Summer Infant Complete Nursery Care Kit

Summer Infant Complete Nursery Care Kit

Deluxe Soft Embrace Bouncer includes 26 must have baby items as well as a storage case to make travel easier and more convenient and to keep items together and protected at all times. This includes nasal aspirator, digital thermometer, strip with case, pacifier medicine dispenser. It includes medicine syringe, comb, brush, nail clippers, 6 emery boards. This includes teether, gum massager, finger toothbrush with case. It includes 5 alcohol swabs, emergency information card and stylish storage case.

Main features

  • Includes nasal aspirator, digital thermometer, strip with case and pacifier medicine dispenser
  • Includes medicine syringe, comb, brush, nail clippers and 6 emery boards
  • Includes teether, gum massager, finger toothbrush with case
  • Includes 5 alcohol swabs, emergency information card and stylish storage case

Verified reviews


Waste of money!

I suppose first-time parents think that this is the best collection of baby necessities available! But, what first-time parents don’t realize is that you’ll get the most important of these things from your hospital when you leave after having baby! I’ve volunteered and had children at several hospitals in several states, and the going-home kit always included a nasal aspirator, a little brush and comb set, a bunch of alcohol wipes to care for the umbilical stub, a shampoo scrub brush (not included in this set, but fabulous, especially for cradle-cap babies), and a little baby nail clipper. What’s included that is unnecessary:emery boards/scissors: baby’s nails stay soft for most of the first year, to the point that you can just peel off the overgrown part of the nail easily, without having to contend with a wriggling baby in one arm and a sharp implement in the other handmedicine dropper/spoon: should your baby require liquid antibiotics, the medicine will come with a syringe-type applicator, which you place into baby’s mouth and then press the plunger to dispense. Use a spoon? Baby will swat it out of your hand and you’ll have pink and white stains everywhere. Use a medicine dropper? Very slow and you have to keep refilling the bulb. Your baby’s meds will come with the dispenser, so these are unnecessary.temperature tester: very very inaccurate, especially since babies are still not quite self-regulating when it comes to body thermometer: do yourself a favor and register for an ear thermometer. It will last much longer — years! — and can be used for an older child as well as a wriggly, sick baby. Believe me, baby will not quietly say AH and put the thermometer in his mouth when he feels awful… and just try putting it in the other way!toothbrush: bristles are NOT recommended for children under 2. Instead, toothbrushes that have rubber tips/points are recommended, to massage teething gums and be gentle on new baby teeth.Don’t waste your money buying this kit. Get what you can as a gift fro your hospital, invest in a good ear thermometer, and get one of the sets of grow-up-with-baby toothbrushes that “at a baby store”

Bernice Savery, WY

Way too rough for a newborn!!

First of all the bulb syringe it’s TOO HARD, and worst: it did not suck at all (the blue one from the hospital have been a life saver). The brush is too rough for a baby under 2, and the comb I started to use it when my daughter was 3 months old, because is too rough for a newborn. The nail clipper is too big for my daughter little The comb it’s OK… The nail fillers are way TOO ROUGH too. The dropper is TOO BIG….I REGRET of spending my money in this…..Keep searching for another set!!!!UPDATE—> I’m writing this note because after reading my comment after a year I have to say that I wrote this review stating that the items doesn’t work for a newborn as they promise, but most of the items you can use them for an older baby… I have to say that the nail clipper has been the best one ever since my daughter was 15 months old, and after my husband step on it an broke it I run to the store and bought another one: Lucky me that I found it in a smaller set just with the scisors and the nail fillers and I didn’t had to buy the whole kit again!!

Karen Provo, SD

Useless for a newborn

My baby is 4 weeks old, I have not yet used a thing from it. Regular adult stuff is more useful and better quality.

Kelsey Midvale, UT

All in One Essentials

This is definitely the set to get. It includes everything you’ll need for baby well care in a convenient storage pouch. I tend to leave things all over my house but with this kit I never have to search for tiny items. All of the pieces I’ve tried so far work very well also. The clippers are my favorite since they are very easy to handle. The scissors work for nails as well. The brush is excellent….very soft bristles for my daughter who doesn’t have much hair yet. Nail files and alcohol swabs are nice extras. The bulb syringe works better than the one from Gerber that I have and the thermometer was a cinch to use as well. I have yet to use the medicine dropper or water temp taker but I doubt there is anything wrong with those items. I also have to wait for my daughter’s teeth before I test the toothbrush but it’s nice that I have everything handy already. I love this set and keep it clipped on my nursery cart. It also comes with a useful book on taking care of your baby. Definitely the best kit with the most baby essentials.

Allyson Cement City, MI

Terrific set

I received this set as a gift. I do agree with one of the reviewers you get some of the items in the hospital, however, we didn’t get all of the items and when you’re a new parent pressed for time, it’s awfully convenient to have everything you need packed into one kit.The one “add on” that we put into the kit ourselves was a digital ear thermometer. Other than that, it had everything we needed.It’s great for travel, and the items are well made and attractive in appearance. It would make a terrific gift.

Tasha Chapman, KS

Great kit for new parents!

I registered for this item and it arrived while I was in the hospital. I was so relieved to find it when I got home. I’ll admit that not all the items are necessary, but it is still a fabulous kit. All I came home from the hospital with besides my son was an aspirator and ointment for my son’s circumcision. The brush and comb are obviously highly useful. The nail clippers are my favorite even though I did get several pairs with gifts and such. The adjustable and extra long handle is great. The scissors and aspirator have also been handy. I never used the alcohol wipes or emery boards. I haven’t used the tweezers yet, I just haven’t needed them, but I’m sure the day will come.I used one of those rubber finger toothbrushes until my son was about 9 months old, but when he bit clean through it and bruised my finger we switched to this toothbrush. (my son was a fairly early teether and was cutting his molars by then). We’re now on are third toddler toothbrush and he’s not even 2 yet. The temp tester has been used since his first tub bath at just a few weeks old and still is. I’ve never had any problems with it being variable or unreliable. The digital therm. has been great. I’ve always used it to get an underarm temp. not an oral. I was told by both my son’s doctor, her nurses, and the workers at Babies R Us that the ear thermometers were less reliable unless you got a hospital quality one, which is not what is available in the stores. I haven’t used the medicine dispensers because most medicines come with their on droppers but if I ever loose one or have to throw one away for some reason I can because I have these reusable ones as backups.Overall I think this is a great kit for new parents and I’d recommend it to anyone.

Elisa Berwick, ME

Nice looking but you won’t need it!

This is another one of those nice looking set geared towards new parents/ You see it and think you need it all and it will all match and be in this neat little case when you need it. But the truth is you won’t need most of it.Let’s start with nail care. The clippers in this set are adult size with a neat little handle added. Well adult size is too big to use on those little bitty hands…that is why they back infant sizes. Those nails are also so soft the first couple of years that you won’t be able to use the scissors or files on them. I ended up using the files and we use the scissors to cut tags off of new outfits.Then you have all medical stuff. The nasal aspirator in this set doesn’t work. None you will ever buy will work as well as the one they give you in the hospital. Keep all the free stuff from the hospital because 99% of it is better than what you can buy. This also goes for the thermometer. They will be taking your babies temp frequently after birth and they use a digital unit similar to this one but better. The one we got at the hospital works in 3-5 seconds. Another reviewer said to get an ear unit. Don’t waste you money. They are inaccurate and the doctor will not take readings form them.We still haven’t used the medicine spoon or dropper. If you child needs medication it will come with a syringe which is quiet frankly easier to use then a dropper. And at 14 months our daughter still can’t take any medication from a spoon. Our doctor said that usually doesn’t happen until 3 years of age.Then there were the tweezers in this set…in 14 months we still have not figured out what these things are for! You’ve also got the toothbrush. It’s far too big for a toddler mouth and you can’t use it until they are at very least a year old. the bristles are also more like that of an adult toothbrush. So this was added to our stash of cleaning brushes.So what have we used of this set…the brush. The comb still makes her cry (it scratches her head) and gets tangled very easily in her curly hair. But we use the brush every single day. We also use the cute little case to store all the junk that came with this kit that we’ve never used.So all in all, take everything the hospital gives you and buy a brush because the rest of this set is useless.

Sandra Wilsall, MT

I use almost everything!

I love this kit. Everything in this kit is a necessity and works well. My only complaint is the nail clippers. They are a bit big to use on a newborn…Oh, and I wish I knew what hospital the lady went to that received all of these products…I got diapers and a formula bag…I had to sneak the t-shirt and blanket for memories!!

Louise Mead, NE

Awful Set – Practically useless

I’m not sure what the other reviewers are talkinga bout. We registered for this set and got it as a gift. I have used NOTHING from it. The green suction bulb is so hard I can’t possibly get it to compress with one hand – its useless for suctioning babies nose, we used the one from the hospital. The same thing with the dropper. The tweezers were so hard to handle, I just used mine. The brush and comb are okay. The nail clippers are too difficult to see what you are doing and so I end up cutting my daughter’s fingers – the nail scissors are too dull to cut her nails.Overall, this is a cheap set and I wouldn’t recommend it.

Sonia Trenton, GA

Everything you need is here!

Not all kits include scissor, digital thermometer, tweezer etc. This is one does. The compact pouch securely holds everything in place which is great for traveling. Great value!

Blanca West Boxford, MA

Great product has everything you need

It’s been awhile since the last review so I thought I’d share my opinion. While some hospitals may (did) give you some of the items in the kit, it’s not a guarantee that they will and there’s nothing wrong with having a backup. I actually have 2 of these kits, one for the house and one for the diaper bag.

Tommie Rayland, OH

Useful Products

I don’t think every hospital gives away these things. The hospital where I delivered only gave me a nasal aspirator in terms of these tools to take home. So these gadgets did and still do help me, especially the nail clippers, files, and hair brush. I disagree that baby’s nails are that soft that you can peel off – that would mean that you would have to wait until it gets too long before you can peel it off – I don’t want to risk my baby scratching himself with the long nails or getting a hang nail or so long that it actually near the nail off itself where it might tear too deep and bleed. I do agree that the nail clipper could be a little smaller but it still works. Great products!

Paige Burns, OR

All You Need For A Great Price

This kit has all the essentials. Great for travel. Roomy case to add first aid stuff. A must have.

Jenna Vardaman, MS


this package has every thing i was looking fore and in a great price …it’s perfect for all new moms

Cherie San Ysidro, NM

This is another Must

This is another must, I LOVE the brush and the nail clippers, they are perfect for her little fingers and she loves chewing on the handle of the tooth cleaner. Perfect for teething Lol

Odessa Andrew, IA

Not as pictured, but still great

The picture doesn’t match the product, but it’s still a great set. Word of warning though, don’t try to sterilize the medicine dropper- it melts!

Erna Liguori, MO

not really necessary

to all first time mothers: this product is really not necessary! i bought it and im only using daily the brush and the nail clippers. I bought another thermometer since, this one wasnt very reliable, and all the other things are not really necessary.

Alissa North Little Rock, AR

Convenient, Economical and Useful

This Nursery and Bath Care Set contains a number of highly useful baby items stored in a case that’s compact and sturdy enough for regular travel. Our son recently turned two and we still have the kit on-hand for almost daily use.The best items include* the well-designed medicine spoon: It stands upright on its own so you can pour liquids into it and see how much you’ve dispensed; the guidelines are metric on one side and English on the other; the spoon itself is sized well for baby with little to no mess* the nail clippers: Big handle for sure gripping while holding a potentially squirmy customer* the bath thermometer: Much more accurate than so many other bath toys that try to do double duty as a thermometer).The most disappointing component was predictably the thermometer. It’s a pretty simplistic digital model that needed to be held in place too long to get very accurate readings from a baby. My wife and I use it ourselves and it works fine. If your baby tends to get a lot of fevers, invest in a high-end ear or forehead thermometer for the best combination of accuracy and speed. The toothbrush is also not very helpful because by the time baby is ready to begin brushing, he or she will want a less clinical-looking model with a smaller, softer head than this one has.One note on the negative review at the top of the page: maybe everyone should move to Ann Arbor, MI before delivering because the hospitals and pharmacies are much more liberal with their giveaways there. We loved our hospital experience, but our parting gifts consisted of a bulb aspirator (which wasn’t as nice as the one in this kit), a pat on the back and a “have a nice day now”. Leaving the hospital and coming home with a newborn, especially your first, can be an unbelievably hectic time – I wouldn’t want to rely on the possibility of freebies to help us take care of our baby.Given the low cost of this kit, it’s well worth knowing that you’re prepared to come home with your newborn. And the Nursery and Bath Care Set will continue to pay off with its travel convenience and useful contents for years to come.

Lindsay Glen Wilton, VA

I recommend the 30 piece hospital kit instead.

The Hospital’s Choice 30 Piece All-in-one Child Care Kit contains everything here and other items I have used such as the hairbrush (my son loves the feeling of this brush on his scalp and it was helpful with cradle cap), medicine dropper, rectal thermometer, and nail clipper. IMPORTANT: THE BEST TOOL FOR CLIPPING INFANT NAILS IS A NORMAL ADULT CUTICLE CLIPPER. It is easier to manage and you won’t clip off pieces of their fingers, as I have done with the infant nail clipper (and many other mothers have done the same I have since learned). Nail files are not effective, nor is biting their fingernails! I have tried everything. I love the storage aspect of the 30-piece kit as it zips up neatly and allows enough room to consolidate other relevant things such as teethers. If you were to buy various kits separately for the items you will use, it would add up to the same cost without the benefit of one nice bit storage bag. One of the reviewers was kind enough to list all the items in the 30-piece kit, which I found extremely helpful when I initially registered for the kit. You’ll also be missing out on the changing pad and baby wipe container none of the other kits come with.The little remedies kit will have everything else you may be missing from a medical sandpoint.

Serena Colcord, OK

Great for Traveling!

This is a fantastic kit to give any new parent. A friend of mine just had a kid and received this as a gift. They’ve been keeping this in the car for when they’re visiting or just out and about. It’s got all the essentials, including the ones you might not think to pack.

Mavis Brockton, MT

Not a bad little kit

Contrary to what another reviewer said I did not get any of these things or any baby care items when I left the hospital with my baby. So this came in handy. The only items I really use are the nail clippers, thermometer and baby brush. Because the nail clippers are so big in my hand I don’t drop them as easily as I would regular small ones if my baby hits my hand. They are nice and sharp also. I haven’t found a need for the way the top is able to swival though. Everything is pretty standard and not very low quality as I had feared. The brush is like a typical baby or doll brush (very soft and fine) and doesn’t help getting the cradle cap scales off very well. The tub thermometer is ok, but is rather hard to read underwater. The carrying case is clear and zippered which I found very handy since I could see at a glance what was in it and what was missing. I think I would have prefered to just buy the items individually for more money, but if you don’t have much to spend this would be good.

Hollie Trenton, MO

Everything you need

This kit is great. It has everything in it you need for basic hygien of a baby plus it’s convenient for traveling. The price is good, the brand is good, the products are good, just buy it already!!

Juliana Farner, TN

i feel better after recieving this :p

i didnt know they had a pink option but the blue still looks nice for my baby girl. It has the basics that make a first time mom-to-be feel a little better about bringing her baby home from the hospital. I love the brush, very soft and the fact that it all fits in that case is nice to have organized. hope i can keep it like that!

Jenny Frankfort, OH

Only a couple of useful items – clippers are the best tho’!

It’s been 1yr. now, and at first I thought this kit was the bomb. But the only items I regularly use are the baby-hair-brush and the nail clippers. You can buy both of these seperately & I would have if I knew I’d not use the rest of the kit! I do highly recommend the Nail Clippers from this manufacturer, they have seen much use over 1 year’s time and they still work great.Tried using the Thermometer but it was very difficult to use – bought a better one for very little money AND we ended up getting an ear-thermometer anyway, as for the medicine spoon & dropper, (as any doctor will affirm) it is important to use the medication dropper provided WITH any medicine you purchase (I did not know this as a new-mom previously).

Marissa Knightsville, IN


I got this for my baby shower and was very disappointed when I opened it. I know the clippers and thermometer are necessities, so was excited to see that this kit came with both of us. However, when I opened it I realized that the clippers and thermometer are both cheaply made, therefore I will have to purchase them both separately. Everything else is just “fluff” that you don’t really need. Most of it you will get from the hospital and a syringe comes with all medicines you will buy. Save your money…buy clippers and thermometer separately and don’t worry about the rest…you don’t need it or you’ll get it from the hospital.

Gretchen Dunkirk, NY


I haven’t used it yet, but it seems really complete and full of everything we will need and I liked it better than others I saw.

Ida Bennington, NE

everything you need and MORE

My favorite items are the nail clipper (which you can actually hold on to), the water temp (much easier to read than the one with the tub), and the brush (nice and soft). A lot of the other items I’ve found pretty useless to me. We’re about to go on a trip and the portablility (case) is great.

Nannie Chambers, AZ

More of a headache than a help for new moms

This has some useful things in it but not enough to merit the purchase. Get a nosefreida instead of the bulb thing, get baby nail scissors instead of the clippers, the teething tablets have been recalled and I can’t get the medicine-dispensing pacifier open to put the medicine in. Also the syringe tip is too large to fit in the opening of the pain reliever so doling it out is a pain on its own and the markings rub off the syringe making it useless after a few uses. I don’t use the teething toy. I think the only thing in here that I actually use is the thermometer. In the end, it’s just easier to purchase the things you need separately. This doesn’t have anything magical in it that you would overlook…when baby has a snotty nose, you have to clean it; when baby has a fever/pain, you have to relieve it, etc.

Luann Brooks, ME

5 star;

After having this product for 8 months of my daughter’s life I’d say I have used and still use every product except the medicine syringe, as it didn’t contain enough suction to hold any medicine. The case is too bulky really for a diaper bag, I have never needed all these products on the go, but it does get a lot of use by the changing station. I’m pleased with the kit overall and would say 11 out of the 12 products being of use I’d rate it 5 stars nevertheless.

Dana Ashley, IN

The perfect kit!

So rarely can you find everyone you need all in one product. This is one of those rare occasions. This set is the most complete one on the market and there will be no need to supplement it with anything else. The large handles on the items (especially the clippers and scissors) are very handy so that you don’t have to worry about slipping and accidentally cutting your squirming newborn while trying to do those ever-important nail trimmings. The thermometer is also a great addition if your child’s bathtub doesn’t already have one. The purple color is great and it all comes in a great carrying case complete with an important information magnet that you can stick on the refrigerator for baby sitter’s etc. I am thoroughly pleased with this kit.

Adriana Long Pine, NE