers baby’s arms. Will definitely be purchasing more.

Lila Willernie, MN

Excellent product!

I absolutely love this sleep blanket. It feels great and I can’t believe no one has thought of this before. I prefer it to a sleep sac because it’s more of a swaddle feel with a heavier weight. The heavier weight, however, doesn’t make the baby hotter because more is exposed and it’s breathable fabric. I put the baby to bed in just this and a onesie.

Aurelia Errol, NH

Soft and safe blanket option

I’ve used swaddle wraps with my newborns, but this is the first time I’ve seen a wearable blanket. The fabric is nice and soft and contains arm holes to help allow air flow and arm movement (it’s kind of like a Kimono in that it has smaller arm holes and then fabric flaps on the outside to help provide a little coverage on the the arms.) It has a zipper to allow for easy access for diaper changes.I like that it provides a little extra warmth and comfort without having to worry about the baby getting tangled up in a loose blanket. It’s not going to be an extra warm blanket, but I think it’s great for the Spring/Summer months when you want a little extra warmth at bedtime or naptime.

Lea Oldenburg, IN

Easy to use and the little one is always covered

We found this easy to put on our little grandson. The nice thing is you know that they will always be covered. If you use a blanket you’ll often find them half covered and then you wake them trying to put it back on. But there is also the concern of getting wrapped up in a blanket and possibly suffocating. This will ensure that he’s always covered but safe, too.

Tara Miracle, KY

Snuggie for babies

OK, it really is kind of a Snuggie for babies. But on an infant, the little arm covers remind me of angel wings, and everyone says they’re adorable.And seriously, those grow-up Snuggies are probably cozy and lovely if I could just get past how silly they look. Since this baby version doesn’t suffer that flaw, it gets five stars from me!Love the two-way, covered zipper, so you can open whichever part you need, and never worry about the zipper catching skin.This was definitely an appreciated adoption-shower gift, and now that I’ve seen it in action and talked with the new mom about it, I can’t even come up with a "con" to post. So there’s no Pro/Con list this time, just five shining stars! 🙂

Bobbi Leck Kill, PA