Summer Infant Cradler, Ivory

Summer Infant Cradler, Ivory

The award-winning Cradler provides the most effective head support for newborns through toddlers with an adjustable custom fit as baby grows. The unique, patent pending support goes over your baby’s shoulders and gently cradles the jaw to keep baby’s head from slumping.

Main features

  • Adjusts easily as baby grows
  • Soft fabric connectors so your child will have a secure, custom fit even as a toddler
  • Crash tested for safety
  • Works with any car seat or stroller 3 or 5-point harness system
  • Secures in place to harness shoulder straps with self-fastening tabs

Verified reviews


very helpful

Infant car seats just don’t provide as much as head support as I want for my baby. This little gizmo was the perfect addition.

Raquel Hastings, NY

Perfect for special needs baby

I have had this for my daughter since she was about 5 months old. It was the best 10 bucks I’ve ever spent. She doesn’t support her neck very well due to a genetic disorder and this helps so much. She loves it. Before she had this she would hate going for rides in her car seat, but now that she has the support of this pillow, ishes much more happy. She is almost one year old and we still use it. W have 2 now. One for her car sear and one for her rocker. No complaints here. Absolutely love it.

Brandie Taylorsville, CA

Not what I was expecting…

My daughter is 3 months old, and this doesn’t work well for her. I have it spaces as far apart as it will go, and it’s too small to safely fit her head, yet just fits inside the carseat. I thought I would like this a lot more. I think the side pieces are too stuffed for it to be helpful.

Antionette Hazleton, IN

Big help for travel!

This was a big help for our 20 hour trip! My baby tends to flop her head at awkward angles when she falls asleep in the car seat (even though she has good head control). This really helped give her support and comfort. I rate it 4 stars rather than 5 only because the baby is 7 months old, and already she needs these far enough apart that the velcro barely overlaps (she is not a huge baby – 55th percentile in size), so it will not last to toddler years comfortably like advertised. Great for the first year though, so definitely worth the money!!

Rocio Lake Villa, IL

Works well for us

We used this for our first daughter and son from birth until they was about 2 years old and it worked very well. When we had our third child, we bought another set. We haven’t used it yet since our new car seat came with much better head support, but she has about outgrown that. I anticipate that we’ll be using this Cradler soon. Anyway, the review is based on the first cradler we bought almost 6 years ago, because this appears to be the exact same model. The cradler worked very well at stabilizing the head, especially useful for long car rides when the infants fall asleep. Its very adjustable so you can use on tiny babies up to toddlers.

Manuela Rockville, NE

not comfortable or user friendly

It doesn’t stay where you put it. It isn’t comfortable for my baby. It just makes her mad. It’s a great idea but needs some work to be more user friendly.

Elena Francis Creek, WI