Summer Infant ComfortMe Wearable Blanket, Sage, Small

Summer Infant ComfortMe Wearable Blanket, Sage, Small

ComfortMe® Wearable Blanket combines the comfort and warmth of a traditional blanket with the security of a wearable blanket. A bottom zipper makes diaper changing quick and easy without disturbing baby.

Main features

  • Two way bottom zipper for easy diaper changes without disturbing baby
  • Secure design gives baby the comfort of a traditional blanket with the safety of a wearable blanket
  • Large arm opening allows for breathability and air flow to prevent overheating
  • Small size intended for infants 3-9 months, 10-18 pounds; Large size intended for infants 9-12 months, 18-24 pounds
  • SwaddleMe has four stages of wearable blankets to help baby sleep soundly from day 1: SwaddlePod, SwaddleMe, WrapSack, ComfortMe

Verified reviews


Made a great babyshower gift

My friend just had her baby and this little wearable blanket is a hit. She didn’t have anything like this and really appreciated receiving this as it was not something she had on a registry. It is a very pretty color, sage, and is soft and cuddly.

April Twisp, WA

Poor quality control, and not age appropriate.

The large size of these wearable blankets is a nice idea in theory, but poor in practice. At the age where this size is appropriate (18-24 pounds), children are moving on their own (even in the crib), and the extra floppiness just gets in the way, while the enclosed feet just tended to frustrate my daughter. To make it worse, the opening to one sleeve of this garment was half the size of the other, and her arm didn’t fit through properly without a few alterations (I shouldn’t need a seam ripper and a sewing machine to get a product this expensive just to function).I can understand this company’s products for newborns and younger infants. Swaddling makes sense when kids are that young. But as children approach a year, this product really isn’t necessary or all that helpful. Or even made well, in the case of the one I received.

Antionette Lewisburg, KY

So soft and easy to use!

This is wonderful, the material is very soft and following the instructions it was very easy to use. Washed very well. The fabric is very light so perfect for a spring/fall usage in addition to summer.

Lauri Hazlet, NJ

So practical

We love the wearable blankets. They provide just the right amount of coverage for the summer and, as advertised, the larger arm hole does allow for breathability. Of course we also like the zip functionality for ease of diaper changing.

Luz Preston Park, PA

Pretty NOT in Pink….

This infant wearable blanket is perfect! My goddaughter was 4 weeks old when she first wore it. She loves being swaddled except her hands which she always breaks out. This was perfect for her, the blanket let her be zipped in and covered and her hands had room to move. It was easy during changing time and when her mom took her home she just keep the wearable blanket on and wrapped her in a Moby wrap. Both mom and baby were comfortable.Moby Modern Baby Wrap – Slate – One SizeHer mom liked it so much that she bought 4 more….Bonus: My goddaughter was welcomed into this world by good meaning friends and family with lots of pink gifts. ALL pink, everything they own except the stroller was pink. This was a nice neutral color with cute little bees, suitable for both boys and girls. Thank god it’s NOT pink! I also got the sage.Summer Infant ComfortMe Wearable Blanket, Sage, SmallBoth are will stay at my house for when the baby stays over.FYI: The Baby was 9 lbs when she first wore it, she is now 11lbs and it still fits well.

Elisha Sigurd, UT

soft and comfy

the fabric is very soft and the print is adorable. Washes really well. Thisis a nice light-weight garment. Convenient and versatile.

Diane West Augusta, VA

Love This Alternative Wearable Blanket

This is pretty much your typical lightweight wearable blanket with one difference. The difference is that it has partial sleeve like coverings. I loved this product because it it allows for a little more coverage to keep the baby’s arms warm. It has the zipper on the bottom of the sack, so it is simple to perform diaper changes. Overall, a good product which appears to be one of a kind so far.

Essie Wesley, AR

cute and handy

I got the large, which fits my baby perfectly. Newborns will need a smaller size. I like the convenience of getting my son in this and the zipper for diaper changes. Sometmes snaps at night are such a pain, so he prefers this quick, not lining up snaps method.the fabric is adorable. Its soft cotton, but not a luxery soft. It breathes, which is nice because my baby gets hot. The sleeves are great because they add a little resistance but not enoigh to frustrate a little on learning to control their limbs.Washing is easy. I throw it in with the rest of my baby clothes and have had no issues

Georgina Lake Tomahawk, WI

Could probably be used until 2 years old even

This is a nice little wearable blanket. I have several other Summer Infant products and they’ve been great. The ComfortMe is no different, and Summer Infant is really making a name for themselves.The material is soft and on the thin side, so it’s ideal for spring and summer weather. The large runs pretty big (intended for infants 9-12 months, 18-24 pounds) and could probably be used until 2 years old even. We shall see in time…There is ample breathability and diaper changing is pretty convenient.

Laurie Carlstadt, NJ

Soft and nice roomy fit

I like this very much as a summer pajama. The material is very soft to the touch on both sides. The shape fits my child very well with enough room for comfortable sleeping and movement. I like this style as its a cleaner cut with less material than the crossover styles. The plastic zipper is easy to work with, though I wish the neck was just a touch bigger. I have the sage green. Its simple to wash and dry and has held up very well. Will definitely last.

Adriana Singer, LA

Comfortable shirt blanket

This wearable blanket is an interesting invention. It fits snug up against the top of the baby’s body like a shirt. The bottom is more like a sack. The arms do fit into small sleeves at the top although from the picture it looks like huge sleeves. We are using the small on a three month old and it fits just right. I do like her to wear a blanket while she sleeps. This is great because she can wear this without worry that the blanket will come up over her head.

Pat Union Hall, VA

Cute animal pattern

This pattern is cute animals. I think it is my favorite of all the ones we have. The material is soft next to the baby. In our warm area this is plenty for my grandson at night. I like the double zipper, especially at night or first thing in the morning. These have really worn and washed well.When my own children were small we wrapped them in blankets and then I had to keep checking on them to make sure that they were covered, had not wrapped the blankets too tight around an arm or leg, or gotten their head under it. So now that my grandson is here we put him to sleep in swaddling wraps even from the hospital. They even gave him one. He is older and doesn’t startle as much, but I still worry less if I don’t have a blanket when I keep him. The hands are free, but still slightly swaddled, legs are free to kick, but covered.

Glenna Colton, WA

Compares well to the Halo

We have four kids and so far the only brand we’ve used were the Halo brand, which we’ve been happy with. I got these to try out, and they compare well, better in someways, less so in others. I really think you can’t go wrong with either, so I would buy one based on price, try it out and see if you like it.I think the Halo sleep sacks are softer. This could be because ours have been washed many times, but to try and even the odds I put these in with every laundry load I did for a week, and while they did soften, I still found the Halo softer. It’s soft enough, but if you had a baby with really sensitive skin you might prefer the Halo.I found the overall quality of the Summer to be a tad better than the Halo. The zippers seem studier, they are easier to work one-handed, and I like that it has sleeves. Overall it’s a good option and I think the choice between this and Halo would really come down to individual preferences. I think they are both good products.

Thelma Hallie, KY

Nurse Recommends This Blanket!

I got the ComfortMe Wearable Blanket for my newborn grandson. My daughter-in-law is a nurse who says the “snugness” of this blanket is very soothing to a newborn; she says she has also heard that this type of blanket may help to prevent SIDS. She loves the design of the “blankey”; the little one cannot kick it off, so he stays covered and comfortable all night. The zippered bottom also makes it easy to change his diapers. I will be getting more of these for sure!

Peggy Hanston, KS


I like the idea and overall design of this wearable blanket, but it has one significant flaw. The arm holes are very small. We use fleece ‘sleep sacks’ over the winter, and the lighter design of this wearable blanket is nice for the summer season. The arm holes are sewn shut on the lower part of the hole. It seems like they should have just left the opening large, or even added a snap.I chose to try the ‘large’ size, despite my twins being 19 lbs and 22 lbs, and they didn’t like the restriction on their arms, and it was hard for me to feed their arms through the holes too! For smaller infants, this might be a good solution. My kids are 14 months old, and a bit small for their age as twins. For singleton babies, I would guess most of them could use this up to size 6 months or so, despite the advertised size chart. Large is designed for 9-12 months, 18-24 lbs.

Heather Hanceville, AL

Love it!

I love the ComfortMe from Summer Infant! It’s soft and light perfect for warmer weather. I love knowing my son is comfortable and safe while he sleeps! The zipper is so convenient for night time diapering and my son just looks so happy when he’s sleeping and wearing it!

Carolina Valier, IL

No more abandoned blankets

Our baby sometimes rolls out of his blanket, leaving it on the opposite side of the crib, and then he gets cranky until we tuck him in. This wearable blanket has a cute safari pattern and he no longer loses the blanket. I think this is good for younger babies. Just be careful not to overheat the baby since most medical studies show that the ideal sleeping temperature is between 62 – 68 degrees F and most people overheat the baby sleeping room.

Patrica Gleason, WI

nice design and some good features

Like many other reviewers, I like this blanket for its ability to keep little one warm especially they’re ones that likes to around and kick their blankets. When they are small it’s less of an issue which is why would be great they came in larger sizes.We have used the halo, ergo, and others. While they all have some benefits sometimes I still prefer the simplicity and ease of care and value you from a basic swaddle blanket

Debbie Questa, NM

Good arm coverage

We use a lot of wearable blankets for our infant because we follow the advice not to include loose blankets in the crib. One of the downsides of most wearable blanket designs is that they are sleeveless. In cooler weather, this requires dressing baby in a long-sleeved shirt or pajama top underneath the wearable blanket, which adds more complication (and more laundry!). The design of this wearable blanket provides long-sleeve coverage for the arms without restricting movement. It seems to provide a sleeping experience that is more similar to sleeping under a real blanket.

Berta Tignall, GA

Great sleep sack for summer and great print pattern!

This is a great sleep sack as the weather gets warmer! Our son is 7 months old and we live in the southwest and it is starting to get much warmer (~June). These sleep sacks have a simple zipper that goes from the left shoulder all the way to the bottom right. This makes it incredibly easy to get the baby in and out. The sacks are machine washable and dryable so that also is a great convenience!

Tamera Cardinal, VA

So adorable

I absolutely love the Bees Knees pattern on this blanket. It’s adorable not to mention gender neutral. This product is made with large arm holes so your baby doesn’t get too hot while they sleep. This company makes it convenient for diaper changes with a zipper at the bottom of it. It’s very easy to wrap your baby up in this blanket. I think its great that the small will work for 3-9 months so it means you get to purchase less blankets. Very happy with this item!

Vonda Durango, CO

Great Design, Thin Material

The large is quite large…too big for my eight month old. The sizing is correct! The design is nicely carried through. I’ve wanted a product like this for years. The material is really too thin to call a blanket though…my only complaint. It is a T-shirt type knit. It is only useful in a pretty warm environment.

Lakesha Baker City, OR

Baby Doesn’t Like It

Since my baby rolls over, but still will only sleep if her chest is swaddled, I thought I’d give this a try – seemed like it would provide her with the "snuggly" feeling she likes while giving her legs enough room to move around. She hates it. The size is correct, but the winged style of the sleeves causes them to ride up on her arms and impedes the range of her arm motion. She finds it uncomfortable, I’m worried its limiting of her mobility could be dangerous.

Malinda Castor, LA

Summer Infant ComfortMe Wearable Blanket, Sketchy Safari, Large

My daughter is tiny for her age and we still use sleep sacks or wearable blankets for her every night. Putting on the garment is as much a part of her routine as prayers, story time and a little bit of milk. I was excited to receive this product but very disappointed once I used it. The sleeves are non functioning. It felt like I was putting my child in a strait jacket. The arm holes were not well thought out. Overall just disappointed.

Pauline Catarina, TX

Great for active little ones

Things I like:-So soft-Made of 100% cotton so it’s very breathable.-Perfect for the Spring/Fall when it’s not quite warm enough to break out the fleece, but cool enough that the muslin is no longer adequate.-Gives peace of mind that baby will have freedom of movement, yet not kick off or lose blanket in the night.-The green sage is gender neutral making it ideal to pass on to younger siblings or to give as a shower present.Things I don’t like:-The snap closure is not the best, however the zipper grants you access to both diaper and legs so you only need to use the snap when taking off or putting the blanket on.Of note: The sizing on this is ample; take note that your little one can wear this until 2 years old!

Viola Fertile, MN

Excellent Thoughtful Product. Great Contender to Halo Sleepsacks.

A lot of people defer to Halo sleep sacks because they’re the most well-known brand, offer lots of styles, prints, materials, sizes, etc. I have plenty of Halo sleep sack and swaddles before I tried the Summer Infant wearable blanket and honestly, this is a serious contender to my Halo staples. In fact, I stopped using my Halo sacks after I got these.PROS:1. These have sleeves. Well, sort of. The sleeves are more like wings but they cover your baby’s arms and stay in place. I can’t imagine it being very comfortable sleeping snuggly in a sack but having cold arms. That’s the problem with Halo in my opinion. Plus the sleeves and the shape of this sack makes your little one look he/she has those winged sky diving/gliding suits on. Adorable!2. These have two way zippers. Someone really put some thought into the design on this. I love the two way zippers. The zipper is always hooked. You just zip in one of the directions. If you zip from the shoulder down, the sack opens so you can easily put this on or take this off. If you zip from the bottom up, then just the bottom opens for diaper changes, minimizing baby’s exposure to cold drafts. Halo has a similar feature with their one way zippers going from chin to feet so that you can open it from the bottom for diaper changes. But with a squirmy and sometimes angry baby who doesn’t want to go down for a nap, or if you only have one hand to operate the zipper, trying to hook the zipper pin into the zipper slider/pull can be a struggle. The two way zippers eliminates that.3. Fold-over fabric tab with a snap button on the shoulder covers the exposed zipper so it doesn’t scratch or irritate baby’s face.4. Sturdy construction and materials. I put my girl in this sack for all naps and every night for the last month and wash once or twice a week and they are going strong and getting softer.5. Comes in many sizes and fun/adorable colors and prints.CONS:1. 100% cotton jersey is not as smooth and soft as Halo’s cotton jersey material. Halo’s material just feel more luxurious. But the material of the Summer Infant blanket does get softer with washing and use.2. Sizes run a little smaller that Halo. I got the large in these for my girl who is 9 months and 18 pounds. She is 27 inches tall. And I feel like there is not much room to grow lengthwise, even though Summer Infant says the large size is for babies 9-12 months weighing 18-24 pounds. Compared to the Halo sacks, she is just starting to grow out of the Medium size. I’d say a large in the Summer Infant wearable blanket is shorter in length (by about 2 inches)than a medium Halo sleep sack.3. Arm holes can be bit tight. I have 4 of these sacks in different prints and only the Safari print has this problem. Not a big deal because the jersey stretches. Also, if you sew, you can undo the factory stitches and put in a couple of your own further down to make the arm holes bigger if this happens to you.I actually prefer these over my Halo sacks which I have stopped using since I got these. But because the size runs smaller than Halo (I think large is the biggest size) my girl will outgrow these soon before she is 12 months old, and we will likely have to go back to Halo. I hope they will expand their sizing and use nicer cotton. If they did, then these would be way better than Halo. For now, they both have their pros and cons. But I think these are just a bit better than the Halo sleep sacks.I gave it 5 stars but it’s really 4.5. But I wouldn’t hesitate to give this a 5 if they just make more sizes and use nicer cotton. Compared to Halo which I would give 3.5 or 4. So I would recommend this product if you are considering it. Very nice product with a lot of thought behind it.

Imogene Eastport, MI

Between a blanket and a swaddle is the ComfortMe wearable

With our daugher, now a little over 2, there was that awkward phase where she wouldn’t stay swaddled, pulling out one way or another but she wouldn’t stay under a blanket. I looked around at the time for something that could stay secure and didn’t find anything. With another one on the way in August, I saw this and had to have a closer look.Let me say, this fits the bill exactly. Your child will stay warm and won’t have any way or need to wiggle out of this. It’s like a swaddle in texture and thickness but made for older babies or wiggly ones or ones that don’t, for whatever reason, want to be swaddled.I’m very pleased as it fits the exact niche we were needing to fill.

Rita Eielson Afb, AK

great idea

Pros:-soft material, that has a great weight (meaning it is not near transparent) for warmer locations-cute bumble bee pattern, and great shower gift potential with the neutral coloring- generous size and length- easy to put on, and remove- diaper change access via the zippered bottomCons:None that I discovered

Karyn Darwin, CA

Much nicer than I expected

It’s hard to tell from pictures online sometimes, but this is very soft and well made. The print is also super cute. Would make a really nice gift, too.

Sue Stevensville, VA

not bad

We regularly use sleep sacks / sleep bags from Carter’s (likeCarter’s Baby Boys “Blue Elephants” Micro Fleece Sleep Bag or Sack (0-9 Months)) but now that the temperature is on the rise, I was looking for a lighter, more spring-summer option. This is definitely better suited for warmer weather, not just because the the fabric itself is lighter, but the sleeves are so big, they tend to slide all the way up as baby wiggles which makes it behave as though it was sleeveless. This gives you a fairly narrow window of time when it would be good to use and/or makes it a bit more restrictive on how you use it–on the one hand, it needs to be cool enough that baby needs an extra layer, but on the other, it needs to be warm enough that having no sleeves is not going to be a problem. In most cases, I’ve found that, although this works as intended, there really is no advantage to using it as opposed to a single layer of slightly warmer jammy. But then, that all depends on your preferences, the climate you live in, and your baby.

Nora Mount Carbon, WV