Summer Infant Comfy Bath Sponge

Summer Infant Comfy Bath Sponge

The Comfy Bath Sponge provides comfort and security for baby at bath time. The contoured foam cushion supports baby’s head, neck, and back for a better bathing experience for baby and parent.

Main features

  • Slip-resistant material for safe bathing
  • Foam cushion can be used in sinks, baby bath tubs, and adult tubs
  • Quick drying foam allows for fast clean up
  • Contoured shape, cushioned edges, and a slight incline support baby’s head, neck, and back

Verified reviews


simply awful

it was comfy for my son– but it’s bulky and impossible to dry after baths. so the mold came — despite my efforts to squeeze and hang it — in just over a week. 4 or 5 baths and mold was growing inside and out. disgusting and dangerous!!!

Doris Center Ossipee, NH

A god-send for baby bath time

Certain things you just want to write a review for. Of the many baby items I have purchased, this is one of them. For me, this sponge makes bath time a lot easier to deal with. It’s more about giving the newborn a softer surface to rest on so that they don’t hurt their still fragile head. The baby outgrows this sponge by around month 5-6. By that time, you should no longer need this anyways. Any rate, a top notch product for a very nice price.

Bettie Riverside, CA

One of my favorite baby items

I didn’t want to get a baby tub and either have to scrub it out every time, or risk slimy, moldy build up, so I got this instead.I’ll be honest, my little girl despised it at first – I’m talking full tomato-faced, air-raid-siren screaming every time. It turned out to be operator error, though; I thought pre-filling the sponge with hot water would help, but it turns out all that unsubmerged wet sponge quickly turns ice cold.Now I just fill the regular bathtub with about an inch of toasty warm water, float the sponge on top, and set her on it. That way she only comes in contact with either dry sponge or warm water, and now she loves bath time.It’s easy to rinse and wring out, and is still in good shape after 3 months of regular use.

Jodi Bridgeport, AL

Beware the black spots – mildew

Loved it at first, then saw black spots starting on it (probably because its hard to squeeze dry after use, so it stays slightly damp – perfect for mould).Binned it immediately, not safe for baby. Oh, and at least I only paid $6 at Target, I would be well annoyed to have bought it on here for far more.

Fanny Clarksdale, MS

Infant bath help

I use this for sink baths for my 6 week old granddaughter. It cushions herand keeps her from sliding around in the sink. You do have to hold her with one hand,while washing with the other hand, if using the kitchen sink for a bath. I have not used itin the bath tub yet. I do wish it was more of a wedge so the head area was elevated, that isthe only thing I would change.

Becky Cedar, KS

cheap alternative to baby tubs

Like most first time new moms, i went out and spent $40+ on a fancy baby tub, that my baby only fit in for a few months. He loves the sponge because more of his body gets wet. For the price, it seems to be holding up very well also! If it does tear, I will just order a new one!

Rosanna Brookshire, TX

poor design, dirty, too small

this match is not thick at the top and thin at the bottom like it needs to be for when the child is in the water. Its the same thickness. Also it is very short. It also had stains on it. Not a fan

Katherine Gruetli Laager, TN

All you need!

We purchased an expensive and highly rated “newborn to toddler” bathtub when our first daughter was born. What a joke! I gave it away after two baths and we ended up using a towel on the bottom of the bathtub instead. Older and wiser, we purchased this EXTREMELY CHEAP sponge when our second daughter was born. It keeps her fairly submerged, supported, and warm, and makes baths easy as pie (and it dries a heck of a lot faster than the towel ever did). Sure, it may wear out sooner than later, but who cares? At this price, we can afford to go through a couple of them.

Josefa Whitesburg, KY

Does the job

I got this sponge with the intention of providing a place to lay my newborn during the first few days of sponge baths while waiting for his belly button and circumcision to heal. It functioned well enough for this purpose and I have since used it still as a place to lay the baby before and after the tub baths. My only criticism is that it is quite a bit thinner than I had expected it to be. For the price I am happy with the purchase, but did expect and wish that it had been a little thicker and denser sponge material – I would have paid a few more dollars for it to be thicker.

Doreen West Warwick, RI

Would buy it again

This sponge made bathing our daughter in our sink very easy. She is almost 4 months old, and she’s just now getting to where she will need something else.The sponge has discolored, even from the first time we used it. I wash it in the washing machine with a small load of clothes every few weeks. It doesn’t have any bad smell. I twist it to squeeze out all the water after every use, and I lay it over a laundry basket to dry so it gets air from all sides.For the price and the short amount of months we use it, it is the perfect solution. I’ll just throw this one away when we’re done with it and spend the $7 to get a new one for the next baby… And nothing bulky to store in the meantime!

Renee Mc Carr, KY

not worth it

I got this because I thought I HAD to give my newborn a sponge bath every time. We used this for his first bath and it was just horrible. It doesn’t really cradle the baby at all, so it’s no better than just putting a folded towel on the floor (and that would most likely be warmer). This thing cannot hold any heat, so it just stays super cold while your baby is cold and your trying to dry him as fast as possible. It also didn’t really help absorb the water from the sponge bath. The water still soaks through and gets all over the floor. We had such a miserable experience with it that we just figured we’d attempt the baby tub with an infant sling for the next time. He totally loved it and it works much better for us that way! I’m upset that we even spent the money on this thing. It’s a total rip off and not worth it!!! If you want to do sponge baths just use your own towels and save the money!!

Cheri Berlin, ND

Makes bath time easier

We were given a hard plastic bathtub as a shower gift, but much prefer using this simple sponge for baths, both in the tub and in our big deep kitchen sink. Also takes up less storage space. Even if we need to replace these every few months, I’m glad we finally switched to the sponge.

Hattie Newport, RI

Meh, it’s ok.

I bought this because my 4 month old is too big for his mesh bath seat, but not big enough for the regular tub yet and I didn’t really want to deal with a bulky baby tub. Granted, he is a big baby, but he barely fits on this thing because it’s so short. When his head is at the top, his bottom nearly hangs off the end. I guess it’s meant for small babies or newborns only. He seemed pretty comfortable on it though, as it’s very thick. It was also pretty easy to wring out, but I’m not sure we will keep using it. Glad it was cheap.

Luann Canton, SD

a must have idea low quality

Great idea, it is a must have for newborns and especialy for new moms who are nerveous with the first baths- as I was. I had this sponge and the frog shaped green sponge ( don’t remember who’s the manufator). Although this one is bigger – and that’s an advantage, it got black disoloration (nothing spilled on it and it is not mold) after only a few times we used it. It didn’t come off in the wash and although it didn’t smell or anything I didn’t want to use something that looked “dirty” for my daughter’s baths. It did not happen to the green sponge, which I would reccomend.

Belinda Unionville, MO

Loved it!

We used this for my son for the first 6 months of his life. It was soft enough and kept him safe in his baby tub, especially when he was first born. I also liked that it absorbs the warm water so he didn’t get as chilly as he would otherwise. Just be sure you wring it out very well after each bath, it’s just like any other sponge! It will grow mold if you leave it damp permanently.

Polly Orrs Island, ME

Useful for newborn’s bath

Quality made product. We only used this for two weeks to give our son a sponge bath after he was born.

Avis Johnson, KS

Best infant bath ‘tub’ option!

This is the best, and cheapest, bath time option for newborns! I had a hard time finding a solution that worked for me and my baby-keeping him warm during baths as well as keeping his head raised above the water level. I don’t have space to store a big plastic baby bath tub, so I was using bath towels, one on the bottom of the tub and a small one folded up under his head, but that just gets cumbersome and is a sopping wet mess when the bath is done.This sponge is great and fits the baby perfectly. It is easy to wring out the water when bath time is done. I hang it to dry. I used it even after my son was sitting in the tub instead of lying down to keep him from slipping. It has kept it’s shape well even after 10 months of use.

Terra Bethlehem, CT

The best baby product!

I have been using this sponge with Ikea’s baby bath tub for the past 2 months since we brought our daughter home from the hospital. It has turned out to be a perfect choice. I got an expensive plastic baby bather as a shower gift but it never left the box.My baby complained only the first time she took a bath. Since then she loves it and even when she is fussy stops crying the moment I put her into the water.I was able to give her a bath even when the belly button stump was still there-it didn’t get wet.I recommend using a squirt bottle to spray the baby with. I’ve been using the one I was given in the hospital. Also foaming shampoo is better than the regular one because you will always use less of it, and ultimately baby’s skin won’t get irritated. I have been using the Mustela newborn-even though it is a little expensive.Finally-you cannot beat the price!I highly recommend this product

Tamra Laughlintown, PA

Did the job

until Sir Chub outgrew all of our plug-able sinks. (We live in an older home.) Soft, comfy, protected his little tuchus from the cold, hard surfaces. Now we use it as a floor cushion for after-tub time. I’m sure i’ll find another use for it once this stage ends, too. (Gardening? Rocket-building?)

Carol Institute, WV


This is great! just rinse and wring it out after every use. It will hold up and stay like new. Do not listen to bad reviews. I am very picky and this is a very good product. I left it airing out before baby was born just because I am picky like that. But it is great and you can buy it for less than 5 bucks at Burlington Coat Factory or Walmart.

Tabatha Yorkshire, OH

Great for the little ones

I used this in our infant tub as an insert to hold our little man in place for the first 3 months. It made bath time much easier as I didnt’ have to be holding him with one hand the entire time. It is a sponge so it stays warm. I would definetly get this for newborns!

Margie Northeast Harbor, ME

Good for Bath’s in the Big Tub

I got this for my MIL while watching my kiddo. He likes baths but can’t see up very good yet. This product is soft allows him to lay back with hitting his head on the hard tub. Cheap and functional would be a good summary.

Jerri Piketon, OH

Arrived fast, in great condition, exactly what I needed!

The packaging of this item came in perfect shape (could have been used as a gift). The bath sponge itself is very high quality. It fits in the foldable infant bath we had and dries completely after each bath. I was going to get the 2-pack, but I’m glad I didn’t, I think this one will last.

Julie Desoto, TX

Great foam

Looks stable and fits my bathinette perfectly, it will be great since I am very squimish to bathe newborns for a while.

Mary Morrisville, PA

Essential Baby Product

I love this bath sponge. It makes it super easy to give a sink bath to our new baby. The sponge provides a nice cushy spot for my baby to rest and it also helps to keep him warm. I had previously used the sponge with the built in temperature indicator but like this one better. After a few uses the indicator came off and left a scratchy area that I had to cover with a washcloth so it wouldn’t scratch my baby. This one is also slightly thicker than that one and has seemed to hold up better. The only downside is that it is hard to squeeze out when you are done with it but it hasn’t caused any problems. I just squeeze out as much and I can and then rest it upright in the tub to drain the rest. I bought this for my brother and his wife who are expecting next month. It is a very useful item for newborns. Skip the clumsy infant baths.

Carla Glenwood, FL


Very sturdy and thick, far superior to the Munchkin brand I got at Target. Great for first sponge baths on the counter, then laying down in the big bath, now my son sits on it in the bath (8 mo). Quality is excellent and so is the price.

Cherie Northport, NY

Must have!

We have used this since day 1 with our infant and love it. live in a small space and didn’t want a giant plastic tub. It holds a lot of water so it keeps her warm…she’s never not liked a bath since day 1. we simply run an inch or two of water in the bathtub and put her on this in the tub…very helpful. Best of all it’s easy to wring all the water out of it and it dries fast.

Lee Pulaski, GA

Serviceable Bath Sponge

This is a good bath sponge. It fits in our square kitchen sink and makes it much more comfortable (seemingly) for infant bathing. Also saves me from having to support the baby’s head and neck for the entire bath. Easy to wring out and dries quickly. I do wish it came with a storage bag to help keep it clean when not in use.

Nikki Marston, MO

Useable, but Chilly

The sponge works well to keep baby safely out of the water during bathtime, particularly during the first couple of weeks when the cord stump was still heaing. I noticed, however, that even though I used warm water, the surface of the sponge — the part in contact with baby — gets chilly and clammy. Baby hated this sponge. I didn’t realize until after we stopped using the sponge that it was the sponge baby hated and not bathtime!

Kelly Choudrant, LA

Good, but not Great

I like this sponge, I just wish it had some sort of incline to it. My son has outgrown the newborn tub, but is not to the sitting up on his own stage. He loves to play in his bath – splash, kick his rubber ducks, etc. – and this provides cushion, but he’s flat on his back. But, as far as the sponge itself goes, it’s great. Water rings out very easily, keeps it shape, hasn’t torn, and I think will hold up fairly well.

Dominique Ragsdale, IN