Summer Infant CushyStraps, Pink

Summer Infant CushyStraps, Pink

The CushyStraps are soft, plush fabric, cushiony padded shoulder straps with cute animal faces. The soft padding is on top with no strap interference with the harness system. Helps protect from strap irritation. Cushy straps attach easily with self fasteners.

Main features

  • Attaches easily to straps with self fasteners
  • Extra padding on top of shoulders for support and comfort
  • Super soft velboa fabric protects from strap irritation
  • Available in three designs: blue cat, tan bear and pink bunny

Verified reviews


Too big for a newborn

They seem good in theory, I felt like the straps on my carseat were irritating my newborns face so I purchased these thinking it’ll be cute & functional. When these arrived and I put them on I realized they were HUGE! Way too much stuffing in them & it seemed to be more uncomfortable for the baby 🙁 I took them off immediately & since I threw away the packaging I guess I’ll just have to save them to use when she’s older. BTW my baby is 6 weeks old

Ina Scotland, MD

Cute but Big

I got these not long after my son was born after finding red marks on his neck from the harness. When we first used it, it was very obvious that it didn’t fit properly. The strap covers were so big and long that they kept the clip from getting to armpit level. Now that he’s grown 6-7 months later and is out of the bucket seat, this product no longer interferes with the clip.

Maryellen Indian Head, PA

Perfect and Nice Price!

These were $4.99 with free shipping when I ordered them, which seems to be pretty good compared to other brands that ran up to $10.00+. Nice & soft and they do the trick for making sure the straps don’t cut into my baby’s neck and they even help support her head when she falls asleep in the car.

Karla Hopeland, PA

Originally bought these before I knew…

Before I knew that added things like these to you car seat could potentially void your warranty of your child’s safety seat. Before my son could leave the NICU, the hospital made me take many safety classed first to include infant CPR and child seat safety. I bought these long before taking these classes, mainly because I thought they were cute, but I thought they would also help support his little head better.But safety is the factor here folks. If is doesn’t come with your car seat, then it probably isn’t safe to use. All the added cute squishy things they have for sale seem like a nice idea, but they are not good for your child’s safety. These items are not crash tested. Their extra padding would leave you with a false sense that the straps are tight enough but, in the event of an accident, there is a lot of extra space between baby and safety straps.These straps also inhibit the chest clip to be in the PROPER position. It should be located high on the CHEST, level with the armpit crease, not lower rib cage or even their tummy.So while they are cute, I would advise you to pass on this items and others like them. And above all, Educate yourselves! 😀

Nona Lula, GA

Cute and functional!

Adorable carseat strap covers. When I initially ordered these, I was wary of the color. My monitor makes them look like Pepto Bismol, but they are a soft shade of pink and not too jarring. While I purchased the strap covers simply to protect my baby from the straps digging into her shoulders, when I installed the straps I found that they have just enough padding to add a bit of side to side neck support. This was a pleasant surprise, and while the support isn’t enough to go off-roading with your infant, it’s still nice to know that her head won’t be flopping around when I pull the car seat out of the back. But even though they are soft and get the job done, I would prefer that the closure was a whole strip of velcro instead of two separate pieces. The covers tend to bunch up and can fold the strap onto itself, so I’m constantly having to thread them through properly. My baby is only 2 months old, so it’s not as if she’s causing this to happen. Either way, I’m willing to put up with this hassle (I have to “fix” the strap every four uses or so) because they are soft, and she tolerates them against her skin.

Michaela Deaver, WY

The cutest, softest straps!

I have the beige bear ones for both my kids. Many times car seats do not come with straps and when they do they are pretty flat. These are really cushy and thick. Without them my kids’ neck would look super cranked to the side when they fell asleep in their car seats. These are thick so it provides enough cushion so their heads don’t have to tilt too painfully to the side. The fabric is a velour material which is super soft. It attaches with two pieces of velcro so it’s a snap to remove for washing. They also do not turn, twist or slide to the opposite sides of the strap but holds in place well. You can slide them up and down the straps to adjust to their shoulder and once they are in place they don’t seem to slide back down.Save your babies’ necks and get one of these!

Jane Herkimer, NY

Soft but bulky…

We didn’t love these as much as other reviewers seemed to. Sure, they are incredibly soft, but they are so large and protruding, that they seemed to annoy our infant daughter. They were a good price in comaprison to other brands, so it didn’t hurt to try, but in the end, they weren’t a good buy for our family.

Ma Rillton, PA

Really soft and cute straps; also easy to wash

I purchased these straps for my daughter’s jogging stroller. They are easy to wash (wash in the machine and then lay out to air dry); and they are really easy to attach to the straps. They stayed in place and are very soft.

Marsha Mapleton, KS

Works great for my toddler!

I know most of these reviews are for babies but I’m actually using this for my 16 month old. Even though his britax marathon comes with strap covers/cushions, somehow he still gets red marks on his sensitive neck fat (lol!). Also, when he konks out hard, his head has a tendency to slump forward and he looks terribly uncomfortable. I took a gamble that these could help with those two problems. We’ve been using them for a couple of weeks now and so far, these work great. They in NO way make his seat unsafe whatsoever. They are more fluffy than the britax ones and softer. He no longer gets any red marks and if I position them just right, he has a perfect pillow to lay his head on he sleeps. The little bear "face" also kinda keeps his head from sliding forward. At first these drove him crazy, he kept on trying to rip them off but now he is accustomed to them and sometimes chews on them. Very happy with this purchase!

Wanda Alma Center, WI

carseat straps covers

I purchased these for my new baby grandson. I had noticed that every time his mommy put him in his care seat, he complained and the straps seemed to be digging into his shoulders… then I saw these strap covers! What an absolutely clever idea. They’re so soft and snuggley against his head, so well that he falls fast to sleep and never complains anymore for getting strapped in his carseat. I have only one recommendation and/or suggestion, if you get these “wash them first”… my daughter didn’t do that and after the first few times of having it against his face, he started to get a little rash, just right were they touch his skin. I suggested to her that she wash them… and he hasn’t had anymore rash since. Do your new infant son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter, neice or nephew a great big favor and buy them these cute little strap covers, they truly are the best!!! And they come in pink, blue, or tan. What more can you ask for. Enjoy… I know my grandson is!!!

Kathleen Castle Dale, UT

very thick strap cushions

They are a great idea, but they were just to thick for my use. I considered opening them up and removing some stuffing, but never got around to it. It would be nice if the velcro were the less abrasive kind so when it did contact my little ones skin it didn’t scratch it. As well as not grabbing onto little ones clothes!Nice idea, but could use some modifications. Soft fabric though.

Kelli Fort Fairfield, ME

Five Stars

Very cute and hold my infant’s head from falling side ways when sleeping.

Erika Eastover, SC

Finally found what I was looking for

These are super cute and super soft. Not very long though. The bear(?) heads add a nice little cushion for my LO to lean on when he is sleeping on car rides. He tugs on them and chews them and they stay attached so the velcro part is very strong. Love these.

Christy Wagner, SD

Made the car seat so much more bearable for my daughter!

I bought these strap covers because my 6 week old would scream every time we put her in the car seat. I noticed that the straps would punch into get neck when it was fastened tightly as it needed to be. While she still sometimes doesn’t want to be put in the car seat the covers made a HUGE difference!!! I did have to put them on backwards so the bear head was in the back because they seemed to get in her face and annoy her which is why I gave them 4 stars instead of 5. But great product…..definitely a must buy for the car seat!

Renae Yerkes, KY

Great Buy!

I loved the bear ones for my son so I bought these for my daughter. They are so soft and are actually more of a light baby pink color.

Dixie Sully, IA

Super comfy for my little baby

I bought these for my newborn baby and they are fantastic! They are super soft and cushiony and keep her head in place in her carseat. She loves to chew on them (she’s teething now). I’ve washed them in the washing machine, but put them in one of those mesh lingerie bags and they were completely fine. I air dried them.Highly recommended, especially for the great price!

Tammi Waverly, WV

Use with babies and toddlers

I have 3 pairs of these, currently use with my 2-year-old and 6-month-old twins. I’ve had the first pair and washed many times. Just had to cut one of the tags off because one of the babies continuously tried to eat it.

Rosario Cochecton Center, NY

Great value and good quality for my little ones

Cost less than half of most brand and very cushion for little ones to protect their necks from the car seat belts. I’ve bought Eddie Bauer’s infant cushy straps but return it and bought this instead. Definitely not for infants less than age 6 months cos its really cushion.

Priscilla Marshall, MI

We love these and baby does too!

We’ve used these since our baby was just a few weeks old and have loved them. When she was younger, our baby loved to chew on the little bears! They are soft, super easy to put on and take off the carseat straps, keep the seat belt from digging into baby’s neck and act as a great pillow for baby’s tired head when she falls asleep in her car seat.

Laurie Pittsville, WI

just what we needed

nice and soft. very cute. they keep the car seat straps from cutting into baby’s neck and when she falls asleep she rests her head on them and her head doesn’t tip.

Bethany Hackberry, AZ

Large Animal Head

These are super cute and extremely soft, but the bigger she gets, 6 months now, the bear heads interfere with her pacifier and just her cheeks and and mouth area in general. We wish we had gotten just the plain strap covers.

Peggy Allen, TX

Never used it

Well, not NEVER. I did use it a few times with my daughter but I don’t think she likes it. She can’t move her head around much and she can’t play with her toys. I attach her teething toys to her car seat for her to play while we’re out and she can’t get the toys to her mouth :(Maybe when she gets a little bit older I would try again.

Dixie New Albany, IN

Strap covers

Love these adorable cushy straps. They are also reasonably priced. Would buy this again.

Annabelle Vanleer, TN


I bought these for my now 3 month old. They’re cute for a little guy’s car seat and helps protect his little neck from getting cut into by his seat straps. I do think they have a little too much cushion though.

Martina Maynard, AR

Very nice!

We bought the pink one. Very cute and very soft. Easy to wash. Love them! I don’t know what problems other people could have with them.

Marietta Bryant, IA


These are cute and I am sure they will do the trick > More later when my grandson will actually get to use these

Casey North Bennington, VT

Need several…

Between the carseat, the stroller, the carriers… we have several kinds of these strap covers. They all do the same thing, which is basically prevent those rough straps from rubbing and irritating baby skin. These do that job just as well as our others, but these have the little bunny heads that my daughter likes to play with. This is an added benefit as it’s a toy she can’t really lose as we go. No complaints.

Judi Cypress Inn, TN

Great value

These strap covers are adorable, and they work well. They’re the most padded strap covers I’ve seen – which is good, because Dragon Baby has a skinny neck. (I think most babies have little necks.) Because they’re so padded, they smush Dragon Baby’s cute cheeks a little so they look more plump than usual – but she doesn’t seem to mind. She likes touching the little bear heads, too.

Katina Orange Springs, FL


Got these to go on our Evenflo Tribute car seat, which sadly does not come with pads. They were easy to install and make a world of difference in keeping the straps from digging into our child’s neck!

Melva Register, GA

Great Strap Cushions!

These are excellent strap cushions for car seats. Car seats often need to have a little help in order to be comfortable for little ones. These cushions keep straps from digging into baby’s shoulders.

Whitney Chadwick, MO