Summer Infant Cradler, Ivory

Summer Infant Cradler, Ivory

The award-winning Cradler provides the most effective head support for newborns through toddlers with an adjustable custom fit as baby grows. The unique, patent pending support goes over your baby’s shoulders and gently cradles the jaw to keep baby’s head from slumping.

Main features

  • Adjusts easily as baby grows
  • Works with most car seat and stroller 3-point or 5-point harness systems
  • Machine washable
  • Crash tested for safety to stay in place in the event of an accident

Verified reviews



Doesn’t work in a car seat. The pieces are really big. The backing exposes velcro on the side that touches baby’s head!!! Everytime she laid in this, the back of her head gets red. Most importantly, I bought it keep her head straight and it fails at that. The material is only appropriate for winter and is a dirt magnet. If you want to keep baby’s head straight and prevent flat spots, try Boppy’s head and neck supportBoppy Infant and Toddler Head Support. That worked perfect for me.

Francine Athens, MI

It’s ok!

The only thing I don’t like about this is the strap in the middle seems really uncomfortable after you have to widen it once your baby gets bigger. The hard velcro side of the strap actually is where your baby will lay and that seems to me like it would irritate their head. I have a newborn and it is a little big for her 30 lb carrier to hold but I expect that we will use it once we move into the next size carrier/car seat!

Terra Stoneham, ME

Perfect for keeping our infant’s head straight!

My wife and I have four kids and it wasn’t until our last one did we feel we needed something like this. Even though she can turn her head in any direction, our infant daughter always preferred to tilt her head to the right. Our doctors said that it’s likely that’s the way she was in the womb. We were told that the best thing to do is to encourage her to straighten her head (face forward) when possible.So when she was laying in a crib, car seat, or one of our many other kid things, we placed rolled up towels next to her head. After a few weeks of dealing with loose towels near her head, we decided to find something that would serve the same purpose.After doing a lot of research, this infant cradler fits the bill perfectly. Our daughter is comfortable and more importantly, her head is straight when using this. The width is adjustable so it will grow with her. Hopefully we won’t need to continue to use this after a few months.

Martha Pickton, TX

I liked it – my baby didn’t

There seems to be a lot of trial and error in these products. They are great for some and not others. So I can;t say the product is bad, just that our baby didn’t like it at all.

Madge Zenda, KS

Pushes my sons head forward rather than supports it.

This cradler just pushes my sons head forward rather than supporting it when he falls asleep. I bought this thinking that he would have a place to lay his head when falls asleep in the car but he hates it because the banana shape actually forces his head forward,

April Gilbertville, IA


My daughter is 1 1/2 years old, is disabled and cannot hold her head up. I use these pillows for her carseat, stroller and her little rocking chair and it helps to keep her head up. She likes them too.

Lashonda Taylorstown, PA

Doesn’t work at all

This product is so hard to use. Adjusting it to the baby’s head is tough, and once you do, if you set it to the biggest setting the rough part of the Velcro ends up touching the baby’s skin, which is clearly uncomfortable. It was easier and less expensive to just roll up a cloth diaper or burp cloth next to his head. Don’t waste your money.

Lorrie Damascus, MD

Nice support

I ended up purchasing 2 of these, one for each carseat. It’s nice that it expands, I was able to tread it under the car seat cover. It provides good support when baby sleeps in the car, which is all the time. It keeps her head from flopping to the side. She is still facing backwards, so still reclined quite a bit. Not sure if it will work as well when she is facing forward, then again, she probably won’t need it at that point.

Florence Long Island, ME

Great for Torticollis & Plagiocephaly

My son had torticollis and plagiocephaly so we needed something to keep his head turned toward the direction that he had a difficult time with. We only used one at a time. With the infant carseat we had (Peg Perego) there was not enough room for both "bananas" and my son’s head. So we’d use one to prop his head in the opposite direction. It was a HUGE help for us!

Earlene Allenton, MO

waste of my money

I bought this product thinking it must work because i was trying to phase out the full body snuzzler in the same brand. Unfortunately, I washed it before attempting use which is why i didn’t bother to return it. It was so tiny for his head it was unreal. I’ve concluded that perhaps I didn’t know how to use it however, that would also make it not so user friendly. This has been my first and only bad review on amazon, probably ever.

Enid Rio Rico, AZ

Love these!

Great for newborn, even with a towel under the carseat base his head still fell forward, this keeps him snugly in place and you can turn them different ways for a snug fit. Definitely recommend!!

Chris Broomes Island, MD

Works great

The cradler is great. It’s soft, does the job and it had the monkey image which matched the strap covers from Eddie Bauer. I found no probllem.

Maribel Piney Creek, NC

Does the job well

I bought this for my sons car seat becuase his head was always falling forward when he fell asleep in the car. This keeps his head in a more comfortable looking position. The velcro staps keep the cushions in place when I take him in and out of the car. It also seems like he is more secure if we were to get into an accident, and would keep his head from moving around to much.

Kristi Hogansville, GA

Holds baby’s head perfectly in car seat

This didn’t work for our kid when he was 3 months old but after a month or 2 we wont put him in the car seat without it. It needed some testing with different sizes (adjusting the Velcro a few times). Now we feel not so horrible when we see him sleeping in the car seat with his head in place. He doesnt like it much when he is awake because it restricts his head movement.I highly recommend this. We use it in our graco car seat and it fits fine.

Fay Fort Kent Mills, ME


I would first check the opening of your carseat, with your childs head in it, before you purchase. This doesn’t fit at all, so we wasted money; however, it’s definitely cushy and well made. It’s more of a size thing for us.

Abbie Cypress, CA

baby head in place but overheated

I guess it is supposed to work fine, but I live in Florida and my baby would just sweat so much with this! I am not even sure I could use it in winter… overall I do not like it, too big, too hot if a material

Ma Mode, IL

love it

If you want to reduce risk when you’re driving and your baby sleeping use this pillow….. additional is really beautiful

Jesse Liguori, MO

Good fit

The cradler is a very good product. Earlier this year, I purchased one for my partner’s car and it kept our son’s head upright while he slept during trips so I decided to purchase one for my car as well

Debra Salida, CA

Ok product but not for a lot of time.

It’s an interesting item, it prevents the babies head to be bumping around but tends to make my baby sweat a lot.In hot weather is not a good idea to use it, baby ends up covered in sweat.It fulfills its purpose but when the baby is able to control the head movements then its worthless.Kind of regret buying it.

Dionne Denton, TX

Not functional

Not what we were looking for at all. The product is sturdy but did not keep my infants head in place.

Janis Elk Creek, MO

didnt work for us

the product design is inefficient and we couldn’t use it for our newborn, the Velcro wassn’t wide enough for our baby’s head

Deena Pine Forge, PA

Not what I was looking for

This is way too big for my infants head and car seat. When the Velcro is wide enough to fit her head, it is too big for the car seat. I may be able to use just one piece to prop her head up, but I was really hoping for something that could be in her seat all the time so that it is ready whenever she falls asleep in the car. I washed it before I realized it wasn’t going to work, so I can’t return it.

Darcy Lamont, MI

Recommended by phys therapist

I bought this at suggestion of baby’s physical therapist for her mild plagiocephaly (flatness of head). It keeps baby’s head straight while in carseat, but it tends to shift a lot. They also attract lint like crazy, but luckily it’s machine washable and you can throw in dryer.

Leann Whitten, IA

My kids don’t like it

I thought it would be THE solution for my kids when we are traveling long distances so they can sleep comfortably… Unfortunately, they both don’t like it because their head is stuck between the two big bananas. Maybe for older kids, I don’t know…

Lynette Norwich, ND

love it

it is so cute for support baby’s head during long distance travel, it is so soft and will stable as safety ever.

Adela Pinos Altos, NM