Summer Infant Deluxe Comfort Booster, Tan

Summer Infant Deluxe Comfort Booster, Tan

The Deluxe Comfort Folding Booster Seat is a convenient, comfortable solution for eating in-home or on-the-go. With its compact fold, the booster is perfect for travel. The machine washable cover provides additional comfort.

Main features

  • 2-in-1: infant feeding seat with tray becomes a toddler booster seat at table
  • 2-level height adjustment for your growing child
  • 3-position full-size, dishwasher safe tray
  • 3-point restraint system with chair straps to secure booster to chair
  • Ultra compact folding design for storage and portability with removable machine-washable seat pad

Verified reviews


Cute, but UNSAFE…

I bought this instead of a high chair for the convenience factor and it is really cute. It is a HASSLE to assemble the straps, and once they are assembled, they don’t securely lock into place. The straps hang on my a tiny hole, and at the right angle can be pulled out, which I find dangerous for baby. The point of straps is for safety, and they should not be easily removed from their base. We kept it anyway, but had to “rig” it ourselves by locking the straps in with our own invention. Good Luck figuring this thing out!

Sharlene Burlington, NJ


This is an okay seat. The cushion is cute but not cushy and not really hooked well. It slides all over the place. The cushion does wash well though. But honestly we have taken it out and just wash the plastic. The waist straps are too loose and don’t tighten. Luckily our son is big enough so the tray helps hold him in. It does the job if you don’t have enough room for a highchair but you may want to keep looking.

Taylor Kaleva, MI

unintentional downgrade

I have a Fisher Price Healthy Booster but needed something more “compact” for my upcoming trip to Asia. I learned that hard way of what I liked was considered GINORMOUS abroad and would be cumbersome at most.I picked this and the Munchkin Booster as my travel booster. I wanted to have the same level of comfort as my FP as my son has been using it for almost a year an half and will sit in it during meals out (It’s really nice to keep the FP in the trunk of my car so we can eat out anywhere w/o the fear of dirty boosters or none at all). I want something that’s lightweight, durable and compact (which my FP is NOT).Munchkin came first – kinda dig it but the harness/seat was a bit tight for my 2 year old (he’s in the 10% so if you have a average size child, that’s not for you). It’s super light and compact. There’s a storage compartment for all feeding essentials and a couple of diapers. All very self contained.The next day the summer infant came. In a LARGE box. Ugh! Opened it up and hoping it’d be compact, disappointment to find it’s not. At least it’s thin, and it is lightweight, but not really compact. The thing is poorly made. I felt like at each snap open of the arms or the legs it would cause the thing to break or just snap off. Once it’s put together, it’s sturdy but not pretty. The cover on the back rest seems pointless – you have to secure it over the top, well what about the bottom. I can just see that backrest cover shimmy off as my antsy child fidgets in his seat. It’s definitely NOT aesthetically pleasing, I don’t know what to do with the tray if we were to travel with it. It doesn’t snap onto the seat when the seat is in the closed position. And the lack of a cover over the tray just seems dirty. The seat seemed narrow – which would be fine since my son is petite, but the depth of the seat and where the tray landed wouldn’t have been comfortable b/c he’s short. The one thing that was nice about this is that the harness had 2 adjustments on the base of the seat. So I could see this being something to grow your child in – but if your child is a chunker, tight squeeze. I wouldn’t want to be seen in public with this – the picture looks FABULOUS but it’s garish in real life.THIS SEAT WOULD BE IDEAL FOR YOU IF:You needed a seat for visitors or grandkids that come by once in a whileTall/Skinny kiddoYou don’t care about aestheticsIf this is your FIRST travel booster, I’m sure you’ll love it but if you’ve had the FP Healthy Booster, it’s hard to downgrade! Worst thing is – this COST MORE than my FP (I got it at Walmart).

Janie Claypool, IN

Great for resturants

I originally bought one of these in pink with princesses off craigslist for my daughter. It was the best chair ever.. still is. I loved how it folded up so small so I could slide it under the back seat in our truck. I used it every single time we went out to eat until she was big enough to sit in a chair on her own. I loved that it buckled to a existing chair and that I could buckle her in the booster so she couldnt get out and start climbing on the table while we were all still eating. It kept her contained. Mine didn’t have a cushion and the tray I never used not even once. The tray isn’t really needed, just push them up to the table. She used her booster from 12 months to almost 3 years. Every time we used it I would get people asking me where I got it and that it was a great idea and then of coarse the people that would just stare like I was stupid but I know they were just jealous that they didn’t that anything that neat. I’m here now because I am buying this tan one for my unborn son since I know he will need it and its really a useful item. It’s $14.99 right now so you can’t beat that! I saw it for $24 at the local HEB and it was $19 for the longest on here but since its $14 I think I’ll be back to buy another soon so when the time comes I’ll have one in each car and I’ll be prepared. LOVE this booster!

Nichole Walker, SD

So glad I picked this one! Perfect!

This booster is so great. It is easy to clean. Easy everything. Your child can eat at the table or for messier stuff put the tray on it and it sits closer to their body. Plus this is portable. Anywhere I go there’s never a booster available and my son won’t use a high chair anymore because he’s a big boy. Very affordable and will last forever. My son is 25 lbs he fits in it just fine with room to grow. Recommend this product very much so!!!!

Essie Mondamin, IA

Great booster for the price

This booster seat costs less than $20. So, I could understand when I read the reviews of people calling the booster cheap. For me, it does it’s job!! Due to our work situation, my husband & I have to live apart for the year. When I go visit him with the baby, we had been holding her in our lap to eat! MESSY! Our regular high chair breaks down into a booster seat which is great, but too big to be transporting everywhere. This booster solves that problem! It is light weight, folds compactly, and is easy to attach to a chair. My daughter (just turned 1) fits without any problems. I am most excited because my favorite restaurant doesn’t have a high chair. Boy will they be surprised when I travel with my own booster!!!

Stacey Mc Coy, VA

Not the best, but works for us!

This chair isnt the greatest, but it does the job. The fabric pad in the back is worthless, but doesnt impede the use of the chair. It does fold down, but doesnt really hold itself together well and the tray doesnt click in anywhere. We found a way to use the straps to hold it on, but really just a work-around. Our daughter started using this when she was 8ish months old and is still using it (at the table without the tray) at two years old.Attaches well to the chair and the straps keep her in.

Jade Hillsboro, OH

Perfect size, great product

My child is 3 and half and we still use it, best purchase ever !

Marissa South Otselic, NY

This seat is awful!

I was really excited to get this in because we had similar items with several of our other children and never used icky restaurant high chairs. This one is awful! The pad is held on by three loose pieces of elastic on the top, leaving the pad to flop around. There is a rounded part bulging out all around the outer edge on the inside of the seat back, pushing the child’s head forward if the child is small. The three-point restraint is utterly useless, as the straps loosen up with any kind of movement and they aren’t secure at all. The “restraint system” will certainly not hold a wiggly child in. The tray is a very tight fit and difficult to put on. I paid six dollars extra just to get it in pink instead of tan, what is the reason for it to be so much more on such a cheap item? We have had many high chairs and booster seats through raising seven children, but this is truly one of the worst baby items I’ve ever purchased. I find myself wondering who tested this product and said it was of good enough quality to be sold. My husband took one look at it and said, “Send it back!”

Myra Kellogg, ID

Great product

This is a Great product, that is totally useful. Easy to clean, carry and travel with, I highly recommend it.

Marisol Ursina, PA

Totally worth it!

Like most baby things, you never know what you will like until you try it and turns out after all of the high chairs we bought this one (which was also the most affordable) ended up being the best!.Folds up super tiny!Is EASY to clean. No itty bitty crevices for food to hide or stick to.And can be used as a booster seat at the dining table.What more can you ask for!?

Vivian Elk Creek, MO

Great for dinner at other peoples houses

Great for dinner at other peoples houses, so you don’t have to lug the high chair with you, but it allows the little one to be at the table and enjoy dinner with the big people whereever you go.

Elisa Carolina, PR

Great For Travel

At home, I use theStokke Tripp Trapp Highchair, Walnutwith thePlayTray for the Stokke Tripp Trapp – Transparentand theStokke Tripp Trapp Baby Set – Aqua Blue. It’s a great seat for every day, but too bulky and obviously cannot be transported. I travel internationally a lot with my 10 month old.This chair is fantastic for travel. I ordered it because of its compact fold. It IS a little bulkier than I had originally imagined, but It folds up small enough to fit in my carry-on suitcase.This is especially important because I often travel on Airlines that do not allow gate-checking of car seats. I still book my son on an “infant in arms” ticket, and hope that there is a spare seat in between I can put him in. However, if you can’t gate check the car seat, the spare seat is useless, as anyone with a baby knows how successful getting them to sit in a seat is. I love that I can put this seat in my carry on, leave it there if I have to hold him, or put the seat in the airline seat – and secure it with a lap belt, and strap my son in. He has a tray he can use, for food or play, and he can’t get out of it (yet).Then, when I get to my destination, I have a highchair I can use in hotels and in restaurants: I wouldn’t say it was small enough that I could fit it in my handbag, but I can put it in my car, without having it take up valuable space.The little “seat pad” is useless, I threw it away. It comes off all the time and like others mentioned, only attaches to the top of the seat. Anyone who actually lives with an eating infant/toddler, will agree discarding it is the best idea, as it makes cleaning the seat so much easier. I did think about attaching the bottom of the pad withCommand Picture Hanging Strips, 4-Small, 8-Medium, but ended up throwing it away.

Samantha Florence, KS

If you have rated this 5 stars you haven’t tried the FP version.

At home we have the Fisher Price cheap little space saver high chair. We wanted to send one back home to have when we visit grandparents and wanted to spend $20 instead of $25. Well I can definitely see now that the extra $5 really makes a difference. On this model the height is not adjustable. It is very hard to fold. It is *extremely* hard to get the tray on without pinching baby. It is smaller. You have a cute but useless “pad” that only serves to make the chair harder to clean. There is no removable tray for easy cleanup. I could have forgiven all of these faults except the tray, it is way too hard to line up and slide onto the chair.

Tori Wilmerding, PA

Great for our Girls!

When our oldest little girl turned 2 we figured it was a good time to move her to a “big girl” seat at the dining table, and she was tickled with it! Her baby sis moved into the high chair. I didn’t want to wait for our youngest to turn 2yo to get one of her own, so we bought another one. Now they can both sit at the table with us, and they’re both very happy with it. Whenever we visit family, we just fold them up and take them along and have instant high chairs without taking up a lot of trunk space. I love that this folds up for travel so we can use it when we’re out somewhere rather than restaurant high chairs & boosters that are often not cleaned properly. The only reason why this did not get a 5-star from me is because the fabric lining the seat is kind of chintzy. It’s really there for looks, and isn’t necessary for use. All in all, I highly recommend this product. It’s the right price, durable, folds up, and does what it’s made for.

Herminia Cameron, TX

Perfect, an essential if space is limited

We got this for my son since his cubby little legs would get stick in his bumbo, so we couldn’t use it with the tray to feed him and don’t have the space for a high chair. This is perfect! He fits with room to grow and it packs up easily for trips to Grandmas house.

Pat Bradford, ME

Just ok….

This was ok for vacation, but is not secure and made me nervous having my 1 year old in this at the table….

Linda Marshallville, GA

Easy to clean

We got this to keep at my in-law’s house when we travel there for a couple weeks at a time. It’s so easy to clean – I keep the fabric off completely so we can just wipe and go. It folds up nicely too to bring to friend’s homes and restaurants.I bought it because it was the cheapest and I love love love!

Deena Beecher Falls, VT

Perfect for our needs

My mother go this for my at the time 4 month old daughter. We were nearing the solids phase and needed a chair but we have a bar hight table and wanted the chair to be level with the table so she would feel like she is part of the meal instead of just watching it. We also didn’t want a huge chair that tool up a bunch of space.The chair is perfect for us, it fits snugly in out chair and she fits in it very well. I do not like the cushion however because it is very flat and hard to clean, so we just don’t use it. My favorite part about it chair is that the whole thing fits in my kitchen sink which makes cleaning it so easy. Also the fact that the whole thing can be folded up and carried along is nice since we regularly eat at a family’s homes who are past the high char phase. The tray however is a little smaller than you would get on a full sized chair witch means more food ends up on the floor, but that is what you get with a “space saving” high chair.

Libby Sussex, WI

Great for travel

We bought this for a trip because we were frustrated last time we traveled and didn’t have a high chair we could borrow. It definitely isn’t as sturdy as some of the pricier boosters, so I wouldn’t make it a permanent solution to a high chair. But it breaks down very small. The back cushion is pretty thin and the tray isn’t the easiest to get on, but it’s definitely workable.

Janell Brilliant, OH

Can’t beat the price for this seat!

Can’t beat the price for this seat! This seat works out great for us since we don’t really eat on our dinner table.

Maricela Eastchester, NY

booster seat

We use it at our dinner table. For the price it works, but you need two hands to take the trey off and on and the belt sometimes is difficult to click into place.

Tanisha Windsor Heights, WV

Cute chair

I only rated this 4 stars because the material that is on the back of the chair (the giraffe and stripes) it falls off all the time! It is only held on to the back of the chair by three little pieces of material on the top that are pretty much pointless. Other than this piece of material that i end up fussing with everyday it is an ok chair.

Misty Lihue, HI

Hard to use

This is a cute travel seat, but after trying it at home, the handles where you slide the tray are so hard I can hardly push it! It just doesn’t fit right.

Estela Tupelo, MS


It’s convenience to take out and easy to install. we don’t need to worry whether the restaurant we go: have or don’t have clean baby chairs or not

Adelaide Durand, IL

Like this product

We have a beach house and grown children with children and friends with children so we needed a lot of booster chairs at our table. I now have two of these – works great for all the different sizes that sit at the table – cleans easy too.

Augusta Galt, IA

Must Have Item

We purchased this to have at my in-laws house on an extended stay there. We are having them ship it back to us because it is GREAT.We plan on using it for trips to friends, restaurants etc. We will continue to use our high chair at home for regular feedings.This is easy to put together, small to carry and perfect for a travel high chair. For the price, you can’t really beat it.

Mamie Benton City, WA

Sturdy and easy to clean.

This booster was very easy to put together, taking less than 5 minutes. I like that the "legs" fold up, giving you a little bit of flexibility depending on the distance in height between the regular chair and a table if you use it without the tray. All parts are easy to clean. The tray was a bit cumbersome to get in place, but it works. The cloth part on the back does not fasten on the bottom part, just slides over the top of the seat back. Personally, I will leave that off, because it’s just one more thing to wash. All of the straps are easy to adjust. Very sturdy product once fastened properly to a chair.

Alexandria Spruce, MI

Cheap product

The price tells all on this one. It’s cheap. It will work, but it feels rather flimsy. The padding on the back slips off really easily, and doesn’t offer much padding anyway. The tray requires two hands to adjust–one on each side.I’d recommend this for a temporary seat–great for grandparents or travel. If you want a permanent seat at home, I’d recommend something a little sturdier.

Eula Fifty Six, AR


My 5 month old son loves sitting in his new booster seat. I strapped it to our dining room chair with no issues. Now I can sit at the table and feed him and he can sit at the table with us while were eating and enjoy our company. I was going to get a High chair, but this takes up less space and works much better. When folded up it fit inside my diaper bag. (stuck out a little, and I only had a few things in it) I recently took it to Red Lobster. It fit in the booth with us. It was kind of noisy to snap back open after it was folded into it self, but the restaurant was noisy anyways. I like that it’s plastic and can be cleaned easily. I wish the seat cover was elastic, but it only has little elastic hoops to attach it with. No biggie. Over all, It’s a good purchase, I would buy again.

Vanessa Saint David, ME