Summer Infant Custom Fit Walk-Thru Gate, Tan

Summer Infant Custom Fit Walk-Thru Gate, Tan

Protect baby without sacrificing style with the Summer Infant Custom Fit Walk-Thru Gate. Made from quality materials, this stylish, extra wide gate, adjusts to 141” wide, allowing parents to configure in odd shaped spaces, extra wide openings and even creating play areas in corners of the home.

Main features

  • Fits openings 65-86 inches, or 96-141 inches and stands tall at 32 inches
  • Hardware mounted installations, for use between rooms and can be a free standing playard when two gates are used
  • Easy one-handed open and close operation
  • Stylish tan and white mesh fabric blends into home

Verified reviews



It is very hard to find gates this big. I love that these are collapsible or expendable to make it fit anywhere. I bought two and mounted one end of each to the wall to make a 12 x 12 blockage in the corner. That way he has LOTS of space that I can use as the baby area. This way I don’t have to baby proof the rest of my house (yet). The setup is very easy, and took about an hour to mount two to the wall and connect it in the middle together. My son hangs all over it, and we have no problems because it is very sturdy. It is easily changed from wall mount to freestanding as well. When I travel I take it with me and use it as a pen. Works great. It folds to flat for easy storage or traveling. These are a great purchase and well worth the money.

Georgette Los Ojos, NM

Works great for odd spaces

I have a split level home with step going up on one side then step going down on the other side the stair are spindles wood it been a challenge finding a gate that works they are either too tall don’t fit do to hand rails and don’t attach to wood spindles..I run a home daycare and I have to have a good this and we attach it to one wall then it goes across both set of steps and then turns and connect on the other side of the stair wall PERFECT!! plus easy to fold into that corner when childcare kids not here..also my older childcare kids can work it easily so I don’t have to always stop what I am doing and open the gate…

Dixie Storden, MN

Love this gate!

I bought this to keep my son in the living room when I am cooking or cleaning the kitchen. He likes to stand under me and it makes me nervous. I didn’t even have to attach it to the wall. I just angled it and used the couches to hold it in place.

Ma Santee, CA

Great for not wanting to drill into wall

We really didn’t want to have to drill into our wall, so we bought two of these and made a big rectangle up against the wall in our living room. It’s great because even though it isn’t permanently attached to the wall, it’s sturdy and won’t fall over. Also, it’s not bad looking at all. I also like the fact that since it’s not anchored into our wall, we can move and use outside as well if we decided to do so.

Jaime Bexar, AR

This fence/gate is great!

We bought two of these and they worked out perfect. One blocks off the stairway from the kitchen/living room area, the other fences off our office from the rec-room play area in the basement. Very expandable and easy to install.

Twila Frederick, MD

Great – Love it

I would give it 5 stars but one of the hinges came with a tiny broken piece. Other than that, I have no problem with it. At least no major problems. I like that it’s mesh and my son won’t hurt himself if he falls. He also can’t climb it or try to. He’s only 10 months but he’s a real trickster so this gate works well.

Gale Dundee, FL

Nice looking, hard to take on and off

For the price, it’s a great product that looks good and gets the job done. Very easy to install, but hard to get on and off once it is installed (i.e. taking it off the wall while leaving the part you screw into the wall). Also, the door does not close automatically and can be annoying to lock in place. I’d recommend it given the price, but it could be improved upon.

Gwendolyn Morton, TX

This is our 3rd – still love it!

We now have 3 of these gates because they are so awesome! We use two of them combined to block off a 15′ opening between our family room and kitchen, and we use the gate portion from the 2nd set to block off the other side of the family room. We bought this 3rd one to go around our Christmas tree this past year and it was perfect! We angled it where we wanted it, which was from one wall to a portion of another gate. We drilled it into the wall on the one side, and then my husband used zip ties to connect it to the other gate. We removed it on Christmas Eve so that Santa could come and have room for presents, and it was a snap to put back up (we have a 2 yr old who wants to play with EVERY ornament). It was perfect! We will definitely use again for future Christmases.

Alyssa Wilsons, VA

Best gate ever

We have four different baby gates and this one is by far my favorite. It is perfect for unusual places. We first installed it so it blocked off the play room but have since moved it to block off the entrance to the living room. I love the flexibility of this gate. This is a must buy!

Constance Jersey Shore, PA

Big Gate!

This is definitely a big gate! It keeps my son out of the kitchen, which is the intended use. My only complaint is that it is slightly difficult to close, being that the bottom of the gate has to line up with a track.

Rocio Omaha, NE

Great for wide gaps

My daughter hates it. She can’t get past it. Now we have peace of mind knowing that she won’t get under our feet in the kitchen. Great should have bought it sooner.

Elva Lake Station, IN

Best in class but don’t expect miracles

I bought it twice for another problem area. Does that say anything? I just recently took it down and had it up for 1.5 years. I nailed a wood plank to the drywall and then screwed the gate to the plank. On the other side, I got a stud so no plank was needed. The plank part had to be affixed again as it did not hold up to her, but when I used longer screws, it worked fine. I am telling you this because rivets alone will not hold up if you can’t get a stud in the wall. I bought two of these and used a panel from one to make the other longer and completed gated around the opening to the kithen.My pattern looked like this:[______________________________ /At one point, my toddler was able to push on the part that was turned (the angle). I wire-tied an L bracket and it worked great.

Elena Farwell, MN

It suits our needs, but…

This was the only gate that we could find to fit the odd space dividing our living room from our kitchen, and it has served us well… but we did encounter two problems. 1) My 19 month old can close & latch the gate when it’s open – and open it some of the times when its closed (we’re trying to figure out if the gate was closed properly prior to his opening it). 2) We bought a whole 2nd gate after months of trying to get an extra set of wall mounts. Due to the way the panel hinges are located, we can’t even turn our spare panels into a free-standing play yard for visits to the grandparents. I like the Evenflo Top Of Stairs Extra Tall Gate better, but for this space, my preferred gate simply did not work. At least when my son lets himself out, its noisy enough that we can hear and give chase.

Lea Josephine, WV

worked perfectly

no issues at all. good for large sized openings. this was pretty much the only one I saw that would fit in my case. pretty secure.

Lynne Lowville, NY

Great gate for big entry way but the directions lack

Great for our big opening to the play room. Installation would have been easier if the directions were a bit more clear. Had to figure out the which paper hole to use, the description was not very clear on which paper to use to drill the correct holes. Once we figured that out, was not so bad to install.

Emma Maynard, MN

Works wonderfully

We were skeptical as the barriers are mesh but it is sturdy (especially if you purchase wood screws to use) and holds up quite well. Highly recommended!

Marquita White Plains, KY


We have a very active boy and he enjoys pulling/pushing on things. This item has very study construction and its ability to expand to over 100" makes its easy to fit in our stairs which are about 75" across.Pros:Easy to expandSturdy constructionCons:It can be rather heavy (get a smaller size if you dont need up over 70")The installation requires items to be screwed into walls so if you want to move it alot, that can be troublesome

Alyson Hayward, WI