Summer Infant Deluxe Day and Night Handheld Color Video Monitor with 2.5″ Screen, Blue

Summer Infant Deluxe Day and Night Handheld Color Video Monitor with 2.5″ Screen, Blue

Monitor your baby and get the whole picture with this handheld color video monitor. Listen and look using the 2.5″ color TFT screen. Auto night vision lets you see baby even when it’s dark. Mount the small, unimposing camera in your baby’s room or set it on a dresser or tabletop then keep the portable monitor with you as you move throughout your house. The self-filtering directional microphone and 2 channels minimize interference. Rechargeable battery lasts up to 10 hours or use the included A/C adapter. Includes belt clip and audio video output jack. Made of plastic and electronic parts. Imported. 5Hx3W”.

Main features

  • Portable, handheld 2.5″ LCD color video monitor allows you to see and hear baby from anywhere in your house, black-and-white vision
  • 900 MHz technology for superior clarity and range, Two channel selection, and up to 350 ft range
  • Rechargeable batteries in parent unit last up to 10 hours, or just use the included A/C adapters
  • LED Sound lights allow you to view baby’s level of activity even when monitor screen is turned off
  • Belt clip and kickstand for extra convenience

Verified reviews



The purpose of a baby monitor is to free you up for household chores while still allowing you to know that junior is safe and sound. Audio does this nicely. Video only works if you watch it, and if it has audio, as this one does, then why even HAVE video?? Video is an unnecessary expense, because just what is there to SEE inside a baby’s crib anyway? There shouldn’t be anything dangerous in there anyway!!!! Save the $ and get an audio. As someone else pointed out, reception isn’t always good on this model either. Sell yours on ebay, spend ten bucks for a good audio monitor, and put the rest in baby’s college fund where you’ll get much more use out of it.

Mellisa Leonard, ND

First one video didn’t work – second one almost complete interference

I’ve now purchased 2 of these. The first one we took with us on vacation and the video monitor screen failed. I thought it was a fluke and retured it.The second one I purchased about two months ago and is completely useless. It is entirely static because of some interference with either the cordless phone or the wireless internet connection in my house.

Cecile Solebury, PA

When it works, it’s great

We got this monitor before my son was born. Since the box had previously been opened, we took it out and tested it. I worked great. Putting the camera on the wall allowed us to have a view of the whole crib. The picture is color during the day and black and white when it’s dark at night. It’s a clear picture, but not as clear as they advertise on the package. The reception can get interference when someone walks by or blocks the path to the monitor, but it clears up once the obstacle has gone or the monitor gets moved. Our house has two levels and the monitor also gets great reception on a different floor from the camera.It was when I tried to take the monitor with me downstairs that I found out the battery wouldn’t hold a charge. My monitor would only work when plugged into the wall. I sent an email to Summer Infant and they sent me a label to ship the camera and monitor back to them. It went UPS Ground across the country and took a week to get there. They had it for a week and then sent me a new one. I did not like being without it for almost three weeks, but I was glad to have a new one. Unfortunately, this new one is far worse. I can only get a picture on one of the two channels and only when the monitor is in the same room as the camera. If I leave the nursery with the monitor, the picture twists at an angle and scrolls vertically so that the image is imperceptible. Also, there is a button at the top of the monitor to turn off the video and just the sound is available if that’s what you want. My monitor will spontaneously turn off the video and I have to press the button to turn it back on.I contacted Summer Infant again, and they are sending me a new one and a label to return the one I currently have. I hope this new one works, because when it does, I am really happy with it.UPDATE: I got the new monitor a year ago and it works great. My son now sleeps downstairs and I am upstairs most of the time. With this monitor, I can always keep my eye on him.

Jami Wanette, OK

Ours is also losing the sound after only 1 year

It’s never been dropped or abused and yet similar to another reviewer, our monitor is losing the sound more and more. It goes in and out when the volume knob is turned. We have only had this a year and paid $176 for it. WAY too high priced for this kind of thing to happen. I would expect this from a $50 monitor not one that costs nearly two hundred.

Aurelia Pasco, WA

Better than I expected (I’m a gagdet geek)

As a gadget geek, I’m not easily impressed by gadgets, but I’m impressed by this one. We have a new baby infant. And at first, I was not entirely convinced that we needed a video monitor (we already have an audio monitor a friend gave us). Having had this video monitor now for 3 weeks, my wife finds it indispensable while I find it surprisingly useful. In our 2000sq-ft single-story wood-frame home, the reception is great everywhere, and the picture is clear. We have a 802.11g wireless network in the house (2.4GHz) and a set of 5.8GHz cordless phones, and there is no interference with this 900MHz video monitor. But be warned: although the product is advertised as “color,” the video is virtually black-and-white almost all the time, not color. Even during the day when baby’s room is filled with sunlight (which are the best conditions to see color, according to the user manual), the picture is black-and-white with just a shade of color. In other words, don’t expect actually seeing much color from this monitor. So why did I give it 5 stars? …because I don’t care much about the color, and the product works so well. It’s self-explanatory with no real setup needed (a rarity in the world of electronics). The monitor provides excellent night vision (black and white, of course). The video camera and mount (which needs to be plugged in, of course) is quite flexible in its possible mounting configurations. The video handset, though slightly bulky, can be clipped to your belt to allow you to wander. There is a large soft button on top of the handset that toggles the video on and off to save batteries, or it can be plugged in so that you can leave the video on all the time. It works also as a regular audio monitor, but you can turn the audio off and rely on the green-orange-red LEDs to visually indicate how much noise the baby is making (this feature is brilliant and is more useful than you might think). You can even plug in a headset to the handset to listen to your baby privately if you wish. The only other drawback besides the always-black-and-white picture is that the rechargeable battery pack is a proprietary unit that can’t be replaced with standard rechargeable AA batteries. As with all rechargeable batteries, it has a finite life, and when it dies, I’ll be forced to buy their expensive replacement. But that’s in the future, so I’ll forgive it for now. One final recommendation: buy the model with the bigger 2.5″ screen rather than the smaller screen (it’s only slightly more expensive). It’s much easier on the eyes and provides better detail.

Lauren Sadsburyville, PA

Good monitor – short battery life

We are probably the opposite of a lot of parents with our use of the monitor. Some think the video is frivolous and all you need is the audio. Others find the audio monitors to be too sensitive. We were more to the latter. The microphone on the monitor is soooo sensitive that any sniffle, whimper or cry sounds 10 times worse than it is. Our house is small enough that we can hear our daughter cry without a monitor so we keep the volume turned off. Still the led lights give you an idea of how much noise is in the room, and we feel very reassured by the video. Being able to see her without going in and disturbing her more has been a great help in deciding when to give our daughter a chance to soothe herself and when we need to go in and help her calm down. Her body language tells as much about her needs as her cry.The monitor is decent. It isn’t a great picture, especially in the dark. The color in the day is lousy, but we didn’t need pretty pictures in this monitor. We wanted mobility. For this it has been good.One down side for us is the short battery life. The auto-off screen when the monitor is running on battery is a good feature, but the monitor still runs out of juice really quickly. We have had it 4 or 5 months, and it gets worse as time goes by. Still, it does the trick.Another downside is the mount. It isn’t a very solid mount for the camera. So far, we haven’t even hung it on the wall. We have it taped to a tripod away from our daughter’s crib which makes it portable.All in all, we like the camera.UPDATE – 10 Nov 20102+ years later we are still using this camera. It was a good buy. I bought a $10 replacement battery and have not had trouble since. The picture is not what it used to be, but it still does the trick. Of course, we don’t use it nearly as much now.

Toni Blandon, PA

Love it!

This monitor is FANTASTIC! And the screen is bigger than some others. Quality is great and after using this for 6 months, I would certainly buy it again if I were doing it over. The video monitor saves alot of trips upstairs to check on the baby in the middle of the night – the extra sleep I get in my own bed makes this worth every penny!

Felecia California City, CA

Couldn’t imagine myself without it

We have purchased it when our son was about 7 months old, using the audio monitor before. I guess the price of it was the main thing that kept me from buying it.Now I’m thinking I should have done it right from the moment my son was born. It is absolutely a great idea to have one, as it saves you a lot of time and effort just to look into monitor versus guess work of what was this sound – just a stir? Or going into the room to check on baby and waking him up.It works fairly good along our wireless network, and lots of other different-frequency equipment, the only spot I have problems sometimes is in my bedroom which was built out of the crawl space underneath the garage – so it is mostly concrete walls there.But still I get a decent picture.The only tip – if your baby is always sleeping in the darkened room – you might as well buy a black and white one, as the picture is always going to be in nightshot anyways.The bigger screen is a plus too, considering the fact that you’re going to watch the whole crib and the picture is going to be pretty small.

Ginger Blooming Prairie, MN

love it, perfect!

We adore it, got it as a gift from BRU.Pro:Plugs into your TV, but you don’t need a TV to use it.2.5″ screen shows a very nice pictureSound “visual indicator” means you can have it on mute but still know if she/he has made any noiseRecharges vs batteries is a plusCamera mounts to wall and then swivels in any direction making it very easy to mount and get a good picture.Con:Handset makes a loud awful noise if volumn is on and you walk into same room with it, not a huge problem but if you forgot and walked into baby’s room with it on your belt and volumn up the buzz might wake up baby.

Stefanie Aurora, SD

baby monitor

Purchased this item when I had my second child so that I could monitor them visually as well as audibly. Also purchased an additional camera, so that I could monitor both of the children’s rooms. Product is great. Battery lasts forever when off charger. Able to see well at night too. Only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because it would be nice to have a feature that allows the monitor to switch over to the room where noise is recognized. As it is now, you have to switch the button back and forth between the two rooms to monitor children sleeping at the same time. Otherwise, product is great.

Chelsey West Hurley, NY

Peace of mind is worth the money

This has been one of my favorite and most valued baby products. It allows me to keep a constant eye on my son, which is great for a first time mom! I worry less about SIDS because I can check often to make sure he is ok, and can even see and hear that he is breathing. It was great to have this when sleep training because I wouldn’t have to tiptoe in his room and wake him up. Also, sometimes I would lay on the floor next to his crib watching him until I knew he was asleep. Otherwise, he would cry if he knew I was leaving. I like the compactness and it’s not so bright that it keeps us up at night, which are complaints that I have heard about the other monitors that have the mini tv’s. The range is good, it only gets fuzzy when at the farthest edge of our yard. Sometimes I get a little static when moving my hand in front of it, but it’s not a problem. The battery lasts a long time. I have also dropped this many times and splashed it while doing dishes, and it still sees to be fine.The only problem I’ve had is that sometimes it has a bit of a connection problem when I insert the plug to recharge it. The power will shut of and get a little funky, but I just jiggle the cord around a bit, and then it works. That could just be a problem with my individual monitor, though. It is still definitely worth it, and I plan to buy another one for my next baby, because I think I’ll use this one to keep an eye on my son for a long time, maybe until he goes away to college!

Mitzi Opheim, MT

I love this thing

I wish I had gotten this from the very beginning of my daughter’s birth. She is currently 8 months. We just got it recently because we have been doing some sleep training with her where we were letting her cry for a while. The video monitor makes the training so much easier to handle as a mother. I also enjoy just watching my baby sleep which was something that I was able to do when she was a newborn when nothing could wake her up, but now I am too scared to wake her up with any slight noise I make if I went in her room. It is also nice for babysitters so they feel more assured by noises they may hear from the baby’s room. The grandparents feel like they got to see her even though she is only sleeping.I definitely recommend this if you can afford the splurge. This particular model the screen is nice and big but I’ve also tried the 1.8″ one and it was fine too. Actually the 1.8″ one had slightly better video quality. The color does not work on either one unless the room is very brightly lit (the manual notes this too), so unless you have a baby who doesn’t mind sleeping in a bright room, you won’t ever see color.One function I find lacking is a screen brightness option. It is really bright and hard on the eyes when you flip it on in the middle of the night to see what is going on with the baby. But other than that, I don’t have any complaints.

Melody Verona, NY

Problem with A/C adapter but otherwise great monitor

This video monitor has been very reliable and an indispensable piece of baby gear. I cannot imagine sitting around an audio only monitor and wondering what that sound was I just heard, or if my baby is okay, or if I should go up and check and risk waking her by going into the room. The picture on this monitor is so clear you can actually see your child’s chest rise and fall and know that they’re doing okay; that’s a huge piece of security for us. We were AMAZED at how you can see perfectly in total darkness with this camera. The only complaints we have are that 1) the a/c adapter has suddenly started giving us fits. If you touch the a/c jack in the slightest way or try to move the monitor, the picture and sound blinks off and you have to jiggle and reposition it to get the picture back. This doesn’t happen on battery power alone. But it’s HIGHLY annoying to deal with this problem every night. Second, it interferes with our land-line phone in that the monitor gets fuzzy and buzzes when the phone is dialed or used too nearby. We have an AT&T 6.0 something or other — a newer phone — and still it bothers the monitor. Sometimes our wireless internet will bother it as well, but not too often. Other than those things, I consider this to be one of the most essential and best pieces of baby gear we own.

Luz Boys Ranch, TX

LOVE this monitor

If I could I would give this product 4.5 stars because it really only has a couple of minor things to take away from it. We bought this monitor before our second child was born, after discovering with our first how tricky it is to figure out if your baby really needs you to come in the room or not. Many times I would hear my son crying and not knowing what the problem is, sneak into his room- only to find he had fallen back asleep and then heard me come in and woken up again. Very frustrating at 3am. There was also the constant worry as a new parent whether or not he was ok- didn’t have his leg through the bars or something else going on.This monitor is awesome and has come in SO handy for us, especially since we live downstairs and the nursery is upstairs. With a click of the button on top I can turn the screen on and see her sleeping peacefully. Or if she is crying I can click on it to see if she is crying in her sleep (crying but not moving), or really awake (squirming, eyes open). I can also tell if she has spit up, wedged herself into the corner of the crib, etc. Then I can run upstairs to help her instead of wondering what the problem is and whether I should risk waking her fully by going in her room. Not to mention she looks so cute when she is sleeping and I get to see her all the time. :)Things I like:Portability- battery lasts forever and recharges every night while we have it plugged in.Volume control- Very sensitive. I can make it loud or extremely soft.Screen size- Seems just right. The smaller one would have been a little hard to work with I think.Clarity of soundThings that I wish were better:Sometimes the video and sound flicker with some interference. Mainly in my kitchen for some reason. Or when I am using the cordless phone right next to it.The video can sometimes be a bit grainy, but most of the time we get a good picture.The camera could be little more adjustable. It goes in most directions but is tricky to adjust if you have it mounted on the wall instead of the crib.That’s all I can think of. By the way, we also have the angel care movement sensor monitor, which sounds an alarm if it does not detect movement (breathing) for 20 seconds or more. In conjunction with the video monitor we joke that our daughter is “under surveillance”- but I love the peace of mind and convenience of both monitors…

Margret Bushnell, NE

Very good!

I am a bit of a gadget junkie and I found the night vision option on this remote to be very tempting. The clarity is quite good, although night vision appears in black and white. The reception is clear throughout all levels of our large colonial home and even into the driveway.Used multiple times daily for eight months, I believe it has paid for itself. Had to velco it to the top of the crib recently as the baby pulled up and knocked it over – must have wanted a bit of privacy…

Susanna Elliston, MT

Rest easy with this monitor

I’m so glad I bought this monitor with the larger 2.5″ screen. We are able to see our daughter clearly even in black-and-white mode. Note that there needs to be good bright lighting in the bedroom for it to show color mode clearly.This monitor has great reception, as I can take it down to the garage to do laundry or out to our patio to water the plants. It does generate some interference when we set it near our computers or tv.You do have to keep it plugged in for it to show the picture constantly, otherwise it goes into standby mode with only sound (you have to press the top button to get picture).I do wish that they had numbered volume settings on the side so I can always set it at the same level every night. I find myself fidgeting with it each night to get just the right amount of sound. We have a sound machine that runs in her room at night, so we try not to make it too loud.All in all, this will save you the hassle of running to the baby’s room all the time. Good quality and effective!

Nola Century, FL


I purchased this monitor in Jan 2005,after having bad luck with the other crappy one that come with what looks like a tv. This one is worth the $$. I get crisp, clear reception/picture! The night vision is excellent!! It is durable! My husband broke off the antenna and it still works!!! Even thought we have many tech items in our home, there is no problems!

Elisha Panama, NY

Must Have!

When my first child was born, I thought I didn’t need a video monitor…until he started rolling around in his bed, and eventually climbing out. Now he’s 2 and I just purchased this to keep an eye on him as he gets out of bed on his own now, and for our new baby that’s on the way. Can’t believe I didn’t get one of these sooner! Picture is clear in both dark and lighted room, sound quality is just as good if not better than any other monitor I’ve owned. I love this monitor.

Lucille Seaford, VA

Excellent monitor, couldn’t live without it.

We purchased this monitor 3 months ago, based on the high review ratings. We have not been disappointed. This monitor is easy to use, gives a good quality picture and has never given a problem with interference. We have wireless internet connection and cordless phones, but the monitor reception is always perfect. We’ve carried the monitor outside and still kept great reception. We’ve also taken the camera/monitor to two different houses and used it with perfect reception at both places as well. The sound-only quality & reception is great, too.One thing to note, is that the color feature only works if the room with the camera is well-lit (like daytime light). Otherwise, the picture is black & white. This is not a problem at all for us, but I’m just not sure why the color monitor was a feature for Summer Inc. to bother with.Still, we have no complaints and love this monitor! We couldn’t live without it!

Lea Hollansburg, OH

Must Have!

We are so spoiled!This product has been a lifesaver… my baby was crying at nap time while I was cleaning up the kitchen and instead of letting it go I checked the camera and her leg was stuck in the crib rails! I may have let her cry for a only few minutes before going in to check on her! It’s just nice to see her for reassurance.The only two downfalls I have is the handset whether plugged in or not picks up a good deal of static. Sometimes its the positioning, or the dog walks by, I roll over in bed, or someone walks in the baby’s room… The other the cord from the camera dangles on the wall next to the crib- presenting a safety hazard for curious baby.None the less I don’t have an issue seeing anyone’s baby like other reviews. I did take their comments seriously and actually considered not buying this product. However,I’m in a location where I am probably the only person to own this video monitor and didn’t think it would be a big issue as there are SO MANY more PROS to this product.Enjoy! It really is worth the money and can be used for years to come!

Joy Odessa, NY

Great Monitor

I love the size of the display. Video is very clear and reception is much clearer than other monitors I have tried. My only negative about this monitor is sometimes it glitches and cuts out for just a split second. Not sure why it does this, but still a really great monitor.

Avis Grand Marais, MN

Great product, company has great service!

We purchased this monitor last October because we wanted a video monitor for when we started sleep training our daughter. Every time we would go into check on her, our squeaky upstairs floors would wake her up, or if she was just being quiet, it would distract her for us to walk in. This monitor is perfect since it allows us to be able to see what’s going on without actually walking in her room. Now we use it just when she is stirring around to be sure that she is just moving around rather than being upset. The image is very clear. We do have some interference from the home phone and our neighbors car alarm, but otherwise it works wonderful. The only downside we have encountered is the part of the charger that plugs into the device had trouble connecting. I called Summer Infant’s customer service and they are sending out a replacement charger for free. That makes me even more happy with going with their brand. I definitely recommend!

Bertha Vincennes, IN

Peace of mind

Got this because a friend recommended a video monitor over an audio-only monitor. I love being able to see my little one whenever I hear him stir, without going to his room and trying to be super-quiet, especially at night when you can’t see him without a light of some sort when you go into his room. Whenever we have company while he’s napping, they all get a kick out of being able to see him sleeping. The only drawback I’ve found is the level of interference. If either the microwave, cell phone or portable telephone is in use, the audio becomes static-y and the video gets snowy. I even am able to see someone else’s child if I switch from my chosen Channel A to Channel B! I must confess, however, that I live between two major metro areas with multiple governmental agencies and airports, so I’m sure that doesn’t help. Regardless, I highly recommend that parents have a video monitor.

Elaine Knowlesville, NY