Summer Infant Deluxe Piddle Pad, Black

Summer Infant Deluxe Piddle Pad, Black

The Deluxe Piddle Pad Waterproof Seat Liner by Kiddopotamus protects car seats, strollers and joggers from diaper blow outs and potty-training accidents. The Deluxe PiddlePad is made with soft, absorbent layers next to baby’s body and a waterproof vinyl outer layer to keep car seats and strollers dry and clean. A soft, upright harness shield protects the crotch harness. The safe, contoured design fits easily and discreetly inside the child’s seat and works with all harness systems.

Main features

  • Contains messy diaper blowouts – above and below diaper line, indispensable for potty-training toddlers, now there is no need to revert back to diapers when on the go
  • Soft, upright harness shield protects crotch harness from wetness and soiling, machine washable
  • Safe, contoured liner design fits easily and discreetly inside child’s seat without reducing harness safety
  • Works with all harness systems, simply place child in seat and harness child as usual
  • Non-skid backing stays put

Verified reviews


Only works for tiny accidents

I bought this for my 21-month-old who’s potty trained at home. I’d hoped it would help us be able to keep her in underpants for car rides. For those little accidents where she starts to go, but realizes in time to stop and wait for the potty, it did ok, but not great. A little bit of urine wicked down to the car seat cover from the buckle, but I was able to spot clean and not have to remove the entire cover. However, if she has a bigger accident where she just goes until she’s done (which doesn’t often happen, but she’s still pretty young, so it does from time to time), the piddle pad might as well not be on the seat. Everything soaks right through, all the way down to the car upholstery underneath the car seat. I can’t even imagine trying to use this with an older child who pees more at one time. It just doesn’t seem to absorb much at all. We have a Britax Boulevard, and I suppose it could be that it just isn’t a great fit for our car seat. I also hate that it needs to line dry, and takes quite a while. Ultimately, I think a plastic grocery bag covered with a cloth diaper does a better job of keeping the seat dry.

Kellie Hanover, MN

Does not fit Britax B-Safe car seat

This product does not fit the Britax B-Safe car seat. The belts don’t fit properly within the slots of the piddle pad, and the large opening for the buckle could easily allow fluid to get through. Really disappointed with this purchase.

Cara Maricao, PR

Life saver and time saver

We have two of these in each car. One in the car seat and one in a ziplock bag with a change of clothes. My daughter has a bad reflux problem even as a toddler so she yacks a LOT and this has been great for saving us from having to clean so much. We still find ourselves taking the car seat covers off to wash but with these piddle pads the vomit doesn’t leak into the car seat through the belt holes for the most part it contains it and some times all we really have to do is take this out and wipe down the harness real good so that saves us from having to disassemble the car seat and wash the cover. On a few occasions I have had my daughter pee through her diaper so much that some how it has gotten to the seat cover even with these pads, I still haven’t figured out exactly why that happened but for the most part these have helped up tremendously and we really like them.

Jocelyn Bridgewater, VT

Comfortable and effective

My friend recommended a piddle pad for long trips. The Piddle Pad is soft, comfortable and easy to install. It came in handy on a short trip back from the beach where we didn’t bother to put a diaper on our 4 month old. It was easy enough to pull out and wash and put back. It’s a little pricey, but I think it will prove its value over time.

Meredith Palmer Lake, CO


I really wanted to like this product and was impressed with all the positive reviews. We’ve had it for several months now, and only had 1 accident so far. The pad did soak up some of the liquid, but the rest just ran into the hole where the seat belt comes out and soaked the seat underneath the pad. It probably did prevent some of the liquid from getting on the seat, but enough did that we had to take the seat out to wash it anyway, making the pad worthless. Also, it doesn’t really stay in place…shifts around quite a bit when the child climbs on and off the seat. Not a big deal but worth mentioning. I wouldn’t buy this again if I had a choice. Didn’t do the job.

Mitzi Albion, CA

Glad I bought this…

…although she hasn’t had any accidents. I am grateful that she hasn’t, but I will keep this on the seat just in case. I think these are always a good investment to stay on the safe side.

Daphne Grove City, PA

Works great but must WASH BEFORE USING!

Given the mixed reviews, I decided to test this before using. When I took this out of the package, I sprinkled a few drops of water on it… and sure enough they beaded up and rolled right off. This didn’t surprise me – I always wash towels at least once before using or they don’t absorb anything. So, I washed this according to the instructions and it seemed significantly more absorbent after washing. It has not been tested by a toddler pee incident yet… but I bet it will perform better having been washed. The overall design is great and it fits my two very different car seats equally well. I will circle back once the true test has been passed (or failed)….UPDATE: I washed this a second time because of squashed Cheerios and sundry other sticky spots, and then we finally had a full-on pee accident. This worked GREAT! It held all the liquid with literally about 2 drops making it onto the car seat cover. We stopped pretty much right away and changed clothes, etc. – I was impressed by how much this absorbed. I will not leave home without it!!

Tracie Rockhouse, KY

A must have

We have two of these: one in my son’s stroller and the other in his car seat. They are handy when accidents happen – simply remove and throw in the washing machine. Anybody who’s dealt with the frustration associated with removing a stroller cover will certainly appreciate this product. A must have!

Madge Snow Lake, AR

Could be longer overall – but good product

This product almost deserves 5 stars – the only reason it’s getting a 4 is because I think it should be a little longer overall. We make many road trips to see family (being in the military) and go for long stretches of time without stopping, especially if the little one is sleeping. Well, regardless of whether our son is wearing a nighttime diaper or not, the sheer fact that he is sitting up in that position causes leaks. The piddle pad does a pretty good job at catching most of those leaks, however, sometimes the leak goes above the top of the pad onto the back of the carseat, or further in front by his legs, getting the bottom of the seat (which happens most often). We bought two of these so that if it happened along the journey, we could quickly change him, swap the pad out for another, and keep on going without having to rig the carseat so he didn’t sit in pee – and then worse yet, having to dismantle the carseat and rewash the entire cover (a serious chore with the mammoth car seat I bought). I do like how it shapes to fit the car seat and the seat belts, by way of the open slits in the sides. I just wish it was a little longer overall. When I found out I was pregnant with #2, I again went online to purchase more piddle pads and I did look at other products too in comparison. But for the price, and taking into account the features of the other pads, this one still seemed like the better option, so we now we have four overall.

Mitzi Eagletown, OK

Didn’t work at all!

My daughter had her very first accident in the car two days ago, when there was an unexpected traffic delay. I was shocked when I took the pad out because the car seat cover underneath, along with the foam that’s placed under the cover for padding, was completely soaked! I had to take everything out and wash them at night – and the pad didn’t dry until the next morning when I had to take my daughter to day care. I rarely give bad review but this product just didn’t serve its purpose.

Tamara Allenton, WI

Good for babies not enough for toddlers

I used this to protect the car seat from baby blow outs and it worked great. But now that my baby is a toddler it was not absorbent enough to catch a full blown pee accident. We went on a longer than usual trip and I didn’t consider the 9 oz sippy cup of juice I gave her for the ride. We were stuck in traffic when she told me she had to go and she couldn’t wait till we stopped at the gas station. She let it all go. I guess it got most of it and protected any from seeping past the car seat to my upholstery but I still had to put a blanket between her and the seat to keep her dry once I changed her. It did soak the seat and I had to wash it.

Lauri Conroy, IA

i prefer my ones made from etsy

its okay and fits in an infant carrier but its soooo hot! i bought some from etsy that, while almost double in price I prefer waaaay more. this one just sits in my sons closet

Rachel Dornsife, PA

I wish I would have thought to get one of these sooner!

I love the feel of this piddle pad! It’s velvety soft and I think it honestly helps keep my little guy cool in his carseat. I wish that we would have had this when he was in his infant carrier. We had a big blow out in it and it was such a pain to get it clean. We have this in his Chicco NextFit car seat. That carseat doesn’t allow for the cover to be removed off of it, so I wanted something to protect from blowouts or accidental diaper leakage.This product delivers! It provides all around coverage of the seat area in case of an accident. We have not had to remove it yet-but I did order a 2nd one to have on hand in case we need it when we are travelling.I washed it before it’s first use and it washed up very nicely. I did not dry it. I hung it on a rack to dry.

Edith Ingleside, MD

Does the job!

My daughter is not out of diapers in the car yet, so I can’t attest to how it is for “accidents”, but I purchased this to keep her car seat free of crumbs and food. It is great for that. When it gets messy you just shake it off outside and stick it back on. It fits nicely on our new Recaro ProSport! It was easy to set up. The lap part of the harness just feeds right through the sides to keep it from bunching. It is nicely padded and the fabric is so soft! Overall, and excellent purchase! I will be buying more.

Dana Strange Creek, WV

Save the car seat cover!

Slap this puppy down and when leaks happen (and they ALWAYS do eventually!), you just whisk this away to the laundry rather than having to wash the whole cover.

Eula Vail, CO

Good Cover

This is easy to use but I’m not yet entirely sure how effective it is. My son hasn’t had an accident in his car seat since I purchased this. However, he did spill some water and it seemed to soak into his pants and not through the cover onto his car seat.

Frankie Oronoco, MN

Very helpful

When we were first potty training or if we are now on a long ride and he falls asleep, this is/was really useful. Any accidents are contained on the pad and all you have to do is machine wash it on gentle and hang it to dry. It takes very little time to dry. I recommend it along with a travel potty seat.

Amanda Fishing Creek, MD

Great idea but doesnt work

I got this so that if my son has an accident in the car I won’t have to remove the car seat cover (which takes forever and is not easy). My son has had two accidents since getting this and both times the car seat cover was just as wet as before and therefore had to be removed and cleaned. Now I just have an extra item to wash.

Lizzie Lyons, MI

great piddle pad!

i love this piddle pad! it sits nicely in my sons car seat, both when he was in the Chico Keyfit 30 and now with his big boy graco nautilus. it is easy to clean and does its job well of protecting the seat below it. we have been using it for a couple of years now and it is holding up perfectly. i will be purchasing another any day now for my 2nd son for his seat now that he is the size where he could use it in his seat as well. great item.

Justine Concrete, WA

A must have for Potty Training Toddlers!

WWe had our first car seat tee-tee accident. It was frustrating to removeove the car seat fabric, wash it, wait for it to air dry, and reassemble. So we went looking for a solution and the piddle pad was recommended. Bought this one, and I am no longer frustrated with in car seat tee-tee accidents. Love it! Easy to install. Looks nice. Appears to add comfort to the seat. Easy to clean. I also recommend purchasing the 2 pack vs a single one. This way you can swap out a clean one, while the other is in the wash. You can even use the second backup in the stroller seat, in the meantime.

Angie Ashland City, TN

Car seat saved!

These pads are awesome. They fit well I to the Chicco keyfit magic seat and the recaro proride. They are easy to remove and wash well.

Michele Orrville, AL

Saved our car seat!

My daughter finally started to potty train after she turned 3 and I became really worried about her having to go on the way to school or whenever we were in the car running errands. She had no capacity to hold it at first so if she said she had to go that meant she had to go "now". I keep a portable potty in the car but was still afraid not being able to pull over in time. Then, one day it happened. About two weeks into potty training we were in the car and she said she had to go. We were on the interstate and I pulled over as quickly as I could but it was too late. She had peed a little in the car. Luckily, I had the piddle pad on her car seat and nothing had leaked through!! Of course she was wet so I changed her and put her wet clothes and the piddle pad in a bag and went on my way. Her car seat was 100% dry and we were able to finish our errands and make it home. If we didn’t have the piddle pad she would have had to get back into a wet car seat and then we would have had to wash the entire car seat cover (a HUGE pain). I washed the piddle pad that afternoon and put it back on before she had to get back in the car the next day. She luckily hasn’t had an accident since but we have bought a second piddle pad for the car seat in dad’s car and I tell all my mom friends that are starting potty training.

Francine Vandalia, MI


I purchased this for my grandson’s car seat. It is wonderful. MAKE SURE YOU WASH IT FIRST. I did wash it first (based on other reviews posted), and I had no issued with any leaks not being contained. Highly, highly recommend.

Dessie Shinnston, WV

Good so far

But really no leaks to report yet, we’ve heard it’s not for all out pee-explosions, but I feel a little safer knowing we have a small barrier if a accident occurs.

Merle Leon, OK


I have 2 of these! One in my 2 year olds carseat and one in my 9 month olds carseat! They are a Godsend! Anyone who says anything negative about these is crazy! After paying almost $300 for a carseat I’m so glad I got these to protect it! I’m actually thinking of getting 2 more as backups to keep in the car for when we travel! Money well spent!!!

Consuelo Eureka Springs, AR

well worth it!

We have 2 of these – they are so worth it for during potty training! I never used it during the infant stage because we didn’t have issued with peeing through diapers, but now that we are pretty near the end of potty training, I will still be using it for those “just in case” moments!

Justine Cleves, OH

great product

My son just is learning to potty train, he had an accident in the car and piddle pad kept his car seat completely dry, fits well also with his car seat. britax.

Selena Ludlow, VT

added protection

Great security for accidents in the carseat. We are in the midst of potty training and this gives me peace of mind

Minnie Farmington, WA

Keeps car seat clean

I got it to keep the snacks from getting inside hard to clean corners in the car seat. This does a good job at keeping the crumbs collected. I take it out and shake it clean. It is washable and really easy to install in the car seat.

Lois Langley, WA

Peace of mind

These give me great peace of mind while out and about with my potty training daughter. Sometimes, you can’t just stop on the side of the road/freeway! It fits great with our Britax Boulevards and also our BOB SE stroller — and will work on our umbrella stroller, as well. Soft to the touch on top, and has some grippy texture on the back that helps keep it in place in the seat/stroller.

Shirley Goodwin, AR