Summer Infant CushyStraps, Ivory

Summer Infant CushyStraps, Ivory

Cushy Straps are soft-cushioned shoulder strap covers designed to help protect your little one from strap irritation. The cute characters easily attach to most harness systems with hook and loop fasteners.

Main features

  • Attaches easily to straps with self fasteners
  • Extra padding on top of shoulders for support and comfort
  • Super soft velboa fabric protects from strap irritation
  • Available in three designs: blue cat, tan bear and pink bunny

Verified reviews


too thick

these are too thick to put on the seat belt. i didn’t even use them, but they look nice and are quality made. just not for me especially since my little one hates putting her arms through the belts anyway i didnt want to chance it.

Jenna Geuda Springs, KS

Best Car Seat Straps – Prevents Neck Crick

I have been looking all over for something to prevent my toddler’s (2) crick in the neck. He’s always had that problem when sleeping in his car seat. It was awful watching him sleep and he never had a restful slumber. Finally found a strap that actually supports his head/neck! Long trips in the car have been so much better for him, he sleeps deeply, peacefully, and isn’t cranky when he wakes.The straps are very thick and plush. I’ve order multiples for husband’s car and grandma’s car!!!

Renee White, PA

so cute!!

they are so cute! and very squishy and soft.. I use them in car seat / travel system and for baby carrier – baby usually falls asleep there , so these helps! and looks adorable!

Bernadette Palmyra, NJ

Kiddopotamus Cushy Strapps

I’ve bought a few sets of these Cushy Straps for our grand baby. I added them to his baby stroller, car seat and his infant swing straps. The Straps are very soft and give some support to their little necks.

Marva New Ringgold, PA

Soft and thick

Help cushion straps from rubbing into my daughter’s neck. Also help keep her head from falling forward when she sleeps in the car.

Roxanne Ozawkie, KS

helps support head

My 11 mo old (21lbs) is in a convertible car seat and I had problems with his head slumping badly when he fell asleep in the car. I was propping his head with blankets, but when it’s 80+ degrees out, that got hot. I bought these and love them! His head still tilts to the side a bit, but not nearly as bad and the price is better than I found elsewhere as well.I looked at purchasing a “U” shaped neck support pillow for him, but the kid ones I found were 2 inches thick and I was afraid that would push his head forward. This seems to be a good fix.

Terri Arcola, IL

My 3 mo old tries to eat them

These are so cute and soft. They hold my son’s head in place while my husband swerves around curves. My son however think they are food so he’s always trying to eat them.

Kristine American Canyon, CA