Summer Infant Contoured Changing Pad

Summer Infant Contoured Changing Pad

Summer Infant Contoured Changing Pad Provide kids a comfortable surface during diaper changes with Summer Infant Contoured Changing Pad. The pad has a PVC-free top layer and is double-layered for maximum durability. The contoured pad with safety straps provides a snug fit for kids. Why You’ll Love It: The easy-to-use changing pad fits almost any change table and dresser. Features Changing pad made from PEVA vinyl and designed for ultimate comfort Contoured walls help keep baby on pad Safety belt straps baby comfortably and securely on pad Age/Weight Limits: Newborn to 30 lbs.

Main features

  • Changing pad made from PEVA vinyl and designed for ultimate comfort
  • Contoured walls help keep baby on pad
  • Safety belt straps baby comfortably and securely on pad
  • Security strap keeps pad attached to furniture

Verified reviews


Bought for $24 then Amazon lowered price to $15

Decent changing pad, but I wish I would have waited a week to order it. Was $24 when I bought it and by the time I received it it was listed at $15. :(Still a good product, but I could have used that $10 on other things for baby.

Katy Bullhead City, AZ

Everything a changing pad is suppose to be

After my husband nearly dropped our baby changing him directly on a dresser, I decided a contour changing pad would ease my mind. Just the curve seems to hold our wiggly, active 5 month old in place. We don’t use the strap and recently cut them off since they were catching on the drawers of the dresser. I do use a changing sheet/pad on to of the pad for ease of cleaning. The price and size of this pad was ideal. Try it out.

Celina Republic, WA

Bad smell! Do not buy!!!

I bought this pad after such great reviews. While the quality seems good, there is an awful toxic smell. Maybe it’s the plastic backing???? I’ve had to change my pad covers because they smell like some sort of fumes. I’ve had the pad for 2 weeks now without the pad cover trying to air it out. I’ll update in a few weeks. If the fumes aren’t gone by time baby comes, I’ll have to return. Anyone else have this problem???Update – After a month of airing it out and washing it (never used it and baby not even here yet), the smell didn’t go away so I returned. I ended up buying a Serta at Babies R Us so I can smell it in person. Not even close in comparison. The Serta had no vinyl/chemical smell whatsoever. I don’t know how this pad gets such good reviews, unless I just got a lemon. I love my new pad and know my baby is safe without all those chemicals. Also, the smell really piqued my interest and did a little research. Many changing pads are filled with polyurethane (flame retardant) which is known to cause “birth defects, cancer and reproductive problems”. I learned this via Amazon and the California Resident disclosure that must warn California residents if this chemical is used in any products. Just beware. I’ll forgo the flame retardant that is pretty unlikely the changing pad would catch on fire while the baby is on it versus the harmful chemicals being exposed multiple times a day. Just beware!

Lea Rushland, PA

This thing is HUGE

I have not had my baby yet…..but is it really a must to have such a HUGE changing pad? I assumed these things were smaller.

Dessie Universal City, CA

Do not buy this changing pad

This is one of those first time parent purchasing mistakes. Now that I have a child, I recognize this item is a bad idea! It is quilted – meaning it has tiny little holes punched in the outer plastic cover in the shape of adorable animals. Cute – but not practical. It can only be used with an additional cover, or it will be IMPOSSIBLE TO CLEAN. And something that is impossible to clean is a really bad idea for a pad where you change poopy diapers! Within a couple weeks of 10+ diaper changes per day, we had run out of clean changing pad covers (obviously). This thing was immediately stained when when it needed to be used without a cover, and no amount of scrubbing can get rid of the stain. While cleaning, some “material” got into those tiny little holes and I can not get it out.Anyhow, long story for a short recommendation: DO NOT BUY! Get a changing pad that can be used without a cover if needed, and can be wiped clean easily.

Janna Christiansburg, OH

Made in China – but serves it’s purpose 😉

This changing pad is made in China – but it serves it’s purpose well. I wish there were more baby products made in USA or Germany! I don’t trust "Made in China" products, but at least my baby is not sleeping in it…

Nannie Capon Bridge, WV

it is supposed to be waterproof

Well, it is not. this is the second pad we bought (i dont know which one was the first one) for second diaper table. this one leaves stains (accidental spills from runny poop) on the cracks (i mean those embossed pattern on it) and i cant get it out even if it was cleaned right after the accident. is it waterproof? i really dont think so.

Henrietta Feather Falls, CA

Perfect solution for changing diapers in the car!

I bought this primarily for changing my baby in the car! I have a Honda CRV and the seats aren’t flat (nor should they be) which makes changing his diapers such a production! The back trunk surface is too hard and uncomfortable for him, so I just place him on this pad and changing him is a breeze! My son wiggles and rolls when I change him, so I love that it contours and buckles him in. It’s very cushy and the surface is so easy to clean (with just a regular wet wipe). Great for our vacations and trips in the car!

Carol Hodges, AL

rips easy

Only had the item for a couple months and it ripped really easy so now we already have tape all over it and thats why bought it in the first place was because the one we had was ripped

Gretchen Sheboygan Falls, WI

Great product at a great price

I needed a new changing pad and almost bought one at the store for almost 3 times the price of this one. I waited and decided I should check out amazon first. I am very happy I waited and didn’t buy the one at the store. The price was great on this one and I am very pleased with the product. It fits perfectly on my changing table and feels really soft and comfy for my daughter. This pad is a little bit larger than the previous one I had, but I haven’t had a problem fitting any of the various brands of covers I have on it.

Maritza South Hero, VT

It works…

My only complaint is the little holes in the quilted stitching. We use it without a cover to make cleanups easier. The previous one we had had a smooth surface, no little tiny quilting-type holes. Anyway, here comes the icky part – when your baby poops… sometimes some falls off the butt or wipe, right? Well, then it goes onto the changing pad… into the holes… which are impossible to get all the way clean. Personally, I think this is gross. I wouldn’t buy this again because of that one issue.

Edna Pedricktown, NJ

Vinyl starting to breakdown already

We have only been using this pad for a few months now (bought in September 2010). Usually we put a protective towel or blanket on top as well. Seldom we use a disinfectant wipe to clean it off. BUT, we have noticed that the vinyl has already started to break down and small tears/holes are forming. Really inexplicable except for poor quality? Otherwise, the contoured changing pad works well for us. Not sure I would recommend since it’s starting to get ratty looking already.

Audrey Goshen, AR


This was perfect to sit on top of the dresser in the nursery. (The dresser is Storkcraft Aspen Combo Dresser). It is soft and serves it’s purpose. Great price.

Matilda Summit, NY

Functional, durable changing pad.

So far, with two kids and two changing tables, we’ve had four of these pads. They’re durable and wipe clean (if you get a cover, you have to change the cover every time it gets soiled, instead of just wiping the waterproof pad clean–the kids seem not to mind if the pad is a little cold sometimes). Over time, as the kids play with toys as they’re being changed, and as the pad is moved around for cleaning, it’ll develop small tears.We decided to replace both pads when kid #2 was born. After about two years of daily service, the original pads could probably have gone on working for us, but we figured that replacing them made sense. They’d more than earned their keep. I expect the new ones to go strong for another year and a half at least. When the time comes, if we need to replace them again, I will. The price is right and they work so well.Bottom line: These are good, sturdy changing table pads.

Ollie Shelby, OH

Good changing table – used it as in bed co-sleeper

This worked fine as a changing table. When my son had a bit of reflux at 2-3 months old, we propped is up at a slight angle and used it as a co-sleeper in our bed. Worked great.

Lynette Vredenburgh, AL

Large and Comfy

The Summer Infant Changing Pad is large and comfy for baby. The padding is soft and easy to clean. The raised edges are high to make sure baby stays on the pad once the wiggles kick in! A perfect cover to put on this pad is the American Baby Company Heavenly Soft Chenille Contoured Changing Table Cover. Highly recommend this product.

Tammi Alvarado, MN

Fulfills its purpose

This pad does exactly what it’s supposed to do. Makes a good, comfortable place to change your child. I also like that it secures to the dresser, so my toddler cannot pull her little brother off the dresser by yanking on the pad. We haven’t had any problems with smells or staining that others have complained about, but we always use a changing pad cover. Maybe that’s the difference?

Nancy Baxter, IA

Useless straps, nice pad.

Have two of these for our now 6 month old son. One upstairs and one downstairs. Both are on a folding table, as I found that combo about $200 cheaper than buying a dedicated changing table that we won’t need in another year.Pros:- Soft pad that I feel comfortable changing him on. He’s not going to roll off easily due to the contoured shape.- It’s relatively non-moving, though it does slip around a bit if we push hard. We solved that by putting down some drawer liner material that keeps it right in place.Cons:- Worthless straps. They lasted the first use, when he peed on them, and I realized there’s no way to clean them. I cut them off and we’re just fine without them. Honestly, the concept of strapping him down for every changing falls apart when you get to the real world.

Queen Pittsfield, MA

Works great!!

This does great!! We use PeeWees disposable covers with this and the two have been great!! The size is large that we should get many years of use. I would recommend this to anyone!!**Update Nov 2011** We have been using this since our child was born and it is still in top condition! We used the safety strap and attached it to the wall with a heavy screw – it stopped our son from kicking the table over when I reached for his clothes that were located behind me. We also use it in the bathroom to lay him down after his bath – makes it easier to put his dipe back on and get him dried off. We still highly recommend this item 🙂

Isabel Gordon, GA

Stained and gross within a week

I bought this along with a cute velvety cover for my son. I found out instantly that leaky boys=the cover needs washed often. This pad itself is made of waterproof fabric so I just started using this without the cover. After about a week, the pad was stained and gross. Not even bleach could remove the discolored areas. The fabric is very porous. Also, the vinyl ripped on us! I ordered the LA Baby changing pad next and it works great without the cover. 2 months and it looks brand new still.

Erna Earlton, NY

Vinyl is NOT good for your baby! At least use a cover for it

I used this for my first child before I realized how toxic vinyl is to breathe in. When you set the baby down, all the air gets pushed out of the holes in the pad after you’ve used it for a while. Did you ever notice that vinyl things smell bad when you get them? That is what is bad for you. If you’re going to use this because of the price, at least use a thick cover with a pad underneath to minimize breathing it in. If you don’t believe me, do some research on it.Amazon sells a cloth one by LA Baby for $28 – if you can afford it, get it. If not, I would say just use your bed or your couch with a waterproof pad or a changing blanket.Without mentioning the vinyl issue, mine did begin to crack and get sharp edges after about six months of use. We ended up throwing it out and just changing on the bed with a changing pad underneath.

Fern Joseph, UT

Summer Infant Contoured Changing Pad`

Not sure why this says summer. This is a nice contoured changing pad, of course, useable for all seasons. It does have straps to secure it to a dresser or whatever, which was important to me. Are there better ones out there, sure. But this one works well, holds up well and the price is right.

Shelby Parnell, MO

don’t like it.

I wanted something that would strap to the furniture, but this product has a safety harness for the baby but not the product itself. They give your a single screw to screw into a wall or furniture. Won’t work for me. The best furniture for this would be a changing station with high sides that supports it all around.

Chrystal Lubbock, TX

Hard to clean… Don’t use without a cover.

We bought this to place on top of a dresser we have. It is nice and squishy so i imagine that it is quite comfortable. However, i am disappointed in this product for a couple reasons:1. It doesn’t come with a cover. Trying to use it without one has several disadvantages.a. The plastic material that covers pad is perforated. All these little holes catch pee and poo in a way that is impossible to clean (even though it says that it is easy to clean).b. The plastic material can be cold against the baby’s skin.c. The plastic is very thin and can be punctured easily. We had it a few weeks and the plastic on top ripped. We haven’t done anything but change the baby on it.2. The plastic is slippery and can slip off the dresser. Even though this has a strap off the center of the pad which can be used to anchor the pad in place, it still slips all over the place. We have to use a rubber drawer liner under it to prevent it from slipping.Overall the changing pad does work. For the price you really can’t beat it even with these two complaints I have. However, I would have been willing to pay a little more for the convenience of it being sold with a cover.

Lakesha Inman, GA

Not as firm as I would have hoped

This product is a really good price. But it is softer & lighter material than the more expensive changing pads available in stores. I would have wanted something firm but for this price, it works for me. We haven’t used this to change our baby yet though. Instead we put our baby in the changing pad and let him sleep next to mom on the bed in it. Eventually as he gets bigger & when we get our changing table, we will use it to change his diapers. The plastic cover does have a lot of quilting so it’s best to not get poop on there. It’s best to use the perfect-sized Dynarex underpads in addition to the changing pad cover. Our baby has peed a few times already while his diaper was open & being changed.

Corina Chapel Hill, TN

Functional and easy to clean – installation is silly

Well let’s see – it’s big enough, easy to clean, and the contours make it harder for a baby to fall off.What’s ridiculous about it is the way they expect you to install the tethering belt attachments. I believe it requires you to screw it in from both sides and then tighten each side. I’m not making holes in my desk or table! Seriously, was it not possible to make the belt harness around the table from the bottom and tighten up with a strap that way? This would work for any elevated, flat surface that you could get your hand under from both sides (like any changing table you buy these days).

Liz Ismay, MT

Does the job well

Nothing fancy but works like a charm. Comfy and durable, and a great price. Works well with standard carters covers.

Janine Boonville, NC

The foam was slightly misformed.

The edged on my pad are slightly dented. Once I put the cover on, it covers the cosmetic flaw. The dented foam could be from the packaging in the mail or the storage from the store. I could have returned the product, but realized that it wouldn’t change the function. The rubber on the bottom does not stop the pad from sliding. I have anchored the pad using the screw provided to the dress that I am using as the changing pad. The pad still slides around slightly (because of how I anchored the pad), but I know the baby will never be on the changing pad without my supervision.

Miriam Silver City, NV

Good product just never really needed it

I personally thought we would use this a lot more but as it turns out we hardly ever use it. We never bought a changing table so there was really no point in having this. Oh well maybe we’ll keep it for the next one? Overall though I think it is a great product and of good quality we just never really used it.

Sallie U S A F Academy, CO

No grip on bottom.

No grip on the bottom. Slides everywhere. Dangerous!!! I have one that has a rubber backing that is a lot safer. Buy in the store so you can see.

Cindy Big Sandy, TX