Summer Infant Day and Night Handheld Color Video Monitor with 1.8″ Screen – Silver

Summer Infant Day and Night Handheld Color Video Monitor with 1.8″ Screen – Silver

Keep a close eye on your baby, even when you’re not in the same room, with the Quiet Sounds handheld video monitor from Summer Infant. This convenient and portable device allows parents to both see and hear their child while moving around the house. Ideal for nap-time, bed-time or play-time, the Quiet Sounds provides clear viewing with a full color picture, as well as night-vision capabilities.

Main features

  • Portable, handheld 1.8″ color video monitor allows you to see and hear baby from anywhere in your house, black-and-white vision
  • 900 MHz technology for superior clarity and range, two channel selection and up to 350 ft range
  • Rechargeable batteries in parent unit last up to 10 hours, or just use the included A/C adapters
  • LED Sound lights allow you to view baby’s level of activity even when monitor screen is turned off
  • Belt clip and kickstand for extra convenience

Verified reviews


Excellent Multi-purpose Monitor

We are expectant parents and purchased this monitor for our nursery from a local store after carefully reviewing the return policy. We purchased the one with the silver faceplate which seems to be the newer improved model on the market. When we got it home, we ripped it out of the box and decided to test it rigorously, and we made our two dogs our test subjects. Also, we live in an older house, so we expected issues with electrical interference. Here are our findings:1. We were able to see our entire kitchen both in light and in the dark although the picture was somewhat grainy in the dark. We could see our dog’s eyes and teeth from a distance of about 15 feet away from the camera in both conditions.2. We took the receiver all over the house, used it in our home office, next to our refrigerator, by our cordless phone while in use, and the reception was great with occasional static pops.3. We were able to take the receiver outside about 20 feet around the perimiter of the house with no interference.4. We conducted similar tests placing the camera unit in other areas of our house and had no problems.5. Sound quality is astounding, my husband could hear me talking on the phone in another room and could hear my breathing sounds between my verbal responses on the phone.We have had this camera for about two months now and are confident it will be of great value when our baby gets here. We had one dog that kept pottying in front of our fridge and we busted him with this camera. So overall, for the money, it is a great value and can serve many different purposes. I would highly recommend it to anyone with babies, pets, elderly or disabled persons to care for. We are very happy with this purchase.EDIT, July 2008:This product is STILL working great for us two years later! We lost the AC adapter to the handset while we were on vacation and we ordered a replacement from the manufacturer-they did not charge shipping and we got it within a week of ordering. I am pleased with the support given for this product as well as the product’s performance. Again, I highly recommend!

Gena Castella, CA

Static is a problem

We have been using this product for our newborn for the past three months. It is easy to install and operate, and the handheld piece is small enough to be portable, but has a large enough picture to see your baby. The problem is that if we are more than one room away from the base with the handheld, there is a lot of static – noise as well as picture. It might be because we live in an apartment, and there is probably a lot of interference in a small area (two cordless phones, cell phones, modem, router). It’s still usable, but we often keep the sound down very low and use the picture to monitor the baby. If we had the sound up, the constant static would drown out any noise from the baby (and drive us insane). Not sure there is a product on the market that wouldn’t have this problem, but we have considered just using our iPhones as monitors (there are several apps available for less than $10), and stop using this one altogether. Wish we had thought of that before we spent $200 on this one.

Kendra Eagle Rock, MO

Our second summer monitor.

We bought our first monitor almost 2 years ago and it worked perfectly. Clear picture, great sound. My husband broke the crystals in the screen and we had to order an entirely new camera and monitor. The replacement is not nearly as high of quality as our initial. We are disappointed they didnt continue to make the same quality product.

Julia Raleigh, WV

Does the job

Have realistic expectations when buying this video monitor and you’ll be happy with your investment. The picture quality is good (especially in dimly lit rooms), the video camera head is very light weight and tilts in four directions (ours hangs on the wall just above the crib suspended on a thumb tack!), and the battery so far has been really good (I’ve forgotten to plug it in a few nights and it’s still juiced up). So, realistic expectations…1) Don’t expect to see the same vivid imagery of your baby that they promote in their packaging. Most likely you’ll be setting up the monitor a safe distance from your baby’s head/body so you’ll get a more complete picture of your baby’s body- not the close-up mug shots featured in the ads. The colors will not be as vibrant either, unless your little one has an affinity for sleeping in a very brightly lit room.2) Do expect some feedback on your receiver. There are six degrees of ‘noise’ (green to red) to alert you of sounds in the room. I’ve become accustomed to only paying attention when I see it register 4+ repeatedly and with some length (feedback registers short bursts of 4+ and is common for my house). The feedback is audible so unfortunately I have to turn the sound down very very low at night (just enough to hear a cry), or I am awakened by the hisses all night.3) You can’t control how long the video display stays on when the received is not plugged into the wall, so if you’re downstairs and want to see your baby constantly you will need it to be plugged in. Otherwise it will go to sound-only after about 3 minutes.I would prefer that it came with two video monitors, because sometimes baby falls asleep in another ‘regular’ nap spot that you’d like to watch. Also it would be great if it were possible to move the video head remotely (so that when baby squirms out of view you can find her) but I don’t expect to see that on a household product such as this. Overall I’ve been really happy with this tool, aside from the feedback annoyances, which channel switching doesn’t seem to fix. (We do have a wireless router and cordless phones throughout the house)

Serena Kipton, OH


We bought this monitor after researching and trying a few other models.Pros:Excellent reception, even in a large old house- it works better than our wireless phones!Clear picture- love to be able to change the brightness of the cameraNight vision works great!Very sensitive- it will pick up anything in the room- including air conditioners, fans, etc…. it didn’t really bother me, but i am used to sleeping with noise (I could see how it might bother sensitive sleepers)Excellent battery life!Cons:Did have some issues with interference with our wireless phones- the stand was literally right beside the monitor on my bedstand- a little manuvering and it isn’t a problem (only when someone is using the phone… and that is only if you are standing right beside the monitor)I have to say- I would reccommend this to any parents- it is an excellent quality monitor that performs very well- we are very satisfied!

Lorena Gold Hill, NC

I can see my baby in the dark really well!

This monitor works great! I can hear my baby breathing and see her sleep in the dark. I am one happy mommy!

Caroline Mico, TX

Must Have!

Our baby was a very loud sleeper when she was younger and this saved us many many trips to her crib. For us, its better than having her in our room because we didn’t have to switch on a light to check on her! The battery life is very fair, we keep the receiver plugged in every night and we never have a problem with the battery dying during the day for naps or in the evening when we’re around the house. We can go as far as the neighbors house and still get good reception. The only drawback I can see is what others have mentioned, there are only two channels. My neighbors had family visiting a few months back and told us that their monitor picked up our nursery. Kind of strange, but I’m not so paranoid as to believe that criminals are spending $150+ to watch sleeping babies. But maybe I’m wrong. I just know that we love this monitor!

Erika High Ridge, MO

My husband should be a sales rep

My husband tells everyone, even single people without children, to get a hand held video monitor when they have their first kid. I think he loves it so much because he knows it has lessened (not eliminated) my new-mother worrying.I love the monitor as well. We both STRONGLY encourage a video monitor over a sound only one. Babies make lots of noises when they sleep. There are times he cries out and we look in on him with the monitor and he’s happily asleep. I can’t imagine all the times we would have interrupted his sleep if it weren’t for this monitor. Now that I’m a more calmed mother I actually only have the volume on when I’m in the shower. Other than that I turn the volume down and just listen for noise coming through his nursery wall. When I hear it I go to the monitor and “peek” in to see what is happening. Often times I can tell by his body movement that he will go right back to sleep if just left alone. And he does.This was possibly the best gift we received (it was on our amazone wish list). A couple of my friends went in on it together. I’ll never forget their kindness. This is worth it’s weight in gold, especially if you don’t plan on co-sleeping. I was terrified by the idea of sharing my bed with my baby. This monitor gives you the same level of reassurance with the security of a safe crib. Love Love Love it. Our little guy has been a great sleeper from the start and I know this monitor is partially to thank for that.Don’t hang it directly above the crib and keep the cord out of reach. Follow all the safety guidelines and you’ll love it too.

Christian Floyd, NM

Great monitor

I have two of these monitors (silver and pink) and they are great. I love the video, especially since my twins tend to wake up quietly. It’s great to be able to check if they are simply rolling over or are standing up waiting for me to get them without having to open the door.Important to note, if you want to watch two children in two different rooms, you need two complete monitor systems. This is because the handheld monitor can only monitor one camera at a time. You would only be able to hear/see one child at a time, and unless you wanted to spend all night switching between the two cameras, you need one monitor for each room.If you want to watch one child in two different rooms, you just need to get an extra camera. Super simple to add a camera; just set one to A and the other to B. The handheld monitor is set to whichever camera you want to watch.I have noticed that the pink camera seems to be “zoomed in” compared to the silver camera. By this I mean that the pink camera gives me a close-up view and the silver camera is more like a wide angle view. It’s not good or bad, just something that I noticed.Here’s a quick run down on the monitor.Pluses:– Good video even in little or no light: We tested this in daylight as well as in a dark room with and without a nightlight. The video was very clear and crisp regardless of ambient light.– Easy set-up: It was very easy to set up the camera. I have them sitting on shelves (with the cord out of reach of my twins) rather than mounted on the wall. It means that I can move them from room to room as needed.– Long battery life: I have the monitors on and plugged in over night (about 8 hours) and the charge will last all day (about 5-6 hours of actual usage). Of course, the battery last as long if you check the video frequently.Quirks:– Background hum: There is a hum in the background that can be annoying, but it doesn’t ever obscure the audio. The mic is very sensitive and you don’t have to turn the audio up very much to hear your child well, which means that the hum is very soft.– No volume markings: I found this annoying because the on/off dial is the same as the volume dial. You have to re-find your volume setting every time, and if your child is quiet, it can be hard to tell if you have it set loud enough. The way to get around this is to take a marker and mark the dial at your preferred volume setting.– Handheld interference: If you have two handheld monitors, they can cause interference. All you have to do, though, is turn them to different angles until the interference stops.– Camera interference: Once in a great while there will be interference between cameras, where you can see a faint ghost image of the other video. If you don’t need both cameras on at the same time, turn off the one you’re not using. If you need both on, as in my case, simply flipping the handheld switch between A and B once or twice will remove the interference.Overall, this is a great video monitor system and I am so glad that I got it.

Celeste Nelson, IL

Great monitor – peace of mind and good for sleep training

We received this as a gift and are so thrilled with it after 4 months of use. The microphone is extremely sensitive and picks up very slight sounds. The picture is clear even in total darkness. We have not had any problems whatsoever with interference, just a bit of feedback when we carry the portable unit by baby’s room (our house is tiny). The handheld unit is very easy to use, and the camera was quick to install. It is great being able to peek at him when I’m in bed to see if that sound he just made necessitates a visit from mommy or not. It’s also helped us keep an eye on him when he goes to sleep without disturbing him or interfering with him falling asleep. This is a great product and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Tommie Howard Lake, MN

Works Great

THis works great, the technology is outdated, but you know what, it does the job well, is durable and does the best job of coming on when there is noise, providing both a great visual and audible warning. Just wished the rechargeable batteries had a longer life.

Ester Southfields, NY

Don’t know what I would have done without it

This is a great product. I could never have done "sleep training" without it. I would recommend a video monitor to any soon to be parent. It is a lifesaver to be able to check in and see that everything is OK. This product is a reasonable price as well comparitively.

Lakesha Royal Oak, MD

Good monitor

We purchased this monitor based on reviews that the audio was loud. I needed a monitor with loud audio since i am a deep sleeper.I haven’t used any others but this one works fine. The only drawback is that the battery life is very low so we have to keep it plugged in after using it for a few hours and it is quite expensive. We also need to keep a dim light on in the room so that we can use this at night. We installed it at the top of a shelf across the crib since it is recommended to install several feet away from the baby due to radiation.

Rachel Winter Park, FL

best baby monitor for your money

We had other, more conventional monitors, but as my son co-sleeps with us, we wanted to be able to keep an eye on him if we couldn’t be in the room with him, as he falls asleep before us. This monitor has freed up our lives, and we will never part with it. As a bonus, you can buy an extra camera through the manufacturer, and set it up in another room… that way you can use one channel for one room, and the other for another (like if you have two kids!). THe color feature isn’t that great, but that isn’t a big deal for me. Also, the night feature is excellent; it casts no ambient lighting in the room at all, but works perfectly. Buy this monitor!

Jasmine Leesville, OH

Couldn’t Ask for a Better Monitor!

We love this monitor!+The batteries hold up well. We charge it every night by our bed.+The visual is great.+The sound is great.+Love that you can turn down the sound and still see noise levels by the lights. That is helpful because I don’t always want to hear Baby’s little fusses as she settles to sleep or is waking because it is too tempting to go in and soothe her when she needs to be able to do it herself… If I hear her, it’s much harder to resist. The lights make a nice alternative– I can see that she is still settling but don’t have to hear it.-Only one con and it is very minor. If the signal is bad at some places around the house, it causes static, which makes the lights flash, so sometimes we think Baby is crying when it’s really just static. Doesn’t matter, b/c we can just check the screen and see that she’s fine, but when she was new, this was a little bothersome.Overall, super monitor! Highly recommended!!

Liliana Sangerfield, NY

short battery life

this item has a short battery life. sometimes it will die during the night even if have charged it fully during the day.this system is prone to a lot of interferences.

Cherie Riley, IN

Nice video monitor

This monitor works great in our house. We haven’t had any interference issues – there are no annoying static noises in the background. Love the video feature – picture quality was clearer than expected. When on battery mode, it stays charged long enough to last all day. I plug it in every night though since the static starts to flare up whenever the batteries run low. My one complaint is that the volume dial is not marked so it’s hard to tell if the monitor is set to the ideal volume. Also the gradation between getting no sound and being able to hear every breath and sigh the baby emits is really fine. Otherwise I think this is great product.

Laurie Clifton, NJ

Great monitor

I really like this monitor; it works great, including night-vision, which is awesome. I also like that I can attach my headphones to it so I can listen for baby while my husband sleeps when needed.Easy to mount and set up, works great. Once in awhile there’s a bit of static, but it’s rare.I wish I could buy a second monitor (not a camera) to have upstairs, so I don’t always have to look for the monitor, but it’s a small want.

Germaine Brainard, NY

Great Monitor!

We love this monitor. The sound is clear (can hear him breathing) and the picture is good even at night. It’s comforting to be able to just switch on the screen to see him. Rechargeable too!

Maryellen El Cerrito, CA

ESSENTIAL – Best Monitor

I have used the stationary monitor since March of 2005. He’s 2 1/2 years old now and recently made the switch to a twin bed. With a minor adjustment to the camera angle, we are able to observe him in his big bed. When he slept on his tummy at 3.5 moz, this monitor gave me peace as it was necessary to watch him very closely when he couldn’t roll over. I’ve kept it on my desk and night stand, carrying it from room to room, and I plan on purchasing the portable monitor for our new baby who is arriving shortly. I spoke with Summer Infant customer support today at (800) 268-6237, to determine if it is compatible with the new hand held color monitor I will be purchasing for our new baby, and they are very helpful. They encouraged me to call them with the number on my original unit, which would allow them to determine compatibility. I purchased the portable monitor for my best friend and she has found it extremely useful over the past 4 months since her daughter was born.

Pamala Dodge, WI

We have twins, I recommend you buy this monitor system….

We have twins. They are now 9 months old. We went back and forth between a couple of different monitor solutions and chose this product. We bought two camera’s and two monitors. He have one camera over each of the twins bed (please use common sense and tack the power cord that hangs down from the camera so that the cord is no where near your babies reach). We have two monitors this allows each of us, my wife and I, to have a monitor while at different rooms in the house. We can each see both babies with one monitor by switching the A/B switch on the side. Set up was super easy. During the day, or with proper light in the nursery, the image on the screen is in full color. During the night the image on the monitor screen is in black & white.Problems? A little audio static. Video static is practically non-existant. It’s the audio static that can catch you off guard. These units have audio so you can hear what’s going on in the room; if your baby is crying or coughing, etc. It also has a indicator of green to red that shows audio strength, so if you are sleeping you can turn down the audio portion and see by the indicator if there is audio in the room (baby crying will shoot the indicator to red). Great idea but there seems to be a fair amount of static so we are never sure if there is a baby crying or static being show on the indicator. So we just turn up the volume and listen, an easy solution.One thing I want to address: some nit-wit, in a popular review, said that the “light on the camera kept her child up all night”. Okay, I almost did NOT BUT THIS SYSTEM BECAUSE OF THIS STUPID COMMENT. I thought that there must have been a light projected for the night vision to work or some such thing. Turns out, on the camera there is a tiny green power light. I could see that that light MIGHT catch a child’s interest, if so just put a tiny (1 inch by 1 inch) piece of duct-tape over the green power light. Problem solved.So far, after 9 months of continual “on” mode, both cameras and monitors are working great. For GREAT peace of mind, I feel comfortable recommending this product to new parents.

Vanessa Chicopee, MA

Not for the Light Sleeper

The video screen is terrific and I love being able to see my baby day or night. The audio works great too, picking up even the slightest breathing-great for parents who worry! My biggest con is the intermittent static. It isn’t noticable in a noisy house during the day, however, when it is sitting next to your bed at night it becomes very annoying. Also, I pick up a lot of static when I step outside in the yard even though I’m still within the recommended range.We have a ton of electronics in our home, as most people do, and although they weren’t available at the time I bought my monitor, I would definitely have purchased a monitor with DECT technology–and still may-that’s how annoyed I am with the nightly static.

Kristie Frederica, DE

best baby monitor

My daughter-in-law just got this monitor for us, grandparents, to use when our grandson is sleeping over as his crib is downstairs from our upstairs living area. NO interference even with all of our computers, ipods, etc.! Excellent visual image! Get rechargeable batteries and you’re set with this monitor!

Alisha Mc Intosh, AL


I bought this monitor and an extra camera because we have a 18 month old and a new born coming. (I write this from the delivery room!) But our 18 month old was in a toddler bed but was sleeping anywhere but the bed, so we wanted to know what he was doing and that he was safe. I couldn’t ask for a better camera. There are cheaper ones and more expensive ones. I can’t really get the color option, but I don’t really need it. Also, being able to hook this up to a bigger TV is AWESOME! My wife just hooks it to our TV in the bedroom and we have no problem seeing our toddler. With two cameras this works wonderfully. Nightvision is very clear with just a nightlight. We have four portible phones, wireless internet, and other devices and we have had little to no interference. This was a great purchase for less than 200 bucks. Something that we can use in a ton of different ways. We love this!

Minerva Melvin, IL

Great product

I’ve seen this poorly rated on several websites, but we’ve had this for almost 3 years now. Had to return it once when the screen went out. We had great customer service and overall, this is a great product. LOVE it and it puts a first time mom at ease! Perfect!

Roberta Medimont, ID

It films even without any lights at all!

I bought this monitor and even though my baby will still arrive in July, I have already tested a lot and it works just fine! It films even without any lights at all! I think I would be worried about leaving my baby sleeping by herself (my first!) but now I feel more secure as I don’t need to go to her room all the time to check on her.Baby monitor without video are worthless, in my opinion! If the baby is right in the border of your bed – for example – it won’t make any different sound until he falls. But with the video you can see and save him before the accident happen!

Vivian Hillman, MI

If You Don’t Mind Static and Peeping Toms, It’s Cool.

I tried cheaper monitors, but this is the only one I’ve stuck with for the past 2 1/2 years. It’s good quality and does the job– I can see my daughter’s movements whether in light or dark (though the night vision does get creepy if she opens her eyes… looks a little like a horror movie. Don’t tell her I said that).The sound is very good– I can hear her breathing if I choose to turn it up, or I can keep it low if I just want to be notified if she’s crying or calling for me.Interference has been a problem, though. I do have significant static if I don’t keep the receiver in one exact spot. I use cordless phones, and from what I read, that is probably the problem. Unfortunately, I like my cordless phones, so I’m going to live with the static. The static was far worse on the older Summer model with the television monitor, so in comparison, this is liveable.I am troubled by previous reviewers’ details of being able to see other babies on their monitors, though! It hasn’t happened to me, but there are no other young children close to us. Just because it hasn’t happened to me, though, doesn’t mean I’m not concerned about it– I think it’s really frightening that a product like this could create an inadvertent window into my home. That’s something Summer definitely needs to remedy.All in all, I’ve been satisfied with this monitor and its capabilities. I can walk around in the yard and still have decent enough reception, and it’s been reliable whether plugged in or on batteries. Note, though, that if you’re using batteries, the video will not last long– you’ll have to keep pressing a button on top to show the video display. If you have the montior plugged in, that’s not an issue.

Angelita Bridgeport, OR


Since the monitor cost is not inexpensive, we did a ton of research before purchasing this. Finally, we decided to spend a bit more and get a monitor that we can carry with us and I can truly say, we made the right decision. Our wife and I love this monitor. The static is minimum (almost non-existent) and the picture is crisp. We carry it from the bedroom to the living room to the kitchen even to the bathroom. The color is bright and the night vision is clear. We highly recommend this monitor to everyone.

Yvette Fernwood, MS

SO glad we went with a video monitor!!!

I am so glad that we decided to get the video monitor! This is convenient to use, and it is wonderful to be able to turn on the monitor when my son makes a noise and see if he is awake or just rolling around. The picture quality is surprisingly good in both light and dark, and the sound quality is good when there is no static. Static is a problem sometimes, but instead of carrying the device around with me, I have located a couple of static-free areas of my home and set it up there, and it works like a charm. The battery life is not particularly good, but the device does plug in as well, and so it hasn’t been much of an issue. Overall, very pleased with the purchase. This item retails for $179, so if you find it cheaper (like here), it’s worth the money!

Ava Walnut Springs, TX

Won’t buy again for second baby

My daughter is a year old now and we’ve had this since we brought her home from the hospital.Pluses:
• the night vision is great
• it was very comforting to me during the SIDS danger period to be able to check on her without waking her up by going in the room
• when the battery worked, it was very portableMinuses:
• the battery stopped taking a charge when she was only about 7 months old so it has to be plugged in at all times now
• there is a lot of interference so it can’t be too far from her room or turned in the wrong directionBecause of the interference we now plug in the monitor and turn the volume all the way down and keep an audio monitor next to it. Together they work great. :PBUT with the interference and lousy battery, we won’t buy this again for a second baby. I hope there’s something else out there to try.

Patrice Salisbury, MA