Summer Infant Dr. Mom Brush and Comb Set

Summer Infant Dr. Mom Brush and Comb Set

The new Dr. Mom Brush and Comb Set from Summer Infant offers an ergonomic design and easy grip handles. Soft bristles on the brush and wide teeth on the comb gently remove tangles without irritating baby’s scalp.

Main features

  • Soft grip handles
  • Super soft bristles
  • Smooth round teeth on comb

Verified reviews


strangely hefty handles

These will do the job as brush/comb.The handles are strangely heavy– I’m worried that the brush can be a weapon (toddler to baby) that a lighter-handled brush wouldn’t be…

Manuela Sheep Springs, NM

Wonderfully soft!

Wonderfully soft brush, I love brushing baby’s hair while nursing and it doesn’t bother him at all so it is a pleasant bonding experience.I also used it once when I had to surface wash a stuffed animal and wanted the fur to lie flat again and look like new. I brushed it back in the right direction and you would never know it was washed since it didn’t get the motted fur look stuffed animals do after washing. Great little brush set, and cute too 🙂 also got the matching nail clipper set, I love it!

Marta Burlington, VT

soft and effective

my baby had cradle cap and my friend suggested I use mineral oil on his scalp and wash it off. unfortunately, his scalp became very angry and red from the mineral oil. this drove me to find a solution that didn’t involve chemicals. enter this brush and comb set. after putting soap in his hair, I gently brushed his scalp in circles. after a few uses, the cradle cap was gone. a brush is also supposed to stimulate hair growth from the massage, and his hair did grow back thicker (after falling off from the cradle cap) but I can’t 100% attribute this to the brush. in any case, I really like this set though I’ve yet to use the comb.

Faith Black Lick, PA

It’s okay, nothing special

I don’t know why this is any better or worse than any other brush/comb set. It works fine, does the job but I went with the higher reviews. It is exactly as advertised.

Karyn Smyrna, NY


Haven’t needed the comb but the brush is great! It’s nice and soft so it doesn’t hurt my son’s head when brushing his hair.

Monique Castro Valley, CA

Brush set saft and wonderful

A great set bought for our new grandson. Made a great gift and is soft and nice. The color works for both genders.

Deloris Somerset, CO

Love this product!

I bought this for my little girl and couldn’t be happier. It’s good stuff. Does the job its supposed to do and seems to be made with very good quality material.

Jami Fairmount City, PA

Not what I ordered!

The item I received is not at all what I ordered, but returning it is more hustle then it’s worth, literally.This is a terrible seller, do not buy, you will be disappointed. Who sends a completely different product then what is shown in the image?Hopefully the seller will read this and send me the right product, as pictured!

Adele Valley Park, MO

nice for little baby!

i bought this for my new born son, and the brush is very good, he is very comfitable using it.

Deirdre Comstock, WI

good value.

my little one loves to have his hair brushed with this set. we use the brush, not so much the comb. he also holds them and uses it as a teether at the moment. made well, sturdy bristles.

Regina Powell, MO


I don’t really use the comb, but the brush gets used after every bath. The bristles are so soft and my baby seems to like having her hair brushed.

Naomi Mesilla Park, NM

Bitter sweet!

I don’t know why this set is so hard to find but, no other brush and comb compares. Simple design but perfect for a preemie up until now with our toddler.

Maribel Vincent, AL

Good product

Cute brush and comb. The brush is soft and both the comb and the brush have a nice rubber grip. Good value compared to other products.

Dona Talmage, NE

I love this set

Comb has pliable bristles that are not hard. The brush is nice. I am sure it will feel like a message to my baby’s head.

Lesa Plymouth, VT

Don’t waste your money

This set is cheaper in person that it looks online. Do not waste your money. The handles broke after the second use for both items.

Teri Aneta, ND

Great for the little ones

Right size for soft little heads. We have used this for our baby many times. We use the hard bristle brush for getting rid of cradle cap and it is also used when we are bathing our child to get rid of cradle cap. The soft bristle brush really is soft.Both brushes have a rubber handle which are great as they provide grip. The are perfect in size about the size of an adult travel brush.I was happy with my purchase.

Brandy Oden, AR

Great Quality

I love that this set doesn’t feel cheap and flimsy like other baby comb/brush sets. Great for thick, course hair. Great for detangling. Doesn’t appear to break easily. I am ordering another set for her diaper bag. I LOVE THIS SET!!!!

Lisa Holloway, OH

simple baby brush

If you need a simple baby brush this is a good one to get. Big easy to hold handle. Gender neutral (use for baby # 1 and more). Seems to me quality-made.

Tamera Port Alsworth, AK

So Soft

So soft and perfect for newborns. I love the cushy handle, which she also enjoys to chew on from time to time.

Edna Rochford, SD

Summer Infant Dr. Mom Brush and Comb Set

Summer Infant Dr. Mom Brush and Comb Set, I bought this for my niece and nephew for when they come to my house. I would recommended it.

Alyce Antes Fort, PA

Great soft brush

The brush is easy to hold, and perfect for clearing dry skin from my baby’s scalp and keeping her thick hair in place. I’ve never used the comb, but the price is good for the set.

Velma West Fargo, ND

Soft and Durable

A great little brush and comb set. The brush bristles are very soft, but should definitely be able to get the job done when used in conjunction with the comb. The set is a heavier plastic, much nicer than the type that come in most of the ‘grooming kits’ you see for sale. I had one of those and the brush reminded me of something that would come with a Barbie doll. I feel much better about this set standing the test of time and am sure it will be a much more pleasant experience for my baby. Recommend!

Inez Brant, MI

sturdy brush and comb

This product has a nice weight to it. Brissle on the brush is soft and gentle on baby’s scalp. It gets the job done.

Lorna San Joaquin, CA

Very soft…

Wish it was pink but this brush is perfect for our little girls hair. It’s super soft and easy to hold and use while holding the baby.

Selma Palos Heights, IL

Gentle on infants head

I was really excited to see that this came with both a brush and a comb. The price was great as well. They are very gentle on my daughters hair. I am very happy with this purchase.

Merle Piercy, CA

Love it but rating it lower because I got a …

Love it but rating it lower because I got a different color then I ordered. Ordered green n got a teal blue.

Mandy Bellflower, IL

Just what my little one’s fine hair needs

Really simple, useful product. I never understood why babies needed brushes, but my daughter’s fine hair is hard to sweep over with just my hands. This brush and comb work great and the brush bristles are nice and soft.

Paige Rochelle, GA

Just ok

decent product and quality is not bad, but the brush is not as soft as i was hoping for. i would return it if i could.

Eve Winter, WI

Just OK

I really wanted this set of brush and comb for my LO … I just got it and I dont get all the good reviews about them. Nothing special … brush is a little stiff but good, same for the comb. I am not overly impressed by the set but it’s good enough.

Latisha Converse, LA


We like the color and softness of the brush. We use it almost everyday to comb our new born hair since our baby has a lot of hair.

Kathryn Olaton, KY