Summer Infant Complete Coverage Color Video Monitor Set with 7″ LCD Screen and 1.8″ Handheld Unit

Summer Infant Complete Coverage Color Video Monitor Set with 7″ LCD Screen and 1.8″ Handheld Unit

This dual video monitor set from Summer Infant is different from all others on the market with its unique look, tilt feature and swivel design. The Summer Infant Complete Coverage Video Monitor Set includes a 7″ LCD color flat screen and 1.8″ color handheld units, plus LED sound lights allow for keeping close tabs on baby’s every move.

Main features

  • 7” LCD color flat screen and 1.8” color handheld parent’s unit
  • 900 MHz technology for superior clarity and 350″ range
  • Built in carry handle, swivel stand and tilt option on 7” parent unit
  • Belt clip, flip stand and 10 hour rechargeable battery for handheld unit
  • Both parent’s units include auto time-out feature on screen, LED sound lights and one touch video on/off for night time convenience

Verified reviews


Ugh, another bad monitor

Loved the prospect of the huge screen. That was the only good thing. Interference was atrocious. We didn’t need to go any further because of interference. And it looks like it doesn’t matter anymore because most of these Summer Infants are being recalled by the CPSC. Ah well.

Ollie Yellow Springs, OH

happy with it except for the interference – which could be our house

I’m overall very happy with this monitor. I don’t know how we could have lived without the ability to see our baby. The monitor is very handy. There is a larger TV receiver, and a handheld device. The handheld device runs on a renewable battery that you charge when you plug it in. The infrared camera lets you see your baby sleeping even in pitch darkness. Sometimes I put him in the crib but go back to my bedroom to see him on the monitor and make sure he’s fallen asleep!We have had some major reception/interference issues, but we do live in a tightly packed city and we have a lot of electronic equipment and a wireless network, 2 cellphones, game systems, etc. We find that the larger TV unit works better downstairs, so we use it there, and the handheld is in our bedroom. The interference can be loud enough to keep us awake, so sometimes we either drown it out with a sound machine (we can still hear baby noises), or turn it off and just listen for baby down the hall. So, you might ask why we bother? Because the video option allows us to see our baby in the dark, and know if he’s just crying out in his sleep, or actually awake and needing us. It’s also good to check if he’s still alive and kicking, something a lot of new parents worry about! We don’t have to walk into his room to check on that.We are considering buying a second audio-only monitor with clearer reception. I would recommend you try this in your house and keep the receipt in case it doesn’t work for you. there are digital monitors with video – but they are much more expensive. This one is great if it works for you.Oh and just a note – when you plug in the handheld adapter, note that you have to use the volume control to turn it on. it also will not charge unless it is turned on. We thought it was broken until we called their support line and found out that we had to turn it on first via the volumne control. The manual was not clear on that point.

Holly North Webster, IN

So happy we purchased this!

I LOVE this monitor! It’s so nice to be able to sit downstairs while my baby is sleeping upstairs and be able to check on him without having to worry about waking him up. We had some static issues at first that were somehow magically resolved when we got rid of our wireless Internet router and bought an apple airport router. I’m not sure if this is coincidence or what, but if you’re having static issues my experience might help! Overall this is a great monitor, so worth the price. I’m a first time mom and a little paranoid about, well, everything 😉 I just love being able to check on my baby whenever I want!

Jodie Silver Lake, KS

Great Picture!

I bought this monitor after buying one by Motorola. With Motorola, I assumed the picture would be great. I was completely unimpressed. The picture was incredible grainy and disjointed. I returned it the next day. Ended up buying the Summer Complete Coverage Day and Night. More expensive, but well worth the money. The picture is so clear that I can see my baby breathing on both the flat screen and handheld. I took one star away because there is occasional interference, but… It is worth it because the picture (especially the night vision) is so much more superior than the competitors’.

Gretchen Timber Lake, SD

worst monitor system ever

Although I didn’t purchase this monitor system from amazon, I felt it was my duty as a frequent shopper on the site to let fellow patrons know about a horrendous product when I see one. This is such a bad monitoring system that it is almost like not having anything. From the day it was installed it produced so much noise and interference that it was nearaly impossible to even hear if my son was calling for me. It got so bad at one point that I actually could not keep the volume up on the main screen unit at nighttime because it produced so much noise that my husband and I could not sleep! So horrible. Not a little over a year since I have it installed that hand held monitor went bad. It no longer shows video and it acutally amplifies sound where sound is supposed to come out from. So if you speak into the speaker where you would normally hear sound from inside baby’s room, all you hear is your own voice amplified. Summer infant is a horrible company who does not stand by their product and would not do anything for me. The said I would have to purchase a whole new system. Yeah so what every year I have to spend $300 on a monitoring system? Going to be going with a different company for sure. No other monitor can be as bad as this one. Trust me!

Casey Beaver, AR

It CAN work well…

I was so angry that we had purchased such an expensive monitor to have HORRIBLE static and noise! Turned out that coordless phones where only one phone is plugged into the jack and the others communicate wirelessly have similar frequencies. Once I unplugged the house phone, these were the BEST monitors! We had great range in a 3,300 square foot home!

Mitzi Grantsburg, WI

Great monitor but…

This particular monitor itself is fantastic, but the handheld version is a little bulky, and for whatever reason, there’s always a lot of interference on the monitor. Your BT headphones, phone, wifi, wireless mouse, and all sorts of things can interfere with this monitor.I do like the fact that there is a standalone display that we have set up in the kitchen just in case. The handheld one is a bit ugly, but for the purposes it’s suited for, it works great. The charge lasts okay, probably 3-4 hours if you don’t constantly view the screen.I think that the screen colors are actually a bit less bright than other monitors that we own. It’s a lot more faded, and sometimes seems more black and white. Even the IR side is a little bit weaker than I’d like compared to the Infant Optics brand.All in all, the only reason I would push for this particular set is the stand-alone monitor. It’s one of the few sets you’ll find with one.

Elisa Proctorville, OH

Expensive and Lackluster

We bought this to monitor our first baby. Here are our thoughts.The handheld unit has an annoying “feature” whereby it saves battey power by turning the screen off seemingly every five minutes. If you want to do continuous handheld monitoring of your baby without being plugged into the wall outlet, this is not an effective unit. Pressing the button on top of the unit to get the video back is tiresome.The “widescreen” larger monitor is nice and we keep it in our bedroom. Unfortunately, it is a stretched 4:3 picture made to look widescreen. Our baby’s head looks enlongated when he is sleeping in his crib.Another issue is the amount of interference to which the 900MHz band is susceptible.The infrared is nice, as we can see our baby in the dark.Finally, I was excited to learn that you could order an additional cable that allows you to plug in the handheld unit into your TV. Unfortunately, the company makes this cable difficult to obtain. Instead of offering it online, they require you to call them on the phone and give someone you don’t know your credit card information. Purchasing on the web is safer than using your credit card in a restaurant or over the phone! I emailed them to find out where I could purchase this cable and they sent back an email telling me to call them on the phone. Why not just make it available online…or include it in the box? In 2010, you don’t advertise a feature and make it impossible to get.

Miranda Arab, AL

broke after 10 months – MODEL NO LONGER IN PRODUCTION

UPDATE: PRODUCT OUT OF PRODUCTION, LOOK FOR NEWER MODEL.AFTER 10 MONTHS OF USE THE SMALL MONITOR BROKE – no video, the screen won’t even light up, and sound works here and there, we never know when or what to do to make it work. Useless. Tried purchasing an extra monitor, but this product is no longer produced, so there is no spare parts, and summer infant only sells extra cameras, but no extra monitors (????????).Impossible to carry big monitor around that only works when plugged, so we’ve been using our cheap sound only monitor instead. I was hoping to use it for my next baby, but we’ll just have to buy a new one.AFTER 1 MONTH OF USE, I WROTE:In my 390 square feet apartment, this monitor is good enough – good sound, ok image.Cons:- prone to interference if monitor is close to cell phones or such – but I guess that’s standard for all wireless products.- No automatic silent mode, like other cheaper monitor that go silent when there is no noise from baby and turn on when there is noise. This means sleeping with annoying white noise.- Mediuem range, not good for long distances. When we travel to my mother’s 2,000 square feet 2 storey home, it won’t do. We bought a cheap sound only monitor for traveling and are quite satisfied.

Wilma Metcalfe, MS

My friends are jealous

We bought this monitor set when we were expecting our baby girl (who is about to turn 3) and although I’m sure there are better more high-tech models on the market now, for us this has been perfect (and we still use it to check in on our little girl). Having the big monitor next to our beds made it so much less stressful to put our daughter in her own room when she was 6 weeks, and having the handheld connected to our downstairs TV made checking in on her periodically a snap. Some things to note: 1. you will only see the beautiful color picture when it is light in the room, as most babys sleep in the dark,what you will always see is the infrared (?) version, 2. if you have the handheld monitor hooked up to your TV and you accidentally bump it, you run the risk of losing your signal and will have to mess around with it until you have a good picture again, 3. Unlike many other monitors, the sound never shuts off, if you turn the volume on it will always be on, which can be distracting when you are trying to sleep.This has truly made two incredibly worried parents able to relax a bit, plus you get a front row seat to all of their practice sessions, I bet most parents don’t get to watch their babies practice sitting up and standing and all of the other wonderful things that they do while they are “sleeping” 🙂

Carla Cooksburg, PA

Great little product (a little high on the price)

Great product simple to use, and works as advertised, some static when walking around monitor between cameras in other rooms and it. But over all great item. Hand held unit works like a champ and except when moving around has a clear enough picture.Great option of 2 cameras wish it came with two, and had an option of 4. But works and is a good deal here at Amazon.I would buy again.

Jeannine Fairfax, OK

Loving It!

I bought this to replace an earlier model Summer video monitor and just love it. Since we have two floors, it is nice to have a monitor in our bedroom and a handheld that I can cart around with me. Everything works well, and it is so nice to see my child no matter where I am in the house. The video quality is good, not superior, and gives me what I need. If you are expecting television quality picture (especially those HD viewers out there)you won’t be thrilled. Overall, I am very pleased and wouldn’t be without this product.

Teri Bob White, WV

Great if you want to hear someone else’s baby going to sleep in your neighborhood

We’ve been using this monitor for 2 years and these are the issues: #1: the video on the handheld piece only lasted about 9 months and then it stopped working. #2: a bigger issue is that we can hear OTHER PEOPLE putting their kids to sleep in our neighborhood lately. In the past month or two, it has been picking up another family’s activity (and they are not our next door neighbors so I don’t even know how close they live to us). So creepy. That means strangers can probably watch / listen to my son sleeping if they have one of these things and are in range. This monitor is clearly not safe at all. Had I known this was a possibility, I would have returned it when I bought it 2 years ago.

Margret Linn Creek, MO