Summer Infant Deluxe Baby Bather, Blue

Summer Infant Deluxe Baby Bather, Blue

Safely and securely bathe your newborn in comfort with the Deluxe Baby Bather. A soft, mesh sling cradles your baby, while multiple recline positions provide the most comfortable positioning for your little one, making it the perfect choice from the very first sponge bath.

Main features

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  • Mesh, Plastic, Metal
  • Imported
  • 3-position recline, for child’s comfort
  • For use in the sink or adult bath tub
  • Head support cradles baby’s head
  • Folds compact for storage and travel
  • Machine washable fabric

Verified reviews


Comfortable for Baby and Easy to Clean and Store

I have had 7 children and wish we had found this infant bather sooner! It’s lightweight, easy to keep clean and folds up for storage or traveling. You can set it in the tub or place it in larger sinks. I never liked the plastic tubs because baby ends up sitting in dirty water. With the Summer Infant bather, water flows right through the bottom which is more hygienic. We started using for our 6 month old son and he loved it right away. The seat is very comfortable and the mesh is nice and stretchy so it conforms to his body. After using it for these past 2 months, I would definitely say this bather is ideal for supported sitters and younger (8 months or less).NOTE: This model (18500) has NOT been recalled like the reviewer above has claimed. It does not have any problems with the frame collapsing! I hate to see a good product like this tainted by an inaccurate review.Some other reviewers have mentioned a safety strap, but that could be a good or bad thing. Personally, I would not want to fool with straps while trying to get my baby clean because it would get in the way and might potentially irritate their skin. My suggestion to Summer Infant would be to make the seat a bit “deeper” to help keep wigglers in place better. But honestly, nothing replaces being right there to monitor your baby while bathing!

Marie Waimanalo, HI


A must have. No need for the craziness of a baby tub with bells and whistles. They are terrible to clean and get dry. Can you say mold? This fits in the sink or the tub and is great for the tiniest of babies.

Shelby Columbia, MD


I bought one from Target for $15.99…mine has frogs. Same “Summer” brand. I originally wrote a more critical review. Assembly was frustrating and the box had a different material than the actual product, but I have used it on my newborn and love it. I haven ‘t tried collapsing it back down, but I have this and a plastic tub. I use this one for quick rinses..great for newborns for a sponge bath.

Bobby White Oak, TX

I love this thing

I had one of these that I used for my 1st two kids, and it got moldy at the bottom, so when I had my 3rd I got this one. I like that he sits comfortably and his butt is in the warm water. He squirms in it sometimes, but it’s not like I’d leave him in the bath alone. I just sit him in there and pour water over him, or put a warm washcloth on is belly, and it’s very easy to clean. I didn’t like the huge plastic tubs that other use – such a waste of space. This one folds up compact which is nice. The mesh is soft, and he seems to be comfy in there. I started putting him in there at only a couple weeks (after washing him in the sink), now he’s 4 mos and I use it ever 2-3 days. Its holding up well. I think it is very functional and cheap.

Carissa Java, VA

Love it!

a friend of mind told me about his baby bather, and since the first time I used it and love it, very simple and easy to use, comfortable , and it dry fast!

Leigh Alpine, AZ

disliked it very much!

baby was always either sliding down or sideway, the bumper and side barriers to keep him in place were useless, if you use the lower position, either baby is half way out of water either he’s drowning, mesh was too tight so baby didn’t seat in, but keep sliding everywhere even after 3 month and a good big baby boy weight. no safety at all, had to hold him at all time, the folding feature is a joke, even my husband had a hard time unclipping the pieces from one an other, so doing it every day is out of question, there is much better options on the market, don’t waste your money on this one

Alyson Marydel, MD

Cute Seat!

I like this bath seat a lot.. but I dont think it leans back far enough. My 4 month old just slides down all the way and I have to keep sitting her up. It still works great! WARNING:: If you don’t have any non-slip grippers in the bottom of your tub it will slide all over the place! I had to get some of those and now it stays put perfect.

Jillian Cowarts, AL

Love it

I loved this bather while I was able to use it. My son started sitting up early which is the only reason we stopped. My only thing is that it’s awkward to fold up and store, but other than that it was great. My son didn’t squirm in it and he was still able to feel the water as it came through the mesh on his butt. 🙂 He would also put his feet over the sides to feel the water, so the height wasn’t bad.

Maryanne Denison, KS

Great for a wiggler

Our son started kicking up over the bump in our infant bath tub. So we got this to stop him from doing that and harming himself. It’s great! Our LO can still kick and splash just as he did in the infant bath we had. My only complaint is the 1st latch setting is HARD to get in place. I was scared I was going to break the chair. And to collapse it takes some work too. Every time I pinch or smash my finger.

Letitia Paulding, OH

Bath Chair

This is a good chair for older babies. My son is 3 months old and he slides down we have to move him up every few mins. I like that its adjustable recline but it doesn’t hold him up in the chair. Also I wish that it was easier to get it to fold up for storage. Its really hard to get the metal parts to un-clip so we can store it.

Kara Akiak, AK


I love this bath chair. It is compact and easily set up and taken down. The head part is nice too to keep your babies head stable

Stefanie Heavener, OK

Not so much 🙁

I bought this to use for our five month old for travel. It has relatively positive reviews and folds flat for easy packing. However, this didn’t work for me. Our baby kept slipping down in the seat (regardless of the recline angle) and the base moves too easily on the tub floor. I tried using wash cloths/hand towels in the seat and between the base and the tub floor, but that didn’t help. I’m sure you could use some other materials with better gripping action, but that defeats the purpose of using this for travel. Another frustrating flaw is how difficult it is to fold back flat. I followed the instructions, but holy moly, what a pain!! I haven’t yet found a better solution, but I left this seat behind as I won’t be using it again. It was easier to just take a bath with my baby and wash her with the help of my husband.

Maribel Lucas, KY


I was really looking forward to this seat working out to allow my two youngest kids to bathe together. First, I like that this seat has three different reclining positions. It folds up and is pretty compact for storage or travel.But, this chair has some serious downfalls. It needs something grippy on the base. It slides all over the tub. If my son kicks too hard it moves around. If his older sister moves around too much it slides all over, it really should have some nonskid material on the base. Second, and a bigger pain to me is that my son just slips right out of the seat. He likes to kick and splash, and as he moves, his body just kind of slips down and out. It requires me to constantly prop him back up. Even my four-year old remarked how it was strange that there wasn’t a buckle in this seat like there is in every other baby seat. Thought this was it, but I’ll keep looking.

Wilma San Juan, PR

Great Product

Perfect size. My infant currently uses the laid back position, and it holds him up great (14 pounds). It is adjustable, and can fold up.

Aileen Smock, PA

Nice tub- could use some retraints.

I had this tub with my first daughter and it served its purpose, so I got it for my second as well. Its a nice tub that serves its purpose, but my only complaint is that is could use some sort of restraint or deeper seat as baby can tend to slide around in there, especially when they get a little bit more wiggly.

Mildred Hermitage, MO

Not sure yet

We bought this for our new grandson to use for bath time and to put in kiddie pool. The only problem is that he keeps sliding down. Seems we are constantly pulling him up. Would work better if there was a strap or seat was less taught so baby’s bottom would sit lower.

Kristie Clayton, IN

Great bathing sling!

A terrific bathing sling for use in a kitchen sink with our five month old grandson! It folds flat and compact for easy storage yet is absolutely stable and safe for baby’s bath time. Perfect!

Nettie Holden, MO


Perfect for little squirmy baby. The bath is almost like a "scoop." Once baby is in, he is IN, BAM!

Deann Aberdeen, KY

Five Stars

Makes baby baths soooo easy!

Kathryn Troy Mills, IA