Summer Infant Complete Nursery Care Kit, Teal/White

Summer Infant Complete Nursery Care Kit, Teal/White

The Complete Nursery Care Kit includes 21 grooming and health care items essential for any nursery. A durable storage case is included so parents can keep each item conveniently close at hand at home or on-the-go.

Main features

  • Medicine Syringe and Pacifier Medicine Dispenser help parents measure and easily administer the proper dosage to baby
  • Nasal Aspirator relieves baby’s nasal congestion
  • Forehead Thermometer and Digital Thermometer for an easy, accurate temperature reading
  • Emergency Information Card for quick reference to doctor’s number
  • Nail Clippers and Emery Boards (5), just the right size for tiny, newborn fingers

Verified reviews


A new baby girl

This was the lowest price care kit I could found on top of the pretty design and color. Looks good and has all the items in a bag to store them in

Estella Lakehead, CA

All you need

This kit really has all you need for the basic baby care, average but sufficient quality. The brush is soft, and there is still enough room in the storage pouch for more items as you will collect them during kiddy life.

Darlene Paia, HI


this bag has a lot of useful things specially when the baby needs to drink medicine of getting sick all the things are very very good

Norma Wrightstown, WI

Five Stars

everything you need for a great price

Josefa Perham, ME


This is an ok kit. I think it could be improved, some of the ítems seem cheap and I will not use them. For example the comb and the thermometer but the other things seem ok and very practical.

Brittney Sarepta, LA

Cheao stuff

Cheap plastic stuff, If you are looking for good quality products stay away from these items. Completely madr in china, you wont like them.

Wanda Bean Station, TN

Best infant kit ever

This kit has everything you’ll need for at least the first year, and longer. The only thing it’s missing is a standard toothbrush, but that’s no where near a deal breaker because it has two types of infant gum brushes. The head strip thermometer is a nice touch for those moms looking to cross check a rectal with another method of temperature taking. Although it is definitely not always reliable, the head strip is nice to have for older children. The rest of the things in the kit such as the standard brush and comb as well as "booger bulb" will always come in handy, but the two types of medicine droppers are a nice surprise. I never knew how easy it would be to give medicine through a pacifier until we got this kit. It will also make for a great gift as it is presented very well and the color is beautiful. Very happy with purchase.

Sheri Tower, MN

Great kit!

This set includes everything you could need. The blue green is pretty for my girl. I like the temperature tape and the pacifier medicine dropper!

Lana Granbury, TX

Great package of needed items for the nursery.

Fantastic price, and pretty miuch includes essential nursery care products.

Eula Lost Hills, CA

Nursery Care Kit

This is just too cute and has so many useful items included. I can’t wait to use them, and I like having all of these items in one case.

Sue Ansonville, NC

They’re nice just not as necessary as I thought

These are cute but I haven’t had the chance to really use each of them except the nail clipper. This would make a nice gift, I bet but for new moms not really one of the things you’d need to buy right away. A lot of the things on this kit I got free from the hospital and those that I didn’t I had no need for, so far.

Cheri Martindale, PA

Nice to have in emergencies

Has all the necessary items I need IF I should ever need them. Mostly I use nail clipper, comb, and brush- which all work great!

Lauri East Woodstock, CT

Good for baby

The baby isn’t here yet I’m sure my friends will put it to good use once the baby is here

Jeannette Hydesville, CA

I love this!

I just received this item and so far I love it. I thoroughly looked at each item contained and have to say… I disagree with the people saying that these items are flimsy. Maybe there are some more out there that are more, heavy duty, but these will definitely work for the purpose they are built for, without fearing them breaking or getting damaged.I primarily bought this for the bulb syringe, nail clippers and files, and figured I would need the rest at differing points… Hopefully not (medicine dispenser.) and I am happy and feel better prepared. If you have your heart set on a pink kit, this is it, you won’t be disappointed.

Marjorie Kekaha, HI