Summer Infant Decorative Wood & Metal 5 Foot Pressure Mounted Gate, Brown/Black

Summer Infant Decorative Wood & Metal 5 Foot Pressure Mounted Gate, Brown/Black

Protect baby without sacrificing style with the Decorative Wood & Metal Expansion Walk-Thru Gate. Made from quality wood and metal, this stylish, Oak and Slate pressure mounted gate adjusts up to 5’ wide, allowing for added security without damaging walls.

Main features

  • Wood, Metal
  • Pressure mounted installation, for use between rooms and large openings
  • 32-inch tall gate fits openings 36-60 inches wide
  • Extra wide hinged swinging door opens in either direction
  • Easy one-handed open and close operation
  • Oak and slate metal finish

Verified reviews


very pleased

we have the extra tall stair way gate (wood and iron) and regular doorway gate ..all wood and iron. This has extra extenders to fit in our hall entryway which is extra wide, works perfectly. Very sturdy, beautiful. Why waste $ on an ugly gate, when you could have these beautiful gates which add to your home and décor while providing safety for children/animals.

Irma Strykersville, NY

The product arrived a day late but in perfect condition. As previous reviewers have mentioned

After buying a different brand gate to fit a smaller place, I realized how much of a higher quality this gate is. The product arrived a day late but in perfect condition. As previous reviewers have mentioned, closing the gate does produce a moderately loud clicking noise and you have to make sure the door is perfectly centered in order for it to drop down into place. I have it set at 59 inches and find it to be decently sturdy with no fear of collapse or severe bowing. Baseboards did not pose a problem due to the four adjustable rods. We are using it in our front entryway to keep our twin infants and dog away from the front door. The gate defintely looks sharp and I am considering purchasing another. I purchased for $70 and that price beat out every competitor I could find.

Stacy Hillrose, CO


We absolutely love this gate. My toddler can’t figure it out as much as he tries and it is as tall as him! Everyone who walks into our house compliments us on how beautiful our gate is. Is seems very sturdy! I would definitely recommend this gate!

Brittney Gregory, MI

Pretty & Functional

Beautiful, easy to install, works great. I like that the gate swings both ways. My only complaint is that you have to manually close the gate, it does not swing shut like some of my other gates. Great purchase!

Frankie Tekamah, NE

Nice looking tall gate

Have been using the gate for a few months now. It’s reasonably well engineered and designed, looks as good as one can expect a gate like this to look (and perhaps even better). Is reasonably easy to install, has an unusually wide span and wide door, is easy to remove and, reasonable easy to adjust its span. I am not crazy about its locking mechanism. It’s not very convenient and usually requires two hands to open and close. (the best locking mechanism I have seen, which is infallibly single hand, self shutting, and really easy for adults to use is the one on the NorthStates superyard (but the yard is only hard-ware mounted and not tension mounted)But what makes me very upset with Amazon, are their sudden and ridiculous price hikes: I bought this gate a few months ago for $86. Now, I see it listed for $99. That is why I am dropping a star, down to three. Walmart has is for $86 with free shipping, so that’s is where I will order our second gate that we now need. I would not give this gate five stars because of the shutting mechanism being a bit cumbersome (usually needs two hands, is a bit noisy, and is not self-shutting… )

Katina Starkweather, ND

Overall good gate

We are overall pleased with with gate. It is attractive and sturdy and is one of very few that fit the opening we have in our house without the need for hardware. The only complaint we have is that the gate is a little difficult to close. You have to sort of twist the gate as you close it to make the bottom and top line up correctly, but we’ve gotten used to it.

Rochelle Thomson, IL

Beautiful gate fits great into large openings. A few minor functional annoyances.

Setup (A): Piece of cake. Took me about 5-10 minutes and did not require instructions. Unlike other pressure-mounted gates I’ve used before, the different pieces actually stay together when trying to mount to the wall which makes things much easier. Although, as part of the design, until it’s pressure-mounted, the gate can swing wide open while you are setting up. Just use some masking tape. You cannot tell from the picture, but there are three (not two) expansion pieces each of which are a different size. This allows the gate to fit into (as far as I can tell) any size opening.Looks (A): Other than a few pieces of plastic, the metal and wood look very quality, and also great together. Sturdiness of metal, looks of wood.Functionality (B): Gate is pretty easy to open with one hand — lift and pull. That is, if you didn’t accidentally lock the gate the last time you closed it. If you push downward after the gate has latched, it will lock. Sometimes I do it inadvertently. Requires flipping a plastic switch to unlock again. The pressure mounting require some fine-tuning to make sure the gate doesn’t lock EVERY time (or also never, no matter how hard you push down). The rubber nubs on the end of the mounds seem great and are not marking up my walls. Another minor complaint is that this gate does not auto-close or auto-latch. I also own a Northstates Supergate Easy-Close and that feature is Awesome!Overall (A-): Very nice-looking gate at a good value. Probably one of the best gates you can get for larger openings (up to 60"). I recommend it, although I knock it down to 4 stars only because it does not auto-close or auto-latch.PS: Contrary to another reviewer who put up a video, you CAN put this in an opening with floorboards or uneven walls because you can adjust each of the four mounts to different lengths. I have mine up against a floorboard now.

Clare Newbern, AL

Easy to set up, more attractive than typical baby gate.

This is pretty attractive for a safety item, and it installs easily. We’ve been using it for several months to keep our dog and toddler apart and have managed to keep our toddler from riding the dog, and the dog from eating the toddler, so yay for that.It took off a little paint but is still less damaging than a screw-in gate, so I’ll deal with it and touch it up later. I was hoping to get a bit more life out of it – my 18-month-old has figured out how it works and has the thumb slidey thing down. We’re waiting for her to figure out how to do that while lifting the gate. It’s a bit like watching Rise of the Planet of the Apes in real time.

Berta Pooler, GA