Summer Infant Deluxe PiddlePad

Summer Infant Deluxe PiddlePad

Piddle-proof your car seat and stroller, with our bigger, better PiddlePad! It’s larger, softer, and stays in place better, guarding your gear against stains and leaks. Contains diaper blowouts and, later, potty training uh-ohs. With quilted Velboa top, slip-resistant, waterproof base, and absorbent core. Holds more than one cup of fluid. Machine wash. Imported. Award winning: winner of the iParenting Media Award The heat-sealed waterproof base blocks leaks, while gripping your gear’s upholstery Ideal for potty training; no need to revert to diapers during an outing Works with all harness systems Poly velboa and fiberfill, with a vinyl shell Machine wash gentle cycle; air dry 14 1/2″L x 16 3/4″W x 2″D

Main features

  • Waterproof seat liner holds more than 1 cup of fluid and includes new stay-put design
  • Ultra soft velboa fabric is absorbent and machine washable
  • Unique bucket shape contains the mess
  • Works with all harness sytems

Verified reviews


May as well just let your kid pee in the seat.

I bought this thing for a long car trip for some piece of mind for when my just potty-trained toddler took a nap in the car because I didn’t want to prematurely put pullups on him to confuse him. On the way to vacation, no accidents. On the way back he took a nap and when we pulled into a gas station I pulled him out of his seat to find that he had an accident. I was happy we had used the piddle pad (which was still fully in place). But, as I pulled it up to replace, I realized the entire seat underneath was absolutely soaked. In fact, it was soaked in the shape of the piddle pad itself. So, for the last two hours of the trip we’ve had to make do by sopping up with napkins as well as we could given the limited resources available at the gas station.This thing was a pure waste of my money and my time. As a side nte, I have ben very unimpressed with Summer infant products all around. I have had problems with brand new items from them in the past. Includinga monitor and a thermometer. These tree items are all items that are purchased to be relied on. I am so done with Summer Infant products.Think twice before purchasing this item.

Ernestine Ogdensburg, WI

This is a live saver!

Okay, so this is one kid product that I couldn’t live without! This is a pee pad for car seats. I have one in each car seat. These were livesavers when my daughter was in the early potty-training stage. They will soak up a normal pee and keep it from getting on the car seat. We did have a few “floods” that were too much for the pad to hold, but that was not the fault of the pad. For all those times I could pull it out and wash it and not the carseat cover it was a great thing! This is a product I tell all my mom friends about when they are potty training. Even though we are 100% potty trained I still keep them in the car seat because you never know when an accident can happen and I don’t have time to be pulling the car seat apart to wash the cover.

Diane Issaquah, WA

Doesn’t fit our carseat…

We got this for our Chicco Keyfit car seat, but it didn’t fit. If we ever had a sippy cup or diaper overflow, we just threw the car seat cover in the wash. It needs a regular wash anyway.

Casandra Loveland, OK


We have 2 of these and am glad I do because if one gets dirty, I can put the clean one in the car seat right away and wash the other one and let it dry overnight with no rush!

Brandie Chesapeake Beach, MD

not useful

I only used this pad for less than 3 times. size is too small to cover the car seat. It is a waste of money to buy it…

Victoria Avoca, MN

Just okay…

Thankfully my 2yr daughter hasn’t had many accidents, but the one time it happened on the Kiddopotamus, the PiddlePad did not do its job to retain the water and keep the car seat dry. I suppose it could have been worse, but it was like we didn’t use the PiddlePad given how wet the car seat got. Needless to say I had to remove the car seat cover to clean it. I don’t know if there are any other similar type products but I do not recommend this.

Rocio Hecker, IL

Doesn’t stay put, but good cover

It serves it’s purpose of keeping you from having to wash the entire car seat cover if your child has an accident, but it doesn’t stay put. Every time I put my daughter in the seat or took her out, I’d have to adjust it and it was a pain. It needs velcro or something to hold it in place.

Wilma Fulton, AR

product not what it used to be

This item arrived in Kiddopotamus packaging with a Summer product label on the PiddlePad. I’m assuming that the 2 brands have merged.The hole to put the car seat fastener through is an upgrade from the previous version and nice. The shape is bigger but does not stay in place as I would hope. My biggest issue is the fabric. I read all the reviews and purchased this particular item because it seemed to have the better fabric that my oldest child’s PiddlePad has. It’s not. This fabric is very soft and comfy but will be very hot once the warm weather arrives. I’m sure it will absorb any diaper leaks and food that is dropped will land on this not the car seat cover etc. I’m just as sure it is going to be that much hotter in the car seat during the summer. I’m still hoping to find one of the older ones somewhere.

Lou Rushville, NY

as expected

This little seat is exactly what we needed when my son was potty training, we could easily install it on any car seat – and remove it to wash it. No complaints at all.

Corina Pointblank, TX



Nellie Wolf Run, OH

Does not hold 1 cup of water….

After 3 accidents leaked all the way through, we have to put additional waterproof pads underneath this piddle pad in order to use it. 2 of the accidents my daughter had were tiny and I couldn’t believe it leaked through. 🙁

Katheryn Connerville, OK

Works for me

This thing is pretty awesome, totally saved me a headache a few times when my toddler fell asleep in the car and had an accident without a diaper. I wish I got it earlier. It’s easy to wash and I never had a problem with it overheating my kiddo.

Mae Henderson, NY

Great for toilet training

My daughter is 2 and has been potty trained for the past 3mos. We got this after 2 accidents in one weekend when we were traveling. It was a pain to wash the whole carseat cover everytime. Also, we had to find something to put on the seat as a barrier until we got where we were going. Of course, since we got this she has not been having as many accidents. She did have one accident in it and the area around the buckle seemed a little damp. However, the rest of the seat was completely dry and we did not need to remove and wash the carseat cover. It stays in place just fine and we don’t have any problems with that. It is no different to put her in the seat with or without it.

Charmaine Murfreesboro, TN

everything proof!

we bought one of these for my son before he turned one when we started to potty train him, it worked really well at keeping the pee off his car seat, all we had to do was take the pad out and throw it in washer and then let dry and put it back in, SO much easier than taking apart the carseat!! we loved this pad so much we bought another one to use for our daughter while we went on a long road trip, shes in diapers but incase there was overloaded diaper on the trip. we ended up using both pads for my son, when he got one wet, we would wash it and while that one was drying we would use the other pad. and switch out. and the pads hold ALOT off wet! these were perfect for our long long road trip. then the pads caught food the kids dropped into their seats, so we’d just have to shake out the pad, even worked for keeping sand off the carseat when we were done at the beach. so i’d say these pads did a pretty good job at keep everything off the carseat covers! will probably be buying two more so i always have one in the seats when one is being washed.

Cathryn Krotz Springs, LA

Great product

I ordered this product as a replacement for my other piddle pad; I had the smaller one that Kiddopotamus makes and prefer this new one to the old one. It is a better quality fabric and is larger so it fits the car seat better preventing any accident overflow.

Alejandra Brill, WI

Perfect for training.

When they first learn, it’s tough. Grab this with the Potette and you’re all set!Haven’t had to wash it yet, but I like knowing that I wouldn’t have to wash the whole car seat cover.

Chrystal Frazer, MT

Kiddopotamus Piddle Pad

Awesome product! Fits perfect with almost any carseat and comes in handy on road trips when eating in the car for little ones so little crums or food are smushed into the car seat. Also helps if your little one has a leaky diaper.

Pearlie Oden, MI

Works for us

I read all kinds of reviews for this product and I was wondering if I should get it or not and I did buy it. I am glad I did cause it sure does work for us. My boys were 19 months when we got it and they were already out of diapers. I got few for the car and few for the stroller I ended up returning some and kept 4 total one for each car seat and two fro the twin stroller. The reason why we did not keep them all is cause we realized they r so good, dry so fast and do the job the way they should we never had to replace it. However if you plann to travel long way and do not want to take the one from the stroller its good to have two sets in the car just in case. I am so happy with the product and the price was great.

Wilma Hayfork, CA

Great potty-training tool!

If you live more than a few miles from any frequent destination, a piddle pad is a wonderful asset to have in your arsenal of potty-training tools! They trap heat a bit, so they can be uncomfortable in the summer, but knowing that my daughter can travel without a diaper on is amazing. The first 20-minutes-to-town ride was still nerve-wracking, but she made it without having to change into her emergency set of clothes.

Heather Little Plymouth, VA


Very necessary and good. Contains spills of all kinds, essential for road trips and just anytime in the car. Removes easily and has saved the day often in our family.

Dena Stantonville, TN

A must have

Anyone who has had a baby or toddler knows accidents happen ( poop, pee, juice etc.). There is nothing worse then something like this happening in a carseat or a stroller. There is nothing simpler then having a piddle pad -send it to the laundry,not having to go through the big production of taking carseat apart, delaying travel or having to have your little one ride home on a wet seat. I highly recommend this.What is great about this specific one- waterproof- soft, comfy, breathable- black-matches everything- easily placed in carseat/ stroller and easily removed- stays in place- washes well

Juliet Casa Blanca, NM

Good for accidents but will not hold much liquid

I use this with my Britax Marathon70 and it fits well. It can be machine washed and dries quickly. When my daughter has an accident in the car, the pee usually gets down the opening where the buckle comes through, thus soaking the seat cover underneath and defeats the purpose of the PiddlePad. Also, it will not really soak up very much liquid to prevent pee from running off to the seat cover. I figured out that this is good for kids that might accidentally wet themselves a little bit if they can’t get out of the car seat soon enough to go potty. But if you have one that just forgot to tell you when s/he needs to go to the bathroom and pees into the car seat, this PiddlePad isn’t gonna save your seat cover.

Anita Kapowsin, WA

Great Product

This is wonderful and has already saved our new and pricey car seat from a few blow outs. It is very comfortable for our little one and fits the car seat ( Maxi Cosi Pria 70 ) perfectly.

Lola Union, IA


2 out of 3 times the pipi leaked, so i don’t know may i put it in the wrong way

Kristie Flaxton, ND

Five Stars

very nice, soft and easy to clean

Emily Galena, AK

car seat saver!

Our kiddo had reflux for nearly 12 months, and was prone to some lovely displays of said reflux while we were in the car. While it wasn’t marketed as such, this pad also does a great job of making sure the car seat stays relatively free of, well, all kinds of liquids.Now that we’re potty training, I can definitely attest that it does well and holds a lot if an accident occurs. With that said, make sure you pay attention to the washing instructions- air drying is your friend with this product. I mindlessly threw our first one into the dryer and ended up having to replace it because the waterproof barrier came out cracked and not-so-waterproof.

Janna Burbank, OK


This is a great product when your are potty training & want to make sure you don’t mess up your carseat.

Kara Uriah, AL

Great product!

We’ve been using this since we started potty training. I wish I had actually seen these before to protect the seat from snacks! 🙂 They’re perfect! I bought just in case of an accident while potty training. We had 2 and both times it held up and didn’t let it get through to the chair. We still use it to protect my daughter’s seat from snacks! Love this product.

Jillian Mapleton, ME

Falls Off Easily and Gets in the Way

I guess if you have a child super prone to accidents then this would be great. We don’t and this thing didn’t get used except for a few times and the crotch strap kept going under it and it was always bunching up, so one day I tossed it in the back seat and that’s where it stayed for months. I don’t even know where it is now.

Mandy Alamo, ND

Saves you the headache of removing car seat cover!

Definitely a must have! We have a Maxi Cosi Prezi infant seat and after removing the cover once after an accident I was so frustrated I ordered the Piddlepad! My baby is a heavy wetter and this has saved me twice so far this month from having to remove that pain in the … car seat cover. So worth it! Fits my infant car seat great and my Britax Marathon.

Robbie Saint Robert, MO